Would the owner of the saronite please stand up?

Many times we talk about active strategies to obtain money.  Jewelcrafters are currently going through their progressions of posting up Raw or cut gems at large profits.     Other professions are crafting items

such as PVP gear,   spellthreads,  leg armors and profit making materials.

When looking through a list of items that are at the forefront of money making ideas,   a visit to past
ideas can add more profits to your warcraft gold til.  One of these is Saronite ore and bars.

Saronite ore and bars are being dropped on the Auction House market at low prices.     Right now is a perfect opportunity to use these to your advantage.

Three items are going to become important to your pursuit for gold.   Prospecting these items will give you the ability to create Icy Prisms (1 dark jade + 1 chalcedony + 1 shadow crystal + 1 frozen orb) and an opportunity for multiple rare and even epic wrath of the lich king gems.  Included in these are scarlet rubies which sell consistantly at the 120g to 125g on multiple servers.   Included with this also is the ability to have an alchemist transmute into a Cardinal Ruby (1 scarlet ruby + 1 primal fire) for added profits.   Using this can become a good way to use the alchemist cooldown timer on transmutations.   The larger amount of volatile elements on the auction house has made the profit margin for transmutes lower and lower.

For engineers,  saronite bars are useful for the crafting of titanium bars.   8 saronite bars can be transmuted into 1 titanium bar by an alchemist.    Two stacks of saronite bar going for 20g can be turned into 5 titanium bars and sold at a profit.   Another alternate source will be engineers looking to create tiansteel for their mechano-hog (or the alliance version the mekgineer's chopper).   Both will become very popular come the next expanion.   Who doesn't want to see a fat panda on a motorcycle?

Blacksmiths use saronite bars to craft the saronite set of armor.   These still tend to sell very well on some servers for disenchanting stock by enchanters,  and for leveling alternates at a faster rate.   

Another option is just for storage before the Mists of Panderia expansion occurs is storage for resell at a later date.   The start of a brand new character race creates a need for leveling materials for multiple professions.   Every new expansion has created a rush to gain materials from previous expansions,   creating a high demand and low supply situation at the start.   Many stacks of saronite ore were going for hundreds of gold per stack.    

Creating multiple alternate markets besides just the normal ones that are popular can increase your 
gold balance.   And allowing you to expand your markets into different areas.

What other materials are being looked over currently in your opinions?    Thorium ore?   Netherweave cloth?   Gold ore?    What are your opinions?

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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4 comments: on "Would the owner of the saronite please stand up?"

  1. The gem transmutes you talk about share a cooldown with Truegold and living elements, wich both are far more profitable then the wotlk cardinals, the icy prism is on a 24 hr cooldown aswell and has a low proc rate for the epics or red gems.

    So in reality saronite is only good for two things, the transmute to titanium bars. and to prospect.

    In reality the only market that is sustainable from saronite is the one you missed mentioning, and its quite famous. The good old saronite shuffle, prospecting the ore, keeping the red gems, turning the whole rest into jewelery and either selling that to vendors, or disenchanting it for the dusts depending on the markets.

    The failure to mention the shared cooldown on the transmutes and the cooldown on the prisms, both quite significant for the ability to make money of this market is quite disapointing. You might want to do a bit more research into your topics and mention things like that. The failure to mention the good old shuffle in any economy post relating to saronite is quite an oversight aswell.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  3. Fex,

    You are correct that the gem xmute is on a shared cooldown, but the icy prism cooldown has been removed for mOnths now.

  4. @Fex

    You are correct that they share a cooldown with the living elements transmute. And in some server cases you will end up with more profit with transmuting life to another element.

    But also you have the option of transmuting to your higher profit ratio. Every server is different, every economy is going to be different. On the two servers I use, the transmute titanium is the more profitable for the saronite. Where another 2 servers there is a glut of volatile water and volatile air that has driven down the cost to just a little bit above the cost of the life. You end up with a transmute profit of 100g and the cardinal ruby you have the transmute option to do gives a profit of 250 - the initial cost of the saronite.

    @Gold Making Catclysm

    Interesting. So basically you just spent two paragraphs saying "my server is different". I have no doubt that different servers offer different options. I hold a position to offer options, and if that option doesn't work on your server, then there are other options. The four I presented in the article I can pretty much guarantee one of them will make you extra gold over and above what you make now.

    Again, I always appreciate the comments.

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