Patch 4.3 Preparation: Transmogrification, Darkmoon Faire, Chaos Orbs, Epic Gems

Patch 4.3 Video Guide

Patch 4.3 isn't out yet. In fact, it isn't even on the PTR yet.

We're gold makers though, and that doesn't stop us from preparing right now.

We relish in the idea of making 100,000 gold in a single patch and if you're anything like me, that's your minimum goal for any new content update. Patch 4.3, the last patch of Cataclysm, will be no different for us. We make our own goals because the game's goals are too boring. We make millions of gold because we want to, not because it means something to anyone else.

In the spirit of this attitude, a very popular gold making goddess has compiled a comprehensive 20 minute video covering the following patch 4.3 information:

  • Learn how to supply the influx of players excited by the new patch
  • Discover how to deal with an overstocked Pyrite market.
  • See the price curve of Chaos Orbs over the first week in patch 4.3, before it happens
  • Be able to take advantage of their greedy competitors
  • Get ready for 4.3 before the public test realm is even released
  • Prepare to value their BoP Chaos Orbs before they become unbound.

After watching this video, you'll be ready to prepare for patch 4.3 before most people on your server are even thinking about it. 

In this 20 minutes video presentation, the author talks about which items will rise to the sky …. or plummet to zero value with the new changes to Darkmoon Faire. Underneath the Video, I have included a link to the PDF that you can print out and read along with the video. It covers the exciting new opportunity for Transmogrification, with a Secret Method to keep 100% up to date with fashions BEFORE they even happen!

Did you know that transmogrification is ALREADY happening on some servers, under another name?

Discover WHY your snatch list will be working hard in 4.3.

Get ready and prepare for Epic Gems!

I know you are going to love this new module.  This is truly awesome work, because it does not teach a list of What to Do and Where and How, but rather information on what will be happening and how to respond to it, and create your OWN gold.  You'll love it.

Did I mention it's a British Female's voice? Yeah, I think you'll definitely love this video.

The video is speculation and preparation for patch 4.3.  It teaches skills on how to get ready, where to find information, and what to do with it. It'll even help you out if Blizzard throws a curve ball or two.

Download the PDF and watch the 20 Minute Video

As always, updates to 20k Leveling are free for current members. If you aren't a member then you're missing out on these great tips and frequent updates! We will have a follow up video once 4.3 patch notes are finalized, which of course will be free for 20k Leveling members.

22 comments: on "Patch 4.3 Preparation: Transmogrification, Darkmoon Faire, Chaos Orbs, Epic Gems"

  1. The PDF link you mentioned is missing. I looked at the page source, and the letters pdf never appear. Looking at every instance of the string "href" showed just links to that page, and .php script pages.

  2. Hi anonymous. If you have access to the guide then you can click on the link below the video and read the PDF.

    You have to login first as a member and then the first page that pops up is the right one.

  3. Except what seems a parenthetical comment about free upgrades in the very last sentence, nowhere in your article do you suggest that the PDF is only available to people who bought your guide.

    Reading the article, it sounds like you are providing the reader with a PDF if they want it. Nowhere in the article do you suggest we have to pay for it. While ethical and legal, it is rather nasty to do it this way.

    You are aware that you have more readers than you have customers?

  4. This is an update for 20kleveling.

    Assuming all guide owners are readers, there are actually more of them. Impossible to measure, and pointless.

    If you would like to see this and additional updates coming for patch 4.3, please become a member of 20kleveling.

  5. Wow, that was kind of a harsh brush-off. I agree that the lack of any indication that this was a paid feature on your free blog page was awkward. It's perfectly fine to do so, of course, but it just would have been nice to spell it out. As it was, I didn't find a "member login" link anywhere after I clicked the link for the PDF. I eventually found it after logging in from the main web site.

    That's right. This is from someone who has bought your guide, though I'm not usually logged into it when I read your blog, since up until now, the articles have been free.

    I've only watched about the first 3 minutes of the 20 minute video, but so far, it's just been that wonderful female British voice you told us about, reading off the bullet points from the PDF and the video simply showing the text on a plain white background.

    Commentary and elaboration would have been better than the narrator performing strict "Text to Speech".

    The PDF had one nice detail about epic gems that I'd completely forgotten about. Sometimes one good idea is all it takes. I'll see about listening to the rest of it and I'll make another post if I have something more to add.

  6. Might want to listen to the rest.

  7. I find the new trend to add a paid advertisement disguised as a "post" disingenuous and disappointing. I will not continue to visit this site if you decide to continue with this model.

  8. How did you get 2.1mil gold in to your guild bank when the cap is set to 999,999g 99s 99c?

  9. Crappy bait-and-switch article/advert.

    I've got a great new article! It's totally awesome! Watch the vid! Read the pdf! Find out all the info for the next patch and lots o' gold for the taking!

    Oh yeah, you gotta be a member.

    Dick move there, Markco.

  10. OK, I did observe the rest of it. I'm not sure why this wasn't a regular post on the blog. It didn't really say much that wasn't in the PDF and the PDF would have been better as an article, but maybe that's just me.

    One point: 4.3 is the last "major content" patch. It's not "the last patch" in Cataclysm. Unbound Orbs might be in 4.3.1, etc. Heck, it could even be in the next minor patch for all we know.

    There wasn't any mention of Fire Prisms as a candidate for Cata epic gems. Just like Icy Prisms from WotLK have a chance to contain LK epic gems. It's random and it's on a 24-hour cooldown, so it won't be a major source.

    And... (drumroll, please) I personally foresee the long anticipated, new prismatic gem. Call it a... "Phoenix Tear" maybe. It is likely to be +25 to all stats, and to be crafted from Chimera's Eyes and Hypnotic Dust, if the pattern from WotLK holds true. (Maximum of one on your equipped gear, of course). It might be worth keeping an eye open for cheap Chimera's Eyes on the AH.

    And no... you don't need to put a prismatic gem in a prismatic socket. Quote from Nightmare Tear: "Matches a Red, Yellow or Blue socket. Maximum of one socketed in your equipment."

    What's that in English? You can get more stats by using the Phoenix Tear in place of a purple or orange gem *and* keep your socket bonus and meta gem requirements! Limit one per customer. :)

  11. Sorry you feel that way, I hope that publishing the comments lets you get the steam out and relax.

    It's a really really good video and I cannot wait to work on the follow up post patch 4.3.

  12. Tired of reading this idiot's cleverly disguised "u mad" comments and tired of looking at his stupid Spencer Pratt face. Good day.

  13. I figured if I published these ridiculous comments (not you Silverthorn), then maybe they will get tired and realize they are wasting their own time writing them.

    I'm enjoying the insults, they are pretty funny :-) At least they aren't filled with cursing and links like the usual spam that Cold leaves.

  14. @Silverthorn.

    I agree that's it's highly possible they will introduce some type of prismatic gem like the nightmere tear with either 4.3 or one of the smaller increments.

    It might not be a bad idea to start buying cheap chimera's eyes on the AH (assuming that your also using the strategy of having enough tokens to buy the epic patterns if they become available through tokens.

    I seem to remember that orbs became unbound in 3.3.2 (they're was a lot of grumbling when they were still bound when 3.0 and 3.01 were released).

    Unbound orbs to me would unbalance the raiding gear unless they depended heavily on burning embers to be needed to the ultra high crafting gear with 4.3.

    Still it's a very valid point, I"m getting and itchy trigger finger and a highlighter just waiting for the first ptr build to be released.

  15. Be sure to...drink your...
    A crummy commercial?!
    Son of a bitch!

  16. I've been a reader and user of your forums for a long time (and paid whatever contribution it was to help the forums on their way at the start) but to be honest Markco, I'm really dismayed at this post. Its bascially just an advertisement for your levelling guide which is a shame because the blog has been brilliant in the past. I understand that you have a marketing drive to what you do but its always felt a bit more in the background - "here's the blog, here's the forum for you guys to share info and by the way, if you want the whole levelling guide I spent a long time compiling, you can buy it here..". This post though...contained no useful information for anyone who hasn't paid for your guide. I'm not here to flame you mate, just to say that this isn't the way to encourage visitors/readers to stick around. It would be great to see things get a bit more on track.

  17. I feel exactly the same, I used this forum everyday and found it great, until it became a dollar making blog.

  18. The blog became a dollar making blog on day 1.

    I have created "ad" style posts for every single patch since 20kleveling existed.

    Now you have writers giving you great content 5-6 days a week and I will occasionally be promoting products.

    Every blog (except for a very few) you read has advertising and makes money. It's just that at jmtc I am transparent about it. No other guide author gives you to opportunity to barrage, ridicule, spam etc like I do.

    Why? Because I want to show you that I have a great product and that I'm not hiding anything.

    Nothing has changed in terms of the blog's style, just that I'm no longer a full time writer.

    Over time these new writers will take over and you won't even care what I have to say.

    You're welcome for all the advice I've written and given for free. Sorry if the blog's financial success upsets you but it enables me to hire better writers and do more for you.

  19. "How did you get 2.1mil gold in to your guild bank when the cap is set to 999,999g 99s 99c?"

    Guild bank. And the cap was ~216k and change back then.

    With inflation you could make a million old in 4 months now adays, it mean more back then.

  20. A lot has changed in your blog stylem, Markco, and readers have noticed it.

    This is not an insult, but an observation from a long time reader of this blog.

    5-6 Good articles a week are usually not even written by you.

    I understand that you have other blogs and are more of a business man, but as far as JMTC goes, the overall quality has dropped significantly, and readers are noticing it.

    Bottom line, less readers=less subscribers=less potential 20kleveling buyers.

  21. @Markco

    I like your site and like the way you've kept it up, even though Warcraft just isn't really your thing any more.

    You're just a little greedy. I count this as a very good thing. Seriously. Love of the game only goes so far and doesn't pay for content and bandwidth month after month. I'm not even sure advertising revenue does, either. I don't mind sharing the love by buying your guide. I'm also glad you're not "very greedy" and charging a fee for any and all content updates. Many other paid sites did that back in the day for the BC and the WotLK content, but you didn't. I wouldn't know what they did for Cata as I never went back there again.

    I look at this whole site as a side benefit of buying the guide-- and the simple fact that you are still actively maintaining it. You didn't have to do that. Your guide could been frozen at the last expansion. Or you could've charged for each expansion or patch, but you haven't.

    That's why I try to include something positive or interesting when I post, and not just complain. I like what you've done and that it is still running. Is it perfect? Of course not. But it's good and it's improving all the time. It makes me think.

    This site just as valuable in my mind as the big news sites, like MMO-Champion, WoW-Insider and The Undermine Journal, but in different ways. JMTC isn't a news site and it isn't a data site. It synthesizes both of those into something even more useful. That's why I keep coming back!

    P.S. Here's my little nugget of interesting goodness. I'm selling my Chimera's Eyes for the going market price.

    With the accumulation of JC tokens at one per day across my two Jewelcrafters, I stand to have many more Chimera's Eyes than I could possibly make into Phoenix Tears and sell them during the 12-24 hours before every other JC on the server starts doing it as well.

    I'm hedging my bets. I have one JC that pretty much only saves all earned tokens for Chimera's Eyes and the other one is reserving their tokens for any possible new patterns. Any remaining tokens could very easily turn into yet more Chimera's Eyes.

    So, stock up some if you can, especially you don't have your own max level JC, but have some idea of what your limits are. Don't buy too many. I'm selling mine below 100g now because I don't want to sit on them for 3 months. By then, I'll potentially have *another* 180 JC tokens I could buy Chimera's Eyes with.

    Conclusion: I'm selling my extra Chimera's Eye now even though I believe the price is bound to ramp up in the next three months. Go figure.

  22. I really appreciate that silverthorn. I have been trying really hard to find writers who can take my place and to get more writers who can expand upon the gold guide. Not many people seem to notice the difference between how I operate and how most guide writers operate. I often get lumped in as one of them.

    My hope is that jmtc will still provide a resource an home for auctioneers, but it's not my primary focus anymore. Diablo 3 is. But I also don't want to just say "ok guide and blog are over. Thanks for your money!" instead, in trying to continue providing a service to the community.

    Taba I quit almost eight months ago! I manage and try to direct writers now, I rarely post except for the gold guide, product launches or when I'd like to share some older knowledge that is still true today. To say "you're not writing the good articles" is silly. Of course I'm not.

    I'm not perfect and I make more mistakes sometimes than right decisions. Thanks for all your inputs. I know that tw reason you write them I because you're hoping for good changes for jmtc.

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