Profiting Off Leatherworking Bracers

I got an interesting e-mail yesterday that pointed out something that I think you guys should note, especially the leatherworkers out there. Read the e-mail below:

" Hey Markco & Mageshadow,

Just thought I'd give you a shout.. I know LW isn't a traditional heavy-hitter in the gold making business, but I just got started and already had a max level LW.

Here's a quick tip.. Hunters have almost no good Rare bracers options, and with ilvl 346 requirements for the new dungeons, they're definitely selling extremely well on my server. Roughly 300g to craft and selling for 800-1200g. Don't know if it is only a trend on my server or not, but I thought I'd pass it along. "

- Matt

An excellent tip. Like Matt said, hunters don't have many good starting bracer items, there are only a couple and they're very hard to obtain. With the recently release of the new ZA & ZG heroics people will want to "boost" their Ilvl as high as possible and since there isn't a real boost for Hunters... they resort to using the ilvl 346 leatherworking bracers ( Bloodied Wyrmhide BracersBloodied Leather Bracers & Bloodied Dragonscale Bracers - ilvl 339 ). Thanks for excellent tip Matt!

Do you know of any other items that sell well because they isn't good pre-raid gear? If So what items? Drop a comment below!

JMTC Meeting & JMTC Blogging Carnival

Well folks, I just wanted to get this post out there. Tonight's JMTC weekly meeting is cancelled. I sadly won't be able to make it again due to a family illness. I'm going up north ( To my mothers home ) and I won't be back until Sunday-ish. I apologize for not being able to attend the last two meetings, but family comes first. If you guys still want to drop by the Teamspeak and chat with others users you're welcome to, but most likely there won't be many people there & I don't expect the gold gurus to show up ( they might, who knows ). I'll leave the TS server info below in any case.

Teamspeak Server Info:
Port: 9987

Also, to you bloggers out there don't forget about the JMTC blogging carnival - The topic was posted a couple weeks back and the blogging carnival was also updated at the same time. You've got three or four days to write up your post if you wish to participate. The topic for this blogging carnival is " What will you do once you reach the gold cap? How would you spend it? ". Read on what I would do with my million gold at this link.

Well that's all folks, have a great weekend and I hope all of you stay safe out there!

One Of My Favorite Niche Items To Sell

If you guys should know something about me it's that I simply love niche markets, they're great ways to make gold and almost every single item/market always has great profit margins and generally low competition. I've been selling this item since the start of Wrath; ever since I found out about it. It's a great item that sells well at the auction house when it's barked for and it is crafted by inscription. Can you guess what the item is? It's not Mysterious Fortune cards.

I'll give you another hint, the recipe is BOP and requires a couple minutes of farming to obtain. It can be obtained by killing level 73-74 mobs. Still doesn't ring a bell?

Well if you haven't figured it out already, the item is Rituals of the New Moon. That's right that old offhand tome that's from wrath. This item peaked during wrath but I'm sure ( in fact I know ) most people forgot that this item even exists, that's what is so great about this item there is little to no competition.

I can craft these items for dirt cheap using old materials that I've got stockpiled from Wrath. I've got truckloads of herbs that are simply sitting there and on top of that I've also got thousands of Ink of the Sea just sitting around. I manage to sell these at 150-200g and they often sell after I bark in trade. "Barking" is basically advertising to those of you who don't know the meaning.

If you're looking for more info/tips on this item check out this old forum threads that dates back to Wrath times: The Wonder that is Rituals of New Moon. It's got great content and ways to market this item as well as just awesome information that you should read before trying to actively market this item.

If you're looking for a nice niche market that has great profit margins then go ahead and give this item a try.

How did your patch 4.1 go? I made 63k.

Yep that's right. I made 35k in a matter of a couple hours yesterday. How? I was prepared and I managed to pull another awesome 28k today as well. I knew what the patch was bringing but did you? were you prepared? I'm going to tell you how and what items I sold to pull in an absurd average of 31k/day in the past two days.

The most profitable market for me has been cut gems, especially Inferno rubies. Wow these things are a gold mine. I sell them 130-150g per and they sell in batches. These new heroics really upped the demand for cut gems and I sure was ready for it. I've pulled in 40% of my "profit" in the past two days from gems - that's right 25k from gems in two days.

My next most profitable items were enchants & leg enchants/spellthreads. Both of these sold extremely well due to the demand for them because of the new heroics. I'm completely out of tailoring materials as of right now because I simply didn't expect the demand to be this high. I've pulled in 25% of my "profit" in the past two days from these puppies. I expect the demand to keep up for another week or so, when people will have already farmed their desired gear and the demand will slowly but surely plummet.

There's still 35% left mageshadow, whered that last chunk of gold come from? I'd have to say Glyphs, Pets and other miscellaneous items such as chocolate cookies & volatiles. The biggest chunks would have to be glyphs and volatiles. The new glyph of frost armor has been selling exceptionally well. If you don't have it already - it's learned through northrend research. Volatiles are also selling well, especially fire volatiles.

I also found that vendor pets are selling exceptionally well. I had a small supply of vendor pets and I actually had to go out and buy more from the multiple places that you can acquire them from. So if you're looking for easy gold try selling some vendor pets.

Last but not least, I checked the Cataclysm rare spawns... and found none. If I see the mount on the AH for under 15-20k I'll buy it and most likely flip it. It's a nice niche item that can be flipped/sold for great profit. Remember when the Sandstone drake first reached people on your server? It was going for 75, 90, and at time 100k+. People will pay to be one of the firsts to own such mounts, trust me.

Well that's what I did to pull in roughly 63,000g in two days, what have you done? How much have you made? What items do you find are selling well? Drop a comment below!

Patch 4.1.0 Gold Tips

Dun Dun Dun!

The wow gold guide has seen one of its largest updates yet, with over five pages of content added by none other than Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice. For current gold guide members, now is a good time to go check out the new chapter on Patch 4.1.0 gold tips. Afterwards, and if you haven't done so yet, you should take a look at Alto's blog as well as his gold making mini-guide which is actually an excellent complimentary guide to 20k Leveling.

Alto Who?

So who is Alto and why should he be updating the content of 20k Leveling for patch 4.1.0? First off, Alto is a millionaire in wow, and the speed at which he has learned his craft has been impressive to say the least. He has mastered every profession and created systems with addons that make him a pro at all aspects of making gold in wow. What I like most about Alto, and the reason I decided to ask him to be the primary updater for 20k Leveling, is the way he has taken my methods and improved upon them in his own unique way. You can see in his writing on his blog where my previous writings have influenced him, but over time he has also come to develop his own unique voice and system for making gold in wow.

I am very excited to have Alto on the team here at Just My Two Copper and will be looking forward to having him make additional updates to 20k leveling with new patches and any upcoming changes to the auction house, along with my own additions to the guide.

Patch 4.1.0 Updates

Check out the new 20k Leveling updates for Patch 4.0.1! If you aren't a member yet, consider becoming one and using the promo code "JMTC" to get 10% off your order (enter it into the little white box with the word 'code' on it on the 20k Leveling home page).

Warning: 20k Leveling is a gold guide, not a leveling guide. Although it will help you to make a ridiculous amount of gold from 1-85 and then onward with multiple professions at level 85, it is not meant to show you the fastest possible routes to level with. If you want a leveling guide I would suggest looking into X-Elerated or Zygor.

Patch 4.1 Preparation

Well this is it folks! 4.1 will be tomorrow according to a handful of trusted sources ( no, mmochamp isn't one them ). By the time you read this post I'm sure the US servers will be down so this post will for the most part be a "check up" to see if you're prepared.

First of all - did you stockpile the top 5 best items to stockpile for patch 4.1? At least some of it? No? well when you log on you'll still have an hour or two before things start to go crazy on you, so if you haven't stockpile anything check the prices and see if you can buy anything cheap/worth flipping.

Last week I also did a mini guide on what you should be doing to prepare for the patch. Have you saved up some JP/Honor? Run on over to the vendor and buy some maelstrom crystals with that and sell them ASAP! You'll be able to make some quick bucks if you're the first to post! Have you parked some alts at the location of the cataclysm rare spawns? No? Better go check on them, especially poseidus as he'll give you the chance to drop a BOE Epic mount which can be ah'ed for thousands of gold!

Do you see any cheap elementium geodes at the auction house? Buy them and flip them! 4.1 brings new achievements as far as pets go and those who don't already have this pet will be willing to buy this pet for a little above it's normal price.

Also, don't forget to check out the JMTC blogroll, there are tons of other blogs that are putting out tips and tricks on how to make gold with patch 4.1.

I hope you guys are prepared for this patch! If you did you could make THOUSANDS of gold selling enchants, pets, gems, spellthreads, volatile and any other item that would be worth stockpiling. If you haven't, hurry! be the first to log onto the servers and buy whatever materials you can while they're still cheap! You've still got a small window of opportunity!

JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Alright folks, I'm sorry for the long delay but here is the recording of last weeks meeting. I had some small issues obtaining, so I apologize for the wait. I won't keep you guys waiting anymore, use the stream below to listen to it instantly or you can download it from Rapidshare if you want to listen to it on the go

Timestamps are credited to Prncesspwn ( as well as the recording of the meeting! ) so really, thank her for running last weeks meeting.

Note: They might a little off as Teamspeak cuts out large audio gaps where no one is talking which results in the audio & timestamps not being exactly in sync, this is not prncess's fault! It's Teamspeaks :P

0:00- Intros
0:04- Pyrite ore prices
0:07- start a partnership in wow
0:09- Any hidden niche market
0:13- Getting into glyph market
0:15- Finding a supplier
0:17- Stockpiling dreamcloth
0:19- PVP gear
0:25- Mobile guild chat
0:30- Enchanting scrolls
0:32- Profession kits
0:33- Upgrading DMF trinkets
0:36- Any point in lvling a JC past lvl 75
0:40- What to do with a stockpile of herbs
0:46- More enchanting scrolls
1:00- Patch should be tuesday
1:05- Blue gems
1:07- New glyph coming out
1:12- Blue gems cuts
1:20- Outro

Patch 4.1 Gold Tips Coming Soon

Recent Email...

"Hi Marko,

A while ago I sent a rather large rambling praise filled email about your wow gold guide and my (then) new membership.  Well, get a drink and a comfy chair because now you are getting a detailed feedback, and (I hope) an ego boost to make your Thursday awesome.

Ok, the site is very digestible in it's chapter lesson plan based format.  This is great for people like myself that are information dyslexic (not a real condition, just scatterbrained). The other nice part is you are not restraining your client base to only do one part at a time. All great things.  I am an audio based learner, so your audio commentary only helps to cement the knowledge.

Now for my minor critiques, the video/sound quality on the tsm video is a bit low.  I'd wish for an HD version to be able to see your settings, or perhaps just a post of screenshots or simply a printout of your choices for settings.  I know it's subject to economy, but a launching point for the uninitiated would be great so we can model after one of the best wow Donald trumps out there.(you, duh. ;) ). Anyway, that is pretty much in ways of nitpicks.  Would love an import of your group breakdowns though, but not sure how much of a pain that is for you to post.

Now, all that negativity aside.  I have to say OMFGWTFBBQ, I am loving this guide.  I started the vendor search for a week and amassed seeding funds to finish off my engineering leveling, made him a skinner as well. So volatile airs abound, and electrified ethers amaze.  But beyond that, I took the tsm addon and used what I gleamed from you and compiled that with ages other gold blogs' info and now have practically automated my bankroll in the glyph, AH posting, and toon mailing departments.  I have never felt a synergy like this among my toons before.  Love that a lot.  As of this writing, I have not only broken through my fear of spending money to make money, but I have broken through my psychological gold limit.  I am now sitting at 9.7k in bank, with 11k in assets on top of that.  At most, I used to do 4 or 5 auctions at a time.  Now I have over 250 going on.  I have been able to focus on finishing up leveling some of my "forgotten" toons, and I am jazzed to get them into my gold making schemes.

Now I am sure that you are swamped with many emails daily, and I apologize if this one finds you annoyed with yet another long email to read, but I can't help but gush about you and your sites.  Thank you very much for providing (for those brave enough to take that first step) a concise "for dummies" approach.

In closing, as summer comes and my non wow life becomes more relaxing (don't ever adopt 5 kids, your days are filled with stress, and gaming is my stress releaser), I am planning on releasing a site for aging gamers such as myself (35 yrs old) to address in weekly blog format understanding of what it's like to be an older gamer and a father of budding gamers.  Mostly I want to touch on philosophies for a zen gaming life and how to apply multiple methodologies to a gamer who is stressed with life and is taking it out in-game.  My wife calls it a vanity project to further develop my lust for writing.  But anyway, I tell you this as I will most definitely address WoW in some posts and will provide a portal to influential blogs that I have personally found beneficial.  Yours and your accompanying paid guide will beheld in high praise with an affiliate link provided.

My hope is to touch, at least, one person's gaming experience and make it better.  But if I can show them the way to your site and product, all the better and I hope they (the hopeful future viewership) embrace your guide.

Well, I have gone on long enough, and my focus is probably losing it's edge by this writing's end.  I wish you well, and hope that you are having a great day.  If you are not having the best Thursday ever, then I hope you are having the best thursday this week. Lol

With best and sincere regards,


You're Welcome!

Thank you for the email Daichiko, you and many others have found the new guide format to be both easy to digest and even easier to put to use. I am very happy for your continued success and innovative use of the guide. I'd also like to reveal to you the awesome news that I found someone who can go into the guide and make further updates for patch 4.1. I'll be releasing the name of the person once the update is ready to be published. Until then, happy gaming!

Your Gold Tips

If you personally have any ideas about the up and coming patch 4.1, including speculation, please feel free to comment about your ideas.

Stratholme Lilies and You

Have you ever heard of this item? have you ever seen it at the auction house? My best guess is that you haven't, why? Because this item is simply rare. It's not hard to obtain but not many people know where to obtain it. It's relatively easy and by snagging yourself 4-5 of them you'll be able to make some nice profit at the auction house.

First and foremost I'll tell you where you're able to obtain Stratholme Lilies. You can buy them from Sophie Aaren in The Culling of Stratholme. That's right an old Wrath of The lich King dungeon. You have to go back there, but trust me it's well worth it.

First and foremost you can get here easily by getting a portal to Dalaran then taking the portal to Tanaris. Proceed to take the dragon outside the cave down into it's depths. From there locate The Culling of Stratholme. Now once you're inside you don't have to start any of the events simply run in, locate the NPC. To find her shop simply enter the city and keep right till you reach Festival Lane. You have to buy the lillies before the event starts so don't start it!!

One of the best parts is that Sophies not only sells Stratholme Lilies, but a whole bunch of other flowers which I will list below:
  • Beautiful Wildflowers
  • Black Rose
  • Bouquet of Black Roses
  • Bouquet of White Roses
  • Simple Wildflowers
  • Red Rose
    Now since literally no one will have these flowers at the AH you'll be able to name your own price. I typically sell the lilies at 200g/per, that's 180g profit per lilies. I simply love utilizing this strategy because I also get the other flowers which I listed above. They don't yield as much profit as the lilies, but profit is good nonetheless.

    What are you waiting for? Go snag yourself some lilies and make some easy profit at the AH!

    P.S. I promise the recording of friday's meeting will be up today, I'm having some issues with it, I'm really sorry guys :(

    Do you have too many Justice Points?

    I've personally had my justice points at a cap for roughly a week now, just waiting for 4.1 to drop so I can snag some maelstroms, but in the meantime I'm still earning more JP and I don't want them to go to waste so I looked around and thought of things I could buy with my JP that would be worthwhile.

    I gave it some good thought before I came up with the idea of turning in some of my JP for primordial saronites. You read correct, that old crappy stuff that still goes for 100-200g at the AH still sells constantly. I've managed to snag 10 in the past week or so and I've sold them all for about 150g per.

    Check out this graph that outlines the prices of primordial saronite across all US realms:

    On some servers the price for primordial saronites are well above 200g, and sometimes as high as 4-500g. There is still a slight demand for this item as you need a ton to build the legendary item Shadowmourne. I personally know of six guilds on my realm that are currently trying to obtain this legendary and they buy the primordials off the AH whenever they can.

    So if you have some spare JP or you're JP is capped, spend some on primordials to make sure that your daily heroic isn't wasted.

    P.S. A recording of last nights meeting will be posted later today as me/we're having some issues with it. Check back later today. Sorry folks!

    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

    Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

    Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

    The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

    To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

    We'll hopefully have a special guest come during the meeting, I'm sure you'll guys like/know him :)

    Teamspeak Server Information:

    Port: 9987

    Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

    Sadly, I will not be able to make it to tonight's meeting, but there will be other gold gurus/professional there to assist you. Sorry guys and gals!

    The Art of Underminin'

    Most of you have heard that I/other people manage to pick up rare recipes worth thousands of gold for very little/cheap and then we proceed to flip them at the auction house. Personally I call this method The Art of Underminin. Why? It's simply an art.

    What you need to do in order to accomplish this is to set up a undermine journal account and set up notifications. This is what will notify you when there is a rare pattern at the AH listed for under the price that you set it to. ( Ex. A schematic is listed at 500g which is below your 1,000g threshold ). Once you've got this set up make sure you check your e-mail frequently to see if any "snatches" come up. That's basically the art of underminin'.

    You'll most likely be asking, but mage where can I get a list of what items are rare and which are not? The Consortium forums has an epic mega thread that's called: Items you should have on your Snatch list. There are hundreds of items within that thread which are valued at 5,000g+ but can be picked up for as little as 100g. Calianna also just recently added a new thread that adds even more recipes that you can set up notifications for, the thread is named Raid Recipes - Supplemental Snatch List.

    You could potentially make hundreds of thousands of gold utilizing this strategy. It's a very low risk with very, very high rewards. The best part? It's not time consuming and if you pair up the notifications with the remote auction house tool you'll be able to snatch things when you're not even near your computer!

    If you have no idea what the undermine journal is, check out these past posts, they have all the information that you need in order to get started.

    I'll even go a step FURTHER and direct you to this awesome thread over at the Consortium Forums: Need a TUJ Snatch List? Here You Go. TUJ just recently implemented a way that you can import others ( or your own ) snatch list. The thread linked above will allow you to set up notifications with only a handful of clicks instead of doing everything manually. You honestly have no excuse to not be using The Undermine Journal and it's awesome notifications system.

    Why you should be doing your Outlands Fishing Daily

    I simply love doing the outlands fishign daily, it's one of my secret tips that I've kept to myself for a very long time. I'm sure some/most of you have done at least the stormwind fishing daily once or twice, the bag that you receive give you mediocre rewards at best, while the outlands fishing daily bag has a chance to contain a ton of valuable items & even four different pets.

    There are a total of four different quests that you can obtain from , they are Bait Bandits, Felblood Fillet, Shrimpin' Ain't Easy & The One That Got Away. They're all extremely easy to do and require roughly 5-10 mins to complete.

    First and foremost, I'll list the four pieces of level 1 clothing that can be sold at the AH for insane prices:

    • Antique Silver Cufflinks
    • Gold Wedding Band
    • Noble's Monocle
    • Ornate Drinking Stein 
    The stein can and has reached up to 1500g on my server ( I've sold two of them in the past for 1250g/ea ), the others can be sold at the auction house anywhere from 100-250g per. It's simply great gold if you manage to obtain one of these from the bag that you receive from doing the dailies.

    On top of the four mentioned items, you also have a chance at obtaining greys which can vendor up to 25g. If that's not enough, you also have a chance at an epic level 70 ring named The 2 Ring. This thing is semi-rare and is worth a small fortune. I've gotten one in the past and managed to sell it for 2500g after a week or so of listing it at the auction house.

    Now, if that's not enough to convince you, there is also the chance at obtaining four pets. They're all the same type of a pet ( a small crocodile ) but each pet has their own coloring/shading. They're great if you're going for the pet achievements. With 4.1 is bringing the 100 & 125 pet achievements you'll want to do this daily if you don't have these pets yet.

    What are you waiting for? You're only 5 minutes away from a possible 2,500g, get out there are do these quests!

    Rift Supremacy: Guardian and Defiant Leveling Guide Review

    A Rift in Readership?

    Hey guys, it's Markco again! Today I have something that is a little off key but it is a review that I feel needs to be done for this audience. Every single day I see people leaving wow for rift, in fact, over the course of the past three weeks over two hundred subscribers have unsubscribed and left a note similar to "Quit Wow for Rift." You may remember how prior to the release of Rift, JMTC was growing at an incredible rate and to be honest the rate of new subscribers has not changed at all, but the number of people unsubscribing for rift has taken its toll on our growth here.

    Since so many of you have either left wow, will leave wow or are going to play both wow and rift, I decided to get in touch with one of the few online marketers I actually trust and asked him to develop a Rift leveling guide. It is incredible the number of dishonest guide authors out there who prey on new players in order to make some money. If only these marketers put some time and effort into their products then they would really be successful without having to rely on the uninformed members of a community. This is why I have entrusted Chris to write, record and manage a new Rift guide called Rift Supremacy.

    Rift Supremacy Review

    Many of you have purchased and enjoyed my own guide for making gold in wow known as 20k Leveling and it probably blew the pants off any other guide you ever purchased online previously (FYI: A large number of updates to 20k leveling are coming after 4.1). There were videos, written walkthroughs,  images, audio commentary and a free membership for all updates. Rift Supremacy will include all of these and much more as Chris continues to update it on a sometimes daily basis. Since so many of you enjoyed the video guides in 20k leveling, I have asked Chris to make the majority of his guide video based as well. That being said, you can still get all the videos in written walkthrough form should you prefer to read instead of watch them.

    So far Chris has added complete video walkthroughs for the Guardian Leveling Guide and Defiant Leveling Guide, and he has ambitions to add a platinum (gold) guide as well. Needless to say, this is definitely a guide you're going to want to buy now before he starts realizing just how valuable it really is (just like I did with 20k Leveling). What's more, the earlier you buy this guide the more valuable it will be to you as he consistently adds value over time through updates.

    Click the image below or here for the Rift Supremacy Leveling Guide.

    Have you noticed a large number of friends or guildies leaving for Rift or at least trying it out? What has your experience been with Rift, if any?

    Break Into A New Market

    People always ask me, Hey mageshadow this strategy isn't working for me, is there anything else I can try to make gold? Why of course, there are hundreds of other ways that you can make gold but I'm going to go ahead and give you most personal tips that I just recently started.

    It all started out while I was just browsing twitter, when I got a tweet from Markco which really caught my attention, this is what it read:

    • @Mageshadow might want to share this with your followers: - April 11, 2011
    I looked into it and the link was to a wowhead page that showed multiple outfits that level 1 bankers can use, so i thought.. well if they use it, surely they have to buy it from the auction house. I quickly started looking up some of the items, monacles, tuxedos, ruby shades, gowns, robes, you name it and after a while I had a nice list of what I could snag/craft and sell at the auction house.

    Since then, I've made thousands of gold in about a weeks time. Man you have no idea how little competition there is in this market and how high the profit margins can be. Seriously, go to the above link and check out a couple items on the list - wowhead them and find their locations, then go snag some and list them at the auction house. You'll be making hundreds of gold before you know it, the best part is that most of the items on that list are either vendor bought or can be snagged for cheap and then flipped.

    I'll get you guys started on what I found some of the best selling items at the auction house:

    Click to Continue Reading...

    Why you should reset your data

    You should reset the data of your addons once in a while. Why? Things get outdated, their prices change and after a while you'll look at a tooltip and see that obsidium ore's price is 90g per stack, when it's going for 40-50g/per at the auction house. New expansions, patches and other things affect the price of things and if you're running of scans are are 3 months old, or even go as far back to Cataclysm release, you're most likely running on data that's not accurate.

    You'll want to reset your addons, and you can either do so by uninstalling and reinstalling the addon, that would be simplest and most effective way. If you're looking to reset one of the most common addons, auctioneer, use the following command in-game to reset it.

    • /auc cleardata ALL
    I've been asked a million times if X person should reset your data, chances are if you're asking me or asking the forums if you should, then you probably should. Getting rid of old data is actually helpful, if you scan for about a week or so after resetting your addons data you're going to get accurate and up to date prices on items that otherwise would be inaccurate and could otherwise lose you thousands of gold if you buy them for much more than what their real price is.

    If you don't have any data, start scanning! It's a great way to obtain the price of items instead of running to the Ah and looking for said items. Additionally, if you notice that some items are priced below normal, buy them out and flip them! I learned a couple things from Markco myself, and one of those was to buy low and sell normal,  and this strategy works! I couldn't of have done it if I didn't know the price of said item I was flipping.

    I simply cannot stress how important it is to have accurate, up to date data in your addons. What are your thoughts on resetting your addon info once every 3-4 months?

    Making Gold Like A Pro At Level 5

    Personally I think making gold at low levels is rather hard and tougher than at cap, but there are a couple methods that you can use to make gold like you're 85. It doesn't require much time either, it's rather simple and easy and the time spend making gold is minimal once you've got everything set up correctly.

    What you're going to be doing is grabbing inscription and putting it on any alt, even if it's a level 5. Next, level inscription to 75, at this point you'll have access to the minor inscription research which will allow you to learn one new recipe every day. Craft the most profitable glyphs everyday and list them at the auction house, alsso do your research everyday until you have all of the minor glyphs. There is a total of 64 minor glyphs that can be learned.

    The best part is that you're spending little to no gold crafting glyphs. If you have 25g, you could buy a couple stacks of herbs, mill them, craft inks, then craft the best selling glyphs at the auction house. You'll be turning that initial 25g investment into 100g+ in a matter of seconds.

    If you haven't heard about it already, pair this up with TradeSkill Master and you'll be crafting, posting & cancelling with minimal time spent. There are a ton of guides out there that will teach you how to properly set up this addon if you've never heard of it. It does take up some time to set up, but once it's set up you'll be saving yourself from hours upon hours of time, trust me.

    All in all, this is one of my favorite ways to make gold on my alts that on a different server than my main, especially once I learn most of the glyphs - it gives me access to a more diverse market that I can profit from.

    Preparing for Patch 4.1 - Coming Soon™

    Well guys, the PTR has been updated with a release candidate build, what exactly does this mean? We can expect patch 4.1 as early as next week tuesday, now this isn't official yet but it's a very educated guess.

    Now, don't panic, you still have a day or two to get prepared for the patch, I'll do a short outline on what things you need to do in order to prepare for patch 4..

    • If you still have obsidium/uncommon gems, get rid of them. Markets will be unstable for a least a couple days, if not a week or two.
    • Go into ZA and farm whatever you need/want in there, especially if you're an enchanter, snag yourself the executioner enchant.
    • Get ready for pet demand - there are new achievements coming out with patch 4.1, so pets will be in heavy demand, craft engineer, snag vendor pets and get ready to sell in unusual quantities for at least a week or so. Also, if you have time, park alts at nest locations for free/easy gold.
    • Stock Volatiles If possible - stay away from volatile life though, as they'll most likely crash due to botters going over to herbs. 
    • Get ready for gem demand - new gear from heroics = people need gems, static stats will sell best.
    • Get ready for enchanting scrolls demand, again, new gear from heroics will increase the demand for enchanting scrolls. Check the loot tables for ZA/ZG to find which enchants to craft.
    • Craft any other type of craftables that will be in demand due to new gear from ZA/ZG, namely belt buckles, spellthreads, leg armors and such. Have a good/hefty stockpile for at least the first we days/week.
    • Save up honor/justice points and turn in ASAP for Maelstorm Crystals and sell for normal prices I.E. before they crash to oblivion.
    • Park alts at locations of Cataclysm Zone Rare Elites and camp their spawn/check every so often. Their loot tables got updated, and can now drop epics & even a BOE mounts.
    I do believe that's all, have I missed something? If so, drop a comment below!

    That's a pretty hefty list if you ask me, so why don't you get to it and start to prepare for patch 4.1? You've got roughly 48 hours before the patch hits ( hopefully ) so what are you waiting for?

    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

    Howdy guys and girls, last night we had another fantastic meeting. A wide variety of topics were discussed during the meetings, and I'm really happy with the outcome. I've decided to stop using podomatic since someone gave me access to their hosting, so I'll be using that from now on, now don't worry you'll still get your stream, it'll just be a little different.

    Do not that I had to leave the meeting early due to a small emergency ( non related to my sister as prncesspwn said during the meeting ) no harm done though the crew & especially prncesspwn kept the show running while I was gone. She also did the timestamps, so be sure to thank her for the hard work!

    To those of you who wish to download the meeting instead, follow this link to find yourself a multiupload link. Hope you enjoy it!

    0:05 - How to prepare for 4.1- What should you stockpile and unload?
    0:14 - Books of glyph Mastery
    0:16 - Executioner Enchant
    0:18 - Making gold on a new server with no help
    0:21 - How often do we all Spend making gold?
    0:24 - Can engineering make you money?
    0:26 - Any definite news on pyrite ore containing epic gems
    0:27 - Can you be too aggressive in markets?
    0:29 - Do you dress up your bank toons? Is there a market for vanity items?
    0:30 - Green gems after patch
    0:35 - Moving 1500 mysterious fortune cards
    0:40 - Quanity of ore on AH
    0:42 - Top 5 vendor recipes to sell on AH
    0:48 - What to do with rare gems0
    0:52 - What to focus on when you have all professions
    0:54 - Do old-world items still sell?
    0:59 - Selling low-lvl greens in cata
    1:01 - What to do with all of your pyrite?
    1:02 - What is the best server combo to make gold?
    1:11 - What the trend with gold on your server? Do people have it?
    1:15 - Will ZA/ZG kill off crafted epics profits?
    1:18 - Tanking a glyph market, does it work?
    1:25 - Inferno ink and cards
    1:31 - Making a lvling guild to benifit from the perks

    Contact Info:

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    The Best Location For Quality Gold Making Guides

    I'd like to point you in the right direction to a forum that contains high quality guides related to gold making, The Consortium Forum Quality Guides forum. If you haven't already checked out that section of the consortium forums ( or the whole forum ) go ahead and do yourself a favor and check it out, it's a section where only top-notch guides are placed at.

    There is a wide variety of guides ranging from limited supply vendor runs in Ironforge to Addon guides, Spreadsheets, and many more awesome guides. It's awesome as most of the guides tell you exactly where and what to do, some of them even have youtube videos incorporated in them.

    Check out some of these awesome guides:

    There are many other worthy guides worth of a read, but go ahead and check out those, they're awesome top-notch guides that shouldn't be pushed away.

    Also, be sure to check out the JMTC forums if you haven't already, there is tons of great information that should not be overlooked, especially if you're a young and aspiring gold making goblin.

    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

    Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

    Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

    The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

    To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

    We'll hopefully have a special guest come during the meeting, I'm sure you'll guys like/know him :)

    Teamspeak Server Information:

    Port: 9987

    Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

    Up-and-coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs #2

    Hello guys and gals! Welcome to another edition of Up & Coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs! This is something new that I'm starting at JMTC, every month or so I will do a post like this outlining the new gold making blogs that are out there and link you to them. I know most of you enjoy the stuff posted here at JMTC but we aren't the only ones posting quality content, there are TONS of other people who do the same thing I do, and I'm not going to lie; sometimes better. Any who, let's get started shall we? :)

    Xander's Gold Mine
    This is a bud of mines blog, you guys might recognize him from the friday night weekly Q&A Meetings, well if you don't know he's got his own blog with tons of great content. He's a frequent poster and recently re-designed his site to give it a more polished feel. Simply an A+ blog that's got some very interesting ideas. Check it out when you have the time, worth a read!

    Copper Silver Gold
    Another awesome blog which I just recently found. I love the way the site is designed ( I love a simplistic yet elegant look ). He's got simply great content and I love his writing style. The writer is a very out of the box thinker with very in-depth posts on said subjects. Overall a great blog to read if you have time, I read it whenever a new post is released! Best of luck to you, hope to see you 3 months down the road! ( Sorry I couldn't find your name! )

    Kuja's Gold Mine
    Another blog which I recently found/was told about. Kuja seems to focus on the hard hitting & big gold making methods. He's got excellent methods that will make you gold, either if you're a veteran or a newbie just starting out in the gold game. I really love reading his posts, they're detailed and entertaining, some of the titles grasp your attention and make you wonder oooh, what could it be? Again, if you have time, give this blog a read, you will not be disappointed.

    This blog has actually been around for quite a while, I'm not exactly sure but it's pre-cata for sure. The site has an excellent website design, very clean, cut and sleek. The content is the same; clean, organized and in-depth. Not a everyday poster, but still very much worth the read, I mean have you seen his awesome speculation post on epic gems? Overall, an awesome blog that you be read whenever you have the time to do so. Keep up the good Khaas! Hope you blog for a long time to come! :)

    To The Readers:
    This is a small sample of the many blog out there, most of them are good and provide great information, if you have the time leave a comment on their blog guys, they'll appreciate it, trust me. I know this because I appreciated it greatly when i was starting out at the Gnomish Coin. Taking 5 seconds of your time to tell someone, hey great job makes their day and it's not very hard.

    I wish all of you the best of luck, keep up the good work!

    A Great Item To Add To Your Snatch List

    This item can and will make you thousands of gold. It's very heavily in demand and can be bought out for absurdly cheap prices, because people don't know the true value for this item. It's been around for almost three years and now the demand for this item is higher than ever, especially since the supply is very, very low. One person will need roughly 60 of this item to stop needing said item, and people are willing to pay absurdly high prices for said item, as it will yield them thousands of gold over the span of several weeks.

    What could I be talking about? Is it profession related? Or is it just a vanity item? Why do you need 200 of them? What the hell is it, Mageshadow?

    Click to Continue Reading...

    Investing In Elementium Geodes

    Sterling over at the Consortium forums has made a very interesting post that I believe if you haven't read it already I suggest you go do so: Go Long on Elementium Geodes.

    To sum the post up, Sterling tells you to go out and buy those pesky elementium geodes that are sitting at the auction house for cheap and hold onto them to flip later down the road. Personally, I think this is a rather excellent tip, especially with the recent data-mined ( well it's on the PTR ) change to cut uncommon gems going from 9g to 75s.

    Botters could potentially swap over to herbs, leaving the ore market behind, along with this pet. Less supply for the pet means prices could potentially rise in the long run, thus creating an excellent gold making opportunity. Another thought: There are new pet achievements coming out in 4.1/4.2, creating a slight demand for pets, if pet collectors don't already have this guy you could see them buying them for more than they usually go for.

    If your server has lopsided population, you could try to sell these cross faction, it'll work especially well if you're on a very min/max server where one side is very little and contains very few/no botters.

    My suggestion would be to put these puppies on your snatch list ( or TUJ notification list ) and pick them up when they're rather cheap, then hold onto them for a bit, and sell for profit if possible, if not hold onto them some more and check back later.

    Addicted to Azeroth Podcast

    Well guys, the podcast that we've been talking about is finally out! Although I am not in the first episode of the podcast ( I will probably be in the next one ) I think the crew did a great job with the podcast, it feels rather nice and polished for a first episode.

    Please visit out blog to listen to the podcast - Addicted to Azeroth

    The podcast has and will be up on itunes very shortly, for the mean time, follow this link to listen/download the podcast. You can also search for us on Podbean at Addicted to Azeroth.

    If you have any suggestions/comments/questions feel free to e-mail us at, and please follow us on twitter @addictedazeroth, any and all feedback is always greatly appreciated!

    That's all folks, hope you guys enjoy listening to the podcast!

    What would you do if you reached the cap?

    I got an e-mail a couple days ago that really caught my attention, it was a suggestion for the next JMTC Blogging Carnival, read the e-mail below:

    " Hey Markco - Mogul here of wowmogul.  Can I suggest that a topic for a future carnival might be "What will you do with your million gold?". This topic would allow comment from bloggers who are chasing cap and hopefully get a few comments from already capped players.

    You could intro it with "Are you capped?  Do you going to be capped?  We want to know 'What will you do with your million gold'? This is a more fanciful topic but it could be fun. "


    Personally I think this is a great topic that bloggers can write about. I'm almost at 600k, what would I do with my million gold? Trading Card Game mounts for one, I've had my eye on a swift spectral tiger for a while, and a mottled drake & a riding turtle wouldn't hurt. I'd also probably buy a couple achievements/mounts that are obtained through raiding, mainly Invincible and Mimiron's head. I'd also probably hand out some gifts to my friends, mainly choppers and sandstone drakes.

    Bloggers, this is your next carnival topic: What will you do with your million gold?

    Readers, what would you do/ how would you spend 1 million gold if you had it? Would you buy anything in specific?

    Crusader Formula No Longer Obtainable

    Image Credit: WoW Enchanting Guide
    As some of you heard during yesterdays recording - the formula for enchant weapon crusader is no longer obtainable in game. The few mobs that dropped this formula have been removed from the game due to the shattering. 

    This creates a "glyph of mage armor" effect, where there are recipes still out there that were obtained pre-shattering that are going for low-normal price, when they should be listed for extremely high prices. If you see a crusader formula, instantly buy it out and flip it, those who really know what's going on will most likely be willing to pay top dollar for the formula.

    As far as the actual scrolls in game ( if you already have the enchant learned ), you can sort of create a monopoly and control the market as less and less people will have the actual enchant themselves. Crusader is a rather popular enchant for BOA's, so the demand is there it's just a matter of time before the supply won't be there due to the lack of people who learned the recipe before it was removed. My suggestion is to take advantage of the formula no longer being obtainable and try to control the market it shouldn't be too hard and it could potentially lead into huge profit margins.

    This has happened before as some of you may know ( glyph of mage armor ), where Blizzard removes something, perhaps by accident or whatever and insane profits can be made from the mistake. Take advantage and don't miss out on this opportunity, it won't ever happen again and it shouldn't be much longer before Blizzard fixes this issue.

    Sorry for the delay folks, blogger took a mind of it's own this morning and decided not to publish the scheduled post at 8:00am.

    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

    Another fantastic meeting in the books folks!! We had an awesome meeting, we even had a special guest: Euripides. All in all, I had fun and I hope you guys have fun listening to the meeting. I've also added a small " Mageshadow's special gold tip " to the meeting, it's a little segment where I tell you guys/give you a secret gold tip that's currently hot - it's near the end of the podcast so check it out!

    Note: To download the podcast, go to the link in the embedded player above, follow the link and at the very bottom there is a/the download option - or you can patiently wait until I upload the meeting to multiupload, it will be up before 1pm, I promise. Update: Here is the Multiupload link for those who wish to download it with ease

    0:00 - Intros
    0:02 - Green Gems Change
    0:09 - Rare gems
    0:13 - What is blizz thinking
    0:16 - Honor points
    0:20 - Bountiful Bags Perk
    0:23 - Rare gems again
    0:25 - Buyout price for obs/ele ore
    0:27 - Do you enjoy shuffle?
    0:30 - Good professions to fill empty slots with
    0:34 - Tailoring CD's/Dreamcloth
    0:35 - Volatiles & The Future
    0:40 - More gem talk
    0:43 - Schematic: Arcane Bomb
    0:45 - What other markets besides obsidium shuffle
    0:50 - Pets
    0:54 - What to do with 6k Volatile life
    0:55 - Transmuting ( Forum question )
    0:57 - Saronite bars ( Forum question )
    0:59 - Inscription bots
    1:02 - P.T.R 4.1 release? ( Forum Question )
    1:04 - Catharis' Pyrite ore stockpiling
    1:05 - Bot Talk
    1:10 - Neatherweave bags undercutting
    1:14 - Taking over markets
    1:15 - Mageshadow's Secret Gold Tip
    1:20 - DMF slowing down & Dense grinding stones
    1:25 - Outros

    You guys can thank Prncesspwn for the timestamps - she did the entire thing, shout-out to her & thanks again Prncesspwn! Do note - timestamps might be a little off due to some editing in the audio

    Contact Info:

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    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

    Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

    Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

    The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

    To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

    We'll hopefully have a special guest come during the meeting, I'm sure you'll guys like/know him :)

    Teamspeak Server Information:

    Port: 9987

    Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

    What it all means - JC Gem Vendor Change

    So yesterday's post brought up a lot of questions/issues with the vendor price being brought down to 75s per gem, and I'd like to exactly tell you what is going to happen with this change.

    For one, you're going to see a lot less people buy ore, due to the safety net of having a high floor price, thus ore will be in high supply but low-medium demand. People won't be buying as much as they have been in the past and with botters putting up thousands of thousands of stacks up at the auction house, the ore will eventually fall, I expect prices in the 15-20, maybe 25g/stack range, maybe even less.

    Next, you'll mostly likely see the enchanting materials rise. Why? No one will be doing the shuffle, thus leaving a gap in the market. There won't be a "good" way to obtain enchanting materials and the demand for them is still there, sadly the supply simply won't. It might be a good idea to stockpile some enchanting materials as they'll mostly likely rise a week or so after patch. One could disagree and say that they'll fall, but personally I think that people will at first be scared to go anywhere near Obsidium for at least a week or two until prices stabilize, thus again, creating a "gap" in the market - leaving it short of supply and normal/high in demand.

    Next, you're going to see materials drop a bit, namely metas and rare gems. Those who didn't vendor their gems before 4.1 will seek for a way to get rid of their gems instead of vendoring them for the obscene price of 75s per gem and they'll most likely transmute them into metas and rares to sell at the auction house. Even after the patch I expect both of these markets to be flooded - this will become the new "shuffle" and competition will be heavy.

    All in all, keep in mind that the information is indeed DATA MINED information, so one should approach this subject carefully until we have confirmation from blizzard that this change is in fact real. My suggestion to the one who are deep into the market: Get out of the market for now, you're better off being safe than sorry.

    One thing I want to ask you guys, with this change, could this lead/support the theory of a new ore coming in 4.1/4.2? Leave a comment below!

    Patch 4.1 & Jewelcrafting Gem Vendor Prices

    I just checked MMO-Champion and to my surprise there was something that was data-mined. It's a real shocker if it's true, read the change below.


    This changes the entire market, it brings Obsidium and Elementium floor prices way down - obsidium's new floor price will be 4.5g, down from 54g. If Blizzard does decide to go forward with this change the whole market will crash, the demand for obsidium and elementium will most likely crash due to no more demand, since there won't be a safety net anymore.

    Do keep in mind that this data-mined stuff, Blizzard hasn't stated that this is in fact a real change. Datamined things have been wrong in the past - remember when MMO-Champion datamiend that wrath epic gems had their cooldown removed? They were wrong and caused thousands of people to lose out on a lot of gold.

    My Suggestion? Get out, and get out now. You're better being safe and protected than being out 5,10, even 20,000g. While I don't expect the patch to hit anytime soon ( perhaps in 1-2 weeks ), I'd suggest that you get out of the market as soon as possible. Get to cutting those gems, prospecting that ore ASAP!

    The days of making gold from the obsidium shuffle are over, prices are crashing and if Blizzard decides to go ahead with this change, it will be the final nail to the coffin. It's a grim day for us WoW Gold makers, a grim day indeed.

    What are your thoughts? What do you think about the change? What will happen to the market?

    Primal Might & You

    This is one of my secret tips that I haven't shared with anyone. It's transmuting and selling Primal Might, this is one of my favorite ways to make gold, I can turn 150-200g into an easy 400g whenever I want.

    You'll need Burning Crusade materials to transmute this, namely primals. I can get all five primals for under 200g, and sometimes even less when I combine motes together to create one primal. Always check for the mote of said primal, who knows you might save yourself some gold.

    If you're an engineer, try farming your own primal air in Nagrand with your Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. You can reduce costs by farming your own primal air greatly. It's simple & easy.

    Primal Might is used in two main things:

    Both keep the demand for Primal Might there, and it always will be. Enchanters will always need the rod when leveling up, while alchemists need 4 ( CHA-CHING! ) Primal Mights to turn for the Transmutation Quest. I think the best part of this is that this transmutation doesn't have a cooldown! It's great, I can craft as many as I want, whenever I want. Generally I keep 4 up at the Auction House, this is because alchemists normally buy them in pairs of four.

    Furthermore, if you don't have the recipe go pick it up at Shattrah from Skreah, and be sure to snag a couple extra to list at the auction house to flip, extra gold never hurts!

    So check the market out, especially if cataclysm alchemy isn't doing so well on your server.

    Combating The Khorium Supply

    Khorium, I simply love this market, it's very lucrative and not many people are in it - why? Because Khorium is almost always in short supply and it's always in demand. Khorium is a very, very hard ore to farm nowadays. You won't see it posted it the auction house in bulk because it's simply that rare.

    How do we combat it's rarity? We to a source that can be camped - a source we can log in and check if it's there and then proceed to log out if it's not. We go to Qiff, a goblin located in Netherstorm. He's an engineer that can sell Khorium Power cores at the low price of 5g per core.

    I manage to sell these Khorium Power Cores for as much as 500g per core. The cores are needed to craft several items such as the epic engineer flying mount and field repair bot 110G, which are needed in order to craft Jeeves. The demand for these cores is there due to the lack of Khorium supply in the market.

    Qiff also sells other items that I buy, namely the Fel Iron Casings, Adamantite Frame, Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, and any smoke flares that he has. They can be flipped at the Auction house for a nice amount of gold, so don't hesitate to buy them if they're there.

    I have an alt camped at Qiff, he's also able to fly up to Dealer Rashaad and restock up vendor pets sold by him. It's a great way to net myself an easy 5-1,000g if I manage to snag the Power Core.

    An in all, if you have an alt that can be used to camp qiff - do so, you can net yourself an easy 3-500g for simply logging in, what more can you ask for?

    Alternative Jewelcrafting Market

    Yesterday I wrote on how you can think outside the box and make gold with tailoring. Well today I'd like to do the same but this time with Jewelcrafting. We all know how flooded the Obsidium shuffle market is - everyone is in the market and it's constant undercutting. Think outside the box and see what jewelcrafting has available at the lower levels, see what's profitable to craft and possible disenchant, or simply sell the crafted good at the auction house for a profit.

    Let's focus on something that I like to call the Thorium Shuffle. It's the same aspect as the obsidium shuffle - except to a lesser extent.

    • Buy Thorium when it's cheap
    • Smelt some into bars and craft Thorium Settings - Save them for the next step
    • Prospect the rest - you're mainly looking for 3 gems Huge Emeralds, Azethorian Diamonds & Blue Sapphires, also snatch Essence of undeath as it will be needed soon. If you do not wish to go on, you can list the gems at the AH for massive income - these gems are needed to level JC and they're always in demand
    • Craft Sapphire Pendant Of Winter Might, Glowing Thorium Band & Emerald Lion Rings - Then DE
    • Sell DE Mats or use for BOA enchants
     Alternatively, you can craft Enchanted Thorium Blades - these will yield you more essences. I'd craft 1/2 and 1/2 as you'd want a nice dispersion in your supply, you do not want to flood the market.

    I've been doing the above for about a year and half and I've always found it extremely profitable. If you do end up selling the gems, be wary as they tend to have some pretty big deposit costs at the Auction house, especially if you list them in stacks of 5's, 10's, & 20's.

    Again, this is an alternative, you don't have to it, but it's nice to rake in that extra income from a market that's rarely touched by many people as they're normally and typically busy with the " new and shiny Cataclysm recipes ". Personally, I found it a rather nice change to prospect thorium instead of Obsidium/Elementium every once in a while.

    Click to Continue Reading...

    Tailoring Unprofitable? Nonsense!

    Image Credit: Wow Gold Elite Guide
    Almost everyone says " Tailoring just isn't profitable ", well I'm going to prove you wrong. Tailoring is profitable you simply have to focus on a different market other than epics. On most servers epics are selling for below mat cost, this is due to constant undercutting and everyone doing the same thing over and over again. You need to expand and think outside the box.

    This is what will make you gold, thinking outside the box. Any who, If tailoring isn't profitable I want you guys to try this out.
    • Buy cheap Runecloth and craft runecloth headbands - Then disenchant them and sell the Illusion dust, Greater Eternal Essence and if you get any, Large Brilliant Shards.
    Runecloth is almost always found in bulk and for very cheap. This is a very simple strategy and can turn out to be extremely profitable. If you do not wish to sell the enchanting materials, use then to craft enchants ( 22 Int to Weapon, Spellpower, Healing Power, Mighty Spirit and others )

    Also look into crafting frostweave bags for gold. If you're able to pick up some cheap frostweave, you can make a killing making these bags. Another alternative is to farm your own cloth, but I don't suggest this. If you don't wish to craft frostweave bags, craft Wrath of the lich king greens and DE them, the wrath enchanting materials have skyrocketed to an all time high.

    Additionally, see if you're able to snag a rich purple silk recipe/pattern for fairly cheap. These shirts sell extremely well at the auction house and have great profit margins.

    Also as most of you know patch 4.1/4.2 is well on it's way, patch 4.2 brings a new raid and possibly new profession recipes ( Think TOC Recipes which are BOE ). One thing you can do is craft your Dreamcloth and stockpile it for 4.2, if new patterns/recipes do come out you'll be able to craft multiple epics and sell them at insane prices.

    Additionally, check out the Cataclysm Tailoring Gold Guide, it outlines a couple ways you can make gold with Tailoring.

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    Utilizing Your Alts - Camping Nests For Gold

    Pets have always been a great item to sell in WoW. Most of them have high markups which allow for huge profit margins, and the best thing is that people are willing to pay absurd prices for some pets. Vendor pets, Hatchling, Whelps, Oozes, you name it there is probably a pet for it.

    One thing I simply love doing is utilizing my alts, how? I park the at the location of the hacthling nests - which give me a chance of making an easy couple hundred gold if not more for simply logging in and checking if it's there. There are/is a total of 4 hatchling nests that can be "camped" - I will name them below and show you the possible spawn/locations of the nest below.

    Location: Un'Goro Crater

    Location: Wetlands - Inside a cave
    Location: Dustwallow Marsh
    Location: Northern Barens
    As you guys can see 2/4 of these can be camped with an alt that as low as level 20, the other two you'll need an alt around the 50's ( for Un'Goro ). This is a great way to make gold, all you have to do is log into your alt, check if the nest is there, if it is, grab it then log out and check back again a couple hours later.

    If you have a lot of alts, I suggest you give this a shot - the hatchlings can fetch a pretty penny at the Auction house, and they sell rather well on my server whenever I list them.

    Click to Continue Reading...

    JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

    Another fantastic meeting in the book folks! A ton of awesome questions were asked and to be quite frank some of them surprised me. I hope you guys enjoy the recording of the meeting as much as I did being there, you're welcome to drop by into the future meetings if you'd like, our/my arms are open to anyone who needs help making gold within WoW. Any who, you can find the streaming plugin below and you can find the download of the .mp3 here at Multiupload for those who wish to listen to it on the go.

    Unfortunetly I was not able to do timestamps last night, and I currently don't have time to do so, they will be added later on tonight - around 11 or 12pm EST so look forward to that. I've got a couple ideas planned out for these meeting to help improve them, if you have any suggestions you're welcome to drop a comment below and it will be taken into consideration :)

    Contact Info/Blogs

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    How do you make gold with low Capital?

    Pass the twinkies, beer and arctic fur coasters, it's time for the Wow Gold Blogging Carnival! Come one come all, Markco the gold guru with the most commonly misspelled name of all warcraft legends has gathered together quite a collection of wow gold articles from across the Azerothean blogosphere! We have everyone from gold aficionados to common players all mixed together into a smorgasbord of information. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the vast range of topics and cataclysm gold lovin' goodness. Feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to comment on articles you enjoyed reading. Also let the author know that you found their link via my site to promote collaboration among bloggers. That's the goal of a blogging carnival after all, besides providing excellent content.

    Be sure to check out past carnivals and give feedback in the comments on what you'd like the next carnival to be about. If you are a gold blogger and looking for additional ways to generate traffic for your site between carnivals then take a look at Traffic Blogger.

    Please do note - The recording of last nights meeting will be posted at 5PM Eastern Time Zone - This is to give the carnival the exposure it deserves & needs. Check back at 5PM for the Recording!

    How do you make gold with low Capital?

    Nerf Faids
    " This is definitely my favorite way to jumpstart gold making with a low amount of gold to invest. Not everyone can afford to dump thousands of gold into shuffling but pretty much anyone can afford a few vendor recipes for a couple silver each. Give it a shot, I think you may be pleased!" Or something else like that from the post.  I just feel the first paragraph isn't really inclusive of the topic. =]  Whatever works best for y'all though. "

    Bangkok Bill's World of Goldcraft

    " I think the answer really varies with the situation but the above subcategories should give enough variety in the answers that one of them should be able to get you gold quickly. So for the answers to the questions... How would I make gold if I had low capital and I was below level 85? " This is a pretty easy one. First download and install Gathermate2, and RecipeProfit (also don't forget to get the Gathermate 2 data).

    " I Mmt a player today via trade chat. Super nice guy. He was selling some Primals, which I buy whenever the price is right. They are great for flipping, can be useful in crafting and if nothing else can be turned into Primal Might which sells for around 325g per unit. Phuggly and I began chatting. ((and he gave permission to use his screen name)). Seems he was trying to raise gold for Cold Weather Flying. "

    The Gold Queen
    Farming has had a bad rep over the last few years. Usually because of gold sellers / hacks / botting, where you find a character repeating the same mind-numbing path in a high-profit zone picking up loot from mobs, killing and skinning creatures, or gathering ore and herbs.  Woah, back up a minute there, did you say ‘high profit’ ? There’s a clue to why they choose that spot to farm.  No capital is needed to go and simply lift gold off mobs bodies, rip the gold from them in the form in leather, or grab gold from ore or herb nodes.

    Loot Crazed
    " We all have to start somewhere and its not like the game just gives it to us. Ok so maybe it does after years of doing it but if your reading this you are most likely not a WoW Gold Millionaire. So here it is sit back, relax and read my blog post because it's what all the cool kids do these days. There is many ways that you can really make this happen but today I will be explaining my favorite and most lucrative way at a low level or even a maxed level character that just doesn't have the capital to really dive into the wider aspects of gold making. "

    Power Word: Gold
    " We will be buying Alliance-specific cooking recipes from Kendor Kabonka ("Master of Cooking Recipes") and selling them to the horde via the neutral or horde auction house. These recipes have very low vendor cost. Alliance players at any level can take advantage of this with little or no capital. Head to the Old Town area of Stormwind . You are looking for the Pig and Whistle Tavern. The tavern entrance is directly above the "O" in the words "Old Town" on the map. "

    Exploiting My Server
    " The single most foolproof way to get your business going is to go with a guarantee.  What I mean by this is go with something that you know 100% of the time you’re going to sell within a 24 hour period.  Go with the professions that you can do both at the same time. Herbalism and Mining!  Obviously if you’re starting out the easiest and most cost efficient professions you can have are Mining and Herbalism. They are 100% profit. "

    Xander's Gold Mine
    " Well this is right up my alley as I do have low capital which is my own fault because I’m always spending.  But I’m spending to make gold if I can’t make a profit off of it then I don’t buy it. On to the More important info. So how to make gold with low capital? Well there are a lot of things you can do to make gold with little gold. You just have to make smart investments and not dump all of your gold on one item and hope it sells. In some of my older posts I mentioned flipping vendor items for profit, flipping trade goods, The Obsidium Shuffle. "

    The Vayaz
    " You know that city, I’m sure of that. But do you like it, now that the portals are removed? Personally, I do like it very much. Not only is it a beautifully crafted city, but there also are various opportunities to make gold. For obvious reasons, most of them are usually uncovered: It’s really annoying to get there if you’re not a leveling character in Northrend. Today I want you to think about Dalaran, since you should be visiting it sometimes… more regularly if you happen to be a mage. So, what’s in it for you? "

    That's all for this month folks! An excellent set of submissions from the blogosphere, be sure to drop by and leave a comment or two on their blogs! Also be sure to check out the past JMTC Blogging Carnivals for even more great stuff to read!

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