Farming Deepsea Sagefish

There are lots of ways to improve your character's performance in dungeons, but one of the most common is eating food. For much of Cataclysm, casters have been using the Fortune Cookie to get their +90 Intellect food buff. But oddly, I've found there are lots of people who prefer to use the fish-based buff: Severed Sagefish Head.

The thing is, the cost of a fortune cookie has been about 50% less than the Sagefish version of the buff, plus you get a fortune card from the deal. As a market savvy raider/dungeoneer, I've always preferred the cheaper fortune cookie. But surprisingly, not everyone goes that route. Maybe they don't know it exists. Maybe they think their "other useful stat" won't actually be useful, instead trusting a tooltip that lists the exact stat. I'm not sure what the deal is.

But here's what I do know: For most of the expansion, I've been selling the Severed Sagefish Head at about 100% profit (in other words, doubling my money). Prices were consistently high because the fish could only be caught by fishing in open water. There was no pool available to give a guaranteed Deepsea Sagefish. That is, up until last week.

A recent hotfix (see December 20 note) has removed the Algaefin Rockfish pools and replaced them with Deepsea Sagefish. This means you can more reliably farm them by fishing in pools, no matter what your fishing level as pool-fishing is a guaranteed catch. Prices are down a bit on average, but their still better than the fortune cookie.

And despite the higher cost, they still sell. If you don't have much gold, or just enjoy killing time while waiting for a queue to pop, head out to Twilight Highlands for some easy gold.

3 comments: on "Farming Deepsea Sagefish"

  1. With the addition fishing spots are you expecting the price to decrease on the AH or the demand to increase because it being a much better alternative than the fortune cookie?

  2. The other good news is that the pools being fished in Twilight Highlands will help spawn Highland Guppy pools.

  3. Prices should slowly go down as more people discover the hotfix, settling under the Fortune cookies as people can farm fish easier than Blackfallow Inks.

    I expect to be able to make a fair amount of gold on the fish for a few weeks, maybe a month, before the added supply and decreased demand sends prices too low for me.

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