Low Level Gold Making at Darkmoon Faire

Many long-time readers here are at the point in their gold progression where they can focus on lucrative, high-payoff gold making ventures like the recent stockpiling and selling of goods for 4.3. But what if you're just starting off making gold? Either you're too low level to max professions or you don't have much capital to invest?

Well, the new Darkmoon Faire has some options for you! One of the new features is the weekly profession quest. I took my main character to the Faire and figured I'd do the profession quests just to do them. I quickly found some roadblocks to quick completion: I had to leave the Faire and return to Stormwind to purchase supplies.

So this led me to thinking, why not sit and sell the reagents needed for the quests? I gladly would have overpaid for them in order to save the trip back to a city. Not all the professions need items from a town, but here are the ones that do:

1 Coarse Thread, 1 Red Dye, 1 Blue Dye, sold by the tailoring supply vendors. Ask a guard for tor the location of the Tailor trainer in any capital if you aren't sure where to go. The base cost before discounts is 10 copper for the thread and 50 copper for each dye, or 1 silver, 10 copper for the group.

5 Light Parchment, sold by the Inscription supply vendors. Ask a guard for tor the location of the Inscription trainer in any capital if you aren't sure where to go. The base cost before discounts is 15 copper per sheet, or 75 copper for the group.

5 Simple Flour, sold by the Cooking supply vendors. Ask a guard for tor the location of the Cooking trainer in any capital if you aren't sure where to go. The base cost before discounts is 25 copper per flour, or 1 silver, 25 copper for the group.

10 Shiny Bauble, 5 Coarse Thread, 5 Blue Dye. See Tailoring, above, for information on the Coarse Thread and Blue Dye. Shiny Baubles are available from fishing supply vendors. There's actually a fishing vendor on Darkmoon Island that sells these, but some people might not bother looking. If you skip the Baubles, you'll need 3 silver for the thread and dye. If you purchase some Baubles to save your customers the hassle, you'll need another 5 silver, or 8 silver total.

5 Moonberry Juice, sold by Innkeepers. Stop by your favorite inn to get some. The base cost before discounts is 20 silver each, or 1 gold for the group.

Once you have the materials, park yourself at the faire and advertise in General Chat (/1 will start typing in general chat) that you have materials for these 5 professions. When I was playing around with it, I found it most helpful to play off the convenience factor, and generally sold supply packs for 5 gold across the board. At worst, that's still 4 gold in profit for each pack.

I didn't stay long, because I had other things to do that were more profitable, but if you don't have the capital or professions to do those other things, this is a great start. One particularly useful message I was barking was: "Tailoring, Inscription, Cooking, Leatherworking and Alchemy quest items for sale! Turn 5 gold into 16, get 4 tickets and 5 free skill points in your profession!"

Don't underestimate how much gold people are willing to spend to avoid the hassle of gathering these materials themselves. You still have a couple days to give it a try, but chances are most of the player base that is going to do the quests are already through them. But keep this in mind for the next Darkmoon Faire as a way to make some start-up capital!

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  1. Good idea! Although requires a bit too much work (spamming) in my opinion. If we only could set up a personal "auction house" and afk away like in every other MMO :P

  2. @Kuja: I didn't have the stomach to sit for long doing it either, because so many other options are available to me that don't require spamming chat to make sales. It occurred to me that it might be useful for those people just starting out who might have some time to invest, but only a few gold whatsoever.

    I love the idea of setting up a little shop to sell my wares and then walk away, however. So it can't be too "overpowered", maybe they could make shops that you drop and stay up for an hour or something after you log off.

  3. This is a good idea, though also going to trumpet that it's a lot of work to bark in trade. Maybe at the beginning when there are more people trying to get their crafting weeklies done.

    If someone did decide to do this I would also every 15 minutes or so go find Flik and pick up a wood tree frog to sell on the AH. 15 minutes is his normal respawn time for the limited item and seems to go pretty well during non DF times.

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  5. Wow, this article was pretty disappointing. Selling the mats for the profession quests was pretty obvious, but ok. Anything else?

    An obvious thing that was missing was -- running the Darkmoon Faire quests yourself to farm prize tickets. The preparation is to get as many of your alts skilled up to 75 in their two professions, and each of the secondary professions-- cooking, fishing, first aid, and archeology. Run the games each day and amass tickets. In about 4 months you'll be able to sell a bunch of the DMF pets for big money. It's a large chunk of time but it could be fun to skill your alts (and once you've done so, you'll be set for next month).

    OK, so that was perhaps too much deferred gratification for this blog. Read on for something perhaps a bit better...

    For more immediate gold, try selling Dark Iron Ale mugs near Morja for the Jubling pet. You could bark "Free pet with purchase of two Dark Iron Ale mugs!" The mugs come from BRD, but if you know someone who has Direbrew's Remote, it's a pretty fast run.

    Again, this requires barking, which I just hate to do. So here's my final tip:

    Fishing in Pools around Darkmoon Faire Island.

    There are wreckage pools that spawn periodically around the island. I would recommend having the Find Fish ability, if you can, and some way of walking on water -- water walking pot, Shammy walk on water, or DK path of frost, etc. and then do circles around the island fishing in the pools.

    The Sealed Crates that come out of the pools can hold Cata mats and/or potions/flasks. I've seen Pyrite Ore, Obsidium Ore, Heavy Savage Leather, Embersilk Cloth and so on. Considering this can be farmed on a level 1 alt, that's not a bad take.

  6. @Silverthorn: The article was written with a low experience/low capital, new gold maker in mind. Yes, the tip was simple, but that was kind of the point. Your suggestions for daily runs of the DMF games for tickets are useful, but not the quick hit for cash starved people that I was focused on.

    The fishing quest would have been a good one to include, as fishing is easy to learn and afford, plus fishing in pools has no minimum skill required, so anyone would be able to do it. Thanks for contributing, even if it was in a slightly sarcastic way.

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