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GDKP raiding is becoming more and more popular every day, and with a good reason. It can be not only a good source of gold, but a way to gear your character in the meantime too. However, there are still lots of people who don't know about it. This post will definitely help them out.

GDKP raiding has many forms, and comes with various sets of rules. I'm trying to describe the most common one. A GDKP raid is held by a guild. Around 50-75% of the people are from the guild, the rest of the players are guests. The majority of the guildies assure completing the dungeon. At the start of the dungeon every player gives a small amount of gold (usually 1-2k) to the raid leader which (s)he will get back at the end of the raid. This is for filtering out the quitters. You're not likely to leave the raid if you have 1-2k in the pot.

Loots are "auctioned" for. Auctioning has about a million different forms, both in IRL and in the game, but usually it is an open bidding-war style auction. After the winner is determined, (s)he buys the loot for the amount (s)he won the auction for. This money goes to the raid leader as well.
This goes on for every loot of every boss. By the end of the raid, the raid leader will have a huge amount of gold (hundreds of thousands of golds), which (s)he splits evenly among the players (this assures that everyone gets back their 1-2k).

The amount of money the leader will have to split depends greatly on what loots drop, and how much money are the players are willing to spend on them. Usually, a GDKP raid, if you don't buy anything means at least 5k gold, the key word being "at least". I've heard of loots going for 60k in auction (not much after new content came out).

While the temptation might be great to start this right away, and never buy a loot to maximize the profit, getting invited back depends on spending money occasionally. It might be easier to get in if you are in the guild, or very close to the members, but in most cases GDKP raiding is a game of high stakes for the "high rollers". The profitability of the raid require the players spending too, and everybody knows it, so this won't be your magic fortune-maker, however it is a great opportunity to gear your character, and gain some golds too, if you are auctioning cleaverly (or you have lower competition then others on your loots, for example by being the only rouge in your guild).

Once again, GDKP raiding has many forms, and every guild plays it with a slightly different rulebook. The concept however is the same.

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  1. What is the purpose of this article, and why is there a severe lack of useful information included?

    Seems like JMTC is really going downhill. :(

  2. The purpose of the article is to explain the basics of GDKP raiding, as it says right in the first paragraph (I don't know how you missed it).
    This post is not for pros, and I know that for several of you it is not news, but the blog is not only for pros. I'm getting a lot of input about this, but you (pro readers) have to accept that there won't only be posts for you. A lot of people are beginners, and for a lot of them this post is helpful. I'm getting a lot of input about that too so it's definitely true.
    Like I (and others) stated many many times this blog is aiming for a broad spectrum of readers, including experienced multimillionaires as well as people who just got here to this blog by clicking on a banner or a friend referred him here.

  3. @ annonymous. The purpose of this post is the same as 99.44% of the posts, the post shows you a potential way to make gold. You join the GDKP raid group, you collect your trash drops, you collect your gold drops, you possibly spend some gold to gear your toon, and lastly you collect your percentage of the gold other raiders have spent to buy the gear they wanted. Ultimately you invest a few hours of your play time to complete a dungeon, possibly earn an achievement or two and make gold. You don't need to utilize this potential income stream but the poster and webmaster wanted to make it known to all readers that this income stream exists.

  4. Fair enough, but why was the following information not included:

    1.) Where to find GDKP raids

    2.) How to prepare for a GDKP raid

    3.) Some actual strategy that can be used in a GDKP raid

    Simply explaining what a GDKP raid is isn't really a gold making tip.

    Sorry, this blog has really gone south. I miss the high quality gold making tips that used to be on here! Now it's all useless fluff.

  5. @ Annonymous. I will agree that long looong ago, back when Markco really genuinely cared the posts were very well done and relevant. After that they became 'do what I do on my server (results may vary)' posts. This site is back on the upswing. The posts are getting better overall (agreed this post wasn't the best). The point is not to tell you what to do to make gold. The point is to activate your thinking about making gold. As to why your other points weren't addressed I can't speak for the op but to cover all of those areas would make for a massive read. It was suggested in the post that you look to your servers raiding guilds. As for how to prepare I can tell you how I get dressed in the morning but how does that really help you? Strategy, the fight mechanics don't change just because it's a GDKP run. Strategy for gold making bid low on items and be willing to let them go if other raiders get in a bidding war. I don't think the point of the post was to explain what a GDKP run is so much as to show the potential gold making implications of raiding. Some goldmakers are looking for something new while waiting for new content and patches.

    Lastly, if you think the quality of the content is waning feel free to write a guest post. If you have tonnes of new ideas and tips that haven't been rehashed umpteen times start your own blog. If it's decent, or the best, and you have a good income funnel you too could probably sell it and net also 50k in real money

  6. Sorry I refuse to write for a website that pitches overpriced guides at WoW players, full of information that can be found for free. I'll pass. You lost me at "WoW Crusher". For better gold making tips that don't come with a sales pitch, there are plenty BETTER sites out there.

  7. I hate to say it but the previous poster is correct. The posts on this site have definitely gone downhill. As to Marko and his new site, I decided to check it out hoping maybe the old Marko would come forth and have some new ideas and suggestions. But it looks to be the same old stuff that has been rehashed a million times on this and other sites.

  8. Really? I just got my WoW Crusher spot 4 days back and after spending over 10 hours on it, I can say I barely scratched the content's surface. The members area is packed with content. I think it's a great product. You really outdone yourself Markco. Keep it up! -Shamey

  9. 17 euros per month is just crazy. That's like having two extra wow-accounts and paying the monthly fee for.

    And as the other people says, the posts at "justmytwocopper" have gone a far way downhill, it's very clear that Markco just wanna squeeze out the last amount of cash from his carrieer now.

  10. I hate to tell ya but it aint "Markco" its a guy using "Markco" as a brand, as JMTC got sold...but lets be honest this comment will be lucky to see the light of day

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