Elite Wow Gold Tips (Update)

Hey everyone, work continues on assembling an elite team of wow gold tip authors. Rest assured that when all is said and done that even Deathwing will be jealous of this group!

As of right now there are four authors who are getting set up to write for the site and I'm helping each learn to structure their posts correctly as well as include enough information to impress even the exquisite tastes of this audience.

If you or anyone you know would be a good fit to write for JMTC then, by all means, have them read the writing requirements and then submit their information to Markco AT Justmytwocopper DOT org.

Make sure that your submission shows not just a way to make gold, but also a theory as to why the method works in the first place. That simple concept is what sets JMTC apart from the rest of the blogosphere.

Thank you for patiently waiting for the process of hiring and inundating new writers to finish. The first new post is scheduled on tuesday and I'm working on getting the other three writers their spots as well throughout the rest of the week.

Quality will become the focus here at JMTC, and having several writers will allow each one to put the extra time and effort required to deliver good quality articles to you. Stay patient, this will be well worth the wait!

For the comments, what are your patch 4.3 speculations and stockpiling tips?

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  1. Now we're up to 5, getting there! Please hurry and send in your resumes. Although I'm being picky, there have been some really great submissions so far!

  2. I have been stocking up on pyrite ore (18k ore and counting), leveled 5 transmute specced alchemists and have 2 jc's with 100+ marks for when epic gems hit the servers. Overall I have invested a paltry 200k gold (140k ore/60k leveling professions of 6 alts) for what should be a massive return come 4.3

  3. @anon: until you find out that epic gems won't come from pyrite;) I'm not saying they will or won't, but risk on THAT kind of scale is not good. You may well end up having to panic sell.

  4. I'v got half a GB of pyrite ore, 1GB of Dust, Plan to fill 1Gb of Essences/Shards and 2.5of pyrite ore before 4.3

  5. I have been stockpiling Pyrites. I have somewhere around 86 stacks. I'll probably hit 100 stacks and stop there. While the chances of epic gems coming from Pyrite Ore in 4.3 are *somewhat* high...ish, there is a nagging suspicion that they might do what they did in BC - put gem veins in raid instances.

  6. I'm still not taking a chance on Pyrite Ore, I think that if epic gems are coming, we will know about it in advance, and probably have enough time to start stockpiling then. On the other hand I'm constantly trying to stock up on enchant mats end scrolls for 4.3 but people are just buying so much I literally can't. I'd need have 500+ stacks of obsidium prospected daily to have an actual surplus of products.

  7. I'm stockpiling on ore, as it is my bread and butter for nearly everything.

    pyrite ore: so far I have a whopping 100k ore stockpiled, I've been stockpiling this since patch 4.0.6, on the chance that it will bring epic gems. I expect I will see a minimum of 4X my money invested if pyrite ore yeilds epic gems. If it doesn't I figure pyrite will drop to 50% of it's old value. The risk > reward.

    elementium+obsidium ore: I am processing these as I come into my possesion of them, rather than stockpiling them for 4.3. They can be prospected for rare/uncommon gems, which are then cut and disenchanted/sold; giving me more enchanting materials than I can ask for. I can also turn the ore's into heavenly shards via blacksmithing, which is currently worth double the value I invest.


  8. I'm just doing the normal stockpiling we all do before every patch. But one thing I want to point out you SHOULD NOT stockpile is Volatile Earth. With all the prospecting of pyrite that will occur their price will plumit to the point you can't GIVE them away!

  9. One salvation of stocking up pyrite is that you have a couple of outs to make some of your money back in case epic gems never show up.

    A blacksmith can use the pyrium bars to craft the ebonsteel belt buckles to recoup some of the loses. And also there will always be some demand for it for truegold transmutes.

    I also agree that if push comes to shove you can prospect the pyrite ore and then do the JC crafting shuffle to produce Enchanting mats. So there are still lots of outs if disaster strikes and pyrite has nothing to do with the epic gem market

  10. Battered Hilt farming can be quite lucrative. If you're decently geared you can easily kill the trash and even the bosses for forge of souls, and pit of sauron. They drop tons of cloth, greens which when disenchanted are worth 20-40g on Stormrage, and you're even running for the chance at the hilt.

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