4.3 PTR announced. (First Glance)

Over the next few weeks we will have lots of information as the last reported major patch upgrade
for cataclysm appears on the PTR's.

Information on new patterns and new items were data mined by mmo-champion.   But it is a rough list
of items and models.

With the 4.3 data mining this gives us the first of many chances to start piecing together information
on what it will mean to both the beginning and advanced Power Auctioneers.

Stepping through the professions the biggest thing seen is that there appears to be another crafting
element introduced into the materials needed.

Essence of Destruction seems to be used in all of the new patterns that will be available with the new patch. This probably means that both this items and the patterns will drop either from the bosses or trash runs with the new raids.    As with the previous 4.2 raids,   this item will be very high priced for the first month or so when it's available on the AH.   This also means that living ember,  the 4.2 crafting material,  will probably start to be in higher demand.  Both from the nerfing of 4.2 raids,  plus the
want for added gear to be crafted to raise Item level for the new 4.3 raids.

Here is a list of the new patterns broke down under professions


World Mender Pants 
Bracers of Unconquered Power
Dreamwraps of the Light
Lavaquake Legwraps

All of these seem to be dps patterns,  with no healing patterns seen as of yet.   Where the potential for crafting and flipping both the items or the mats are high.   Healing classes may look at the lower 4.2
crafted items to finish off their Class Gear.   Nothing with the opening salvo of information shows that
the dreamweave timer or BOP status will be lifted.   So Investing in the pattern will end up being a high risk/high reward type of scenario.  As with all of these Epic level crafting recipes.


Bracers of Destructive Strength
Foundations of Courage
Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil
Soul Redeemer Bracers
Titanguard Wristplates
Unstoppable Destroyer Legplates

As with the 4.2 Raid Patterns.  None of these appear to use truegold for their crafting.   Ghostcrawler announced in his explanation that there would be multiple patterns.  So it's assuming that these non raid level patterns will probably use truegold as their base instead of the Essence of Destruction.   So truegold as of now is still going to be a viable commodity to craft by alchemist or to save when demand is higher. Chaos Orbs will be used as a traditional material for crafting.   It's guessed that at some point one of the incremental patches will remove the BOP status of chaos orbs,  opening up another market for the non raiding crafter.     Mostly dps plate,  with two pieces of Healing plate has been added.    With the high amount of drops in the Fireland raids associated with healing items.   Healing plate crafted items may not be in high demand.


Bladeshadow Leggings
Bladeshadow Wristguard
Bracers of Flowing Serenity
Bracers of the Hunter Killer
Deathscale Leggings of the Storm
Legging's of Nature's Champion
Rended Earth Leggings
Thundering Deathscale Wristguards

Each of these recipes take between 8 Pristine hides.   So look for both Heavy Savage Leather
and Pristine hides to be in high demand as these items begin to get crafted.    Stocking up on
Stacks of Heavy Savage Leather for conversion to pristine hide will set you farther ahead of the
Gold wars to come.


The PTR notes are showing that the epic gems will be based on a 50 point seperation.  So epic gems will have either a full +50 to a stat,  or split between the two stats.   This ends up being good news for the non raiding jewelcrafter.  Most people will not spend a huge amount of money to gear for epic gems
with only +10 to their stats.   They are more apt to fill the gem slots with your Rare +40 stat gems or combinations of stats to reach their raiding mark.   With no information released yet on how to obtain patterns this will allow the non raiding jewelcrafter to feed the demand to gems they already have.   A wise jewelcrafter will look to purchase stock raw gems to either flip for profit.  Or to cut when the demand is high and the supply is low.   Also remember that with the new PVP season there will be a large spike for PVP specific Gems (+ resilience,  + resilience/haste,  residence/strength,  resilience/agi).   Stocking up on your raw gems in these categories may give a decent profit in the long term.

  • Notice with blacksmithing there are no high level weapon crafting patterns.   There may be more introduced later.  But it means there will be a larger demand on crafted or dropped items from Deathwing raids themselves.
  • There are multiple lists of items assumed to drop in the Deathwing lair raids.   Multiple boe items (including weapons and trinkets) where their demand will be high as well.
  •  The Raid patterns are taking a high amount of volatile fire and volatile water for crafting.   With 4.2 and the dailies volatile fires were lowered in value.  This may be a good opportunity to purchase volatile fires for crafting while they are low.   And alchemists switching from transmuting volatile airs to volatile water.   
  • Snowballs will no longer be used for summoning the Tiny Snowman,  Winter Reindeer, Winter's Little Helper

Maelstrom Shatter has been added to Enchanting.  Will split one maelstrom crystal into two heavenly shards.    Should drive down the prices for heavenly shards while raising maelstroms.

For the list of all the items known from the ptr datamining mmo-champion has given a sorted list here   

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   Would love to know how your experience with this tip works out.                    

4 comments: on "4.3 PTR announced. (First Glance)"

  1. Wheres the insight? This blog has gone to shit.Thanks for the overview

  2. @Anonymous

    There really wasn't a huge amount of insight that could be found as I wrote this. It was literally hours after the datamined items were posted.

    If you look under the seperate sections there is some information about what to look for and suggestions on what to do. Including the slowing down of production of Volatile Air's and switching to Volatile waters for alchemists.

    Jewelcrafters might also not be so far in the weeds as was assumed if the numbers for epic gems are only raising the preferred stats by +10 (Where your raiders probably will take their raid won gems and keep them, the odds are alot less that will be willing to pay a huge amount of money for the gems from the AH).

    Along with the showing of the essence of destruction being a new crafting material for the epic items (and suggestions that living embers may being to drop down in price).

    My apologies if I was unable to offer you a lot of earth shattering information. Hopefully as the weeks go by JMTC will be a good place to get more and more information as the PTR is revealed.

  3. He is Anonymous for a reason. Just a troll. Keep the great blog going.

  4. Wait a minute, you're totally losing me. You say in the blog that Living Embers may be in higher demand because of people trying to raise their ilvl. You also say that they will be in higher demand because of 4.2 raids being nerfed, which on it's own doesn't make sense. Then in your comment you say that the prices on Living Embers will drop.

    If raids that drop Living Embers get nerfed, than I think the supply would go up, though demand will probably also go up since, as you say, people are trying to gear up for new raids. It seems most likely to me that with both supply AND demand rising, the overall price will probably not change a whole lot.

    Anyways if you could clarify exactly what you are saying about that I would appreciate it.

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