Join the Fun... Buy the T-shirt

It's the Day after Deathwing
And all through the Auction House
People scurry to deal gems
Enchants arriving on their new shiny mounts

With gold on their mind
And a guide in their hand
Did they have enough volatiles
To find the gold promised land

Holy **** I ran out of dust
could be heard with a sob
anguished cries of rage
when undercut on a new pvp fob

Were you able to declare victory?
Or watch in anguished shame
When patch day hits
Making gold is the only game

On every patch day there is a rush to be the first to post your items.   To set the prices and to get
the most gold.   One of the most forgotten ideas of the auction house is that selling is a marathon and
not a sprint.

With so many options in multiple crafting disciplines,  it will be difficult to know exactly where to put your effort in.  TSM and other addons make it easier to post quickly.  But your skill is going to be what pushes your gold making to new heights.

Did you buy the big 3 epic cut patterns?    But ignore your PVP trinkets being upgraded and available for sale.

Did you look at the new upgrades for your Leatherworker and Blacksmith?   Those PVP patterns have a
short maximum profit shelf life before they start to drift lower and lowerin price.   Armor patches are always in demand as well.   Which will be more profitable?   Did you check for the price on pristine hides on the market and instead of using your Heavy Savage leather,  purchase the hides directly?   Did you look at buying up the Chaos orbs on your server and produce Firelands epics?   Good quick way to use up a lot of the truegold that you have stashed,  plus allowing you to still make a tidy profit.

Enchanters, how many of the big 7 (lavawalker,  peerless stats,  landslide,  power torrent,   agility to bracer,  intellect to bracer,  strength to bracer) did you have crafted?   Did you save your maelstrom crystals instead of splitting them into heavenly shards?

How about your alchemist?   Ready to transmute those inferno gems?  Or crafting potions and flasks for the final run on deathwing?    Don't forget your elemental transmutes.  Not everyone will be wanting to stack epic gems into their armor from the start.

Did you remember to stock up on Lion's ink?   Inscription gets some new priest glyph loving.   Will you win the battle of the scribes?

One of the biggest ideas to remember is that you will end up with more players this weekend that on
patch day.   So don't blow all of your inventory now.   Hold out to see where the market ends up
landing come friday night.   You might find the difference between a medium profit,  and a large profit.

Did you earn enough money for the t-shirt and the right to claim victory?

Deathwing?  Forget him,  I've got more stuff to sell

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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3 comments: on "Join the Fun... Buy the T-shirt"

  1. This would have been a good post for two days ago when you could stockpile these last minute items, but now it's kind of just rubbing in what we forgot.

  2. Any ideas on the vp boes? since we can buy them next week with 1200vp and some of us have 8 toons to a realm. are they worth the vp dump? also should we wait until later in the week to sell or sell that tuesday?

    and what about jp? with all the vp farming what should we do with our jp in order to turn profit? are 378 bracers still going to sell or should i invest in something else?

    one last thing. thanks to you guys i was able to turn a 200k profit in 2 days and i still have 70% of my inventory left. this is on SWC btw. so thanks everyone. 1 mil mark here i come!!!

  3. @anonymous

    To be honest, there were still deals that I listed, some of it was tongue and cheek yes. But nothing I suggested to stock up on in this entry I didn't say last week. And even two weeks ago.

    There were some things that suprised me that they didn't explode. Volatiles seemed to stay pretty well where they were just before 4.3.

    @VP anonymous.

    The market for the bracers seems to be stable already. But I would definitely try to get your money out of it soon. Remember that those VP are going to be maxxed out pretty quickly and people will run out of things to buy, so they will turn to selling the boes, more sales they make, the cheaper the market will end up. Unless your just dying to buy those wonderful stacks of elementium ore at ugly prices.

    the JP boes are already at the level, it's never a bad dump once you max out of equipting your own toons. But I wouldn't hold onto them til the expansion. They will probably reset when MOP happens just like they did with cataclysm. Don't forget if your pvpish that they can be turned into the appropriate PVP badges as well. But none of that action is BOE.

    200k profit is pretty good. Have you set aside what your going to use for MOP (pandas need overpriced mats too ya know).

    I'm glad that we all could help, you will have to tell me what you did to celebrate your 1m mark

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