Bags, And How to Maximize Gold When Selling Them

Hey guys, Alerick here again with another gold making tip. Todays post is going to be about bags, and I know this is a heavily discussed topic, but it is definitely one worth discussing. Bags are a crucial part of every WoW character's journey through the game. Although you could basically go through with only your default bag, basically every player fills all 4 extra slots with whatever they can buy. Now there are regular bags which can hold whatever you want them to, but another market that is less looked at is the one that contains profession specific bags. These allow you to hold for the most part a lot more materials than a regular bag would, but the materials have to be specific to that profession. Ex: A mining bag could hold ore, and other mining materials. Keep in mind while selling bags that every player will need a total of four, so it's up to you to cater to them and reap the huge profit ready to be made.

Now to begin I'm going to be talking to you guys about regular bags, ones that will hold whatever you want. Probably the most popular of these bags is the Netherweave one. This is because these bags require a relatively small amount of materials that are generally found in good supply. These are 16 slot bags, and you should definitely check this market and your netherweave cloth markets out on your server. Now for the most part I wouldn't suggest dealing with bags that have less slots than this one. Mostly because people would much rather have bags with 16 or 20 slots than they would a 6 or 8 slots bag. But if on your server the netherweave cloth prices are way too high for a profit, and there is a drought of cheap bags on your server, there is a bag called a Draenic Leather Pack which can be purchased cheaply from bag vendors (around 12g each) and can be sold on the auction house for an excellent markup value.

Frostweave, and Embersilk bags are also an excellent market to look into. The Frostweave bags require thread, and imbued Frostweave bolts which require both Frostweave cloth as well as infinite dust to create. These are 20 slot bags which make them each have 4 more slots than the Netherweave ones which put them in a higher demand. These can be crafted and sold for a much higher price than the material cost is for sure. The next regular bags I'm going to be discussing are the 22 slot ones. The ones that can be crafted and sold on the auction house are the Abyssal Bags, which require Ebonweave and Spellweave to create, and the Embersilk Bags which require bolts of Embersilk and hypnotic dust.

Now finally, the largest bag I am going to be discussing is the Illusionary Bag. These are 26 slot bags, which make them extremely large. People looking to maximize all aspects of their character will buy these just because they are the best. These bags are crafted using 8 Dreamcloth, and are a good investment if the Spellthread tailoring leg enchant market on your server isn't worth it. This is a good way to consistently use your Dreamcloth cooldowns, and still make a profit without piling up unused cloth or not using your CDs.

Now I am going to be talking briefly about profession specific bags. Like I said earlier, for most professions there is a bag. This allows players who use that profession often to have quite a bit of extra space at their disposal when using it. There are bags for mining, herbalism, leatherworking/skinning, enchanting, JC, engineering, and inscription. This leaves someone with a bag crafter available to them in a position to tackle a whole bunch of markets. If you look into these bags, and all of the opportunites, you'd be surprised how much profit there is to be made. Basically every profession has a bag available to them. Go out there and find the markets that are best for you.

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  1. is there a part two of this? I only see a introduction to the different bags, and their mats, which I can find via wowhead easily. Where's the gold making strategy in here?

  2. Anonymous does have a point. This post is more an overview of the types of bags than a strategy, so I'll chime in.

    Netherweave, Frostweave, and Embersilk are going to be your high volume bags. These will sell relatively quickly, and there are usually quite a few people in this type of market. You don't have to be the lowest buyout at the time of posting for yours to sell, but most of what you post does need to sell or the fees will start eating you.

    The profession bags are your niche markets. Find a niche that no one is exploiting, and exploit it. The low volume turns most people away from selling in these markets; but when there is a buyer, he is usually willing to pay a premium for your product--oblige him. You will eat posting fees for awhile but when you do sell something, it should more than make up for it.

  3. Crafting bags is a good steady market for both the tailor and even the leatherworker.

    The two bags that are crafted by leatherworkers (triple reinforced bag which is the 36 mining bag and the royal scribe's bag, the 36 slot inscription bag are monster sellers on servers. The down side is that you have to do all of the fireland questlines to get enough tokens to open up the vendor for the recipe.

    With Netherweave bags and the strategy is a straight buy a stack of netherweave, buy the thread (in theory someone with max rep for the city and a high level guild for the bonus discount). I usually end up doubling or tripling my investment.

    The same with the imbued netherweave bags that tend to be good investments depending on the Netherweb spider silk (either farmed or purchased) and the other materials (arcane dust can be DE'd from greens easily purchased or even from crafting the low level outland Greens from both Bsmithing and from tailoring. Easily can double your money if your patient.

    The thing to remember is that it's not to early to start stacking the netherweave cloth
    for the new expansion. New expansion means a large intake of requests for bags. Netherweave has kept pretty well on many servers in the 4-8g per stack, and farming outland might be a good option for a very long term investment.

    I would love to see a part two on this article to expand some of your thoughts on how to take advantage of the strategies possible.

  4. Quick tip on farming cloth; read it a while back on either jmtc or consortium, is to take karazhan for a spot.
    Entering the instance take a right, up to the guest rooms.
    There are a LOT of humanoids dropping a TON of cloth.
    Being able to do this 5 times per hour, resetting the instance before killing a boss, this can save you a lot of gold investment, with a fairly small amount of time invested :)

    (The mobile site won't let me pick a profile, site devs, please look in to this)

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