You got your jewelcrafter in my alchemist ....

On the day after a patch hits the realms, the jewelcrafting market provides many frustrations...

Which one of my crafters is going to make the most money?   Did i put enough materials away to ride
the wave of buyers to it's maximum?  How will I find the best way to replenish stock?  Is the elementium shuffle still valid at the inflated stack prices for ore?  Can I buy enough stock of blank gems to fill orders.

Inferno rubies sold out on many markets faster than people could restock the shelves.  Whether they
were cut or in raw form,  blank searches for inferno rubies were continual.  Same with many of the other colors (ember topazs and demoneyes seemed to be in the same predicament).

Across the board,  realms saw the depletion of the inferno rubies stock piled go quickly.   Six slots to stack their main statistic causes a lot of sales.   Not to count the need by multiple alternate toons etc.   Also included in this rush was the mass amount of shadowspirit diamond orders needed to be filled.

The problem with this issue is what could the jewelcrafter and alchemist combination use to maximize their profits?   With the stacks of elementium and obsidium ore dwindling,  the JC shuffle became much more expensive   On my server some of the ore stacks were going for over 250 a stack at it's highest.  The basic gems were going for obscene amounts (40g a piece of jaspers,  hessonites going for almost 50 and carnelians at 80g per).   Is transmuting inferno rubies and ember topaz the more economical way to use materials?  Would it be best to transmute shadowspirit diamonds (3 of each common gem needed) or transmute the rare gems that were selling and then wait for the market to balance itself and then sell inventory of the excess common and rare gems?

No doubt both would make large amounts of money.   You could easily just transmute the hessonites,  carnelians and even alicites into their respective gems with the needed herbalism materials and make a profit.  Or take all of them and transmute the respective shadowspirit diamonds.    At its heights on Tuesday and Wednesday on many servers even just listing the basic gems themselves you could make mass amount of gold.

So lets do a quick math review:

Assuming you are a transmute specialist (you did remember to change over before the more expensive
quest costs were put into effect right?),  you need 3 of each of the low level gems.

*these were basic figured from  As always your server may vary*

3 - hessonite  (40g+ selling raw)
3 - nightstone (40g+ selling raw)
3 - carnelian  (60g+ selling raw)
3 - alicite (20g+ selling raw)
3 - zephyrite (15g+ selling raw)
3 - jasper (20g+ selling raw)

Doing the math, crafting two shadowspirits you ended up with around 400g+ in materials.   That split to somewhere around 220g per diamond.  Now on my server the main shadow spirits were selling consistantly for around 360g per cut diamond.

Lets look at the transmutes we have available.

3  hessonites per transmute (@40g x 3 needed)+ 3 cinderbloom (@2g) =136 per ember topaz
3  carnelian per transmute  (@60g x 3 needed)+ 3 heartblossom (@4g) = 192 per inferno ruby
3  alicite per transmute (@20g x 3 needed) + 3 + 3 Whiptail (@2g) = 66 per amberjewel
3  zephyrite per transmute (@7g x 3 needed) + 3 Azshara's Veil (@2g) 28 per ocean sapphire
3  jasper per transmute (@20g x 3 needed) + 3 Stormvine @3g) = 69g per Dream Emerald
3  nightstone per transmute (@40g x 3 needed) + 3 Twilight Jasmine (3g) 120g per Demonseye

You can continue down the list,  and accepting the idea of variance between server fluctuations.  It
begins to come into light that the best way to maximize your profits is to transmute to the individual
rare items and cut them for a profit.   Even sales of the raw rare gems tend to hold onto this idea
for now.

A third option is just to sell the materials in their raw state.  This ends up being the quickest,  because it lists items without any crafting necessary.  But it also is the most limited in profit making.   You are susceptible to the rises and falls of the market.

Later on as the patch continues,  there will be a leveling out of the market.  Shadowspirit diamonds will begin to catch up and become the leading profit margin.   Elementium ore is already beginning to catch up from the large burst of need,  and many of the common gems will start to come down to a regular price.  As more and more jewelcrafters become comfortable resuming their normal crafting progression,  resuming their elementium/obsidium shuffle.   Pyrite ore on many markets didn't take as big of a nosedive as some had speculated.   Since there was multiple markets to relieve the stockpiles of pyrite ore (bars,  transmutes,  crafting ) it didn't shock the market as expected.   The possibility that an emptying of pyrite inventory later on in the next couple of weeks may also drive down many of the gem markets.

The need for the inferno rubies and ember topaz cuts,  as well as the other colored gems will equal out to levels similar to what they were at the end of patch 4.2.   If you keep these basic math formulas in your head,  then you will be ready for the switch and still keep on riding the profit wave.

Just keep a mental tally of how much you are putting into each transmute,  and decide which one will make you more profit.   For now the obvious choice on most servers is going to be the transmuting the inferno rubies,  ember topazs and other rare colored gems.  But be ready for the momentum shift to come.

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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10 comments: on "You got your jewelcrafter in my alchemist ...."

  1. Good article but you guys really need to proofread/edit. Would make this site a lot more professional looking!

  2. I waited till 4.3 hit to get a new time card for my account as real life funds had not allowed for it until recently.

    I am glad I did as I had 5 bank tab rows of Inferno rubies stashed away from my leveling JC along with a couple of tabs of various other rares and greens. Also I had seen a bunch of Inferno Rubies on the AH for under 75 gold each I grabbed every one on the ah and added to my already nice collection.

    My problem is I do not have Cataclysm as of yet santa is fixing that :D, As soon as the servers went live I posted batches of the rubies starting at 400 each and watched it settle to around 275 each for the night, even my 400 gold ones sold I brought in somewhere in the neighborhood that night alone around 25k in sales from the gems I placed on ah.

  3. on my server ( ravencrest ) inferno rubins are 200 g worth, everything else isnt rly sellable, i usualy put it for 12h and try to undercut but the stuff doesnt sell well. with the green gems i make items and dissenchant them, leaves me with kinda big profit. i managed to make yesterday about 20k in 3 h and today i hope i can make 40k in 5h

  4. This has been a great patch. My server doesn't sell out (yet) because I've been holding back. All of the other idiots sold their reds from 100-150 the first few days of release, and I never let one go for under 300. Now they're out and paying obscene prices for materials while I've still got about 600 carnelians waiting to be transmuted.

    The idiots and their retard undercuts annoyed me before, but now they're getting their just due.

  5. If there is one thing I know for certain it's that Blizzard loves to screw with professions during patch times--and it's rarely for the better.

    The "Epic Gems" stuff they did where they wouldn't let us know until the very last second is their way of trying to be secretive obviously but at the same time they've created hype over the smallest most trivial part of the patch.

    I love a lot of what Blizard does, but when it comes do their demeanor during their patching process they really act like a two bit publisher if you ask me.

    The Chaos Stream Podcast

  6. @adam

    Thanks for the comment. I don't think the hype when it comes to Epic gems was from blizzard. Raiders, the AH gurus and many of the boards have been speculating on epic gems since the original patch.

    And in the long run epic gems is a small detail of the game, most raiders could go through the entire game and not have to gem their gear. THey might not be as effective but there isn't any type of gear check to say "you don't have any gems, you can't kill deathwing".

    The thing about publishing is that they don't always follow the idea that "it will be released when it's done". There are hiccups from time to time and yes, it causes angst. But Epic gems was a lot more hype than what it was worth. Not to say my wow bank account isn't happy that my rare cuts are still selling continually.

  7. @non cataclysm anonymous

    Good job on grabbing the gems and flipping them. Taking advantage of the market flow is a prime example of making your money work for you.

    Hopefully santa will come through for you and allow you to enjoy the cataclysm goodness. I would make sure to go through some of the back articles to pin point some extra opportunities you will find in cataclysm for your JCer

  8. @ravencrest anonymous

    Have you started to need to relist quickly from being undercut or letting the sales happen naturally?

    20k in 3 hours is pretty good. 40k is going to be nice to see in the pocketbook as well. Have you done anything with the PVP rings and necklaces as well? I have been selling those off and on
    (especially the ones burning off ocean sapphires) which augments my sales considerably.

  9. @patient anonymous

    Good to hear you kept your patience and let people burn through their stacks before posting yours. Especially if you can double your investment. I'm a little suprised that even after the patch they started off at 150g. On many servers they startd off at 400+ and even now for blanks they don't dip below 300. Still excellent job. Enjoy the extra gold.

  10. @grammar anonymous

    I will make sure to pass on your concerns to my resident grammar nazi. I go through my articles with her for spelling and grammatical errors since my degree is not in english.

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