Bags, And How to Maximize Gold When Selling Them, Part 2

Hey everyone, Alerick here again here to talk to you all again this week about bags. In this post I will elaborate on some of the profession specific bags, as well as a possible bag niche market on your server that could net you a bunch of gold.

Herbalism/Alchemy Bag (can also be used for inscription materials like herbs):

As of now, the most up to date(one with the most slots) bag for holding herbs is the Hyjal Expedition Bag. This bag costs 20 bolts of embersilk cloth ( 100 cloth), and 40 volatile life. This is quite a useful bag to have because it can be used for three seperate professions that end up using most of the same materials; predominantly herbs. This is useful if you plan on farming herbs in bulk, as well as if you are going through a process that takes a lot of herbs/bag space. Ex. Milling a ton of stacks of herbs for inks for mysterious fortune cards, glyphs, relics, or Darkmoon cards, or creating flasks and potions in bulk to sell on a raid night.

Molten front, including the Mining, Jewelcrafting, and Inscription Bags:

There were three bags 36 slot bags for Mining, Inscription, Jewelcrafting introduced to the game with the arrival of Firelands and the Molten Front daily quests in Patch 4.2. These bags are all 36 slotters, meaning that they are currently the most high end bags, and oftentimes the most in demand. The downside to these is the amount of work that needs to go into unlocking these bags. You have to unlock the actual vendors for these patterns on one of your characters that either has Tailoring or Leatherworking. Overall though, since these bags are currently the best in-game they create a buyer base of people who want the best, and will usually be willing to spend gold to get them. Although you won't be able to move these as quickly as you could when people first started unlocking these bag patterns, they are still a good investment because since they are currently the best in their specific professions, they will still sell alright.

Why Being Revered or Higher with the Kaluak on a Tailor or Leatherworker will Benefit You:

Having a revered or higher reputation with The Kaluak on either a Leatherworker or Tailor, will give you access to what I believe to be the largest Skinning/Leatherworking bag as well as an pretty well sized(32 slot)Herb bag. If the WoTLK materials are priced in a reasonable range on your server, buy them and craft these. Oftentimes people won't be looking to buy the absolute best bag possible for their profession, and if there is a decently sized price difference, most buyers will go with the lower priced one every time.

Enchanting/Engineering Bags:

Both of these professions have had access to 36 slot bags since the beginning of Cataclysm. The Engineering one is called an "Elementium Toolbox", and is crafted using Elementium Bars, and Volatile Earth. The Enchanting is called "Otherworldly Bag", and is crafted by Tailors with bolts of Embersilk Cloth, Greater Cosmic Essences, Hypnotic Dust, and Dream Shards. Depending on the price of WoTLK enchanting materials on your server(look into shattering abyss crystals if they aren't) as well as cataclysm dust and cloth, these bags could be a great source of income for you. The toolbox is a bag created by Engineers for use by Engineers. It can contain a number of different items/gear/schematics (526 to be exact) and along with the other bag, looks extremely cheap to craft and sell.

Separate Bag Tip:

This last piece of information was one that I came across while browsing the vendor selection my Traveler's Tundra Mammoth mount had to offer. The vendor Hakmud specifically offers a BoE common bag called a Thick Hide Pack for only 12 gold! This can be sold for a solid markup on the auction house if your netherweave bag market is either unprofitable, or there is too much supply and not enough demand. Diversification is key, and this is a good niche market not too many people know about. If you know, see, or have a mammoth yourself, don't hesitate to give this a shot.

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4 comments: on "Bags, And How to Maximize Gold When Selling Them, Part 2"

  1. "Herbalism/Alchemy Bag (can also be used for inscription materials like herbs)"

    Do you even proofread?

    An herbalism bag that can be used for herbs? No way.

  2. There's a vendor in shadowmoon valley that sells a 14 slot bag for 10 gold. I routinely sell these for more than double depending where the netherweave market is

  3. Not everyone knows about what other professions might need.

    Just a small criticism, you could have named all the new bags. I had to hunt them down on Google;
    Leatherworking patterns
    • Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag
    • Royal Scribe's Satchel
    Tailoring Pattern
    • Luxurious Silk Gem Bag

    for some reason they don't seem to show up on WoWpedia's bag entry.

  4. -Anonymous 1

    I was trying to be as clear as possbile while writing this post as to not cause any confusion. Apparently I reached my objective because you seemed to have no problems at all understanding what I was going for.

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