Appealing to Different Types of Buyers - Part 2

Last week, we looked at The Achievement Junky and discussed the importance of maintaining listings that appeal to this type of buyer.  This week, we look at The Collector. As with all posts, YMMV.

The Collector
The Collector is most likely an Achievement Junky, however that is not always the case.  Regardless, The Collector is trying to get as many of one type of thing as possible.   Most of the time, this coincides with an achievement, such as is the case with pets and mounts, or it might be that The Collector is trying to complete an armor set in preparation for Transmogrification in 4.3.  Or, it may be that the player simply wants to have every pattern or recipe for their profession.  Generally speaking, The Collector has a list of what he or she needs and they shop the AH to see what they can find prior to going out and finding the items in-game.

To sell to The Collector, simply acquire collectible items and make them available on the AH.  The most obvious example is with pets.  Outside of Stormwind is a lady in a house who sells four or five different types of cats.  Each one of these cats sells for a handful of silver.  These can be listed for a huge markup and people buy them like crazy.  On our server, they will sell for up to 10g each.

Another strategy for selling pets to The Collector is to make friends with an Engineer.  The Engineering pets generally sell pretty well on our server, as long as the market isn't flooded.  And when you break down one of the pets into its core materials, the cost is pretty low.  So, I have an Engineer friend of mine who will make pets for me for a nice tip if I provide the mats.  I can then turn around and list the pet on the AH and make a tidy profit.  (My friend knows I do this, but doesn't care as he's not interested in playing the AH at all.)

And remember, it's not just pets.  Cooking recipes are hugely popular with The Collector (and The Achievement Junky, too!) and most players don't want to have to fly all over the world looking for those four recipes they don't have. 

Keep an eye on Trade chat (I know... it can be painful at times) and watch what people are selling.  A lot of times, you'll get a great deal on a hard-to-find enchantment, pattern, recipe or whatever.  These are the things for which The Collector will pay outrageous prices.

Again, the key to success with the Auction House is consistently listing items that appeal to a variety of buyers.  And buyers such as The Collector are an extremely lucrative demographic as they're willing to pay foolishly in order to complete their collections.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at Also, you can find me in-game on US-Dentarg as Wonko, the guild master of Immortalis Rex.

  1. This is some good stuff here. Thanks for sharing this info.

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