Patch 4.3 Review

So, the patch is live. Everyone's happy. Prices are rising, demand is great, money is flowing. It's been 3 days into the patch so I think it is time for the first review.

First of all I have to say that I wasn't playing at all on Wednesday, so I can only rely on two days of experience.
The patch in many aspects brought exactly what most of us expected. There were a few surprises though, at least for me.

Traffic on the AH increased very much. It's been long since I've last seen a crowd like this in the AH or in the capitals cities for that matter.
Materials have twice the price as prior to the patch. That is bad, but not surprising, everyone is crafting. What's more troubling though is that realm stocks are running low on mats. There are less then 25 stacks of ores, herbs and what-not on the AH usually, and you can't find much more. With a million crafters spamming the trade chat with WTB macros, you can't even find a decent amount at the chat either. I hope you guys stocked up on mats before. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to play before the patch due to IRL reasons, so on some items I'm already running low, but I manage.

As for the products, the demand is incredibly high. As usual, gems and enchants are the best-sellers. Yesterday I sold a stack of Bold Inferno Rubies in about 10 minutes.
Surprisingly (for me) there is a high demand for crafted gear too. I expected that the Vicious PVP sets will be a hit, but I just can't understand what people still want with these Hardened Obsidium sets (and others like it). I know that the racional explanation would be that people are leveling alts, but first of all, right after the patch no one is on their alts, and second of all, that still doesn't explain why can I sell 10 complete sets a day. Actually I can't now because I have to prioritize with my obsidium but no matter how much I post on the AH, they all get bought.
Another thing I'd like to point out is that if you still have leftover Bloodthirsty pieces, check if there is a Vicious piece posted on the AH which match your Bloodthirsty, because if not, you should post the Bloodthirsty first, and hold back your vicious untill it gets sold. People are not looking especially for a Vicious Leather Gloves, but rather a good PVP gloves, so no they will take the Bloodthirsty. In this sense the patch also increased the demand for old items.

Epic gems are also here. As expected, their price is extremely high. As it turned out, there is no other way of acquiring the raw gems other than raiding. You cannot transmute them, and they are not in the fire prism. If you are raiding, selling these gems can be a great source of income, but if not, speculating with them, reselling, or cutting them is a risky investment. They only came out three days ago so their price is still very unstable. However if you know what you are doing, and have enough capital you can easily earn thousands of gold with a 3 second cast. Or lose just as much.

Altogether the patch is a blast, Thursday I closed with +73k and +61k on Friday. Too bad I couldn't play more (I was only home about 2-3 hours each day).

How was your patch-experience? How did your realm's economy react to the patch? (comments section below)

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  1. Disappointed that Auctioneer still hasn't been updated. My mats are running low as well.

  2. It was annoying to see that Auctioneer was broken with the new patch.
    What are other people using for the auction house addon if they can't use Auctioneer?

  3. I'm currently just bleeding off my stockpile, which will probably take a good few months. Then I'm going to just wait until MoP. So far since patch day I've had 300k in sales and it looks as though I'll have another 6-700k before I'm ready restock. 4.3 has been good!

  4. I did about the same on JC items. Made a lot of money on the lower level cuts (+agi/str/int&other stat)
    when the inferno ruby market was insane. Couldn't keep it stocked even with 4 of us JC's working together to keep the prices decent.

    I made a killing on buying some of the cheaper gems at the beginning of the week and then reselling. Probably should have done for infernos but didn't pull
    the trigger on it.

    Did pretty well just posting up Glyphs of Shadow and the new PVP trinkets for inscription. And the new PVP rings were nice sales for my JCing.

    Enchanting stood it's own, didn't relist as often as I probably could have but I concentrated on Jc mostly.

    Tailoring/bsmithing and Lworking held out okay as well. My server didn't have a ton of action on the pvp items, but made up for it on buying and breaking maelstrom and putting up some of the FL boe's.

    it's one of those I met my goal, and probably could have done more but I had work to do and some shows I usually watch.

  5. Great advise, I made about 50 thousand gold just on Saturday alone. Gems and Enchants where flying off the auction house so fast, I could hardly keep up.

  6. + 220k from 11:00 server time on wednesday until 12:27 on friday.

    Main sellers : gems, enchant scrolls, heavenly shards, pvp plate gear, pvp relics, rings, necklaces, LW kits, Tailoring leg enchants, bags.

    In volume : gems-over 2000 sold, enchant scrolls-over 300 (about 100 PT, landslide, perless and windwalk), heavenly shards- almost 1000, pvp items-only like 70 and about 100 LW and tailoring leg enchants.

  7. Its been Gem-xmas, I have never made more gold from Gems...ever since 2/3/09...I have never seen such an increase in gem demand.

  8. I'm doing ok. Demand for belt buckles are up, and I'm seeing an odd surge in demand for some of the leveling commodities.

    But my big surprise? The glyph market on my server is crashing, with prices down in the 20% range across the board. Why? Did I miss something in the patch notes?

  9. I use AuctionMaster instead of auctioneer. It's working fine with 4.3

  10. I use a combination of auctionator and market watcher for most of my postings. Auctioneer is so bulky anymore that the only thing it was good for was doing bargain searches.

    Market Watcher took a couple of days to work out the kinks but not it's running pretty smoothly. auctionator did pretty well from the start.

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