Your Milage May Vary

Go to this place and farm.   Put this on the Auction House and sell it.   Flip this item for large amounts of profit.   Multiple journals carry multiple amounts of threads on how to obtain gold on warcraft.

Many of our writers have different varying ways of stating their point of view.  Some are able to put a more technical analysis on their gold making journey.  Others tend to put more of a homespun wording on how they present the information.  Others couldn't spell if their life depended on it.   No matter what information is offered,  or how they present it,  one complete axiom is the same.

This idea may not work on your server.

Sorry to have to break the news to you on this.  But no idea is 100% guaranteed to work completely.   These tips and ideas are not sham-wow tested and approved.  And when someone posts up a tip,  they fully understand that you may not be able to add this to your repertoire of ideas to make gold.

Transmuting volatiles,   flipping epic level patterns,  buying raw gems and crafting to higher selling items.  None of these listed methods will work completely.   The only guaranteed 100% add-on that will work and guarantee money making opportunities is learning how to think outside the box.   No matter how an add-on is presented as being foolproof,  there is always a fool well engaged in proving that description incorrect.

So why is it important to know this when your reading the writings of JMTC?   Because hopefully you have picked up as you read our entries,  that the authors are not just wanting you to see information in a specific format.  But we are hard at work trying to show you how to think for yourself.     Saronite ore might not be a good option of prospecting.  But that thorium that someone posted up for 10g a stack sure looks interesting and might generate profit.   Every piece of information you are presented is one step to add to your stack of knowledge.  Because that item might not generate a profit for you now.   Later on it might be just what you need to jumpstart a sagging economic downturn.

Money making is not a go here and farm this,  craft this, sell this type of system.   Your brain and your ability to think will create loads more money than any journal or warcraft blog can teach you.   Our hopes are to just be able to nudge you in the right direction,  and then present ideas that might help in the long run.

If we can give you one idea that will allow you to expand your empire into another area.  And bring you that much closer to your goals.  Then we have done our jobs.

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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8 comments: on "Your Milage May Vary"

  1. Mileage. M-I-L-E-A-G-E. Mileage.

  2. Great article, making gold in WOW is a learning process. You have to spend time at the auction and watch the prices on your server to fully understand your economy. I have really enjoyed the gold making articles presented here by JC, they are packed full of great information and ideas for making gold.

    I am always being asked how I have made so much gold, you must be so luck they say. It is not luck, I read every gold article I can, and watch my auction house like a hawk to see what is selling well and what is not.

    Great site, keep up the good work!

  3. Another reason any given strategy may not work for you on your server is right here... your fellow readers. They are reading everything you are (possibly more!) and jumping on those strategies as fast as they can.

    For example, the copper rod "flip" for 10 gold as players start enchanting and need it and look in the AH for one, instead of checking with a vendor. It doesn't take much more than one other player undercutting you to entirely saturate the market.

    So what are you going to do if your competitors read every word here, same as you? Be patient. That's right. Those other guys are out for a quick buck and tend to lose their focus as the "next big thing" hits. So, keep this tip in mind and wait a few weeks, or try it on the opposite faction with a lowly over there.

    The bottom line is, don't give up on the strategy just because someone else is using it at the moment. Keep at it. Post every day, rain or shine. Be consistent and then *they* will be faced with a competitor that's already where they want to be and they'll give up.

  4. What addon is shown in the picture?


  5. "Others couldn't spell if their life depended on it."

    ...and others format their articles so poorly that they are unreadable. What's with the spacing? Seriously.

  6. @Raknyo, The screenshot shown here is of the "Auctionator" addon. Also, regarding Silverthorn's comment, he is absolutely correct. Probably the most important rule of the AH game is to be patient. Patience is key in almost every aspect of the Auction House, and it takes real patience and persistence to make big bucks.

  7. @spelling anonymous

    Any chance I can get your email address? I'll let you spell check so that I don't make those mistakes again :)

    As far as the formatting, formatting seems to get horked from time to time if something gets cut and pasted wrong. When i sent the article I use the view function to make sure that it can be seen on both opera and on chrome (the two browsers that I use). Not sure which browser you are using so more information would help to make sure it is not a formatting error and could be a blogger issue with your browser.


    I fully agree with what your saying, the more readers you get on a specific strategy, it's going to be more and more difficult to execute. Which is why I tend to stay away from specific ideas and spend more time discussing the reasoning behind the tips. I also believe that many times you can spark one tip which should light others. The ore/bar market is always up and down as people run in, hit a tip and then leave to go do something else. But always in the back of my head there are certain ideas that I use continually, to just check to see where the water is at that time.

    Thanks for the comments. Always appreciated

  8. I learned something basic from all the gold tips which goes for us levellers. Buy recipe to tip your toes in the AH-game. In a week you'll see who is competing with you and how they go about crushing the others. Turns out they are avid undercutters (the successful ones). They price the cooking recipes for 12g, you follow suit with the suggested undercutting price from AH-add on. When I figured this out, I was out of WoW (I used to play casually, still do but am smarter now). Then they would sell it for 4g or less to squeeze me out. But, if there are none of the usual beginning gold tips at work you'll easily earn the ability to learn to ride and can pick and choose between different. Also, bag issues won't be much of a problem. And, make a bank toon (still working on that one, but I've realized too much time goes wasted posting items on AH, I think I'll spend some time to level my bank toon to at least 20...-sorry, once I get writing I start digressing. :(

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