WoW Crusher : Final Announcement

Wow Crusher : How The Pros Do It

As you know, our ground-breaking system WOW Crusher system was released 10 days ago to much fanfare.

We are very pleased to announce that demand for WoW Crusher has been overwhelming, squashing ALL previous records as well as swarming my inbox with an avalanche of mail, which I assure you will be answered down to the very last letter. Please be patient, guys =)

Over the past few days we have been busy creating a TON of new content, fixes and changes in the Member’s Area – way too many to fit into a single post so please be sure to check into WoW Crusher frequently to check out the new changes.

Best of all is the amazing feedback we’ve gotten, like:

 "I've easily tried at least 3 guides over the couple of years.. but this was by far the most
eye-opening and comprehensive one I’ve seen so far"

- Theo Covington

"Brilliant guide, a 9/10 at least in my book. It took a while for me to download the addon because of technical problems, but when i got it, it was worth the wait :) I never have to worry about talents or armour or items! The fact that you’re planning on updating it frequently makes it worth every cent.”

- Jane K.

Recent Update

The initial plan was to stop accepting any more subscribers once the initial group of open spots were filled, which is exactly what happened 2 days ago.

However… since that time I've received dozens upon dozens of e-mails from people who desperately
want to be part of the WoW Crusher group, but weren't able to do so in such a short span of time.

Therefore,  we have decided to open registration for a couple more days to let those of you who were shut out have a chance to see what the fuss is all about.

Go check out our controversial video while you still can

WoW Crusher Video

Time is of the Essence!

Now is your chance to work with me on a more intimate level than I’ve ever offered before in the past to create the character you’ve always dreamed of and play at the highest level possible.

I speak for both Kevin and myself when I say we can't wait to help you change the way change the way you play the World of Warcraft for the better and start seeing measurable results in the fastest time possible,

Check out what the fuss is all about.

Talk soon


90 comments: on "WoW Crusher : Final Announcement"

  1. Hey Markco, I already use the guide and am pretty impressed so far. I'm just hoping that you will be coming up with more gold videos soon to help me stay competitive once Patch 4.3 is released.

  2. Hmmmmm my comment wasnt published for some weird reason but I just wanted to say that your guide is a savior for people like me who don't have all the time in the world to spend in wow.


  3. i love the articles on JMTC and if the content in wow crusher is HALF as good as the daily tips here i'd say its worth the asking price.

  4. The video is HILARIOUS!

    Just signed up and testing the add-on now. Will let you know my thoughts later.

    Peace out.

  5. I've got the guide, it's pretty good for the most part, but some of the information is out-of-date, especially the Warlock sections.

    Take a look into that will ya?

  6. is there a free released version of the addon to comply with Blizzards EULA TOS etc??

  7. i've used the tips in WC to earn more than 75K gold in the past few days, so I can attest to the fact that this stuff really works.

    Keep up the good work Markco.

  8. @Gimp

    This was a huge concern for me a few years back when I first started using Zygor and then the Impulse Add-Ons, but it appears that through some legal side-stepping you can legitimately use 3rd party add-ons provided that the add-on is provided free as a download, which seems to be the case here.

    I could be wrong, but I've been using these add-ons for a long time and haven't run into any complications with Blizzard.

  9. Hey Markco,

    I love what you're doing with the new site.

    Screw the haters =)

  10. the addon must be free to download publicly, as zygor has the addon available to anyone, its the specific guides that plug into the addon that you get when you sign up.

    So unless they make the addon included in this Publicly available then there break the TOS

    Zygor is 100% legal because it follows this rule, but i have failed to find anywhere with the wow crusher addon so.....

  11. @Stephanie S, Markco sold JMTC. He sold the identity of Markco too. The new writer of the blog under "Markco"s name, and the author of WowCrusher is *NOT* Markco.

    Sorry to burst your bubble.

  12. Good to see you finally launched Markco! Keep it up.

    I'll be sure to let my readers know soon.

  13. The guys voice in the sales vid cracks me up. Sounds like an infomercial.

    But I took the plunge and bought it.

    Okay I have to give you credit for the addon and gold blueprints. I learnt a ton of stuff.

    But seriously, you would have done much better if you got someone else for the voice.

  14. I read your gold guide while doing biceps curl in front of my computer.

    Feeling pretty pumped now.

  15. WoW Crusher is good I give you that. But you should not be selling it under Markco. It's misleading.

  16. Just to show people this is a scam. The comment by Max Lee is the same owner as JMTC.

    It's registered in his clickbank account and if you visit both wowcrusher and Max Lee's site ( same video/site format, same crappy "don't leave the site buy my product rather" exit message, etc etc.

  17. The problem is people taking Markco as a person and not a brand.

    First, Markco isn't even a real name.

    Can a pen name be "sold"?

    Don't know, don't care.

  18. @PeeJ

    lol you're an idiot. If you didn't care you wouldn't be posting here now would ya?

  19. nice to see ppl freely discussing the use of a pen name, but no one wants to address the fact your breaking blizzards TOS??????

    any chance of a response from marcko or peng or what ever name you wanna post under.

    really dnt care who is runnign the site just want some truthful answers if your gonna meet the tos or not??

  20. I was pretty pissed off at load of emails received lately but WoW Crusher made up for it.

    But still:


    And like Gimp says:


  21. Yea this is clearly a ToS infringment. Also MarkcoLTD was spamming so many emails I finally unregistered from the mailing list.

  22. Those guys got their asses covered.

    They all packaged the addons the same way.

    Zygor, Dugi, Manaview, WoW Crusher.

    The addon comes a free bonus when you buy their membership. You are paying for the content. Addon is just an added "bonus".

    I argued with Zygor for days for a free copy but never got one.

    I complained to Blizzard about it as well but they never bothered to do anything about it.

    Greedy money making bastards if you ask me.

  23. thats not true head over to zygor right now and u can download the addon by going to the trial section, you just dnt get all the profiles, the addon is 100% free and available!

    same with dugi etc etc

    this however is breaking the TOS and is a different case altogether

  24. While I do not condone buying of gold guides (just read free sites like JMTC), there's more than sufficient info already, I'll say this:

    If I were a to write a guide, invest money and time into it, I wouldn't give it out for free either.

    Chicken and egg thing eh?

  25. its not even about if i agree with payign for guides or not, i dnt have an issue, i myself have Zygor cos i like it.

    But its about advertising somethign that blatently breaks Blizzards EULA and TOS and the fact that no one will responde about it, and instead everyone tries to distract from the point.

    So developers/owners/markco/peng whoever actually wants to answer grow some balls and answer the question

  26. @Gimp

    Wrong. Zygor's "free" version isn't the same as the paid one.

    There are many functionalities missing and you have to pay in order to unlock the full one.

    That was why I was in a heated argument with them many months back. It's against TOS. But Blizzard isn't doing anything about it.

    We should be getting it free.

  27. Awesome Markco!

    I've sent you an email regarding the Obsidium Shuffle technique in your guide. My friend made a killing using it but I feel that there as some major flaws.

    Please get back to me as soon as you can. It's been 12 hours.

  28. lol i don't believe I read all the comments in here. Love your work and the changes you've done for the community Markco!

    Let the haters continue hating! I'll always be a life long reader.

  29. the only stuff missing is the guide profiles. the addons functionality is still fully available. but this is a pointless argument, and distracting from he point that no one on JMTC is willing to address the issue and is hiding behind alot of false comments instead of just answering about it.

  30. Markco, I sent you an email about the prices of ore on my server. It fluctuates too much and the strategies seems to be too random for my server. Please get back to me as soon as you read this.

  31. @Kikz you only have to pop into the JMTC IRC channel to find out the truth.

    All the moderators from JMTC forums stopped, they never got thanked once for their work and hate the new owner of the site.

    The new owner and author of wowcrusher is NOOOOOOOT Markco.

  32. The whole guide market is a scam.

    wow crusher, Zygor, Dugi, Xelerated, lvl86, gold secrets, 20k leveling,they're a crock of shit.

    I have over 300k gold without reading a single paid gold guide. Just stick to free tips noobs.

  33. I feel obligated to leave my 2 copper here.

    I personally reviewed WoW Crusher. And in a word. It's good.

    If you want to see my full review, click on my link.

    - Derek

  34. What Zug Gaming meant to say was:

    "I think wowcrusher is a good way for me to make money with affiliate sales. Do I use it myself? Oh hell no it's crap."

  35. I got the guide for free. Their support desk is run by retards. I bought the guide and asked for a refund 5 minutes later and got it lol. No questions asked.

  36. @hahanubs

    karma's a bitch

  37. Whoa...

    what is going on in here?

    Real Markco or not, the guide works and my son loves it so I guess I'll be sticking around.

  38. Markco,

    Your addon is NOT compatible with Zygor's in game talent addon. I had to disable it to make yours work. Is there a workaround solution? Please get back to me.

    Other than that, love your guide! I've made over 50k in the last week. Keep it up. ;)

  39. I'm a disabled war vet. Is there anyway I can get your guide for free? I sent you an email as well. Please get back to me asap.

  40. For those who are saying using/selling Markco as a pen-name is wrong/right I don't necessarily disagree. I'm on the fence about that. But the bottom line is that on the advertisement video that I'm currently lol-ing my way through the speaker, not the original Markco, says verbatim "I've been the driving force and founder of Just My Two Copper."

    Agree or disagree with the selling of the name you can't deny that's a blatant lie to his would-be consumers. He then goes off to talking about how old-Markco's WoW break was actually him taking a break to make WoW Crusher when it wasn't even the same damn person.

    People may disagree about selling/using the name as a brand but I think anyone can agree that he's flat out lying to his customers to sell guides and that that's pretty shady.

    In regards to the guide and its merits I haven't used it. I'm kind of unsure why you'd play the game if your addon's going to play the game for you entirely. If the new Markco would like to provide me with a code or guide or whatever I'd be happy to give a legit review of how I feel about it but I can't imagine that will happen.

  41. Bavarian Boar said... November 9, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    You don't need guides to excel in the game, especially now that everything is so casual and laid-back.

    If you think you need a guide, though, I'd recommend just using the wow-pro guides. they are free, and very high quality.

  42. this is a pretty good site this guy gives you good advice on all kinds of stuff i love your guide markco

  43. Ownership of a public listed company change hands everyday when people buy and sell shares. You don't see them making press releases saying that the owners are different. JTMC is a website. I don't care if it has changed hands so long I get quality material.

    That being said "Markco", I like WoW Crusher. But you should state that in your website that you're not the same guy.

    Wait... did I just contradict myself?

  44. greetings from estonia. i like your guide. i can recommend to alot of my friend if you give me your guide free. send me a copy and i will give good review. promise. andreshele [at] gmail dot com

  45. There are unbelievable and obviously false claims WoW Crusher advertises, including garunteed drops, heroic raiding 2 weeks after an expansion etc, these things are simply not possible. MarkcoLTD basically lied through his/her/its teeth in the ad video



    GET A JOB?

  47. Is WoW Crusher a scam?

    Read my review.

  48. i have no idea if the guides good or not, but paying more more a month for a guide than a game seems stupid....

  49. Why would you buy a guide?

    Any retard can level to 85 with a week's worth of playing. Daily quests alone can earn you all the gold you would need. ever.

  50. Hmmm I did a google search on "wow crusher review" and all the search results are only saying good stuff about it.

    I'm going to give it a go and will post my findings here.

  51. I'm going to skip reading the comments.

    Markco, or whoever you are, I love what you did with WoW Crusher.

    Your sales page is questionable but I love your content.

    I sent you some questions, please get back to me asap!

  52. if u google it ur find every single video/review etc etc has a affiliate they get paid when u press it and buy wow crusher...find me a review that isnt some bogus comment or an affiliate site from a trusted source and ill be quiet.

  53. Naturegoddess said... November 9, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    I've got the guide, it's pretty good for the most part, but you can get some of the information for free on other sites.

  54. WoW Crusher is cool, the content and videos are good but this is just gay. I can't wait to hear what "Markco" has to say about this.

  55. @Naturegoddess

    The guides are worth every damn cent. Proclaiming that you can get the information for free isn't cool, instead it makes you look like a cheapo.

  56. @Fartmaster if you're a real can get much better info for free. It's not being cheap, it's being smart

  57. Keyboard Warrior said... November 9, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    Here's an impartial review of WoW Crusher:

    Addon: 8/10
    Videos: 6.5/10
    PvP Section: 9/10
    PvE Section: Have yet to cover
    Gold Queen Interviews: 7/10 (she usually does better)
    Monthly Blueprints: 8.5/10 (more time sensitive stuff and it would win)
    Pricing: 7/10
    Hype: 10/10

  58. You guys are all idiots.

    Stick to free guides.


  60. Markco,

    I sent you an email 3 days ago. I haven't got a reply yet. I know you have a ton of emails but appreciate if you could answer mine first.

  61. Sorry dude but "marcko" is just a name they sold to the new owner, who cudnt give a flying fuck about the blog readers and just wants the database of potential costumers for his wow crusher shit.

    If it was old marcko he wudda commented after nigh on every comment if this was really him.

    so get used to it, and if u dnt believe me check the jmtc forums where marcko admitted he was selling and then sold JMTC the blog side.

  62. FOR THE HORDE said... November 9, 2011 at 10:38 AM


  63. I've been in contact with the new owners about the revamps of the site. The new site design and outlay is pretty much my idea and they were very open about it.

    I like the direction of the site actually.

    And all this drama? I love it even more!

  64. Markco, I'm 200k away from making my first million! I just need to know one tiny bit about cross faction trading. PLEASE PLEASE REPLY MY EMAIL!

  65. I have both the 20K Leveling and WoW Crusher guides and am more than satisfied with both purchases. Your mileage may vary according to skill level and expectations though.

    I have to agree about the blatant marketing in both products. Tone it down and you might get a better response.


  66. I bought WoW Crusher after Gold Queen and Tony Sanders recommended it.

    I'm only 5 days in and I'm loving every bit of it.

    Seriously guys, grow up.

  67. Fake name to prove this is all Bullshit said... November 9, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    wow i can make a shit name that means fuck all!

  68. All the best Markco! Thanks for everything.


  69. I noticed many people on here emailing "Markco" questions and still waiting for responses.

    Another gold site I found a while ago ( has a lot of that information available. I've asked them a few questions recently and it's all been answered by very nice people. Made my first 100,000gold !! :D

  70. I did an in depth review on WoW Crusher.

    No holds barred.

    Check it out.

  71. I heard that Markco was receiving over 300 emails daily since WoW Crusher launched. I don't blame him!

  72. steamwheedle Bill said... November 9, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    I read both JMTC and Consortium, and i must say the lack of personal contact on JMTC has made me stop reading it daily, and only check once in a while.

    20k leveling was great, in its day but its outdated now even though i was garunteed upto date stuff for life :(

    anyways this wow crusher stuff is telling to many lies for my likign so even if it is grt its losing a customer in me due to blatant lying!

    ill stick witht eh consortium, and free guides like Fluxes power word gold one for now!


  73. I only READ 2 gold sites. JMTC and the consortium. The rest are garbage.

  74. JMTC is trash. Your guide is trash. You're not Markco.

    As a contributing member of the WoW Gold Community, I'm calling you what you are. A scammer who hides behind fake names.

  75. Guys I quit wow ages ago, and no I talk about blogging and diablo only! Deal with it!

  76. trollers gonna troll

    haters gonna hate

    keep doing wat u do Markco =]

  77. As a one trick pony who only knows about scratch cards....I mean wow cards...I mean Fortune Cards.

    I have a lot of experience writing Guides.

    So when I tell you that this guide is amazingly copy and pasted from elsewhere you know its true!

    After all I am the boss at copy and paste



    You guys are taking this discussion so off-topic you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Remember the topic is how crap wowcrusher is :D

  79. Anonymous +Kathroman said...

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  80. Ironic - everyone is posting as everyone.

    It's like you can't tell who the real Sinshroud is - who the real Cold is - who the real Stede is...

    Kinda like you can't tell who the real Markco is.



  83. Yo momma so fat that when her LFG party leaves her and she requeues, they all get the error "Instance full"

  84. it would be like agent Smith tells neo in Matrix. they created an utopian universe first but the human brain couldn't accept it

  85. Who's moderating this channel anyway? :p

  86. 4.3 is at least 2 weeks away

  87. lol this is fnny

  88. Hi Guys,

    All hell broke loose yesterday in the comments section so I would like to take a second to address all the comments, positive and negative, that have flooded what seemed to be an innocent enough post.

    Please understand that I handle a lot of mails every day, which have to be answered in such a short span of time and this naturally takes a lot of my resources, which are limited right now.

    The reason I made the decision to moderate the comments in this article was spurred by some hacking activity which went down a couple of hours earlier, which flooded the site with a deluge of spam messages and bad links.

    Comments are always welcome and constructive criticism appreciated but my hand was forced when events took a turn for the worse earlier today.

    Everything seems to be under control at the moment, and I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Once everything is settled, the comments will resume in unmoderated form but before I do that, I'd like to address the issues and concerns of everyone here, good or bad, real or fake, malicious or otherwise.


    Thanks for the kind words and I'm really glad you like the guide.


    I'm glad you're happy with our daily gold tips. THe writers in JMTC take a lot of pride in their work, and it clearly shows.


    Did you mean that in a good of bad way? At the very least, we made you laugh =D


    Thank you for your feedback. We're looking into rewriting large portions of that particular section to keep in line with the recent changes.


    How you doing buddy? I'm sorry I haven't been replying your messages lately but you know the drill. Thanks for your continuous support of JMTC and WoW Crusher.

    @Stephanie S

    Hey girl, thanks for your support. It's always good to hear the other side of the story. It keeps you grounded.

    @Jay H

    Hmmm yet another comment about the video. Perhaps its back to the drawing board on that one, and probably a session of speech therapy is in order!

    It's great to hear that learnt a lot with the guide.

    @Dennis O

    Make sure to maintain good form and don't injure yourself buddy!

    @Ivan N

    This will be the last post on WoW Crusher. I just wanted to get word out about our final offer before shutting the doors once and for all on our guide. Thanks for supporting our guides.


    I'm sorry you feel that way. BUt please remember that at the end of the day I'm still doing this for a living. As Susan B so succintly put it, if you were to write a guide, invest money and time into it, would you be so kind as to give it out for free? Something has to be done to put food on the table and unfortunately I'm not a trust fund child.


    Hey dude, please check your mail. I hope it works out for you.

    @ Gimp

    Thanks for your concerns, which echo many emails I have received the past few days regarding the legality of the WoW Crusher Addon.

    Some people are confused over how this is possible given Blizzards rules and policies which forbid the sale of addons.

    The Addon we created is available for free via our newsletter and what you are paying for in WoW Crusher is access to our member's area and our tutorials and videos, which remain separate and distinct from the Add-On itself.

    This has been the status quo since 3rd party addons were made available through various other guides and to date, not a single customer has had their account banned by using these addons.


    Thanks babe.


    There are certain pre-requisites that have to be met for that strategy to work. That link I sent you? Click on it. =)

    Best wishes.

  89. @Susan B

    My thoughts exactly.

    @Jonathon with an O

    yes this has been asked very frequently as well...

    Chris, the previous owner of JMTC had sold us the site and 20KLeveling a couple of months back.

    Long story short, JMTC has changed hands and Markco is no longer associated to Chris.


    Glad to hear you have earned so much gold without the aid of any external sources. We're currently on the lookout for writers, so feel free to apply within.

    @Zug Gaming

    Derek, I knew I could count on you to throw in a nice word or two.


    Affiliates can request a free copy of our guide for review purposes, which is what Derek did.


    yeah it sucks, but unfortunately that's how Clickbank works. On a related note, your name has been blacklisted.


    Thanks mate.


    Yes Shamey, someone else brought that to our attention a couple of days ago. We're working on a permanent solution and will be releasing a statement to that effect once we have everything sorted out.

    @Bavarian Boar

    I've used WoW-Pro, they're good and certainly worth your time invested.

    @Andreshele of Estonia

    Please sign up at our affiliate page if you're interested in promoting our guides.

    Thank you.


    WoW Crusher is not a leveling guide, and it is much more than a gold guide. Give us a try, you will be surprised.


    Hi there, thanks for the support. I hope those reviews you read are impartial and objective =D


    thanks girl. i hope all is fine and well with your husband and new baby girl. Keep in touch. =)

    @Keyboard Warrior

    Thanks for taking the time to rate the guide.

    @Tony H & Sean Woo

    SOrry guys, I'll do my best to answer your queries sometime today. Once I'm done replying to these comments.

    @Lisa, Linda & Brittany & Joy

    Lisa I'll get on that soon. Thanks for the kind words ladies!


    At JMTC we always aim to please

    @fapfap & Steamwheedle Bill

    the consortium is run by a group of highly knowledgeable and passionate players/writers and I have nothing but the deepest respect for what they bring to the wow gold community. THat is all.


    What guides do you have Cold? I would love to take a look at them.

    @sean Woo

    To each his own.


    I loved the original Matrix. the 2nd and 3rd ones, not so much.

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