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Hi guys, Alerick here again, and today I’m going to be interpreting and elaborating on an email we got from a reader here at JMTC. This individual goes by the name, “Danprentice”, and his email was regarding making easy gold at a low level. He plays a level 25 warrior currently and uses the professions mining, blacksmithing, and fishing primarily to make his gold. In the email, he talked about how he used to make gold farming copper ore in Durotar, a perfectly simple profitable to make gold at his level using mining, seeing as copper, specifically in bar form is needed in bulk by people leveling blacksmithing, jewel crafting, and engineering.

This was an old method of his for making gold, however his new one is much more creative, and I’ve been using this one occasionally myself to pick up some gold. He plays a horde character, and this makes the method even more ideal because he was leveling through the zone in the first place. Scattered all over the Barrens, there are pools of the Deviate Delight fish. These pools are extremely common, easy to find, and they re-spawn more quickly than you can fish them. The old method for catching these fish was to go to a body of water in Wailing Caverns, and fish for a slim chance at an occasional Deviate Fish. The good thing about fishing them from pools, rather than a regular body of water is that you have an 100% drop rate of the fish, as well as a chance at other items contained in chests, as well as herbs. Although the rarity of these fish has decreased, I found their actual value, and supply to remain the same, and they are still very uncommon on the auction house. This reader only really wrote about selling them in their raw form, and seeing as the value of the savory deviate delight recipe has plunged due to higher supply and a zone-wide high drop rate, you can find it extremely cheap on the auction house, especially on the Horde side on your server. The reason being that a lot more horde characters level through the Barrens than Alliance.

One of the best parts of the recipe is that it requires minimal effort to produce, seeing as only an 85 skill in cooking is required. People buy these savory deviate delights for leveling their boa decked out characters, appearing awesome in BGs, or if they just want to look like a ninja or pirate. The Deviate Fish found in these pools can also be used by alchemists to craft Elixirs of Massive Growth, which can be amazingly profitable if you just sell them on the AH. People like to buy these because the elixirs make your characters grow larger and seem bigger, as well as giving you a handy 8 Strength. As an added bonus, while fishing in these pools for easy gold, you contribute to the guild achievement for catching 10,000 fish from pools, a vital perk for a raiding guild. That’s all for today guys, thanks to Danprentice for submitting this valuable gold information, and I’ll see you guys next week!

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  1. I cannot read that color writing on white background I have color sight deficiency could you edit please? thanks.

  2. Fixed, not sure why the color was changed to Orange, I'll let Alerick know that isn't the best choice with the white background.

  3. Great post, I have actually made a lot of money fishing up and selling these fish. It is a great way for low levels to get some much needed cash going.

  4. Also this is a nice place to fish since it does not require a high level of skill. And you can sit in the same place and level your fishing continually.

    great post as always

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