If you don't have Time...have Patience

Guest Writer For The Day : Bozzor

Most WoW players have limited time to play.They have jobs, school, families or another real life
activities that limits their time to play.Those players have a low gold income and many of them struggle
to sell whatever they farm or craft, and when they manage to sell, they are doing it with low profit.

So, if you are one of those players, what can you do? You can't spend more time to make gold because you want to enjoy the game, doing heroics, raids or pvp, and those activities are consuming most of your game time.

The answer is in the title : if you don't have Time...have Patience.

Patience is the key to make as much gold as possible, even if you can play 12 hours a day.It is a
known fact that the WoW economy have ups and downs, prices go up and down all the time, sometimes on a daily basis, sometimes weekly...and this is chaotic for anyone who is not a serious AH trader.

At this point in game, after more then 6 years, its safely to say that most of the players have at least
one character with two professions.It really doesn't matter what professions, all of them are good to make gold. However, the more professions, the better chances to make gold, but also the more time used for farming or crafting.

I am personally against farming, its not worth the time.However, if you don't have enough gold to start using the AH for making profit, keep farming until you have a small capital to invest (3-5k is more then enough).Once you have this capital, start making a schedule and stick on it.

Use your time wisely, because its limited.If you don't have an AH addon, install one.Auctioneer and Auctionator are the most used ones.Do AH scans twice a day , for couple of days (preferably for one week) before you start your AH endeavour.Once the scans are done, start buying the materials you need, just be sure you don't buy more then you can process with your limited time, but buy as much as you can if the price is low.

This should take 2-3 days, before you start processing the materials you have gathered.

If you are a JC, there is no point to buy 10 stacks of ores, prospect them, cut the rare gems you got and selling them along the uncommon ones.You should buy until you have a bigger stockpile before start prospecting.

Once you done prospecting, cut the rare gems into the most used ones , save the Nightstones and Jaspers for daily JC, save Hessonites also (they sell quite good atm) and vendor the rest.If you have an Enchanter or an Alchemist, use Carnelians to craft Carnelian Spikes and disenchant them, or use them to transmute them into Inferno Ruby.

Also, do not pass the opportunity to buy Chimera's Eyes for tokens and sell them.

If you are a Miner, buy ores when low priced, smelt them into bars and wait when those ores are either high priced or they are missing / low supplied in AH, then start selling them.Do not go for high profits, just 20-25% above what you have spent for the ores.Don't do it only with Cataclysm Ores, smelt as many types of ores as you possibly can.

For LW, there is the option to buy Scraps or Leather and craft them into Heavy Leather.

All types of Heavy Leathers sells good.A good option is to buy low priced Savage Leather, craft them into Heavy Savages and trade them for Pristine Hides.Wait for when the price for Heavy Leather is high and sell the Pristines.Go for a small profit, just 20-25% above your cost for 10 Heavy Savages.

If you have more time, buy low priced Dragonscales and Volatile Fire and craft the Epic Leg Armor Kits.Sell them for low profit also, 20-25%.

Tailors should buy low priced Netherweave, Frostweave and Embersilk, craft Bags, add a small profit of 20-25% and sell the bags.There is the option of Leg Enchants, just stick to same profit mark.

Blacksmiths should focus on Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Enchanting Rods, Weapon Chains and when a new patch that brings a new PvP season gear, have materials ready to craft that gear.Go for small profit also, 20-25% above material cost.

Alchemists.Those who have access to a JC, be transmute masters.Use the daily transmute always.Both Truegold and Living Elementals nets same gold profit, but i prefer Truegold due to more market stability (nobody ''farms'' Truegold, but there are plenty Volatile Air farmers).Use the Carnelians from prospecting to transmute them into Inferno Ruby.

If you don't have a JC, be elixir master.Buy low priced herbs and additional materials to craft flasks, wait for the raiding days and sell them.

Inscription.I retired from Glyphs market after Cataclysm changes, and went for PvP relic and Dust of Disapperance. Both sell good, PvP relics 2-3 / day, but high profit, and Dust in hudreds, but low profit.Be sure you add a small profit for Dusts and high for relics.

Engineers should craft engineering mats : Khorium Power Core, Felsteel Stabilizers, Adamantite Frames, etc. Along those, sell also scopes of every type.Do not underestimate also the Companions.Just add a small profit, 20-25% above material cost.

If you have enough patience to wait for buying at low prices and wait to sell when prices are high, your patience will be rewarded.And the reward is not only gold, but more important the trust you gain in yourself.

Even if the profit mark is not high (15-20% - there is always 5% AH cut), the income will be higher if you wait and sell in larger quantities. Don't go greedy, stick on your schedule and your profit marks.

Once you decided to sell, post your items for 48 hours.With the low profit mark you have, you will sell almost everything. Don't be afraid of the AH campers.They will have only two options if you post for 48 hours : they either let you sell or they will buy your items.AH campers are greedy and have plenty of time and gold to choose the above options.You will not be competition for them, because you sell once or twice / week due to your limited time to buy, craft and play the AH.

Remember, any profession is good, but try to have as many professions as you can, preferably a profession combo that allows you to diversify : like JC and Alchemy, JC and Enchanting, Mining and Engineering or Mining and Blacksmithing.

The options i wrote about are not even close to what a player can do.Those options are only for players who have limited time to craft and sell in AH, usually under 30 min / day.But even those with a lot of time to play should learn that Patience is probably the most important factor in making gold.

If you don't have Time...have Patience.


Bozzor, Gold Multimillionaire.

If you like this article, feel free to visit my gold making blog.

5 comments: on "If you don't have Time...have Patience"

  1. Good article, better than usual lately.

  2. You don't need patience, you need to start reading the JMTC Forums.

  3. I take it the marrow of interesting ideas has been sucked dry. "Craft leather into heavy leather." Thanks for the tip.

  4. @Eaten by a Grue

    I have been thinking about how to phrase this everytime that I read someone saying "wow, I have heard that idea 100 times already".

    For some readers, these are repetition of the same ideas that have made them money. But for others, it really is something new. Or it's a reminder of something that they dropped earlier on that was not profitable to now saying to themselves "wow, I can go back to making some money on this".

    Your description of marrow of a bone is very apt. When I read or write an article, I look at what the writer presented, and whether it was a "run here, gather all these items and profit" type of entry. Or was it actually a more meatier attempt to get me to think in a different direction. Did he maybe present something that gets my mind to thinking in a different way.

    There are plenty of entries of both the milk variety where you're told exactly where to farm, exactly what to craft, exactly what to sell an item at and profit. And then there are more money making philosophy type of entries that want the reader to think.

    Hopefully both of these types will interest our readers in the future.

    Exellent article.

  5. Screw the marrow, it's the bone containing the marrow that's most important. With it I could club a seal and eat for weeks.

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