Easy Gold with iPhone or Android

How to make easy gold with your iPhone or Android.

Hi everyone, Alerick here again with another informative gold tip. Today
I’m going to be sharing with you an extremely useful aspect of the WoW Armory
application, available for both iPhone and Droid phones. But more specifically, I’m
going to be covering a certain way of making easy gold by snatching up extremely
cheap items very easily through the auction house on your phone, by way of a
feature that isn’t available in the In-Game auction house.

If you don’t already have a subscription to the Mobile Auction House and
consider yourself a serious gold maker, or just don’t have as much time as you
would like to play like myself. Using the Mobile Auction House is an amazing way
to increase your profit, check for undercuts, monitor your sold auctions and what
needs reposting, and buy up cheap items when you come across them. I have my
Undermine Journal account hooked up to the email attached to my phone which
updates every few minutes, so if a deal comes up, usually a rare pattern or item that
was underpriced, there’s a good chance I can just hop on the armory and be the first
to buy it up. If you don’t already have this feature, I highly recommend you get it. It
costs a measly $2.99 a month to maintain and the features it offers are well worth
what you spend.

Now, on to the tip. When you tap the Armory app, you’ll see a main page and
at the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see the Auction House tab. Tap that and
you’ll see four new tabs. Browse, My Bids, My Auctions, and Create. All of these are
invaluable sources of gold making when you don’t have access to your computer.
The one we’re going to be using today is the browse option on the far left. Tap that
and eight pages or 200 separate auctions will be available for you to browse, bid on,
or purchase. At the top left of the screen you’ll see the word, “Sort:” and then there
are options for how you want to filter the auctions you view, as well as a separate
tab where you can go into more specifics. There are nine options here and the one
that I use all the time is the “Buyout Price Per Item” feature. Tapping this allows you
to see 200 of the very cheapest items on the whole auction house listed by, well, the
cheapest buyout prices PER item, i.e. cheapest items. This feature isn’t implemented
in the In-Game AH, so the mobile armory is the only way to use it.

Once you have all of these auctions in front of you, you can take a look at all of
them, and you’d really be surprised how many insanely underpriced items there
are here. I’ve flipped countless stacks of Leather, Ore, Herbs, Cloth, Enchanting
mats, Rep turn-in items, Raw Cooking Mats, items you can vendor for a profit, and
an assortment of potions, and rare items people are either too lazy to do some
background research and find the value of an item before posting, or don’t know any

better about what the items are worth; Ex. They’re making their first character and
don’t know the real worth of some white quality items.

I’ve bought enchanting mats this way from anywhere between 2 copper and
15 silver each that I can but back on the AH and flip for a good amount of gold in a
few hours. If someone who doesn’t really know how to use the AH and posts either
a valuable rare item, or a commodity like ore or cloth for a ridiculously low price.
This tip will help you be one of the first people to see it and pick it up super low for
pure profit.. Especially with items like Leather, Ore, Herbs, Cloth, and Enchanting
mats that are always in demand. Most people who level professions and have
gold to spend are impatient and don’t like to wait, so if you can buy out all of the
exceptionally cheap items that are usually all around the same price due to the
undercutting game, you can set your own price and anyone who wants to bypass
that level range of the profession, is going to have to buy from you. It’s easy money
any way you look at it. Good luck, I hope you do well with this advice and make as
much gold as I have using it.

You can get in contact with me through my twitter @AlerickF

4 comments: on "Easy Gold with iPhone or Android"

  1. Cool post. The armory is overrated though. Not enough functionality and it will never get looked at as it's another way for blizzard to make money.

  2. the mobile app goes with the undermine journal hand in hand.
    I got an email that agility chant was 150g alliance and I pulled the car over, bought it..and when I got home moved it to horde side and sold for 4000g...its was amazing.

  3. Here we go again. This is a nice high level description of the Remote AH, but it lacks the details that would make it invaluable. I would like to add the following:

    1. When posting or buying items, remember each click goes against your 200 transaction limit per day. If someone has posted pages of cheap cloth with 1 piece per auction, that limit can quite easily be reached. Each browser page holds up to 20 matching items. You can use that to keep a mental note about approximate the number of transactions you've used from your quota.

    2. Whenever browsing auctions, be sure that the sort is set to "Buy-out price per Item - ascending". Anything else and you will not be looking at the cheapest available items.

    3. After you've bought a bunch of items on a page (and especially if you've bought all 20), click the Browse button to refresh the results instead of clicking the next button. Somebody may have posted more items while you were buying those items and the list may not show the new cheapest auctions until the search is refreshed.

    4. Items in your mailbox will tend to temporarily disappear. Once you've bought 50 different items or had 50 different auctions complete, your in-game mailbox will be full. Any further messages will not be visible until those 50 items have been extracted.

    5. The Remote AH lets you claim your auction proceeds from the My Auctions page. This gets them out of your mailbox, but only if those items are "visible" in your mailbox. You may need to go in-game to pull out your mail before you will see all your mailbox items.

    6. The Remote AH will let you sell items you have stored in your bank, so place reserves of your items there for easy access. Don't put them in the guild vault as that is not accessible from the Remote AH.

    7. The Undermine Journal is great... but it's not perfect. It scans each realm's AH somewhere around once an hour or so. If you solely wait for UMJ to tell you when your price points have been met, you may miss out on some deals. Especialy since your competitors are probably using TMJ as well.

    9. Speaking of which, you may want to periodically search for the items that you've posted, just to be certain that they haven't all sold out or been undercut.

    10. When posting items for sale, be very careful about the default values the web page puts in. They are usually terrible. For example, chances are, you will want to sell crafted items singly, not in a full stack, (except maybe consumables like flasks). Since I do a lot of gem sales, every time I have to make sure the quantity is set to 1, the number of stacks is the number I want to sell. Also be sure the dropdown says "Price Per Item" so you don't accidentally lowball price your stacks of items if you are selling stacks!

    11. Be sure and look to the right side of the page to see what your competitors are selling that item for when you decide on a sale price. You may need to scroll down a little to see it.

    12. Any of your toons can buy and sell from the remote AH, regardless of their physical location, as long as they have enough gold. So, save yourself some trouble and have your crafting mats delivered directly to the mailbox of your appropriate crafter by switching to that character when buying those items. (It also keeps those messages out of your auction alt's mailbox).

  4. I agree with everything that was just said. Though I do think the strongest use for the iphone/Android AP is the "big flip" items.

    You can definitely use it to pick up mats that are more difficult to find, and if you have the time to run through the functionality of the
    Armor searches it even strengthens the usefulness (as Silverthorn stated). But it does show a strong connection with Undermine Journal or even messages from friends that "x is available on the auction house" instead of needing to log on through your computer just to be able to jump on the ap, buy it and then flip for a profit.

    Still an excellent article to read.

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