Can You Really Make Money Playing Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 is Coming.
Diablo 3 is coming and it's going to change gaming as we know it forever. Gaming industries, especially MMORPG's, look to Blizzard Entertainment for future trends and direction in the business. The introduction of the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House, a place where players can actually exchange real money for virtual goods legally, is going to enable a select few to get paid for playing games. Other sites which are utilizing free to play modes may eventually adapt this new form of revenue through tapping into player transactions.

Before long, every major MMORPG is going to have a real money auction house of sorts where players interact instead of going to third party software and getting banned.

I welcome you to come with me and learn to dominate the Diablo 3 Auction House, one day at a time, from the very beginning. If you've learned to make gold playing World of Warcraft from reading this blog, imagine how great it's going to feel to earn real money playing Diablo 3?

Subscribe, bookmark... do whatever you need to do when you visit my brand new Diablo 3 Gold Tips blog. Do it now and start speculating as well as learning the basics behind the new Real Money Auction House.

There's a Diablo Gold Podcast, Diablo Gold Forum, all my social media sites and much more. Looking forward to dominating the auction houses of Diablo 3 with you! Even if you don't play Diablo 3, you may benefit from the way I go about attacking the issue of earning money from the auction house. I'm already breaking down barriers in the way most players think by addressing the lies of the auction house. And yes, there will be a Diablo 3 Gold Guide as well.

4 comments: on "Can You Really Make Money Playing Diablo 3?"

  1. You really confused me there. It would have been clearer to say "exchange real money for virtual CURRENCY legally."

    Frankly I think that the Chinese farmers are going to make the price of gold drop like a rock. Even in WoW it's totally not (and hasn't been for a long time) worth the money to farm and sell gold unless you are great at it and don't mind making minimum wage.

  2. Who says you have to sell just gold?

  3. Marcko,

    I think the confusion is in the title, the post itself is more of a clarification / philosophy on the subject.

    Anyway, good eye-opener on the free to play games, as developers can actually make a nice haul from rake backs / posting fees on their simulation of this concept.

  4. I'm sorry, but blizzard is actually behind the curve on this, there are plenty of games that you can make money in, second life, Entropia, and even EQ2(on 2 servers only), among others, have ways to make real money off of virtual code.

    I have played WoW since beta, it is definitely the most popular MMO, but it isn't necessarily because "Gaming industries, especially MMORPG's, look to Blizzard Entertainment for future trends and direction in the business." It actually pulls many ideas from competitors, particularly things that critics say are missing from WoW that other games do successfully.

    I obviously hope this change comes to WoW as well, but it isn't exactly cutting edge.

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