BoA Enchants, And Their Gold Making Opportunities

Hey guys, Alerick here again. Today I'm here to write a follow-up article on my last one about how to create and maximize profit through using Illusion Dust, Greater Eternal Essences, and Large Brilliant Shards. All of these materials can be disenchanted from Runecloth Headbands (see last weeks article) These enchanting mats are required for almost every high end, expensive boa enchant, because BoA gear can only be enhanced through Classic WoW enchantments. You can make quite a bit of gold by controlling either the materials like runecloth required to make the mats, the market of the mats themselves, or the end products, the enchants. If you have a firm grip on any of these markets, rest assured that after time when people run out of their supplies, you'll be the one with the upper hand.

This is a list of a few of the best selling and stat-wise enchants for leveling a character using BoA gear:

1. Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility. This is the best enchant for either a leveling hunter or feral druid with a staff or mace. This is also a very common enchant for twinks, so if you see your market is compatible, give it a shot.

2. Enchant Weapon - Agility. This is probably the most popular/best selling boa weapon enchant of them all. This is a must have for any hunter leveling dual-wield, and any rogue in general. This enchant is amazingly common among twinks. If you can monitor the price of Essence of Air on your server, then you're good.

3. Enchant Chest - Greater Stats. This enchant is pretty widely unknown and is pretty weird in and of itself. It is a random world drop from mobs both in Outlands, and Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms. The enchant itself is +4 stats which is drastically underrated, and is better than the more common +100 hp to chest. It is regarded as a vanilla enchant, and can be placed on BoA items.

4. Enchant Weapon - Crusader. An excellent choice for leveling any tanking or melee dps character that uses strength. Can sometimes be used by rogues or druids. Has a chance to proc 100 strength, very useful. This enchant is a must-have, and the recipe was unfortunately recently taken out of the game, so if you don't have it by now, you'll either end up spending a lot of gold buying one, or getting someone else to enchant them for you.

5. Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect. This enchant is often compared to the healing and spell power enchants from MC, but is better now that intellect provides both mana and spell power. This enchant is amazing for any caster class using a boa weapon.

These are the top 5 enchants that sell on my server. Depending on your market for people leveling new characters with shiny boa gear, this could prove to be immensely profitable. However, just to clarify, I cannot stress enough how important it is to know your market. Before stepping into a market know what your doing, have done research, eyed it for a few days, scanned regularly for a good period of time. Jumping into a market with no knowledge could be fatal, and you may wind up losing gold. But if your server has a good market for these items, go for it, and use this tip to make as much gold as you like :D. Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope this tip helped.

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11 comments: on "BoA Enchants, And Their Gold Making Opportunities"

  1. Enchant cloak - Shadow is a great BoA enchant for rogues. I sell around 1-2 per week, but I likely have them overpriced. I haven't looked at other cloak enchants very much because they don't appear as good. The +4 to chest enchant is so rare, I'm not sure anyone on my server actually has it. The enchant bracers - healing or w/e it's called sometimes sells to twinks.

    Sources for mats: enchanted thorium blades, runecloth headbands, onslaught rings, any greens <4-5g in price. I think UBRS is one of the few places to farm for mats.

  2. CorazaDivina said... October 18, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Just as a heads up, the Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader still drops in Tyr's Hand, but you must not have completed the questline defeating enemies there. Many people on Wowhead have confirmed this (as recently as 4 days ago)

  3. The Crusader enchant is most certainly still available. More rehashed old content.... /me sighs

  4. Shoulder and Head enchants from BC as well. Once you reach the level req. you get the benefits.

  5. Enchant cloak - stealth is the best (only) cloak enchant for dps/tanks.

  6. Don't forget Enchant Cloak - Stealth. It uses Outland mats but has no level requirement, unlike Enchant Cloak - Shadow Armor

  7. Missed a few loom enchants, but those are definitely a nice gold maker. Although a bit slow selling :(

  8. Enchant cloak shadow, mighty intellect, 15 agility and crusader are my best selling Enchants. Also you are better off selling 1 or 2 of each boa enchant you have rather than a bunch of the same one which I see quite a bit of people do. Diversification is key!

    Just started a blog called Light's Corner. Please stop by and see what I think the next expansion will be about!

  9. *yawn*

    If you're going to post old ideas, at least post them accurately

  10. Unfortunately, on myserver this market is saturated. Most people had obtained their BoA long time time ago and already have it enchanted. I have been keeping best BoA enchants on AH for weeks, and noone buys.

  11. They certainly don't sell quickly on my server, but the profit margins are sufficient to make it worthwhile and there's very little competition.

    I routinely sell fiery and crusader, occasionally healing power and 1h agility. The cost of essence of air tends to make the latter rather unprofitable though.

    I should really expand in to some of the other BoA enchants, so thanks for the reminder.

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