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Hello there, fellow goldmaker! I'm sure that by now you must have heard that 4.3 is so close now, it's practically on our doorstep. Of course no one can know it for sure, but all signs say that it is probably about 1-2-3 weeks away. As always, the new patch means a great boost to the business, which we have to prepare for. Particularly challanging can be stocking up on mats. Even on higher population realms, the fall in realm activity since the last patch came caused the prices to rise and there is less stock on the market. There is a few things though you could do to increase your chances.
  • Frequent AH checks.
  • Spam your trade channel macro.
  • As we've said many times over: try to locate the farmers/farmbots on your realm. They are the best source of materials.
  • Make fixed price agreements with resellers. I'm person A, and I say to person B, that he can send me Obsidium Ore at 40g/stack any time, any amount. Now, of course I can't be online always, so when I'm in offline, person B is still on, looking for mats under 40g/stack. Every mat he has he will send it to me. It is like I'm constantly online and buying mats. He makes money (he does it for the profit of course), and I make money. To serve with an example, I've had two big suppliers in the last couple of month. One of them is a guild bank, but the other does reselling. He is happy with the 150k gold he made off of me, even though I've made 2,5 millions of which at least 750k is from his materials.
  • Look for guild banks of high pop guilds where you know the players can send in mats for DKP or whatever currency they are using. The guild bank is probably selling the mats to buy raid supplies. You can either buy their mats or even make an agreement with the bank to be their crafter.
  • Trade with your competitors. If there is another "businessman" on your realm, keep in touch with him, so that you could trade stocks. He may have a surplus of whatever you are low on, and vice versa. Also, if you are very lucky, and catch someone who is quitting, you can buy him out (happened once, it was great).
  • Ad yourself at us.battle.net/wow or eu.battle.net/wow forums (realm forums). Just opening a topic, and saying that you buy mats at fixed prices will get you some supply. The amount depends on how much traffic does your realm's forum have, which is usually very low, but it's still something.
  • If you are very very low on mats, and you need much more, and you have lots of free time, then you could consider farming. I'm saying it like this because I'm very much against it, because it is very boring, and compared to playing the AH, not highly profitable, but in some cases you "gotta do what you gotta do".

That's it for today, I wish you many materials, see you next Saturday (don't worry, the other writers will keep you occupied in the meantime).

PS: If you have some other magic way to conjure materials, please feel free to share it in the comments section below, we are all eager to learn.

  1. Good article as always.

    The biggest thing I've learned is to know my conversion tables on what is going to convert to what when crafted.

    Arcane dust and illusion dust is generated through low end crafted items (JC rings/chokers were great with this, and tend to fluctuate to low prices to grant quick profits or storage)

    Some dual boxers I know will park one of their toons in front of an instance, then blow through it with their other boxed toon, just DE'ing everything that drops. Especially if they are grinding for specific BOE objects. Good way to generate mid level mats.

    Right now your correct in the idea that deals should be made for long term as well as short term.

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