The Golden Egg

Today's post is about a tip we recently got by e-mail from one of our readers. It's not gonna be your top source of gold, but it is easy, can be done with only low level characters, and it is gold after all.
Everybody who ever leveled a character remembers small eggs. It is a reagent for a few cooking recipes, and it drops from all kinds of animals around the world. One of the reasons why people remember it is that it drops from creatures ranging from level 5 to 38 which is quite wide. Usually the demand for these eggs is very small, but right around christmas, they become very valuable. It's because the egg is a reagent for two seasonal cooking recipes, Egg Nog and Gingerbread Cookie. These things are needed for seasonal (Winter Veil) quests and achievements. After the festivites begin, the egg's price can go up to as high as 10 gold per piece easily.

While there are several good farming spots for these eggs, there is one in particular we need to focus on. Right outside Silvermoon City, in Eversong Woods there are two kinds of dragonhawks (Feral Dragonhawk Hatchling and Crazed Dragonhawk) with 100% drop rate of it. There are quite a lot of these mobs in the area so it is great for farming.
For anyone deciding to try this out, I'd recommend to do it with a skinner, because the dragonhawks are skinnable. You either get Light leather or Ruined Leather Scraps from skinning them, and the scraps can be made into the leather with a leatherworker.
Light leather is one of the best low-level commoditiy for gold making. It can be sold for 50-75 gold per stack easily. It is a very good example of what last sunday's post was about.

Thank you Masnavi for the tip.

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  1. Why do people feel the need to make inflated claims about AH prices. I have never seen light leather at that price.

    Other than that the post is very accurate. I remember farming the eggs (and leather) a couple of years back when the eggs sold for up to 50 gold each. However most people are wise to this now and they drop from many more mobs cutting the price to a fraction of that.

    To be honest it is better to spend time on farming something else unless you are levelling.

  2. @Zandathor

    With any suggestion of farming spot and tips, you have to keep in mind that your server may vary. Especially if there is a large leveling community at the time, or even as you said, a large amount of people doing the same type of farming.

    10g isn't all that inflated to me. That is about what I was selling them for last winter veil close to the end of the world event. People want to get that last achievement finished, so they will grab whatever is there. and not pay attention to the price.

    If the author had said 100g then yes, that would be extremely inflated.

    And there are definitely more mobs out there that are dropping the small eggs. Even in hyjal the flying mobs have small eggs on their loot table. So probably this year there will be a larger amount at the start listed. But as the events needing them go on, the supply will diminish.

  3. @Zandathor: I checked the price of the leather on TUJ, on my realm. It was 50-75 per stack. It may be different on your realm.

  4. @Shockkmaister

    It would be wise to check the prices for something on more than just the realm you play on and go with the lower end of the spectrum, heck theres even a nice chart that shows the going price for most realms if you just scroll down a little bit that will allow you to easily pick an average price without looking up multiple realms.

  5. @Mommar it didn't last year and with increased drop rates there is no reson to believe this year will be any different. Either way an hour farming the eggs from Dragonhawks will yeild a large number of eggs.

    The people on your server are not very bright to be honest as you can start getting light leather just by levelling a character to level 5 (takes maybe 20-40 mins) without knowing what server you are on I can't say.

    Any way of finding a realm average?

    Even on a low pop (read dead realm) I haven't seen light leather above 1 gold. I think the problem is you give the impression that light leather goes for that price. A little more research would give a better idea of the price range. I find it more useful not to attach actual gold amounts because of the variation in prices.

    I thought what is posted on this site should be useful to all, not just those on whatever realm you are on. I am active on several realms which gives me a slightly better feel for strategies that work.

  6. @Zandathor:
    You can compare items cross-realm on the Undermine Journal. Simply visit their website, search for the item you're interested in and then click on it to get a detailed view.

    The detailed view proivdes an average and mean price across US horde / alliance realms. If you're a more visual person you can scroll down to the "Other Markets" section and view a plot of the items price for your realm against it's price on others.

    For example, light leather detailed view:

    Good tip. If you are planning to farm this stuff though be careful how much you invest into it - Blizzard can change the rules of the game whenever they want!

    I know a lot of people who have stockpiled ore for the next patch. Now that Ghostcrawler has come forward and said that epic gems will drop in raids instead they're a bit worried about their investments right now :)

  7. Almost every article in this blog says that prices differ on each realm. The prices we write is merely an example. Not a minimum, not a maximum or an average. I'm sure that of the approx. 200-300 realms there is one where the price is 50% percent of what I stated, and there is one where it is 200%. Also TUJ market price does not always reflect the price you can actually sell it for. I sell most of my old expansion stuff by first buying up the competition and relisting for crazy prices. Eternals for 200g a piece and such. I have no idea whether I ever did it with light leather, it is pretty much automated with addons, but there were several times with old leathers (no idea what kind). In the end I'm pretty sure that on most realms you can sell light leathers for at least 50g/stack if you really want to, either by buying up the competition or waiting. Don't sue me if you can't though:)

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