The Arrival of Patch 4.3 and Darkmoon Faire Gold Tips

Hey everyone, Alerick here again this week with a post about how to make gold through the arrival of the new and improved Darkmoon Faire that is now available after the release of patch 4.3. Now there are a number of activities you can take part in here, including daily quests which involve carnival-like games, profession related quests, a petting zoo, and even a PvP "arena cage".

Now although this new zone may seem like fun and games, there are many unique gold making opportunities available here. I first realized a niche market for the Oily Blackmouth fish while browsing auctions on my smartphone. I saw quite a few of them for less than 10 silver each, and I quickly bought them all up. The reason I was so excited to see them available on the auction house was that these fish are often very hard to get ahold of, and they are basically a must-have for anyone who is leveling alchemy. People who are looking to level this profession will often come to many places along the way where they need a rare herb, or a special rare ingredient that cannot be found on the AH. If you can control the market of Oily Blackmouth fish on your server, there's a lot of room for profit. They are fished from low level zones, and the arrival of the Darkmoon Faire and the new "Sea Pony" pet has brought many avid pet collectors to this zone who are looking to add this one to their collection. Another reason there might be an increase in the flow of Oily Blackmouth fish to your market is that there is a fishing profession based quest that will cause people to fish in the waters around the faire, therefore further increasing the supply of Oily Blacksmith to the market.

Along with the arrival of the new Darkmoon Faire came a multitude of Faire related achievements. Among these are achievements that involve turning in quest items to receive credit for them. The items required are all BoE which again offers up a gold making opportunity for us goblins out there. These items can be bought and flipped, and are also an excellent way to make gold while leveling through dungeons. The only requirement to collect these "artifacts" it to have an item in your bags called a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide. This item can be aquired by speaking to the NPC Selina Dourman located towards the entrance of the Darkmoon Faire. She will give you one for free if you ask for it through chat. To delve deeper into the topic, there are three achievements associated with these artifacts. One for artifacts recieved from dungeons, one from looting the insignias from enemy corpses in BGs, and one for having turned in both all 3 the PvP and all 5 PvE items. So certain bosses in certain dungeons have a chance to drop these randomly. The drops are not level specific, and as long as you have the Guide, you can farm these items. For example, I ran the Stockades instance in Stormwind city just to kill the first boss, Randolph Muloch for a chance at the Ornate Weapon to drop. I can run this five time an hour in the space of about 3 or 4 minutes only. Since I am usually in SW anyways, doing this is a simple easy way to make gold. I got an Ornate Weapon on my first run and sold it for 1000 gold within 2 minutes through trade chat. This is just an example. Since this is still right after the patch, these items will be in extreme demand. Any of the 5 PvE dungeon items can be acquired from a range of bosses found in dungeons all across the World of Warcraft. The 3 PvE items can be acquired by looting the insignias off of corpses of the enemy factions. If you're a PvPer and are looking to make some super easy gold on the side, take a second or two to loot the corpse of a player once you kill them.

These are just two of the new additions to WoW through the Darkmoon Faire in patch 4.3 that I know will be very profitable. Take these into account while running dungeons and pvping, and you could make some serious gold on the side.

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4 comments: on "The Arrival of Patch 4.3 and Darkmoon Faire Gold Tips"

  1. Is there a list somewhere of the dungeon bosses and their possible drops for the DMF artifacts. My understanding is that every single boss in the game isn't going to have a chance to drop something--there are some bosses who will drop and most will not.

  2. They are in theory random drops for "level appropriate" dungeons and raids. though from what I'm seeing they have a possibility of dropping at any dungeon.

    Since they can drop at anytime even if the DMFaire isn't in play it is a long term grab instead of a short term have to grind it out.

    Will be worth making sure all your alts have the book before the faire leaves.

    Also for money makers, flik is still at the Darkmoon faire, his frogs still sell on many servers. He's over where they have the injured carnies that need bandanging.

  3. Is Morja still around. I couldn't find her but that doesn't mean anything.

  4. @ Gear, I did a little research on Wowhead and it turns out that she is in fact still in the game. She's located over on the eastern edge of the faire near the questgiver for the first aid profession quest. This opens up an entire new niche market, one involving Dark Iron Ale Mugs. These can be bought for 6 silver each from a vendor named Plugger Spazzring in BRD. The pet can still be gotten from her, and still requires a mug to complete. Cheers.

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