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Hey there JMTC,

Kynalla here and today I'm going to be showing you some of my absolute favorite items that I used recently to transfer realms. This is a fairly quick and simple list of ideas, but may have a few here and there that you don't know, so without further adieu here is the video!

The items I listed in the video were:
  • Volatiles (Earth, Fire, Air, Life)
  • Darkmoon Cards (Hurricane, Volcano, Tsunami, Earthquake)
  • Flasks (Winds, Draconic Mind, Steelskin, Flowing Water)
  • Cut Cataclysm Gems, more specifically Inferno Rubies
  • Maelstrom Crystals
  • Greater Celestial Essences
  • Enchanting Scrolls with Landslide or Power Torrent 
  • Mekgineer's Chopper
  • Vial of the Sands
  • Mysterious Fortune Cards
  • Pyrite Ore

Extras Not in the Video:
  • Heavenly Shards
  • Stacks of Potions
  • Embersilk Cloth
  • 1k and 5k Fortune Cards
  • Truegold
  • TCG items
  • Firelands Bind on Equipped Items
  • Various More Expensive Bags

Believe it or not, it's harder to transfer profitably than it seems. While knowing good items to use is one thing, there are other major factors in transferring servers that some may not be aware about. Firstly, I can't stress enough how important it is to know the ins and outs about the realm you are looking to transfer to. Know the population, the size of the faction you are or are going to, the progression of the raiding guilds on your server, and how active the Auction House is on that server. By knowing these core factors of the server you are transferring to, you will be able to understand how much of the item you are bringing is needed, how much competition you will have, and how many people are buying it in comparison to on your old realm. Do your homework here, it definitely pays off.

As for the items, stick to items that you are sure will sell. Sure, mounts are worth more than a stack of cut inferno rubies, but which of the two items is more of an assured sale if it came down to it? It starts to become personal preference. If I was going to a low or medium population realm, I would never try to sell a mount like the Chopper or Vial. If I was going to a high population realm, I would only try if I was prepared to repost a lot.

Lastly, have fun with it. During my most recent transfer experience I actually stressed a lot, which wasn't necessary at all. I should have viewed this as a gold making opportunity, but I didn't. This alone inspired me to make this video because you really can make a lot of money when transferring servers, and while it may seem easy to think of these core items to transfer with, we're only human and we do have the tendencies to forget things here and there.

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope this post was informative and that you enjoyed the video!

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9 comments: on "Transferring to a New Realm"

  1. >without further a due

  2. Hahahaha oh boy I just read that. Adieu* I should have caught myself while typing that, I took French for four years. This is the last time I type a post up at 6AM!

  3. Still wrong, sorry. The correct word is "ado."

  4. > Hahahaha oh boy I just read that. Adieu* I should ...

    That's ado. bustling activity; fuss; bother; delay (esp in the phrases without more ado, with much ado). Jeez.

    OK, enough on grammar.

    I was less impressed with the video than I'd hoped. The best part was 2 1/2 minutes in where you advised checking out the server before moving to it. That's it.

    You listed a bunch of expensive items that can indeed transfer a lot of value in a small number of slots. Anyone familiar with the AH will be familiar with these things. I don't think the video gave any value for the 6+ minutes over the text that I read in 10 seconds.

    What could have been better?

    1. The Undermine Journal. It even has a realm comparison tool for just this sort of thing. How cool is that?

    2. Understanding the economy of both the server you are leaving and the one you are migrating to. Is one a much "younger" realm? Crafting mats might be very profitable and "big ticket" items might not be. Does one have a faction imbalance? It may be tough to sell anything if your new realm/faction has few players.

    How many of the crafting markets are already saturated and how would you tell? (Hint: Lots of 10g Solid Ocean Sapphires or 5g Glyphs for sale on the AH!)

    3. Diversification. Moving over a Jewelcrafting alt? Why not keep all those valuable Inferno Rubies in uncut form, allowing for greater flexibility than deciding before you leave, how they should be cut!

    4. Diversification part 2. Even if something like raiding Flasks sells well, you may have a hard time selling an entire guild bank tab of flasks in the short term.

    5. Bag space. You do have all your bank slots filled with large capacity bags, Frostweave or better, right? And you've gotten rid of cheap consumables and gray items to make way for the high value payloads. If you aren't transferring an entire guild, a Luxurious Silk Gem Bag may be worth its weight in gold!

    6. Speculation. Stockpiling and transferring Pyrite Ore on the chance that it will prospect epic Cata gems is risky. That's also not quickly realized, since you will have to wait until Patch 4.3 to even find out. It's also an inefficient use of slot space.

    To explain, let's assume that Patch 4.3 drops today and it, indeed, has epic gems from Pyrite Ore. (Yay!) Since Blizzard tends to repeat itself, let's borrow some math from WotLK. If we have 96 stacks (a guild bank tab) full of Pyrite Ore, if the prospecting follows the percentages of epic gems from Titanium Ore, those 96 stacks will render 90 Cata epics, 15 of each color and almost 1 per stack of ore. Assuming the epics are all easily worth 500g a piece (which is debatable-- red, sure, but green? Doubtful.), that puts our value per stack at 469g each, not including the uncommons, rares (whose values will plummet), and Volatile Earths, so call it about 500g.

    That's an okay value per slot, but it's not nearly as good as even a stack of uncut Inferno Rubies, which, even at a lowball figure of 100g per Inferno gem, still adds up to 2,000g in that slot. The rubies are immediately sellable and do not carry the speculative risk that Pyrite does.

    The bottom line is that you should know for each and every high value item stack (and you should have a lot of different ones) that each one you transfer sells for as much, if not more, on the new server-- before you even stockpile it and most definitely before you actually transfer.

  5. Gee, I was hoping for a discussion to start up about what items were the absolute best per stack per slot when transferring.

    The answer is Mysterious Fortune Cards. They are the most economical item to transfer between servers.

  6. Silverthorn, that was fantastic. You point out what you didn't like and then follow up with some incredibly constructive criticism. This is the kind of post that would make any gold blogging site successful. A great read. Thank you.

    Also, Marcko mysterious fortune cards are very economical. But, from what I can see on my server inferno rubies are still the best option. Card prices here are about 9g each on average(1800g per slot). Where as, infernos are easily over 100g each(2000g+ per slot). Either way, both are great choices. It comes back to the point Silverthorn made about knowing the economies on both sides of your transfer.

  7. I'd also say, if you're not in a huge rush to move, start a little alt on your prospective server & study the AH/scan with auctioneer etc before you make the move. You can do this on several servers & get a feel for the markets long before you ever get there :)

  8. Silverthorn, what an excellent post! It provided specific and really good feedback and suggestions.

    Markco, a quick aside..if you are reading this, there's a poster named Unp on the JMTC boards (on the 'Auction House' board) who just updated a post he made in April 2010, I think it was, about how he was nervous about buying so many raw mats. In his update, he shared that he decided to keep buying raw mats and is now sitting at 3+ million gold. I'd be interested in seeing him write in more detail about his story if you could persuade him to do so :)

  9. If you are looking at transfer items, the argent dawn pets also have held their value very well.

    But I would agree that the idea is to do a little research on the target realm to see what ticket items are selling there too. Some of the Fireland Epics would also be transfer bait depending on how much you can buy them for.

    Epic Gems and Pyrite Ore are going to be continually risky until a definitive answer is given for epic gems. It also depends on what character that is transferring on whether raw mats are going to work well. If your transferring a blacksmith/JCer then you have a good diversification of abilities. With being able to put the raw mats to more use for crafteing than say a Skinner/miner.

    This was a good entry for those that had questions on the transfer
    to another realm.

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