You're (Not) Going to be Rich!

Guest Post By Deepcut From Warcraft Gold Analysis
My name is Deepcut, and I currently play on the Eldre'Thalas realm. After seeing all the fuss about "Blizzard Sanctioned Gambling" in World of Warcraft, I decided to see if I could help the community by running an experiment of my own. I emailed Markco of Just My Two Copper with my idea, and with that decided to start with my first gold-making blog.

Statistically Speaking
I am a finance major here at the local university and I also enjoy spending my time in World of Warcraft making gold. I was recently inspired to see if I could successfully perform meaningful statistical analysis on Mysterious Fortune Card. I was inspired by the blog World of Warcraft Fortunes.

The House Always Wins

What was I setting out to do (besides lose a ton of money)? At the basic level, I wanted to be able to predict the expected value when flipping a Mysterious Fortune Card with reasonable accuracy. Originally I had estimated I could calculate within 70-75 silver, however, I didn't take into account what the 5,000 gold card (I actually got one!!!) would do to the analysis. I also wanted to see if I could figure out any rhyme or reason to the possible drop rates of any individual card.

So, over the course of a couple of weeks, I gathered up over 8,000 Mysterious Fortune Cards and then tried my luck.  Here's the statistics rendered from flipping the cards:

Crunching the Numbers
What does this data mean? Well, it means after flipping 8,062 cards, I am 95% confident (which is pretty good), the expected value of a Mysterious Fortune Card is 2g28s27c +/- 1g27s53c (1g0s74c to 3g55s8c). At a cost of roughly 11g each, there is hardly a profit to be made from flipping the cards.

Also it shows that I made back a paltry 18,402g on my nearly 90,000g investment. Here are the percentages of the flips:  -->

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Buying & Shattering Abyss Crystals

If you remember back when I started writing for JMTC, and back before Cataclysms release I put out a little list on what the top 5 items will be to stockpile for Cataclysm would be. One of the 5 items were abyss crystals. Now you might be thinking.. But Mageshadow... these are completely worthless there are new enchants and no one is going to want these stupid crystals. Wrong

These crystals are gold, pure gold. Not only can you make a good tank enchant with them ( +40 Stamina to Bracer ), but you can also shatter them for insane amounts of gold. Wrath enchanting materials have inflated, dusts are 3-5g per, while greater cosmic essences are in the 10-15g range.

According to The Undermine Journal, on most servers abyss crystals are in the 5-20g range ( check out the graph below ). You normally get anywhere from 7-19 dust per shatter and 2-6 Greater Cosmic Essence per shatter. Either way if you buy the crystals for 20g per you're going to be making heaps of gold.

Abyss Crystals Prices on All US Servers - Blue dot = 8g - Red Dot = 10g

Depending on your servers prices, you can make anywhere from 30-50g per crystal. It only takes a couple seconds worth of work shattering these crystals. Price will of course vary from server to server but on most they should be profitable ( with the exception of outliers )

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Patch 4.1 Meeting Recording

Last nights meeting was awesome! For those who don't know Just My Two Copper runs weekly gold meeting every friday night at 9PM Eastern Time Zone, more information can be found at the Just My Two Copper Forums.

The turn out was good, we talked about a ton of things ranging from recent hotfixes to the newly released 4.1 patch notes. I'm really starting to enjoy these meetings as it allows me to directly give you guys gold tips/gold info rather than having to write about it and post it on the blog. I also love the fact that I get to actually interact with you, and that you can ask me any question that you want.

This recording is roughly 2 hours long, it's filled with tons of great information, below is a streaming link to the meeting, here are mirror links that are much faster than the streaming link provided ( I suggest you download the recording and listen to it that way  ) - Multiupload - Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile

Any who, like I said the meeting was awesome, the topic of the meeting was mostly the newly announced 4.1 patch notes ( that are still very much uncompleted ). I'll make a short list below outlining the key points that were touched upon.

  • Darkmoon Fair Cards dying due to new ilvl 378 & 391 Trinkets in 4.1?
  • Upcoming JMTC Meeting Changes ( E-mail me suggestions!! ) 
  • Making Gold With Enchanting
  • Jewelcrafting Epic Gem Speculation
  • The Undermine Journal
  • New 4.1 Pets ( Including a BOE Winterspring Pet!! )
  • Maelstorm Crystals Now & In 4.1
  • Mysterious Fortune Cards
  • Herb Prices
  • Niche Markets ( Titanium Rods, Arcanite Bars, Herbalists Gloves )
  • Turning In Dense Stone
  • Selling Darkmoon Faire Decks 
  • Wrath of Lich King Old Strategies ( Selling LK Flasks, Selling LK Spellthreads )
  • Dealing/Meeting Farmers
  • 4.1 Sandstone Drake Achievement
I will have to see what I am going to do with the next JMTC Meetings, I know that you guys want a change but I need to find a way to have everyone still come to the meeting & be able to participate. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me ( or Markco ) or feel free to drop a comment below.

Any comments on this weeks meeting? Anything that you found interesting? Learn anything new?

Patch 4.1 Meeting Tonight & Review

Just My Two Copper is holding a meeting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone. The topic of this meeting is going to be mostly regarding the newly released patch 4.1 notes. This meeting is open to everyone. Everyone is welcome to come even if you don't have a mic, there will be a chat room that you can use to ask questions/engage into the conversation. A recording of the meeting will be posted on the site the next morning ( Saturday ). 

The Meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program called Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

Teamspeak Server Information:
Port: 9987

Below are some of the topics that I'd like to cover during tonight's meeting:

  • Recent Hotfixes
  • Recent 4.1 Datamined Patch Notes
  • 4.0.6 Gold Making Strategies
  • Up & Coming JMTC Weekly Meetings
  • New 4.1 Mounts
  • New 4.1 Pets & Pet Achievements
  • Darkmoon Faire Trinkets Obsolete When Ilvl 391 released?
  • Living Ember = ? 
Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

JMTC March Blogging Carnival Info & Low Level Tips

Hello everyone, it's Mageshadow here, I just wanted to tell the bloggers out there that JMTC is preparing for it's next next blogging carnival for March 2nd! The topic will be " Specialize or Diversify? Control one market or dip your toes into several? " and if you'd like to enter simply read the instructions on how to submit your entries to JMTC's blogging carnivals. I hope to see a decent turn out of bloggers writing about this topic! Better get those entries in soon you've got about a week to turn them in.

If you aren't a blogger, What is your take on the subject? is it better to control one market instead of dipping your toes into all possible markets?

P.S Follow me on twitter, I'll be tweeting great gold tips all weekend long!

Of course I wouldn't leave you without a gold tip so below are some small tips to help you make gold while you're leveling a toon.
  • Pick up everything! Greys, Greens, Blues, everything has it's value, greys especially. When you get into the 45-60 dungeons greys can be worth 1-4g each and the gold from them will rack up in no time.
  • Flip items at the Auction House. Use Auctioneers search function to find awesome items to flip/vendor for gold .
  • Inscription can make gold even at level 75! Make/learn your daily low level glyph and craft the profitable ones, you can earn up to 500-1,000g depending on which glyphs you can craft, not bad for being level 15 (:
  • Collect bags as soon as possible. More inventory slots = more things you can store. If you're using tip #1 this means more gold  as you'll have more items in your inventory
  • Check the price of an item at the Auction House! Some items such as greys and white items can go for 10 times more than they do when vendored, while vendoring is the easiest gold it won't always give you the best bang for your buck.
  • Grab gathering professions! Low level ores & herbs can net you a ton of gold at low levels. Ores like copper and tin fetch 5-10g per stack, and that much on a level 1-20 toon is a lot.

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How To Craft Choppers for up to 30% Less

Are you thinking of making a chopper to sell soon? What if I told you that you could build choppers for 35% less soon? That's right, that's 3.75k off the 12.5k vendor price.

You're probably asking.. How is this possible?

Guild Perk at Level 24
This perk is obtainable once your guild reaches level 24. Most guilds are 17-18 right now ( well ones that hit the XP cap everyday ) so you should be getting this perk fairly soon. It reduces the cost of vendor items by 10%, saving your a grand total of 1.25k off the chopper parts.

Goblin Perk
This is by far the best method to use when crafting Choppers. Goblins receive a 20% discount from any faction regardless of reputation. Using this will save you 2.5k. This is mostly available to people who play horde side, but people who are alliance based can ask people in trade chat to go out and buy the parts ( make sure their guild is level 23 once it's available ), say you're tipping them 500-1,000g for their troubles and I'm sure you'd be able to find someone that is willing to do it.

Why craft choppers at all?

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Why You Should Be Selling Flasks Now

Cataclysm has been out for quite some time now. People are tired of heroics and are now running raids, this creates a demand for one item that raiders simply love using: Flasks.

With the recent buff to flasks, you can now craft them for a little less than before. If you're looking to make a profit from flasks I also suggest that you become a flask specialist to get those extra procs. Let's take a look at how much a flask will cost to craft and how much it will sell for:


Flask of Draconic Mind:
8 - Volatile Life [ 48g Total ]
8 - Twilight Jasmine [ 58g Total ]
8 - Azshara's Veil [ 32g Total ]

Auction House Price: 189g 
Profit Per Flask:  50g

You're making 50g per flask and that's without any procs, that's awesome gold! Check your servers to see how much profit you can make per flask before doing anything though, as prices vary by server. 

Another thing is that flasks haven't received too much attention lately due to the fact that when they were first released they weren't profitable at all. This gave people the mindset that flasks are and will never be profitable. I expect competition will be on the low side for quite some time until people start to notice that flasks are now becoming profitable as the price of herbs start to go down.

Raiding has started on most servers, some are already well onto heroic raids so this is the time to sell flasks! What are you waiting for?

WoW Gold Guide | 50 Items to Make Gold

WoW Gold Guide

WoW Gold Guide


All of the items in this list were taken from the recently updated WoW Gold Guide for cataclysm patch 4.0.6. You can learn the how to make gold behind all of these items and hundreds more by checking out the most relevant and thought provoking gold guide in existance. The updates for 4.0.6 will make you thousands regardless of your profession this week alone!

50 Items to Make Gold in Cataclysm

This isn't a top 50, "it's a here are 50 things I use to make gold which maybe you don't" list... There's no rhyme or reason to this list, I simply sat down for 5 minutes and rattled off numerous items I have used to make gold and covered in the guide. I hope that it provides a stepping board for your own gold making endeavors. Oh and another thing, you may notice that a lot of these items aren't taken from the cataclysm era; this was intentional because there are so many more ways to make gold than what has been added with the cataclysm expansion. I hope to open your eyes to this concept here today.

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Heartblossom, is it the next Whiptail?

With the recent patch 4.0.6 Whiptail spawn rates were bugged out, they were spawning faster than people could pick the herbs. This "bug" ( I think it was intended ) crashed the price of whiptail dramatically. This has now been fixed according to this blue post:

  • Whiptail was spawning too quickly in Uldum after patch 4.0.6. The spawn time has been reduced.
The blue post states that whiptail spawns have been fixed... but have the Heartblossom spawns been fixed? This herb is crashing on my server, before 4.0.6 this herb was like a ghost you would only find a couple nodes here and there. You'd be lucky to run off with 5 stacks in an hour prior to 4.0.6. After 4.0.6 hit, it's a total different story.

The price for this herb on my server has crashed, I've started buying it up just in case this is another of Blizzards "bugs" *cough* intended bug? *cough* Will hearblossom become to next whiptail? Will the spawn rate be fixed thus raising the price and providing gold makers an excellent opportunity to flip this herb?

How are the prices on your server? Have you Farmed Heartblossom? Notice a change?

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Learning From Other Players Mistakes

I love The Consortium Forums, they always have great and informational threads. The community there is thriving and is always giving me excellent ideas and tips on how to improve my gold strategies.

Today I'd like to talk about mistakes made at the auction house. I've made a ton of personal mistakes from a little tiny typo that cost me thousands of gold to even attempting to control a specific market and completely and utterly failing at it.

Mistakes happen, we're human beings after all. We're not perfect, no one is. Mistakes will happen, and the most important part is that you learn from them. The consortium has a great thread were people post their mistakes. I suggest that everyone reads this thread, if you don't have the time; skim it. The thread has multiple pages on multiple common mistakes that people make, day in and day out.

You can read about mistakes that other players have made out there and learn from them, by doing so you're protecting yourself from allowing mistakes happen to you, you're protecting yourself from mistakes that could cost you thousands upon thousands of gold.

JMTC even held a carnival several months ago on this topic, it was named " Mistakes you learned from on the auction house " I suggest that you go read some of those posts as well. there are some excellent posts ( even one by me from when I ran The Gnomish Coin! ) Hey, knowledge can't kill you can it?

What mistakes have you made at while making gold? What has/was your biggest mistake?

Cataclysmic Meeting Tonight

JMTC will be hosting a metting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but last time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting, by using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

Port: 9987

This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there! As always I will be recording as much as I can of the meeting and posting it the next morning for those of you who couldn't attend. It will be posted at 11am of the next day ( Saturday )

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Is Buying Low and Selling High Supposed to Be Hard?


No, it's not. Buying low and selling high is supposed to be easy and intuitive. However, for many world of warcraft players it just doesn't make any sense in practice. Let me show you how a typical wow player looked at the recent whiptail issue in patch 4.0.6.

Whiptail in Patch 4.0.6

When patch 4.0.6 was launched it didn't take long for a large number of astute players to notice that whiptail was spawning at an alarming rate along the river which runs south in the middle of Uldum. A typical wow player looked at the auction house and saw that the price of whiptail had dropped from 200 gold a stack to as little as 40-80 gold per stack. Seeing these prices the average player started dumping their own, figuring that the price would continue to drop further.

Prices Plummet

In the days following patch 4.0.6, whiptail continued to drop like a rock to price points no one had ever expected it would fall to, nor do I believe it will ever reach again, even in expansions to come. Many players panicked and dumped the rest of their stocks, only adding to the frenzied dropping of whiptail prices.

Whiptail Bug Fixed by Blizzard

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Enchanting's Major Hurdle

Image Credit: Zuggamingg

I recently leveled up enchanting on my alt so I could DE my own stuff instead of having to tip someone, I was amazed at the lack of a couple materials that are needed in order to level up enchanting. In fact I hit multiple bricks walls and I'm pretty sure if X item was posted on the AH for a 500% mark up I would of bought it.

Now the item that I'm talking about is needed by all and every single enchanter out there who is or has leveled their profession, so right out of the box the demand is there, but the supply wasn't thus creating a gold making opportunity.

What is this brick wall that you're talking about mage? Could it be rods? Could it be raw enchanting materials?

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Putting two and two together

So I've recently started up a new game; Runescape. Now don't be all like Mageshadow, WoW is better than Runescape because I know that. I'm simply playing this game to keep me entertained while Blizzard unlocks/unbans my account, It's something that's a "time passer" ( CoD: Black Ops as well ).

Anyways, Runescape also has an economy ( like every other MMO ) but it also has a thing called The Grand Exchange. This is basically the Auction House equivalent of Runescape, but there is one twisted trick: The company who owns the game controls the prices on items. Me being such a gold guru in World of Warcraft my first thought was " How do I make gold? ". I started looking up forums, threads, blogs and all and what I found of was very interesting.

The players live, eat and sleep by charts. What I mean by this is that the game company who makes Runescape also offers a web-based auction house market watch for free. It gathers information on every single item in-game and then spits out a graph on how the item is doing, if it's selling below cost or if the price for X item is rising. The players go by these charts to make gold, they check them every so often and buy items when they're cheap, and later resell them when their price rise, it's essentially flipping.

This got me thinking, why doesn't World of Warcraft have this? It does. It's called The Undermine Journal, and it's 20x better than what Jagex is running. Why? Not only does the site track the information for every single World of Warcraft item, but you can also track your competition, set up notifications if X item is below X price, it's surpasses what Runescape has ten-fold.

The Undermine Journal is an excellent auction house resource that is very, very under-used in my opinion. I wrote a post on how to set up notifications and other things back in December, the post is still very useful, I'll update it as well by the end of today. Sadly there is no EU Support, but according to the owner of the site, that might be coming soon enough.

Have you guys used The undermine Journal? If so do you like it?

P.S Don't worry about me playing Runescape.. I'm going back to WoW as soon as my account gets restored/unbanned.

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Best Selling BoA Enchants

Enchanting is one of the best professions in the game gold making wise why? Because there are multiple markets that can be dipped into, there are the leveling enchants, there are the high-end expensive raiding enchants and then of course we have the Bind on Account enchants, and that's not even all, you also have the twink enchanting market. The best part about it all is that every market is profitable, It's simply mind boggling the amount of gold enchanting has made me in the past 6 months.

I'd like to focus on the Bind on Account enchants as these are in my best opinion the best out of the three to craft and sell. There are numerous Bind on Accounts pieces ranging from a chest, weapon, and even cloaks. I want to break it down further and list the best selling enchants by armor type, I will also give a brief description on which enchant is the best out of X enchants.

Chest Enchants

The best enchants out of these four would be greater stats ( +4 stats ), but this is also the hardest enchant to obtain as it is a world drop from vanilla mobs. I personally craft Major Health whenever I'm low on them ( these sell great! ) and I only craft Major Mana whenever I can find cheap Illusion dust. Enchant Chest: Stats ( +3 stats ) sells very awesome as well.

Weapon Enchants
Wow, what a nice list we have here. There are multiple Bind on Account Weapons thus there are multiple enchants that sell very well. I'll start off with casters. Cataclysm changed the stats for casters, Intellect is now the best stat to have anytime ( or most ), soMighty Intellect ( +30 ) is the BiS for casters. People do sometimes prefer Healing Power or Spell Power.

A bunch of classes like the Agility enchants, namely hunters, rogues and feral druids. They're awesome to craft but with Blizzard nerfing Essence of Air drops it's become a little harder to craft.  I also find that the Strength enchant sells very well. Fiery, Icy Chill, Unholy & Lifestealing also sell, but not as well as others.

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New Jewelcrafting Meta Gems = Gold!

Image Credit: Zuggaming

Patch 4.0.6 is here and the new meta gems have dropped, I've heard reports from people that they're making as much as 100k a day selling these babies, and I wouldn't doubt it.

There are three new meta gems, Agile Shadowspirit Diamond, Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond, Burning Shadowspirit Diamond . They're all best in slot for all classes, creating a HUGE demand for these three meta gem cuts.

I've had multiple people tell me that they've bought the recipe for the new meta gems for as much as 10,000g. Now you must be thinking, that's insane right? 10,000g for one recipe!?! Well they're right, I'd personally pay as much as 20,000g for the Burning Shadowspirit Meta Cut, why? Because these gems are currently going for as much as 1,000-1,500g per. I tipped the guy who cut me one 250g with my mats, and when he cut mine, he had 20 other people already waiting in line getting their own meta gem cut.

The recipes are Cataclysm world drops, look for the recipes at the Auction House. I wouldn't suggest going out and trying to the farm the recipe, it's extremely hard to "farm" a world drop. You'd be better off camping the AH until one of these recipes pops up, and hey you might even get lucky and snatch one for cheap, who knows?

Do you have any of the new meta gem cuts? If so how much have you made?

JMTC Meeting 2/11/11 Recording

I had tons of fun hosting last nights JMTC Weekly Meeting for the 6th time. We talked a bunch on how we're all making gold with the recent patch 4.0.6. We tossed a bunch of great information around during the meeting.

I managed to record an hour 1/2 of the meeting and of course as I promised, below is a streaming link, or you can download it from Multiupload ( The Rapidshare mirror is the best ). I apologize for the quality, the Teamspeak server was extremely laggy/low quality last night, a lot of people pointed this out as you'll notice in the podcast.

Below are some of the subjects we covered

    Those are some of the major topics that we talked about, there is still a bunch of great information that's just waiting to be heard.

    One last thing before I let you go, I need a topic for next months Blogging Carnival, if you have any ideas or thoughts e-mail them to Markco if you would, please & Thank you!

    Patch 4.0.6 Herbalism Buff? Or..

    Herbalism just recently got buffed from what I've been reading, especially farming whiptail in Uldum. According to multiple blogs out there, Mmo-Champion, Twitter, and even the entire wow player base are saying that farming herbs has been drastically buffed.

    What does this mean for the herbalism market? There is going to be a normal demand, but a huge supply coming in, thus lowering the price for herbs drastically. I logged onto wow yesterday and had my buddy ask me " What's going on with whiptail? " He then told me that whiptail was at an all time low of 80-90g/stack, he was buying as much of it as he could he said. The buff has been out for three days and the price of whiptail has already drastically taken a toll.

    There was even talk about this last night during the JMTC Meeting. A couple people said that they can get as much as 40 stacks of whiptail per hour. It's insane!

    Thinking about this whole situation, did blizzard really buff farming? Or could it be that the bots are no longer farming herbs, thus allowing the general player base to farm making it seem like blizzard buffed farming? There is nothing in the patch notes that states farming was buffed, and as far as I can tell that's not even in the un-documented changes.

    What do you think? Did Blizzard really buff herb node spawns? Or could it be that the botters have been banned and people just think farming got buffed?

    Patch 4.0.6 Gold Making Meeting Tonight

    JMTC will be hosting a meeting tonight, February 11, 2010 at 9PM Eastern Time Zone. This meeting is open to everyone that is willing to come. We can talk about anything from helping you make gold in patch 4.0.6, to even how you're making gold right now. If you don't have a mic, you're still welcome to come and ask your questions/ideas in chat, and I'll personally make sure they get answered.

    Teamspeak is something different than ventrilo I know, but the first time I held a meeting, only 40 people got into the actual meeting, by using teamspeak we can have roughly 400 people join before the channel gets full. Keep in mind you will have to download a new program, it's 100% free & no cost required. You can download Teamspeak 3 over at their website.

    Port: 9987

    The teamspeak server is open 24/7, but the meeting won't actually start until 9PM, but you're welcome to join early and chat with other gold gurus before the meeting

    This is a way to communicate with other gold guru's and pick at their thoughts, ask them questions about anything WoW related. It's your way to get help with gold related strategies, so don't miss out! I hope to see you there! As always I will be recording as much as I can of the meeting and posting it the next morning for those of you who couldn't attend. It will be posted at 11am of the next day ( Saturday )

    Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

    More Info can be found on the JMTC Forums.

    Note from Markco: If you haven't attended these meetings before now is the time to do it! There are dozens of changes and new ways to make gold which you should be talking about in this Patch 4.0.6 meeting tonight! Be there or be square! I'm off to update the gold guide, see you soon!

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    I Love to Bid on Mithril Ore/Bars

    You're probably thinking to yourself... wtf Markco I thought you retired? Sorry, I felt like posting again and I will surely stop by from time to time whether you like it or not. :)-

    Sometimes we overlook the process of leveling our professions and the amount of money/time we waste either gathering the materials or outright buying them at inflated prices on the auction house. We are the same people who level a character and post our items for the lowest value or worse, with whatever auctioneer automatically determines for that item to be the normal value. We're not only getting robbed blind but we're giving ammunition to our robbers! Let's change this mentality, shall we?

    Bidding on Mithril Ore/Bars

    Bidding is an important part of playing the Mithril game. If you make an effort to search this ore during your resale scans then you will often find a few up for the low bid, high buyout price range. Place a bid and go back to playing the game. If you're lucky you will end up with some very cheap Mithril, if not, you'll get your money back. Don't be a fool and tie all your money into this stuff either, in case you don't have all that much. It will take time not only to win the bids, but also to sell the ore and bars later on.

    Selling Your Items

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    Cataclysm Tailoring Gold Guide

    Tailoring has always been an excellent way to make gold with, from crafting bags, to crafting spellthreads, or even pvp gear, it's always been an excellent profitable profession. Within this guide I will teach you how to make gold, utilizing old & new methods & items to make heaps of gold.

    Cataclysm Spellthreads
     Cataclysm Spellthreads are hot right now, especially the epic ones. Why? It's because people are beginning to raid seriously, thus creating a huge demands for these spellthreads. I often see them go for 900-1,100g per, it's great profit for anyone, if you manage to craft the Epic BOE legs you can usually squeeze in a spellthread in there for about 800g extra ( I've done this about 3 times total ).

    Wrath Of the Lich King Spellthreads
    I have been crafting and selling so many of these it's insane. With the material cost under 5g, I can literally sell these at any price, but I found that 60-75g is the "sweetspot". People don't want to spend 1,000g on stuff that going to get replaced so they think, well hey, this is 75g and isn't that bad compared to that so I'll just buy this until I get my tier 11 pants. The spellthreads you will be crafting are Azure Spellthread and Shining Spellthread.

    Dreamcloth Epics 
    This market can vary at times. Crafting the dreamcloth epics ( there are four total ) can be profitable if you're able to obtain cheap materials. Currently this market can is usually is flooded by other tailors, so profit can vary but I've found that selling the epics via trade chat is an excellent way to avoid the auction house. Read more on crafting Dreamcloth epics here.

    Pvp Armor Sets
    Pvp sets have been a great way to make gold since Cataclysms release. The profit on some items can be low sometimes due to constant flooding of the market by other Tailors. I find that the patterns that are vendor bought sell much better than trainer taught patterns. You will be crafting the Emberfire & Fireweave Sets. In total there are six different items that you will need to acquire from the vendor in Twilight Highlands, they are as follow for the corresponding sets: Emberfire/Fireweave Cowl , Emberfire/Fireweave Robe, Emberfire/Fireweave Pants.

    Crafting and DE'ing
    This is another excellent option to make gold with. On my server cloth prices have plummeted, they're down to as low as 35g/stack, so picking up the cloth to craft and DE is an excellent way to make gold. I found that the lower level cataclysm greens are the best to craft because they don't require that many materials. Deathsilk Cowl on takes 3 bolts to craft, and even better the Deathsilk belt takes 2 bolts, either can yield 1-4 dust and 1-4 lesser celestial essence. I would only advice to craft and DE if you manage to get embersilk cloth for cheap.

    Crafting Bags
    This is one of the best methods to make gold with tailoring. You can craft a multiple number of bags and they will almost always be profitable. The best bag in my opinion is the netherweave bag, it's low cost and sells extremely good, you can read about selling these bags here and here. I would also craft the recently buffed Illusionary bag, it just received 2 extra slots so the die-hard gold makers are going to want these regardless of their price ( Portable Holes cost 3,000g ) so they will be hot to sell. Embersilk bags are also a great to make gold and unload any extra dust you have laying around from doing the obsidium shuffle.

    That's all folks! Think I missed something? Drop a comment below and let me know

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    I Don't Care About Your Opportunity Costs

    Your comments following the guest post published here were fairly interesting and thought provoking. Some of the commenters called for my thoughts on the matter and I'm happy to supply them here today.

    For starters, I don't give a damn what you think opportunity cost means. Now I don't mean this as in 'You' the person reading this, but rather as in any player who opposes me on the auction house. I don't care what my competition thinks their time is worth nor do I care what they think their scrolls of X enchant should sell for. All that concerns me is improving my opportunity cost, my ROI and my enjoyment. So let's stop with this talk about he's undercutting me or he's selling for too low or he's losing money on his investment so he's a moron or a slacker.


    A lot of goblins feel that they are special because they analyze their competition and are somehow smarter for applying economic principles or concepts better than their opponents. This isn't a pissing contest people, who really cares anyway? Look, if you feel smarter and better about yourself because you feel you are winning an AH battle then all the more power to you, but I could care less. I don't believe that this mind set does anything except give you a false sense of superiority. A goblin who pisses away their life reposting multiple times a day in their pajamas for a measly 500 gold with inscription is not someone you want to be like. I would be PISSED if I only made 2k a day from inscription let alone 500 (check out the JMTC forums for great ways to make gold with inscription). The reason I've never gotten along with goblins in general is because, although they say they don't care what anyone else thinks, everything they talk about and profess is focused on making themselves seem better or smarter than the players around them. What I want you to do is stop thinking like that, stop trying to compare yourself to the person next to you and focus more on improving yourself instead.

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    Transferring Servers? I can help!

    " I'm transferring severs soon, and I wanted some suggestions on getting around the gold limit of 50k. I was told to make an alchemist dragon and sell it on the new server to bring along an extra 40k or so, but I was wondering if there was a lower risk way to do this. Thanks in advance. "

    An excellent question you have here Ben, I recently transfered servers and asked myself this question as well. All in all I managed to bring roughly 200k worth of items on one single toon, I achieved this by using the following items listed below.

    • 5k Fortune Cards
    • Volcanic/Hurricane Decks/Trinkets
    • Sandstone Drake
    • Choppers
    • Truegold
    • Rare Niche Items - Think Sulfuron Ingots, Arcane Bomb Schematics, Etc
    Out of the items listed above the lowest risk one would be the 5k fortune cards, why? because you can sell them to a vendor and instantly gain 5k. The next lowest risk item would be the Darkmoon Faire Trinkets & Decks, they always sell well and the Hurricane/Volcanic Decks & trinkets are going for 15-24k, so it's an awesome way to transfer gold. Rare niche items like rare schematics or patterns are always great as well, I brought over a handful of them and they've resulted in ~30k of my profit.

    Did I miss any items? Do you know of any other items that can be taken with you when you're transferring and sold for profit..? Leave a comment!

    King Aurther and Opportunity Cost

    Post by Kammler from Kammler's Korner
    One of my favorite movies is the 2004  King Arthur (Clive Owen, Keira Knightley) Not only is it told with an interesting twist on the Arthurian legend but it also contains one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

    Arther and his knights are escorting a Roman noble and his family to safety ahead of the invading Saxons. They must complete this task to earn freedom from their servitude to Rome. In his benevolence, Arthur chooses to escort the noble's vassals in the evacuation. This act of kindness slows their escape dramatically--what with oxen pulling carts, elderly and nearly crippled peasants and the only horses belonging to Arthur and his knights.

    Unencumbered and hungry for a fight the Saxons march all night and at a much more war-like pace. Finally, the Saxons are nearly upon Arthur and the procession as the escape route runs smack into a frozen lake in the mountain pass. With no way around, they must cross it--slowly, because the combined weight of too many knights in one spot may crack the ice and plunge them to their deaths.

    Arthur sends the noble and the remaining procession forward to Hadrian's wall whilst he and his knights stand to battle the Saxons upon the frozen lake. Outnumbered 25-1, the knights prevail with only one casualty.

    But what does this have to do with opportunity cost?

    In its purest form, an opportunity cost is the loss of an alternative course of action that occurs when a different course of action is chosen. Most often we think of opportunity cost in terms of financial choices--investment, jobs, or even earning gold in WoW. But it also applies to Arthur in this movie scene.

    His choice is to stand and fight despite being horribly outnumbered. His opportunity cost is that of moving closer to reaching safety at Hadrian's wall. Other choices were also eschewed--setting traps for the Saxons, waging guerrilla warfare against them as they marched, slowing the invaders so that the caravan could make it to safety, etc.

    The Challenge
    Similarly, our choices of how to earn gold in WoW are zero sum choices--the are mutually exclusive due to time. One cannot both gather herbs AND craft glyphs at the same time. The choice to do one or the other makes the one not chosen the opportunity cost of the other selection.

    Because in WoW we can gather herbs and THEN go mill them, make ink, buy the parchment, craft the glyphs and list them in the AH many players get confused by thinking the materials did not cost them anything. No gold was actually expended, right? These players believe that since they gathered the materials themselves they "saved" the cost of purchasing them on the AH. And this line of thinking can also further degrade the AH economy by leading players to dramatically undercut auctions, which can hurt everyone.

    Here's a simple example using one stack of Elementium ore. Two players are involved, both starting at the SW auction house. Who earns more?

    Two Paths Diverged in a Lonely Wood....

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    JMTC Meeting 2/5/11 Recording

    Last nights meeting went awesome, we didn't have as many people as I liked, but we still talked about several topics that are worth mentioning. The recording isn't as long this time, only 44 minutes, but either way there is still some great content that is just waiting to be listened to.

    You can listen to the meeting either below with the stream from 4shared, or you can download the recording itself from Multiupload - it has several mirrors, If you want a fast download speed I'd suggest rapidshare (:

    I'll make a small list on what was talked about:

    • Mysterious Fortune Cards
    • Unheeded Warning Buff Next patch
    • Saronite Shuffle - Worth it?
    • Obsidium Shuffle
    • Herbalist Glove Pattern - Niche Market
    • Jewelcrafting Gems
     I will definitely put up more reminders for these meetings, I really like them and I'm sure most of you like the option to download/listen to the meeting even if you didn't attend.

    Best Gold Guide Now Also the Cheapest

    Hey guys and girls, in celebration of breaking the 10,000 readership mark I am very excited to announce that for a limited time only, you can purchase the Cataclysm Gold Guide for just $27! That puts it at the cheapest amount it has ever sold for and believe me, this amazing deal won't last forever!

    Included in the current sale of the guide are the following amazing bonuses:

    • TradeskillMaster videos
    • Free Updates For Life (includes even patches and whole expansions)
      Baby Steps Guide
    • Max Profession Spreadsheet
    • Audio Commentary Throughout

    And since you're all JMTC fans here, I am offering you the promo code "JMTC" to get you an ADDITIONAL 10% off your purchase.

    This deal WILL NOT last forever, get in on it while you can!

    Stockpiling Pyrite Ore, Worth It?

    Let's talk about the future today; Pyrite Ore. Well all know what happened in Wrath of the Lich King, Epic gems became obtainable from Titanium ore in the patch 3.2, the people who had titanium ore stockpiled made thousands upon thousands of gold the first week that epic gems were released, the others; not so much.

    So let's fast forward to Cataclysm, Pyrite ore is the equivalent of Titanium, Patch 4.0.6 is being released next Tuesday and we're getting closer and closer to 4.2. Will the new epic gems be obtainable from prospecting pyrite ore? If so, should we be starting to stockpile this stuff months before Blizzard announces epic gems?

    The patch is coming, will you have enough Jewelcrafting tokens to get all the epic gems cuts desired? Or are you using those tokens now to buy rare & meta gems? Will it be worth to save 30-40 Jewelcrafting tokens?

    The answer is yes, it will definitely be worth it. At least saving a bunch of Jewelcrafting tokens is something that is VERY smart to do when epic gems come out. Pyrite ore? That's personal preference, myself personally I pick it up when it's cheap and just toss whatever I can into my own personal bank.

    My though on stockpiling Pyrite ore is, " Hey if Blizzard doesn't make epic gems obtainable from pyrite ore, then I can simply prospect to meet my costs, if not more because of the volatile earth that comes from prospecting pyrite ore "

    So what are your thoughts? Are or will you stockpile Pyrite ore? Are you going to start saving Jewelcrafting tokens months before any announcements are made?

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    The Best Gold Making Resource

    What is it? the Just My Two Copper Forums. Why? You ask? Because the forums can help anyone from any skill level. If you're just starting out and learning the markets, or if you're an amazing gold guru that knows the markets and makes thousands upon thousands of gold.

    I use the forums daily, I constantly check for new strategies on how to make gold, new ways to improve my already impressive ideas and strategies, the forums help me 200%. The information there is invaluable, there is so much information here that your head will explode.

    For starters, you can have other gold guru's help you make gold in the Help! I can't make gold portion of the forum, or you can go read about how someone went from being dirt poor to having thousands of gold on hand ready to be spent on whatever they wish/want.

    There is also countless of excellent information in the professions forum, from the good old obsidium shuffle, to how to corner people out of a market, everything here is just excellent information

    If you sign up and support the forums you can even have your own diary, and access to the awesome MVP & Premium Members section, both of which contain information that is just mind-blowing that is kept secret. This is personally the best part of the forum, it's top-notch information that is posted here before it is put out to the public.

    The Verdict? The JMTC forums are there to help everyone who is interested in making gold, it's a resource that in my opinion is underestimated ( like the tutorials page ) and should be used more often. I encourage everyone to use it, weather you're simply starting out, or you're already a gold making guru.

    One last thing before I let you go, don't forget to use another excellent resource that's right there. I'm talking about the JMTC IRC and the JMTC Friday Meetings, they're both 100% free and provide an excellent way to obtain information/talk & chat to other gold guru's.

    There is a JMTC Meeting tonight, I pushed yesterdays meeting to today as something came up, So I hope to see you all there! (:

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    Wow Coaching Program

    Interested in Getting Help in Wow?

    For the first time ever wow players can finally go somewhere for one on one (or group if so desired) tutoring on their favorite aspects of world of warcraft. If you're stuck looking for help and just want someone to finally give you the answers you're looking for, then this coaching program is for you. Perhaps you're a star pvp'er who wants to learn to make gold or maybe a star pve'er who would love to own in arenas... whatever your style, whatever your need, the wow coaching program will be there for you!

    Keep in mind that the wow coaching program is currently in beta so any bugs, suggestions or ideas you have about the program are greatly appreciated. It also just came out today, so it will take time for coaches to get settled as well as for players to find coaches they want to interact with. So be patient and please keep checking back as the program continues to grow on a daily basis.

    For Potential Coaches

    Almost everyone who plays wow is good at some aspect of the game, even if that's just your particular class, so odds are anyone can be a coach. However, if you want to be a SUCCESSFUL coach then you will want to follow the tutorials I offer to all coaches in order to provide the best experience possible to the people who come to you for your help. As time goes on I will incorporate more resources which will help coaches interact with one another for the benefit of all.

    If you're interested in becoming a coach in any area of wow, well then you need to immediately check out the wow coaching signup page. Getting started takes no more than 10 minutes and as long as you have something to teach others you're ready to be a coach! There is no risk with the system I've developed here; you will be refunded your coaching membership fee should you not succeed with the program.

    What You Could Coach

    • Class Specific PvE Roles
    • Class or Comp Specific PvP Tutorials
    • Gold Making Addon Setups
    • PvE Addon Setups
    • PvP Addon Setups
    • Gold Making Tutorials
    • Twinking Tutorials

    What makes this program so cool is the fact that it's all community based, sink or swim, it's up to YOU, the community to make the most of this new feature here at JMTC.

    Don't forget to join us for tonight's JMTC Teamspeak meeting tonight at 9PM Eastern Time Zone

    Obtaining Maelstrom Crystals for Patch 4.0.6

    Maelstrom Crystals have been a pain after blizzard nerfed the best way to obtain them, many people have been asking me what is the best way to obtain these after the nerf to Alchemy? Well I have good news, there are two other ways to obtain them.

    Disenchanting PvP Gear
    This is a great to way get these pesky crystals. You can get two epics per week if you do hit your arena cap & do the daily BG a couple days a week. This is more of a "time is money" way to make gold but I find that doing 5 arena matches then a BG 3-4 times a week takes me roughly an 2 hours total per week.

    2 hours worth of work for something currently worth 5,000g? Sounds good to me. This is a decent way to obtain these crystals.

    Disenchanting The Engineer Helm
    This is probably one of the better ways to obtain  Maelstrom Crystals, though it does require a lot of things for it to happen. First you need maxed Engineering and Enchanting on the same character, then you need to be 85 and eligible to run heroics for chaos orbs. 

    The material cost to craft one helm is roughly 1300g plus the chaos orb, Maelstrom Crystals are currently selling for 3,000g per on my server, so it's still an awesome profit margin. The great thing about this is that you're able to craft as many as you want and you're not limited to X per week, though there is the limitation of the chaos orb.

    I have 12 orbs on my engineer right now from running heroics , he's currently an alchemist but I'm seriously thinking of dropping that and putting enchanting on him again.

    Why do I want Maelstrom Crystals?

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    How would you make gold if you had limited play time?

    Pass the twinkies, beer and arctic fur coasters, it's time for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival! Come one come all, Markco the gold guru with the most commonly misspelled name of all warcraft legends has gathered together quite a collection of wow gold articles from across the Azerothean blogosphere! We have everyone from gold aficionados to common players all mixed together into a smorgasbord of information. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the vast range of topics and cataclysm gold lovin' goodness. Feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to comment on articles you enjoyed reading. Also let the author know that you found their link via my site to promote collaboration among bloggers. That's the goal of a blogging carnival after all, besides providing excellent content.

    This month's carnival is brought to you by Level85Guides, written and filmed by the original Wow Head CEO, Tim Sullivan. If you want to learn how to level as quickly as possible to 85 following video walkthroughs made by pro players, then this is the guide for you. Tim is a die-hard wow gamer and he has assured me that he will update the guide on a daily basis.

    Be sure to check out past carnivals and give feedback in the comments on what you'd like the next carnival to be about. If you are a gold blogger and looking for additional ways to generate traffic for your site between carnivals then take a look at Traffic Blogger.

    How would you make gold if you had limited play time?

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    Cataclysm Gem Market Too Crowded?

    Why not try the other gem markets? *Scratches head* Other gem markets? What are you talking about Mageshadow... Why not try selling the Wrath Of The Lich King and Outland gems instead of those heavily camped and undercut Cataclysm gems?

    I've had my jewelcrafter around since Wrath so he has most of the major wrath gem cuts. I still have truckloads of saronite ore that I kept from stockpiling pre-Cataclysm's release. I've been prospecting the Saronite ore & I've been making a killing selling cut rare gems at 75-100g per! The gold to be made here is simply insane!

    I'll explain why these gems are a gold mine, you'd think that people would buy the cataclysm gems for their leveling alts but the fact is that they can't! Cataclysm gems have a ilvl 285 requirement thus they cannot be put on anything below Cataclysm gear! Isn't that simply beautiful? Blizzard created an excellent gold making opportunity and you better be taking advantage of it!

    What I've found is that the straight stat gems are selling the best, Agility, Intellect, Strength, Etc & I've also found that the occasional Haste and Spirit and other cuts sell once in a blue moon. One of the great things when selling wrath/bc gems is that the market is all yours to take! In the 5 weeks that I've done this I've encountered little to no competition. Another great thing is that the gems go in batches of 2's and 3's as most gear have either two or three slots

    You'd be surprised how much people are willing to pay to get their toons decked out so they can go smash other people in battlegrounds. Is your Cataclysm gem market too over camped? heavily undercut? Try the Wrath and Outland Gem market and you'll be amazed how much gold there is to be made here!

    Making Thousands Of Gold From 1 Daily Quest

    Image Credit:
    Jewelcrafting has been an excellent way to make gold in this expansion thus far, prospecting ore nets me thousands upon thousands of gold, and I have been making even more gold by doing one small little trick.

    This little trick is that I wait for the Jewelcrafting daily to come up that requires gems cut, once I see that the daily requires X gem I go to the AH and list them. Why? Why wait for the daily to require a gem? Because the demand for X gem will be insane. Sure you can sell Nightstones, Zephrydites, & Jaspars when it's not the daily but I find when the daily does require one of the three gems, prices go up, and they stay up for most of the day.

    I've sold as many as 150 Nightstones in one day at 45-60g/per gem. One of the great things is that the quest requires three gems instead of one or two, thus people buy them in packs of three. I've also barked in trade some offering to sell gems 5% cheaper than the current AH prices and you'd be surprised at the amount of people who will take up this deal.

    Another thing I found is that I can leave up my gems for 24 hours and they will all sell, even if I get undercut minutes or hours later, my gems still sell. Why? Because there is such a high demand for these gems and no one has enough supply to post, so my gems will be eventually be the lowest priced gem at the Auction House.

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