Making Gold with BC meats

Making Gold with BC meats

Hi guys, Alerick here once again, and today I'm going to be talking to you readers about making efficient gold by way of Burning Crusade cooking materials. The ones we will be concentrating on today are the Serpent Flesh, Buzzard Meat, Chunk o' Basilisk, Clefthoof Meat, Raptor Ribs, Talbuk Venison, and Warped Flesh. Now I came across this gold-making niche market when I began working towards my Chef title. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in getting this title, and there are a few achievements in the meta that require involvement with the old Burning Crusade cooking daily quests. By completing these dailies, you have a choice between a Crate of Meat or a Barrel of Fish. I always chose the Crate of Meat, because it had a slightly higher chance to drop the recipe for Stormchops, which was the last section of the last achievement I needed for my Chef title.

Each crate has a chance to drop between 5 and 16 of the meats listed above. Needless to say, with a sub 2 percent drop chance, I ended up doing quite a few of these dailies, and amounted quite a stash of the meat. I knew that with all of the cooking materials I had, someone would eventually need to use them to level their profession, so I put a few on the AH, careful not to flood the market, and watched them all sell. I found that by only putting a select amount of the meats on the AH, whenever a character leveled their cooking profession through that level range, basically all of my meats would sell out. There's a shortage of these meats on the Auction House simply because a lot of players power level their characters through Burning Crusade dungeons, and either don't bother to even loot the mobs they kill, or consider the meat to be worth next to nothing. That's where us resourceful players make bank ;).

Not only are these meats required for every player leveling their cooking past the Burning Crusade expansion, but they're a component for completing the cooking dailies themselves, and the Achievement "The Outland Gourmet", which requires at least one of every meat list above. This achievement in itself puts the items in a high demand for all of the achievement hunters out there. It's very simple to hop on one of your characters one day, head over to Shattrath City, and finish up one of these dailies. You can get a good amount of BC meat to sell on the AH, as well as complete some components of easy achievements in the process. Good luck putting the tip into action and I hope it makes everyone plenty of gold!

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  1. You (and apparantly anyone leveling cooking that buys your stuff) is forgetting about the pilgrim's bounty festivities as they allow you to forget all about The BC expansion when leveling cooking.

    Only achievement hunters would buy your stuff in order to actually cook the recipies, all others can save their gold and level it cheap when the life-expectancy of turkeys is at an all time low.

  2. @Anonymous

    You are correct in the idea that you can level through pilgrim's bounty food. But that also occurs once a year, and most people are not willing to wait to level their cooking. One of the things that makes something a good money making opportunity is that it calls on a player's nature to be used. In this case it's both playing on the need for a player to get something done finished now. plus also makes leveling cooking at that time easier than just going out to farm their own materials for cooking.

    Excellent entry

  3. @Mommar

    And don't forget that Pilgrim's Bounty has great ways of making gold too.

    Mages get to port impatient characters between the major cities and Hunters (or anyone who's using Tracker Snacks) can obtain and sell lots of turkeys.

  4. @Silverthorn

    Out of my arsenal of characters I don't have a mage yet. But have been tempted to level one just for that reason :)

    though I have noticed that there seems to be a little bit too much demanding on some servers for mages. Ive seen requests for ports going up to 50g a piece usually followed by a tirade of "that's too much" or "your lazy just fly there".

  5. Pilgrim's festival recipes tops out at 330, and that's with some difficulty. Getting to Lichking recipes requires BC recipes and mats.

    Also some people wont want to wait 2 months.

  6. @Last Anon (being the first Anon)

    Pilgrim's bounty recipies will get you to 350 if you make 80 of each, which considering all those dailies isn't a bad idea, you can even get to 355 if you push the last one a little, then you need to do one WOTLK quest to get a recipy that will get you all the way into WOTLK teritory.

    You can find such an entry on the JMTC forum in the professions - secondary professions category ;-)

  7. Might be a good chance to do a modified cooking kit for those raising their cooking beyond 350.

    if you have any of the spare meats, then bark on trade chat (350 to 525 cooking kits 2k gold) might swing people to buy instead of running to the AH.

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