Full Scale Jewelcrafting in Cataclysm

Guest post by Stede from Venture, LLT
I’ve been promising my readers a guide for nearly two weeks.  During that time, I’ve been posting on topics that have finally culminated in what I hope will become a worthwhile resource for the community.  Enjoy.

Part I – Preliminaries
   IA – Preface
   IB – Intro

Part II – Theory
   IIA – Ore
   IIB – Gems
   IIC – Minimizing Waste
   IID – Crafted Jewelry

Part III – Execution
   IIIA – Buying
   IIIB – Selling
   IIIC – Shuffling
   IIID – Keeping it Together

Part IV – Wrapping Up
This guide is written mainly for top-level Jewelcrafters who want to get the most out of their business.  I’ll be presuming prior knowledge of how Jewelcrafting works, and that you know how to use add-ons to list your wares.  I’ve tried to avoid math wherever possible.  I feel this is more easily demonstrated & understood when working with a spreadsheet than reading a wall of text & numbers.  I recommend using my take on Sterling’s spreadsheet, which you can download and play with here.

If you’ve read my blog, you’ve heard me talk about PIE – the amount of gold people are willing to spend on your server today.  It changes every day, and it moves between market segments based on demand.  We don’t directly influence demand; we profit off it.  To make gold, the avid auctioneer will research where PIE is going, leverage diversity to follow it there, position himself for the sale, and then rely on a bit of luck to snag it. 

I put the key words in green and bold.  I won’t drag you through a lecture on economic philosophy, but if you’re into that sort of thing, checkout a few of my blog posts.

Jewelcrafting is primarily an enhancement profession.  It provides a way to add stats to gear.  We all understand the importance of enchants, gems, flasks, and food – a little bit here and there adds up to a noticeable difference.  In this guide, you’ll probably find a lot of stuff you already know, but there will be that little bit here & there that add up to a big difference.

The blood of every non-gathering profession is materials.  For jewelcrafters this is primarily ore.  In previous expansions, jewelcrafters also relied on bars to craft settings, but now settings are bought from an npc.  Bars are used only in crafting higher level jewelry (which also uses volatiles and Chimera’s Eye).

Gems hardly drop off nodes in Cataclysm, though I think I have seen it happen (could have been a Red-Bull-induced delusion, though).  So, ore is your best, and almost always, cheapest source of gems.  Let’s have a quick look at the average yield rates from prospecting at stack of each type:

Obsidium: 6 uncommon gems, 1/3 rare gem
Elementium: 4 uncommon gems, 1 rare gem
Pyrite: 4 uncommon gems, 2 rare gems, 8 volatile earth

So, what can you make with this stuff?  From a basic perspective, rare gems can be cut and sold on the AH and crafted into higher level jewelry.  Uncommon gems can be sold raw, cut and vendored, and crafted into lower level jewelry. 

Throwing a couple professions into the mix adds a couple options. With access to an alchemist, you can transmute uncommon gems into meta gems, and with access to an enchanter, you can disenchant the low level jewelry into enchanting mats.  Diversity is good.

Now, let’s break this down a bit further so we’re all on the same page here.  There are a handful of main uses for raw uncommon gems:

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Sorry Auction House Junkies

Hey guys and girls, I know I said I wouldn't be a major contributor for JMTC anymore, but I just couldn't help myself with another post! I'll make myself more scarce in the future though for those haters of my style haha. Thank you to all the commenters on my farewell post, I appreciate them greatly.

Ok, so I have to first off apologize to Cold from Cold's Gold Factory and Wes from Capped by Cata. I'm about to overwhelm their awesome podcast which they've worked so hard on to put together. They are going to get more fan mail, more comments and more listeners than they know what to deal with.

Sometimes I feel like I am standing over a cannon with a lit fuse and it's just a matter of deciding who to aim at with regards to directing this audience towards a worthwhile website or resource. Especially when that link deals with a free auction house resource. I love this job haha.

Here I go, I'm taking aim at...

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Teamspeak Meeting Recording 1/28/11

Last nights meeting was fantastic. I did record the meeting last night for those who couldn't attend it, You can either listen to it via stream from 4shared stream, or you can download the .mp3 here at this link - Abug from the IRC also uploaded the meeting to multiupload, there are multiple mirrors there for those who do no wish to use filefront, thank you very much Abug :) . I'm sorry about the quality, there we roughly 50 people in the server, and sometimes we had to take turns talking, my internet was also lagging, so that reduced the quality, again I'm sorry :( All in all, I think the meeting went excellent.

Regarding the time of the meeting it's extremely hard to set up the meeting to please everyone. If I set up the meeting at 7PM EST, people on the west coast are still at work, and people who live in Europe are sleeping, if I start the later, west coast players can join in, but people overseas are again, sleeping ( it's 2-4am depending on the meetings start time ). I will be switching up the times to try to get everyone in once a month, but I can't promise anything. Do keep in mind that these meetings for for 3-4 hours, and I do record them and post them the next day :P

This is being submitted to Itunes & The Zune Marketplace, it's up & waiting for approval, as soon as it's up I'll let you guys know & will update this post.

Any who, I hope you guys enjoy it, I recorded roughly 2 hours of the meeting, A lot of awesome information was tossed up, I'll make a  very short list regarding what topics were discussed:

 That's not even close to all of the topic that were covered, there is a lot of information in there so get ready to hear some of the best information about gold making in world of warcraft! Also, don't forget to check out last weeks recording!

Drop a comment on your thoughts on these meetings, do you like them? Are they fun to listen to?

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Wowpopular: Best Gems To Sell

I got an e-mail today from a reader who asked, which are the best gems to sell, which gem cuts are the most marketable when sold by quantity rather than the value of a gem and it's profit margins. So I thought, there is one site that lists the most popular gem cuts; Wowpopular.

Wowpopular is a great resource to use when you're trying to sell items such as glyphs, gems and enchants, pair this up with a little research on the elitist jerks forums, and you've got yourself a nice list of the best in slot enchants, glyphs, and gems that sell rather well.

I'm going to make a small top 2 list on which gem cuts are the best to sell according to color, do keep in mind that this is simply a list of cuts that people should be buying according to Wowpular and a little research done on the elitist jerks forums




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Teamspeak Meeting 1/28/11

There will JMTC Teamspeak meeting Tonight. The meeting will start promptly at 9:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but last time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting, by using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

Meeting is now over, check tomorrows post at 11am for a recording of the first 1-2 hours of the meetingI will leave it up until 10PM EST, at that time I will remove the information.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there! As always I will be recording as much as I can of the podcast and posting it the next morning for those of you who couldn't attend. It will be posted at 11am tomorrow morning.

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

JMTC February Blogging Carnival Infomation

Hello everyone, it's Mageshadow here and I'm preparing my next JMTC blogging carnival for February 2nd! The topic will be "How would you make gold if you had limited play time?" and if you'd like to enter simply read the instructions for all the blogging carnivals here at JMTC. I hope to see a decent turn out of bloggers writing about this topic! You've only got a couple days until the next carnival!

If you aren't a blogger, do you have a good way to make with limited game time? If so, leave a comment below! 

P.S Follow me on twitter, I'll be tweeting great gold tips all weekend long!

My Blogger Master Plan Has Failed

A Maniac Crazed with Power

When I first started blogging there really was no site out there that existed for the sole purpose of giving gold tips on a daily basis, every day, consistently and with great quality. It was sheer luck that I managed to fill this void and succeed in the first blogging expedition I had ever attempted. However, in my quest for power to become the number one blogger among gold blogs, as many goblins have documented in the past, I began using questionable strategies to boost my traffic and lower that of my non-existent competitors.

Doomed to Fail

It is for this reason that I blame myself when I look around these days and see dozens of wow gold sites popping up out of nowhere. Some of them have grown into really impressive communities, which again I blame myself for helping them to build these. Not to mention those damn blogging carnivals, those have turned unknown bloggers into renowned community members of the wow blogosphere sometimes overnight. Darn, my master plan was to suck those unknown blogs dry and steal their handful of subscribers for myself! Damn it, foiled again! And what's this, other blogs in the community are running their own carnivals or 'best of the month' conventions. Gah! Some even started their own podcasts, so Castaclysm was a failure as well it seems... What's next another gold forum? Ah shi...

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It's Your Gold, Your Decision... But...

Do you ever put gold into a random idea you saw online because well, someone told you to?

Yes, I'm talking MMO-Champion down to the random selfproclaimed expert you find on any old blog (including myself on this one).

Well do you? When I say "Netherweave Bags R Gre4t!!!11!" do you go off and buy cloth at any price and then flood the auction house with 50 bags? Well then, you're in luck because this article is for you!

The reason you shouldn't follow a blogger's opinion word for word when it comes to making gold is that we do not include every ounce of nuiance you require to make the strategy work 100% of the time. Sure, under the conditions we talk about in our articles, yeah, the strategy works great, but on your server things will often be different! Instead of following the strategy to the letter, you should think about why the strategy works in the first place for the blogger who is talking about it.

Let's take those netherweave bags for example.

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Teamspeak Meeting 1/28/11

There will JMTC Teamspeak meeting Friday, January 28, 2010. The meeting will start promptly at 9:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but last time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting, by using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

The information will be posted two hours before the meeting ( 7M EST ). I will leave it up until 10PM EST, at that time I will delete this post.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Selling Enchanting Pets Cross Faction

Enchanting is in a rough place right now, some scrolls are selling below cost ( except for +15 stats, well at least for me ). There is one thing that enchanting has going for it right now, the new enchanting pet.

If you don't know already, enchanters can now make enchanting pets. You need a skill of 525 to craft this said pet. To Acquire the formula you need to be level 84 and have access to the Twilight Highlands, it also costs 20 hypnotic dust to get the formula. All of these requirements are very nice as it creates a market that is great to control & profit from.

There is one for each faction, I.E. The Alliance has a different version than the horde. The Alliance version is named, Magic Lamp and requires the following materials to craft:

The Horde version is named Enchanter Lantern and requires the following materials to craft:
 Now you might be thinking, one Maelstorm Crystal? Those are kind of expensive! Especially now after Blizzard nerfed the best way to obtaining them. So what's the deal?

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Patch 4.0.6 Review

Patch 4.0.6 is coming, some people speculate as soon as today, or next week tuesday so I thought, let me go review the patch notes and outline things that are being changed that are good/create good gold making opportunities, so I've made a list

  • Mystic Cogwheel is a new Engineering Cogwheel gem which provides resilience rating and can be purchased from the Engineering vendor for 55 Honor Points.
  • The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them. 
  • Illusionary Bag now has 26 slots.
  • Volatile Air now has an increased chance of dropping from rich mining nodes and Pyrite with the Electrostatic Condenser.
  • Three new enchants are available. They increase Agility by 50, Strength by 50, or Intellect by 50 respectively. Item level 300 or higher required. These new recipes are rare world drops.
  • Enchant Off-Handed - Superior Intellect now increases Intellect by 40, down from 100.
  • Vivid Dream Emerald (new gem) provides resilience/spell penetration and can be purchased for 3 Illustrious Tokens.
  • Alchemist's Stones for Agility, Strength, and Intellect have been added. ( Each stone still requires 50 volatile life to craft )
  • The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly.
  • The drops from Tiny Treasure Chests have been improved slightly.
  • Meta gems with the Chaotic and Relentless prefixes now have a requirement of 3 red gems.
  • New meta gems have been added: Agile Shadowspirit Diamond (Agility/3% critical damage), Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond (Strength/3% critical damage), and Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (Intellect/3% critical damage). These new recipes are unbound and can drop from any Cataclysm creature. The new meta gems have a requirement of 3 red gems equipped.
  • Many Epic items have had their stats reduced; at the gain of gem slots.

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Trade Skill Master Guide Part 1 of 3

Today starts of a small mini series of posts that will help you use & understand the newly released addon, Trade Skill Master. Now do keep in mind, this addon isn't for everyone, if you've never used an addon such as Quick Auction or APM, it might be a little rough at the start, but once you've got all the right settings it will same you so much time, you won't even believe it!

Auctioning Items & Groups/Categories
First and foremost, let's start off by teaching you how to have this addon auction off items. You will first and foremost need to configure some settings, make sure you have the addon installed, type /tsm and the big menu will come up, you're going to want the Auctioning Groups/Options button that is to the right hand side, click it and you will see this screen to the right.

This might get a little bit hectic, but stay with me, I'll go slowly :)

Once here, click Catergories/Groups. This is where you're going to want to configure the default prices on items, for example every time you create a new group, the default prices will be used unless you change the manually. I'll give you my default options for posting glyphs with the screenshot to the right.

I'll explain some of the items. Post cap is at three, this mean it posts 3 items of X in a group of 1 ( per auction ). Post Time is set to 48 hours by default, you could set it to 12 or 24, I like 48 though.

I undercut by 1 silver this way I don't loose out on profits. Threshold is set to 5g, this is the lowest you're willing to sell an item at before it posts it at fallback, which in this case is set to 60g.

Once you've got all of that set up, you're ready to start making groups

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Define Your Niche and Know Your Market To Guarantee Long-term Profits

Guest Post By Aliciana from Adventures in Warcraft

Image Credit: Nerf Faids
In any business professional marketers and economists will tell you that the best way to guarantee continuous long term profits is by defining both your niche (area of specialty)  and your target market (who you want to sell to), and then dominating that particular market.  As a person who has owned multiple businesses over the last two decades and who has also applied this principle to making gold in World of Warcraft, I can vouch for the fact that defining your niche, and continually operating within that niche,  is the absolute best way to make steady recurring profit. 

The easiest way to begin to define your niche is to start with whatever professions you are leveling. What materials do you gather or what items do you craft that are consistently in high demand?  Are there any other uses for a particular crafted item? You may also want to look at items that drop consistently while you are questing? Once you have the above figured out, then you can begin to build up your base inventory which consists of staple items that sell consistently at a guaranteed price point over the long term.

A great example of staple items are bags. Every single person in the game needs bags to carry their materials and inventory and each crafting profession has several bags that they can learn to craft. However, some bags sell better than others so as a seller you may have to monitor the Auction House for a short time and go through a little bit of trial and error to figure out which ones sell the best on your server. 

Once you have your base inventory of staple items established, then you can add additional items to further increase profits. Just remember that while specialty or trending items may sell for a lot more gold, their sales and price points are typically sporadic. That is why it is imperative to have this base of consistently selling items.   

The next step is to determine your target market. Figure out who is going to buy these items and why? It is also beneficial to know when your target market is most likely to purchase the items. For example, if you decide to focus on your Alchemy profession your niche and target market might look something like this:
  • What = flasks and potion
  • Who = players who are running instances and raiding.
  • Why = the flasks provide useful buffs that increase their stats.
  • When = what nights are the most popular raid nights on your server?
By focusing on a specific niche making gold becomes much easier because the seller becomes an expert who:

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Teamspeak Meeting Recap & Recording 1/21/11

Last nights meeting was awesome. I did record the meeting last night for those who couldn't attend it, You can either listen to it via stream from 4shared stream, or you can download the .mp3 here at this link. I'm sorry about the quality, there we roughly 85 people in the server, and sometimes we had to take turns talking. Also there were a few times were I or other users tried to talk but they couldn't because it bugged out. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous at the start ( you can tell ) but it was quite nice once it got started.

I had loads of fun, thought Teamspeak is a little buggy ( I didn't get to say goodbye/end the meeting because my mic wasn't working at the end ). I will be hosting these meetings every Friday night. I will try to change up the times sometimes it will run late night ( 10-11PM EST ), while other times it will be the standard 7-8PM EST. I'm running a couple late night meetings so the people on the west coast can join in as well.

I will be starting a podcast with this, I will submit this to Itunes and Zune, it will be updated weekly. I think this can become a great resource to have in general. 

Any who, I hope you guys enjoy it, I recorded roughly 2 1/2 hours of the meeting, there is some great info in there, so check it out!

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Cataclysm Inscription Gold Tip

Image Credit Igniq.com
I've made so much gold by making cheap Darkmoon Faire decks. How you ask? It's actually really simple, simpler than you think.

I've made a total of 4 decks, three of them being Volcano Decks, and one Hurricane Deck. They've all been made for under 10,000g, with the lowest being 8300g. I make them for cheap and sell them for high. Out of the four decks that I've made, I've sold the three of them for a combined total of 69,000g, do keep in mind that I did keep/use one of the Volcano Deck on my mage, thus cutting down on profit tremendously. By selling the three left over decks, I gained a total profit of 42,500g.

How does it work?
I told you it was simple didn't I? Well, It is. I buy the cards off the Auction House. I check the AH twice everyday for cheap cards and I check both factions. I've managed to get cards as cheap as 700g by doing so. Once I have a full deck completed, I make it and sell it in trade chat.

I've built decks for as cheap as 8300g ( 1037g per card ) and I've sold them for 22, 23.5, and 24k. It's so easy, it just requires about 10,000g and some patience. Patience being the keyword, The few decks that I've built have taken me about a week to get. Why? Because I'm waiting for the right price to buy the cards that I need. Some cards might take longer to obtain than others, but you simply need to have patience.

Try it out guys, slowly build a deck of your own ( DON'T Pick the earthquake deck - It sells horrible ) for cheap, once you've got the deck complete, sell it for a profit. It's easy, simply & a very effective method of making gold.

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Teamspeak Meeting 1/21/11

There is a JMTC Teamspeak meeting tonight at 7PM EST. The meeting will start promptly at 7:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but last time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting. By using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

The Meeting is now over, I will post a 2 hour recording tomorrow morning at 11am for those who want it :)

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Ask A Gold Guru 1/21/11

Hello fellow guys & gals, welcome to another week of Ask a gold guru! It's been a long week and I've picked out, as usual, three reader e-mails & answers that are worthy of sharing with you guys, so let's get this started!

First off, we have a user Bags99 who is e-mailing me and Markco about the Podcast Call To Auction, he's asking me if I could do/host a new episode.
" Hey Magey, Just thought I would pass on an idea that might assist in improving your cred.

Kick Markco & Basil into gear & get them onto Skype for a half hour for a new Call To Auction.

I only heard that Jimm was otherwise engaged on tipoaa, so this would be a great time for you to step in for a quick guest hosting spot on CTA & for us all to get to know you a little better.

A quick TSM update (your writing it up anyway right) & even might be able to talk sapu into a guest spot. This addon looks like the addon to end all addons. Can't wait to be able to have a good look at it this weekend.
- Bags99 "

I answered bag99's e-mail with the following response:
"That's an awesome idea! I'd love to sit down and do one episode for you guys, I've been getting tons of e-mails about this, so maybe I can pull some strings and talk to Markco to see if he's up to it. I'll have to check, but if it doesn't go through, you will be able to listen to the JMTC Friday night meetings every Saturday morning. It's similar to Call to Auction, only with about 100 people talking & throwing up ideas on how to make gold.

As far as the Tradeskill master Guide, I'm working on it slowly. Like I said, It will be a 3 part mini series on how to properly use & maintain the addon. I will be focusing on glyphs for the most part as that's mostly what I use the addon for. If you haven't already, check out Zoxy's Compilation of his guides on TSM. "

Best of Luck,

Next up we have another reader who is asking, how easy is it to get back into the economy after you've been gone?

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Best Gold Tip You Will Ever Read

Photo taken from zuzana_baranova of flicker

This is you right now, spinning your gold making wheel. Cute, Determined and Comical, aren't you? As the wheel spins, you will continue to follow a very simple pattern running from site to site looking for that one gold making strategy which will make you untold thousands of gold in world of warcraft. With each strategy or tip you find which makes some gold or fails miserably, you simply return to running faster and longer on the hamster wheel to continue your search.

Stop. Running. Start. Learning.

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Teamspeak Meeting 1/21/10

There is a JMTC Teamspeak meeting tomorrow at 7PM EST ( Friday Night, Sorry guys! ). The meeting will start promptly at 7:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but last time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting, by using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

The information will be posted an hour before the meeting ( 6PM EST ) It will be posted at this exact spot come 6PM EST. I will leave it up until 9PM EST, at that time I will delete this post.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

New Cataclysm Engineering Market

There is a new Cataclysm Engineer Market, do you know what it is? Any idea? Cogwheels.

You read right, cogwheels. I got this idea from the ventrilo meeting that I held last friday night, we were throwing ideas out on how to make gold, and one user ( I wish I could remember who ) threw this idea out:

  1. Buy Obsidium Ore/Bars off the AH
  2. Turn them the Bars into as many Handful of Obsidium Bolts as possible
  3. Head to Twilight Highlands and turn the bolts in for Cogwheels. 

There are a total of three cogwheels that can be bought by using this method, there are more than 3 cogwheels in game, but they require harder to obtain/craft materials and some of them aren't really worth it. The three cogwheels that you can obtain by buying them with obsidium bolts are:

  • Quick Cogwheel - +208 Haste
  • Smooth Cogwheel - +208 Crit
  • Subtle Cogwheel - +208 Dodge

Using this method you're turning 20-40g into something that Frank Natalecan be sold upwards of 400g. The great things about selling these cogwheels is that engineers don't only need one, they need two different cogwheels for their helm. This means you'll be selling the cogwheels in pairs instead of singles.

The vendor are located in Twilight Highlands, Frank Natale sells them for the alliance while Zim Bamzabble sells them for the horde.

Thank you very much to the user who brought this up during the last JMTC Ventrilo Meeting.

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Making Gold With Archeology

Guest Post By Miss Mediocre, from her blog, Miss Mediocre

Greetings JMTC readers, I am Miss Mediocre. I wanted to write a guest post about making gold with Archaeology, because I believe the majority of players who are interested in making gold have yet to give Archaeology a shot. At first glance it really doesn't appear to be a good gold maker, and I don't believe Archaeology could take the place of any of your main professions, but it can be a nice way to make some gold while you're out doing other things!

In case anyone is unfamiliar with Archaeology, I'll briefly explain the basics. It is the new secondary profession, meaning like cooking, fishing and first aid, anyone can train it at any level in addition to your two main professions. You do gain experience when digging up fragments from dig sites, which are shown as little shovels on your map, so it can be a viable way to level without questing, even past level 80. You also have a chance at finding 6 Bind to Account level 85 epics with an item level of 359 which now that epic gear is a bit more difficult to obtain, makes Archaeology slightly more appealing.

The best thing about Archaeology is that you can just do it as you're doing other things. The dig sites on your map are only available to you, so there's no rush to get to one before another player cleans it out. This means you can just stop at the dig sites whenever you happen to be in the area. I like to work on Archaeology as I'm mining or picking herbs or waiting in que for a battleground or dungeon. It can get pretty tedious going out and doing it for hours and hours on end, so unless you're set on finding one of the BoA epics, I'd avoid that approach, and just work away at it whenever you can.

Just a note in case any of you expect to read about the Vial of the Sands in my post, I'll clarify quickly as to why farming the recipe isn't a good way to make gold with Archaeology. The Recipe : Vial of the Sands is Bind on Pickup and can only be seen in a canopic jar (which is a Tol'vir relic) by Alchemists. The thing that was changed to Bind on Use was the Vial itself. Even finding a canopic jar is a feat, as Tol'vir dig sites only have a chance to appear once you've reached 450 Archaeology, and then there's only a chance the canopic jar will be the relic you have to solve. Plus, the recipe has a fairly low drop rate from the jar as well.

Now onto how to actually make some gold! While you're out finding fragments at dig sites, you also have a chance of finding uncommon keystones. There is one type of keystone for each race, and if added to certain relics with keystone slots, one keystone can take the place of 12 fragments (roughly one dig site's worth).

Keystones :

  • Tol'vir Hieroglyphic - Tol'vir, Uldum
  • Vrykul Rune Stick - Vrykul, Northrend
  • Nerubian Obelisk - Nerubian, Northrend
  • Draenei Tome - Draenei, Outland
  • Orc Blood Text - Orc, Outland
  • Dwarf Rune Stone - Dwarven, Mostly Eastern Kingdoms
  • Highborne Scroll - Night Elf, Mostly Kalimdor
  • Troll Tablet - Troll, Mostly Eastern Kingdoms

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JMTC Guide: Vendor Items Edition #2

Dalaran has come and gone, it is now a desert wasteland only seeing a couple handful of visitors at it's peak, instead of the hundreds upon hundreds of players the city used to maintain. What does this leave us with? An excellent gold making oppurtinity.

Dalaran has several shops & vendors that sell a wide variety of items, now that this city is rarely visited by players, the competition for these items has decreased, thus creating a way to net yourself a nice chuck of change. In this small guide I will cover the top items that can be bought from vendors and later resold at the AH for insane amounts of gold.

Dalaran Hats

There are two hats that can be sold for major profit. They are the violet hat, and the purple turban, they are both sold by a vendor named Charmeli Banaphash. The hats are a little expensive as you can see in the screenshot, but they can be sold upwards to 250g per hat. These items are vanity items, who doesn't want to look cool in a violet hat on their level 1 bank alt?

This one came up in Friday nights ventrilo meeting, a couple people said they've been making a killing selling these hats, as simply there is no competition and people are too lazy to get ported to Dalaran and then get another port back to a main city. No competition allows you to put these hats up at virtually any price ( I'd say under 500g for best results ).

Dalaran Bouquet & Flowers
A vendor named Aerith Primrose who is located right outside the violet hold, she sells flowers & bouquets. This is a very niche market. I rarely see these items posted at the AH because people simply don't know these exist. There are a total of 6 flowers/bouquets, ranging anywhere from 4 silver to 40g. I did a guest post over at Cold's Gold Factory on these bouquets way back then, I suggest you check it out.

All in all these flowers are an excellent way to boost your daily income. The risk is low as you can buy the flowers for as little as 4 silver. I can sell these flowers anywhere from 25-100g per.

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Cataclysm Enchanting Gold Tip

Small tip on top of today's post guys, and it's for the enchanters out there. I know cataclysm enchants are selling for below cost right now with only a couple enchants actually being sold for a profit.

Take a look at the +15 stats enchant to chest. It requires 2 lesser celestial essence to craft and sells for 150-200g per. It's an awesome enchant to sell as it's the second best enchant for the chest for almost everyone, the best being +20 to chest, which requires an absurd amount of materials to craft. I've been DE'ing tons of Jewelcrafting materials, and this is an awesome way to get rid of those extra essences that you can't sell.

Also, check out the Hurricane enchants. This does cost a little more to craft, costing 6 heavenly shards & 6 volatile air, but I can manage to sell these enchants around 1,100g per. I'm currently making 4-500g per enchant and they're selling like hotcakes. 

That's all for today folks! Make sure to check out the new Trade Skill Manager Addon posted below!

Trade Skill Master Beta Released!

Trade Skill Master has been released! What is this addon you ask? This addon replaces APM, but in a much better way. It integrates APM & Scrollmaster, thus creating an addon that calculates the best items to craft based on the costs of items, it then puts it into a craft queue. From there you can use the shopping module to buy all of the materials off the Auction House & craft the items. Once you've done that you can use the APM part of the addon to post everything.

This addon has been in development for months, I've personally tested this addon for months. Markco did a post on this addon back in November of 2010, it outlines the basic ideas for this addon, all of which have now become close to true. The addon itself can be found on curse. I will be personally doing an in-depth 3 day mini series on how to properly use and maintain this addon which will be focusing on glyphs, this will be posted at JMTC Monday, January 24, 2010.

I've had this addon for months now and I can safely say that it's 2,000 times better than APM, from the crafting, to shopping, mailing modules, everything is here is just fine tuned to help you make gold with ease. I asked Cente, one of the addon managers/contributors to write up a little something on TSM's Goals and give a short explanation about the addon itself, so please give a welcoming hand to Cente.

" Hello Auctionophiles! Your friendly neighborhood goblins from Auction Profit Master are here to tell you some great news! APM IS DEAD! We’re discontinuing it! Ain’t that great??!? And hey, guess what? All these weeks of minimal updates to APM and Scroll Master have allowed us to create ONE HELLOVA addon! We introduce to you:

TRADE SKILL MASTER! (trumpet fanfare)

The goals of TSM align right with Markco’s original goals of JMTC: that making TONS of gold should be easy and accessible to anyone with the ambition and the motivation to do it. Trade Skill Master combines many of the features you loved in Auction Profit Master with the crafting ability of Sapu’s successful addon Scroll Master, includes some of the features found in Auctioneer and mixes in a heaping dose of new features from our own heads, the minds of the auction blogs we frequent, the #JMTC irc channel, and (most importantly) our testers and fans.

One of the best parts about our addon suite is that we are keeping it all modular-- that is, you can use all the pieces of our addon that you need or you can just use one or two- the choice is yours. And unlike Auctioneer, we strive to make our interfaces as clean-cut and simplistic as possible (“Auc:Util:Scan Button- hmm, wtf IS that anyway?”). We also strive to create memory-light, efficient code that loads on-use whenever possible- your computers will thank us!

We want to be VERY close to the goblin community and are looking forward to responding to the needs of the public! We are anxious to hear feedback from all of you (including, most definitely, the blog authors out there- let us know if you write anything about us so we can add your site to our blog author list). Make sure each of you read the Curse page for instructions on how to get involved!

So, without further hesitation, please try out our addon now! Please keep in mind they’re early betas and might not have all the bugs worked out yet, and we have plenty more features in store! Just My Two Copper/The Gnomish Coin is the very first blog to know about it, so be sure to thank Markco and Mageshadow for their hard work to make sites like these possible!! "

Sapu, who is the lead developer of this addon also has some words to say:

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Selling Vanity Alchemy Items

There are multiple alchemy items that sell well when they're shown off. They range from elixirs that make you grow, to oils that turn you into stone and freeze you. These items are great to sell especially if you use them on yourself to attract other's attention to yourself.

I'm going to be listing the top three alchemy vanity items that not only are cheap to craft, but they also sell extremely well if advertised correctly.

Elixir of Giant Growth
This is the first of the three vanity items. This elixir is not trained, it is taught by a recipe. With the recent release of Cataclysm, Blizzard decided to buff the recipes drop rate for this, you can now find it for extremely cheap under 10g at most Auction Houses.

To craft one Elixir of Giant Growth, you will need 1 earthroot, and 1deviate fish and of course, one crystal vial. The material cost for creating one elixir is about 90 silver. I can sell these elixirs roughly at 10g per, sometimes more depending on the competition.

This elixir makes you a little bigger than what you normal, and that catches people's attention. By simply putting a small ad in trade chat you'll boost your sales substantially. The add I find that works well is:

" Want to become a little bigger? Try out [Elixir of Giant Growth] found at your nearest auction house! "

Deepstone Oil
This is the second of alchemy vanity items. This elixir is trained. You do need Cataclysm in order to craft this oil. What this oil do is freeze you in place, no matter what you're doing.

The great this about this oil is that you have a chance to craft 1-2 every time. To craft one Deepstone Oil you need one Albino Cavefish. These are a little hard to obtain, you can only fish them in Deepholm, you'd be better off buying them if you don't want to farm them. Currently one Albino Cavefish goes for 9g on my server, while one Deepstone Oil sells for 19g.

Another awesome thing about this oil is that it's needed to craft the Vial of Sands, which is the new Chopper of Cataclysm. You need 8 total.

I find that grabbing a rare mount ( such as the Vial of Sands Drake ) and pairing this oil up with the elixir of giant growth works extremely well. Sometimes I don't even advertise I simply sit still and people ask me... how are you frozen? What's that Oil? This Oil is such a great seller, I can barely keep them in stock at times.

Potion Of Illusion

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Ventrilo Meeting Recap

Wow. Just simply wow. It was great, you guys managed to fill a 40 man vent in under 5 minutes of me posting the information. The meeting went great, we shared ways each one of us are making gold, we discussed controlling markets, niche markets, new markets, we talked about everything.

One thing I do wish that I did was record the whole meeting. One user, Nonk, recorded about an hour of the meeting, he uploaded it to filesend and sent it to me. I am having some issues when I try to download the .mp3 file as it says "file not found" or it redirects me to another site which requires a xvid plugin ( of which installed countless times ). Here is the link to the file, if anyone figures it out please leave a comment with a link or something, I spent roughly an hour before I gave up.

In the future I will be hosting the meetings BUT I will most likely not hold the meetings in vent. While it is easy and convenient for Wow players ( as we use vent often ) it does not allow everyone to participate. Within 5 minutes of me putting up my ventrilos information it was full. This vent is a 40 man vent, I can't even begin to imagine how many of you would of showed up if there was enough room. Zerotorescue from the IRC and forums offered me to use his Teamspeak 3 server, which hold an unlimited amount of people ( correct me if I'm wrong ). I will most likely use that for the next meeting, granted it goes require for you to download a new program and all, but it will allow you to participate fully rather than waiting for a user to DC while you try to connect, or a clicking connect 1,000 times.

All in all the meeting went awesome, I enjoyed every second of it. I will be holding meetings like this every Friday night at 8PM EST, don't worry I will remind you every Monday morning, every Wednesday morning and again that Friday Morning & Afternoon. I will start recording these meetings from now on and be posting them the next day at 11am ( Saturday morning ). I'm really excited about this, it's something that you'll be able to listen to on-the go ( Hint hint Podcast! ). I simply cannot wait for the next meeting, I hope to see you all next week!

Patch 4.0.6 - Buying Items With Justice & Honor Points

Blizzard recently told us of one change that is currently on the PTR, and that is:

  • The Honor Commodities and Justice Commodities Vendors now sell raw tradeskill materials. These are not intended to be a cost-effective source of these materials, but an option for players with lots of Justice or Honor Points who have already purchased all of the gear that interests them.
What does this mean? Could it be a way for Blizzard to control the prices on some markets? What items will be able to be bought via Honor and Justice Points? Could it be volatiles? Could it be cloth? Could it be Leather? Chaos orbs? Rare Gems?

This could be a HUGE gold making Opportunity, if you're one of the firsts to sell whatever Blizzard has in mind, you could make thousands upon thousands on gold in an hour or even less. I personally have 3800 Justice Points just waiting to spend ( my mage is already decked out in gear ). I'm thinking Blizzard with add another Frozo The Renowned type of vendor, only this time the currency that is being traded are Justice Points and Honor Points. Either way this little addition to the game will heavily affect the prices of the items that you will be able to obtain.

This is one of the biggest and most interesting change since Cataclysm has hit. I wonder what type of items blizzard is going to allow you to buy with Honor & Justice Points, What are your thoughts?

Ventrilo Meeting Info Cont' 1/14/10

As some of you might know, there is a JMTC Ventrilo meeting tonight at 8PM EST. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

The vent information will be posted an hour before the meeting ( 7PM EST ) It will be posted at this exact spot come 7PM EST. I will leave it up until 9PM EST, at that time I will delete this post.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Check out Cold's Gold Factory & Capped By Cata's new secret project, Hagor isn't being a very good goblin!

Edit: Meeting is over

Ask A Gold Guru 1/14/11

Another week has gone by and I've gotten a couple excellent e-mails from everyone, I've picked out three that i think are awesome. Stay with me, one is especially lengthy, but It's full of information!

First up we have a reader who is going to transfer to another server soon and asks what tips can you offer?
" Greetings Mageshadow!

I have been a long time reader of JMTC (about 3 months) and have started reading The Gnomish Coin a month or two ago(until you became content manager for JMTC =D). I am a successful budding auctioneer on my realm of Thaurissan Horde - Oceanic. I started out with 50k gold pre cata and post cata I have grown my portfolio to 180k gold by making use of the glyph, bags(massive stockpile), the new gems, lowbie enchants, and tailoring gear markets. I also flip anything from volatiles to buying embersilk cloth/obsidium ore, and reselling as bolts/ folded obsidium. I have recently discovered that I like playing the auction house more than I like raiding and pvp'ing. I camp the AH 8 hours a day buying deals only occasionally changing toons to use my up my rested xp to level my toons to 84.

I am such a fan of the AH game that I have every profession available (except skinning) over 6 characters with 3 alchemists (xmute, potion, and elixir masters). I have 3 dedicated banker toons and 1 cross faction banker toon. Once i get all(not including the banker toons ofcourse) of them to 84, I plan to be in every market and dominate my server.

As of the moment I have been out of the game(for almost a week now) because of some billing issues I need to resolve with Blizzard, but I will be back some time this week.

Now enough about me, let's talk about the question I want to ask =)

Over the time I have been out of the game, I have been doing some thinking and I have decided that I would like to transfer servers. Not just one or two toons, but I want to transfer ALL my six toons to be with my friends who had transferred a long time ago.

I have studied this server I wish to transfer to(Bonechewer Horde - US) by making a low level toon and checking their AH. Their market seems to be slower than the one I am currently in. My current server is listed as a high population realm(with one of the most severe horde - alliance ratio imbalances of all the servers - rumor has it at 21-1 not kidding!) while bonechewer is listed as a medium population realm with a rumored 2-1 ratio. So as you can see, me being a hardcore hordie, this is a significant blow to my future market pool.

My question is, have you experienced realm transfers or studied the effects of said transfers from varying population realms? In my server I could easily pull 20k gold in one night(since cata atleast) and I am wondering how much different it would be if I transferred to this new realm.

This is really a huge thing for me because I have only recently mastered(well, not really =p) the AH game and now I have to learn my market all over again. This transfer is actually not optional, it's a MUST for me! Any advice you could give would be very much appreciated =) Thanks! "
- Ahcamper

I answered Ahcamper's question with the following response:
" An excellent e-mail on a great topic. If you're looking to transfer to another server you will first want to "scope" out the servers AH, check the prices for items, see what you can buy for cheap on your current realm and then sell for profit once you're on the realm of your liking.

Don't scope the AH once and think that those are the prices for the server, check 4-5 times before you make a decision, as prices will most likely vary every time. With the gold transfer limit being 50,000g now at 85, depending on how much you're going to have to spend will vary from person to person, but you will you want to bring over items that are either:
  • Expensive & Yield a nice return
  • Cheap but in MASS quantity
Either one will be okay of course you can bring over a mass quantity of epics, but you could try bringing over items such as herbs, ores and even volatiles. You could try to bring epics, but that will vary from server to server, if you can get some for cheap, try it out.

Since you said the server is lopsided, it seems that Cross faction would be an excellent way to make gold. Check the prices for on both sides and see what you can sell cross faction for profits. Since one side has more you should be able to get items like herbs and ores for cheap, while the other side isn't going to have much supply, hence creating an excellent gold making opportunity. "

Best of luck,

Up next we have a reader who is concerned about Auctioneer's old data affecting his/her prices and asks, what's the easiest way to wipe auctioneers data?

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Are You Afraid to Lose Gold?

Before I get started with the article, I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed or showed support in other ways when I went to the hospital two days ago. I'm still having a difficult time but the hard part is over for now. I am feeling better and obviously good enough to put a post out for you guys and girls!

The problem with making gold for most players is not that they are incapable of doing it but rather that they are not using proper problem solving techniques when faced with decisions pertaining to making gold. What happens in most of these cases is that the player freezes and is unable to make a decision. He or she is unable to become a problem solver and find ways to make gold because...

  • The player is afraid to make a mistake and lose gold.
  • The player is afraid that their experiences are inadequate for making a decision.

The best way to overcome fear is with knowledge and empowerment, so the way I try to help players learn to make gold is to show them just how smart they actually are through excersises in exploring their server's auction house.

For example, here is a list of wonderful strategies for making gold which cost you almost nothing and universally have a very high return on investment (that means you should go do them because they are easy and will make you lots of cash at any level and on any server).

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Farming Spots In Hyjal

Guest Post By from Altos Gold"ish" Advice
First off, I would like to thank Markco for getting me started in my quest for gold in the game of World of Warcraft….. Most of you know me as Alto from over at Alto’s Gold”ish” Advice - The Worst WoW Blog Ever! I am grateful to have this opportunity to have a guest post at JMTC. I am going to be talking about a spot that I have been farming now for some time, stumbling on it by complete accident.  Here’s the story:

I was questing in Hyjal some time back, and got completely bored of the content (second toon leveling there, already saw the new content, so not impressed anymore…).

I decided at that point to bust out the trusty fishing pole, and farm a few pools for the Volatile Fires (2-4 per pool). There are a few that spawn randomly here, so within a few minutes work (and a little luck), you can hit 500g quite quickly. (FYI-Don’t forget to use your find fish to assist in finding the pools of fish easier….)

So after farming up the pools (and waiting for the respawns), I decided to look for a few pockets to pick (for the Flame Scarred Junkboxes- and the slim chance of getting an epic drop),  I ended up right next door (where my cursor is sitting in the picture) in Ascendant’s Rise, finding  some ripe mobs that were in need of getting their pockets emptied by yours truly.

Twilight Subjugator (tauren, troll, and what seems to be a humanoid type) were all on the list. After picking them, I would smash the mob, and very quickly, as they have very low health for 81 mobs. To my surprise, they started to double spawn right on top of me. Literally…. The spawn rate was so fast that I could barely run through half of the town before respawns, if they didn’t already. They drop decent loot, around 1g per in cash, Embersilk Cloth (about 15% I gather), greens (around 5%- great for D/E’ing- not so much for AH sales anymore), and plenty of greys that vendor for 2-6g each.  To the left is an example of a loot that I obtained from one Twilight Subjugator.

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Cataclysm Alchemy Gold Making Tip

Alchemy has become a great profession to have during cataclysm, there are multiple ways to make gold with it, but one of them makes me a ton a of gold per day, and it only takes me a couple second per day to do so. What is this method you ask? Transmute: Living Elements.

How does it work?
What this transmute does is it takes 15 volatile life and turn it into 14-16 of any other element. The element you get is random if you don't do it in one of the Cataclysm Zones. For example, if you do the transmute in Stormwind you're going to get random results every time, but if you go to uldum and do the transmute there, you're going to receive Volatile Air because being in uldum forces the transmute to become volatile airs.

So now you might be thinking, hmm where can I get a list of what the transmute will turn into? Look below!

By simply going to Uldum and doing the transmute there, you're turning those 5g volatile lifes ( free if you're a herbalists)  into 40, or even 50g volatile airs, for only a seconds worth of effort! It's a great way to make 6-700g per day by simply logging in.

So what are you waiting for? Go transmute your butt off!

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Ventrilo Meeting Information

Just My Two Copper will be holding a ventrilo meeting Friday, January 14, 2011. The meeting will start promptly at 8:00PM EST. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything, from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in vent chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out!

I will remind everyone throughout the week about this meeting, the more people that show up, the better. I hope to see all of you there!

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time!

The best fishing spot in Cataclysm? The desert of course!

Guest Post by Wes from Capped By Cata

 The best fishing spot in Cataclysm?  The desert of course!

One of the most underrated money making skills right now is undoubtedly fishing.  There are a couple reasons for this.  For the most part, fishing is a love it or hate it skill.  There isn’t much of a middle ground.  For some, fishing is a bore that they will never be interested in.  For others, it’s a nice way to pass the time while playing WoW.  Relaxation of sorts.  Combine this with the fact there is so much new content to be focused on, many have forgotten totally about fishing.  But not me.

    I have fished since day one of Cataclysm.  Missing realm first by about 10 minutes.  But that is neither hear nor there.  The point is, fishing has received a lot of changes that have made things more exciting. If all of the new changes aren’t enough, then maybe finding out the right way to go about fishing will help.

    To make the very most of this expedition you need two skills*.

    * 500 Mining - 475 is the minimum, but 500 to make the most of rich veins
    * 1 Fishing - That’s not a typo.  Just go to the trainer and learn fishing.
    * *Epic Flying and 100 Fishing skill make things easier, but are not necessary.

Here is how the process works.  Head to Uldum.  Turn on Find Minerals and Find Fish (100 Fishing Skill needed for this. If you don’t have 100, don’t worry about it.  That’s why I made the map.) Head to the North Western most part where there is an oasis.  Here you’ll want to saddle up and get to fishing.  What you’re looking for are “Blackbelly Mudfish Schools”. I have found them to be the most populated in the circled parts of the map.  These are “Sweetspots” if you will.  Usually two to three pools clustered together with little to no competition.  You can pull anywhere from 3-5 fish out of each pool. The best thing about fishing from the pools are that you’re guaranteed to never catch any junk no matter what level you are.  So you won’t be wasting any time, just fishing for profit.   Fish the nodes until you have exhausted them.  Then mount up and get ready to mine.

The mining spots circled are two of the very best “Sweetspots” in Uldum.  These are spots where you can usually find anywhere from 2-5 nodes clustered together.  If you hit them at the right time, you can snatch up as much as two stacks of Elementium from these two spots alone.  After you have exhausted those, return to the oasis and more fishing pools should have re-spawned and by ripe for the picking.

    From that point forward the process is simply rinse and repeat.  Your results may very depending on how many people are mining on your server.  That’s the only tricky part, as I’m certain no one will be competing for you fishing nodes.  Now, I know what your thinking.  What does the money look like?  Good question.  Here is a breakdown:

On a perfect 10 minute cycle with all “Sweetspots” up.  (This is the spawn time I have seen. Your results may vary as I think they are zone population dependent.) I’ve been able to average one stack of Blackbelly Mudfish and a stack and a half of Elementium ore.  Currently on my server Blackbelly Mudfish are going for just a hair over 100g a stack and Elementium Ore has leveled out at about 100g a stack.  So my average ten minute take is 250g.  Now spawn rates are not always perfect and you won’t always get those “sweetspots” but in a perfect scenario you could be talking about 1500g an hour.

The key here is using fishing to subsidise your income.  While mining may be your main money maker, adding fishing to the mix will allow you to make the most out of your time.  Instead of flying around the zone following that one Alliance Paladin or Horde Deathknight wait in the middle of the “sweetspots” and fish your bags full of money.

I look forward to seeing you in the desert. Maybe even on a horse...with no name. (Horrible pun)

Making Gold with Obsidium Ore

If you haven't heard the buzz already ( it's all over my twitter account ) Obsidium Ore has been a great way to make gold with lately. I've been buying stacks for as cheap as 60g per, and turning an investment of 6,000g ( 100 stacks ) into 12, 14, and even 15,000g by prospecting this ore. It's insane the gold that there is to be made here, you just need to properly Identify, use and produce materials.

Identify the markets!
Identify which profitable markets you want to get into. Do you want to use the common gems to transmute them into rares and sell the rares at the AH once they're cut? Do you want to sell the common gems raw? Will that be worth it? Do you want to turn the common gems into rings and necks that once upon disenchanted will yield a 300% ROI? Identify the markets, do some research before hand.

Use the materials
After you've prospected the obsidium ore you'll want to use the materials properly. Use them accordingly to the research that you've done. I'll tell you exactly how I use my materials.

  • Carnelians get turned into Carnelian Spikes, I DE them for essences - GREAT profit!
  • Zephyrite & Nightstones get sold raw, especially when it's the day of the JC quest
  • Jaspers get turned into Jaspar Rings, I DE them for enchanting mats - sell the rare ( blue ) rings at 99-200g/ea
  • Alicites gets turned into jewelry as well, DE and sell the materials - I sell them raw if above 20g per
  • Hessonites get sold raw most of the time - can be turned into jewelry and DE'ed but not too profitable
The thing with disenchanting stuff is that you have to be careful NOT to flood the market, the materials move, but at a rather slow pace. The carnelian spikes alone pay for most if not all of the price of the ore, making the rest of the materials that are obtained from the ore pure profit.

Do keep in mind this is what I'm doing with my ore, you could transmute the gems into rare gems and cut & list those at the AH. Transmutations do require some herbs, but in the end, it's worth it. The more rare gem cuts you have, the better.

Selling gems raw isn't a bad idea either, I normally have 5 of each gem up, and they almost always sell, why? Because people are still leveling their jewelcrafting, and they need those gems to level up. I save the Nightstones and Zephyrite for when it's the JC daily, I've sold nightstones for as much as 80g ea  and Zephyrites at 35g/ea. It's great profit, especially since they need three gems for the daily instead of one.

I've pushed as much as 20k per day using this strategy, it did take a lot of time, but it was worth it. It's easy gold after all, will you be trying this out?

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Tips To Making Gold While Leveling

" Hi Markco,
I was going to post this as a comment on your "Making Gold at Low Levels" post, but according to the comment system it was too low, I have emailed about this while I was doing it with the Jasper cuts being below vendor tip, but thought I would drop you a nother mail with this comment, and another round of thanks for all the tips and techniques you provide, before I discovered your blog I would have never even dreamed of making 1500g in a week on a new server.

Here is the comment I was going to post:

I did a similar thing recently myself, I was not prepared to transfer my 80 (now 85) Dwarf Hunter to a new server, and switch races to play with some Uni friends.

So I rolled a Goblin Hunter and seeing as I level a lot faster than my friends, I decided to follow the "sell everything" mantra, picked up double gathering professions (herbalism and mining) and kept a sharp eye on the Auction House for any Cataclysm stuff I could abuse.

With only 23 hours played on the main, I had reached level 26, and on my bank alt had acquired around 200 gold with a further 300 or so on the AH.

I had not played the main character anymore since, but I logged onto the bank character 3 times a day for about a week. By the end of the week I had 1500g.

Here is what I did for the most part, it's all normal stuff, but I cannot stress how important the little things were, things which I usually ignore, and subsequently wonder why I am always broke :)

Do not buy Netherweave Bags: Usually I kit myself out with 4 of these ASAP, but given Cataclysm has just come out, I was not prepared to pay 15g for them when I am used to paying 7 - 9 (or making them myself) so I went with bags I found while questing only and used the mailbox to store excess items.

Vendor Recipes: Do a loop of Orgrimmar and pick up one of each recipe, even on the non-limited ones, they won't all sell, but they only cost a few silver so one sale at 7 - 19g will pay for it all. In that week I sold roughly 1 - 2 of every recipe, none of which were below 4g. The best of these were the limited sale tailoring recipes, and the Heavy Leather Ball recipe which I sold about 2 - 4 of each day for 15g. I sold
so many Heavy Leather Ball recipes I actually ended up making a character to plant there and use the mailbox outside the store rather than run my bank alt to the shop.

Mining/Herbalism: I didn't go out of my way to farm this stuff with the main, but I did pick up every node I passed by. I found that the ore was worth more than the bars, and just sold every single piece of it in stacks of 5, 10 and 20. Same for the herbs, although I did sell mageroyal and briarthorn in singles and 2's, with Cactaclysm Horde peoples eating it all up for their Goblin Alchemists, I was making 3g per Mageroyal sometimes, but usually 1 - 1.5g

Daily Scan: I cannot stress how important this was, here are the three biggest things I made money form regularly by simply scanning the AH.

Herbs: Although the Goblin Alchemists were eating them all up, at 8am or around midnight, it was easy enough to buy up random amounts for mere silvers from players who were leveling but don't know the value of these items. As I said above, Mageroyal was going for up to 3g a piece, and briarthorn around 1.5g

Gems: Cataclysm Gems are being bought up and thrown on the AH at such a rate that sometimes I didn't have enough gold on my person to buy them all up to vendor. I found that a green gem called Puissant Jasper (or something similar) was appearing en masse for less than vendor (vendors for 9g, I was buying them as low as 4g b/o sometimes, didn't even bother bidding) I made a LOT of money this way.

Riskier, but I also managed to get some cheap higher quality gems (16g each, I bought about 7) and sold all but one of them at the weekend for 60g+, although these are wildly fluctuating in value as people level JC'ing.

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Mining for gold in Molten Core

Image Credit: Gamespot
EDIT: This post has been included in the Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival.

I simply love Molten Core, this place is and has been one of the best places to make gold, from ingots to enchanting patterns, and even level 60 BOE gear, this place is a gold mine, you simply need a pick axe and you'll be mining your own gold!

Where do I start?
Firstly, Molten Core is a 40 man level 60 raid, it's easily soloable by most classes at 85, especially now that everyone has 100k+ HP. The instance is located inside of the Blackrock Caverns, and in order to get in without going through Blackrock Depths, you will need to be attuned. getting attuned is a process that takes 5 minutes if you follow this simple youtube video.

Why is this place a "gold mine"?
For one, this place has many items that fetch top dollar, ingots being one, 2 rare enchanting formulas, then we have rep items that drop constantly and also sell for decent amounts of gold. One drop of a rare item can score you anywhere from 2500-5000g, and the best part is, this place is cake to solo at 85, it was even cake to solo at 80, it's so much easier to do it now.

What are these rare drops?
For one, there is a boss inside of Molten Core that has a chance to drop a Sulfuron Ingot. This ingot is used to make the epic hammer, Sulfuron Hammer, which is used to craft the legendary mace, Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. You can either sell the ingot raw, it fetches a price of anywhere from 1,000g to 2,500g, or you can turn the ingot in for the plans of the Sulfuron Hammer. I've sold the plans countless of times for 4,000g each, it's a really easy way to make gold.

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Ask A Gold Guru - 1/6/11

Today starts the gold guru column at JMTC, and I'm very, very excited about this, I'll start things off with a reader asking when the market will turn out to be that finished goods sell for more than the unfinished good.

" Currently on my server, raw mats for many professions are more expensive than the finished material. We know this is because of people leveling up their professions. My question is: When will this turn around? I know it's very server specific, but any estimates as to a general time when people will focus more on buying the finished products instead of flooding the market with them?

(A little more info) My main crafting focuses are JC, alchemy, and engineering. After some gathering, it's very hard to justify making anything to level myself right now. I can sell the uncut gems for more than the cut, the herbs for more than the potions, and the ore/bars more than engineering products (other than the pets). My JC isn't maxed yet, but I can sell the uncut meta gem for 600g. If I cut it into a meta, it instantly depreciates to around 150-400g. As a lover of gold, I end up selling the uncut. So that is why my question comes into play. It would be kind of nice to know a turn around point when I won't lose as much money, if not make money by doing a profession. Thanks for all the great help, and look forward for things to come! "
- Tyler

My response to this e-mail is as follows:
" It's very hard to tell when the turn around will be, my best guess is that whenever your server starts raiding, the prices of items will slowly start to rise as there will be a bigger demand for gems, potions, flasks and everything raiding.

Selling the uncut product isn't bad, if it's making you more gold than selling the unfinished product, I don't see anything wrong with in my eyes. Profit is profit, I understand where you're coming from but, I've been selling some of my common gems for 30-45g per, when the cut ones go for barely 10g. It's great gold, it's very easy gold, sure it brings down the price of cut common gems, but I really could care less as I'm making a profit off the uncut ones. Are you losing gold selling the uncut? By that I mean, is it costing you more gold to CRAFT the item than for what it sells for unfinished?

Do keep in mind, that you can't be in every market, it's very hard to do so, and not every market is profitable ( flasks are a great example right now - no raiding on my server, low demand, high supply, flasks sell for less than what they cost to make ). Also keep in mind that sometimes, on some items people are able to acquire materials for cheaper ( perhaps a farmer, or self farmed ) and they think that selling an item at 25% market value is profitable, after all, they did obtain the materials for free ( which is completely incorrect ).

I can't really tell you when your server will turn around, but like I said, my best guess is when your server starts raiding. "
Best of luck,

Next up, we have a reader asking on how to make gold while still leveling enchanting. Many people think that while leveling enchanting takes a ton of gold and it doesn't have good returns while leveling, well I'm here to prove otherwise :)

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2011 Gold Making Horoscope

Green = Subscribers with a 5/10k Range | Blue = Feed Clicks with a 3/6k Range

Happy New Year everyone! I am extremely pleased to announce that 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest year for JMTC fans yet and I thought I'd take a moment to catch you all up to date with what's on the horizon.

  • Mageshadow has been doing an awesome job writing posts for JMTC, starting a new column, handling emails and getting in touch with you all through the IRC.
  • New subscribers have been pouring into the site, at an alarming rate of 30-100 per day. This means that JMTC will continue to have that fresh, vibrant feel which new readership brings to any blog throughout 2011. This trend started long before Cataclysm, but has continued to expand throughout the release of Blizzard's latest expansion. If you'd like to join my newsletter and receive my "7 Theories for Making Gold" then simply fill out the signup form at the end of any post.
  • JMTC's gold making forum has some new admins (AH Barons) and I will look to add several more as the year progresses to handle the surge in growth we've been experiencing recently. The forums have been buzzing with new Cataclysm information and discussions on making gold, especially the professions section.
  • The Gold Making Guide has surpassed all expectations with the recent updates for cataclysm (100% free for existing members of 20k leveling) and has far outdone any other guide on the market. In a month or so a new membership area will be added to the site which will make browsing the guide easier and more intuitive than the custom coded viewer I currently have in place today. Expect more innovative, fresh ideas to be delivered as I continue to write for the Cataclysm Gold Guide.
  • Many readers wanted to know why I hired Mageshadow and (besides focusing on adding to 20k Leveling) part of the reason was so that I could start another blog called The Traffic Blogger. The purpose of this new site is to assist webmasters in driving quality traffic to their websites and eventually make money online. With the addition of The Traffic Blogger's daily tips, many wow gold bloggers have taken snippets of my advice and improved both their content and their communities; which in turn benefits this site's readership as well through guest posts, better linked content and growing participation in the blogging carnivals. Several blogs have really done a nice job improving their sites to the point where they should eventually surface as new leaders in the community within the next six months. I am thrilled to see people succeeding in providing great content for you, the voracious readers of JMTC and many other sites. I am also excited to see that instead of JMTC inspiring blogs which eventually burn out (think of years past), by providing methods for these blogs to grow and succeed I expect to see a much higher survival rate amongst gold bloggers in the cataclysm niche. Some people still to this day tell me that I am 'helping competition' by supporting websites who target the same audiences as myself. It's not about me though, it's about providing great content to a community. If the information is on a 'competing site' I still will link to it because this game we bloggers play is not about who has the biggest ego, but rather who provides links to the best content regardless of its location. This is one of the core principles of blogging I focus on while writing for The Traffic Blogger.
  • Castaclysm will return as soon as Thunderer has re-entered the land of the 9-5 work force! This could happen as early as next week. I'm sure quite a few of you are waiting with great anticipation for this podcast to go back into weekly episodes. Believe me, we are chomping at the bit to get started again.

How have you enjoyed the expansion of the blog and its corresponding sites so far? Is there anything new you'd like to see in the form of features or postings? Let us know! You can even ask a gold guru for help if you need it!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm excited to get back into the saddle and produce content for you in 2011.


PS: Take a look at some of the links at the top of the site, you'll find that they are quite useful if you haven't tried them out before!

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