Proper Planning, AKA: Diversification

I see emails all the time going to Mageshadow from distraught players who want to know how to diversify properly. Since this was sort of my forte back in my wow'ing days, I figured it would be best if I answered them.

More Methods

Diversification means that you sill spend your time on more than one thing in order to make gold. It doesn't necessarily imply that you use more than one profession, however, and a lot of players assume that's exactly what it has to mean.

More Terms

Another part of Diversification that is crucial to your success is having access to three other classifications of gold making methods: long, middle and short term. Having ten different ways that you can make gold in the next day is great and all, but it won't earn anywhere near as much gold as if you had 3 ways for today, 3 ways for the weekend and 3 ways for the month. So you can't just diversify within the short term, you need to also work all the other market cycles of wow to the fullest.

More Buying

Ok one last point about Diversification. Diversification means that you buy stuff, lots of stuff actually. It's not just about selling goods, which is what most people think of when they hear diversification in wow. Oh, so you want me to sell lots of things from all my professions available to me? Yes, of course, but you also need to buy all the materials necessary to open up those options for yourself. That means that you will need a plan for buying in the short, mid and long term.

Sounds complicated right? Well it isn't. More often than not, the number of different materials needed to diversify are not great, you simply need to buy lots of one critical item such as ore, cloth or herbs. Then you can allow the various professions you possess to do the rest of the diversification work.

More Tools

There are many tools out there to help you buy the critical materials as well as random items which sell great today, on the weekends or different times throughout the year. Think small eggs and wool cloth for Christmas. You can create a snatch list with auctioneer, and you can automate the selling of everything you possess in your "gold making portfolio" with TSM.

The world... of warcraft is an economist's playground. Have fun everyone and remember, I make your lives less boring!


PS: Would you like me to write more posts, even if I no longer am playing?

Post Fail + New Prof Recipes Locations!

First things first. I simply want to apologize for yesterdays post. It was incorrect information that I should of looked/researched a little deeper. It's something that I should of caught on earlier, so I apologize for that. Even though yesterdays post was a complete failure one of the comments really caught my eye:

" Wonder if you bought "valor" gear before you logged off and then revendored after the patch if you would get valor or justice points. I did this with pvp badge gear in wotlk with unintentional success.
With the valor earned/week cap though, I'm not sure it would work for more than one or two pieces; it may not allow the refund beyond the cap. Just curious, any thoughts. "
- Suite Dreemz

That could very well be a possible way around stockpiling valor, though it's semi-risky but the reward is huge. It's a simply possibility that could very well work out in the end ( like  said it worked for him in wrath )

I also wanted to talk about the new profession recipes that are coming in 4.2. They will in fact be coming for reputation vendors from the new Firelands raid/zone. If you're even remotely interested in getting these recipes I'd get your alts quested through the entire Hyjal zone and once 4.2 hits do the quest hub/dailies until you have the required rep to get whichever recipe you'd like.

Once you get the new daily hub done according to mmo-champion the things that the three vendor sell will in fact be buyable with gold. How much who knows but I'd definitely pay in upwards to 5-10k for the new profession recipes. By the looks of it, Blacksmiths will be able to buy 8 new patterns from the vendors, engineers get 2, Tailors will have access to 1 and last but not least, leatherworkers will have access to 2 recipes from the firelands daily quest hub.

If you're one of the first to obtain and craft these recipe you're going to be making a killing for the first couple weeks or so.

New Valor Wrists & Other BOE Gear in 4.2

 Update: Silly me didn't read the fine print and Blizzard slid a low ball in, You can't stockpile valor for 4.2 as it will be converted to JP once 4.2 hits. Sorry folks!

That's right folks! Most of the new ilvl 378 valor rewards coming in 4.2 will in fact be BOE! What does this bring to the table? An excellent gold making opportunity! 

You'll definitely want to stockpile whatever valor you possibly can for patch 4.2. If you're currently using your valor points to buy something else, I suggest that you stop and start stockpiling as much of it as possible. There is a total of three different types of BOE's, Thrown weapons, Wrists and Necklaces.

The cheapest are the thrown weapons costing only 700 valor points but to be quite frank these will most likely be hard to sell at the AH or any class that uses them *cough rouges *cough*. Next up in line you have the necklaces and wrists, they will be costing 1,250 valor points.  This is what you're most likely going to want to snag and sell to others.

If you're on of the first to throw these items out there you can easily sell them for thousands of gold. Heck even if you're not one of the first to attempt to sell these I'm sure you'll at least be able to sell them for 10-15,000 especially since they're ilvl 378. These puppies will become the new sort of current " Valor Boots "

What are your thoughts on having 3 different type of valor BOE epics? Will you stockpile your valor points?

Potential EU The Undermine Journal Style Site

Horray! The EU region will hopefully be getting their own the undermine journal if all happens to go well. The site will hopefully be up and running ( I do believe the bare bones are already running ) but this will be a huge plus for the EU community.

I first caught a glimpse of this while browsing the Consortium Forums, a thread was made by a fellow Wi.nd Trade: Kathroman. The original information came from Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog where she had a user by the name of  Acy. Below is Kaliope's Post on the new site:

" I received an email earlier this week from Acy on Hellscream, who's just launched an auction data site for EU players. This site works a bit differently from our Undermine Journal, in that Acy is relying on crowd-sourced data. Wowhead uses a similar system, where users upload their data files to provide the raw numbers for statistics. So the site is only as good as you guys make it! I know there are lots of EU players out there who've been begging for an auction data site of their own. Now is your chance to jump on the gravy train =) This new site uses Auctioneer files for the raw data. Since I know all of you are using Auctioneer anyway for your own personal price tracking, this is a painless way to contribute to the EU community.

You can visit Acy's new auction site @ He also has a blog for the site where he announces new features and other interesting tidbits. The blog is hosted at "
- Kaliopelane

If you're interested with these news be sure to check out the front page of the Consortium forums in the upcoming days as Sterling has stated that the author for this new site will be making a statement regarding the site and such soon.

This is great news for the EU community, I will make sure to keep following the story and the site and I will keep all of you guys up to date! What are your thoughts on this new The Undermine Journal type of site?

June Blogging Carnival Information

Hello folks! I simply wanted to remind you about the upcoming blogging carnival for the month of June. The topic is what is your most devious gold making strategy?

Personally I think this will turn out to be a very interesting blogging carnival as well get to see what devious ways bloggers are using to make their gold. Personally I love my own and special favorite gold making strategy of turning in Sulfuron Ingots for the plans for the Sulfuron Hammer.

It's a very devious strategy as I buy the ingots for 500-800g per turn them in and sell the plans for triple and sometimes quadruple of what I paid. I've sold a number of them in the past months totaling for up to 46,000g in profits. The only downside to this method is that you can only turn in the ingot once per character and they have to be 55+ in order to enter BRD.

You can easily counter this by either asking a friend and tip them a little ( I tip 250g ) or make some DK alts and get them out of the starting zone, then turn them in and either level him up or delete him and make a new one.

What is your most devious gold making strategy?

Buying and Selling At The Right Times

I've been asked this quetion and have seen it been asked a thousand more times in other places such as the forums. When is the right time to sell stuff? How about buying?

Well the answer is and always be the same. It's server dependent. You need to figure this stuff out for yourself, the is only a couple times I can think of when you should buy/sell stuff, apart from those couple times you need to figure out what the best times to sell and buy things are.

When to Buy
There is a number of occasions where you should be buying stuff. The first is weekends. Weekends brings whole bunch of activity to the AH and most of the time it turns into an undercutting war resulting in extremely cheap stuff. The slur of casuals who don't have enough time to play during the weekend shows in the prices of items during the weekend. You should be buying this cheap stuff ( whatever it is ) as you'll most likely not it this cheap until the next weekend.

The next time you'll want to buy things if possible is right at the crack of dawn. This is where I personally pick up most of my deals. People leave their auctions up overnight and they're undercut multiple times overnight, resulting in cheap materials. Not only this, but this is the time I pick up the cheap stuff that's posted by the botters. 15g Obsidium Ore stacks? Check.

Last but not least, Summer. Summers lets all the kiddies out of school and allows them to play even more than they could with the restricted game time they had while they were at school. You'll be amazed how cheap you'll be seeing stuff this summer. Hell I personally expect ores to drop below the 15-20g mark easily. You'll definitely want to buy during Summer as it's a one time event that lasts a month or two and only happens once a year.

When to Sell
This part is mostly related to your server. You're going to want to do some research on your server, see when items are posted by people via The Undermine Journal.You'll generally want to sell when prices are on the rise. Beware for market manipulators, if you spot one find their threshold and start listing like a maniac. Aeg managed to make 85,000g in a day due to someone trying to manipulate the belt buckle market. Hats off to him.

One thing I can suggest though is to sell raid related things during raid prime times. Gems, Flasks, Enchants, Etc will sell the best during those prime raid hours ( 6-9pm ish server time ). Raid related items sell especially well on Tuesday's as raids reset and you'll see the major raiding guilds wanting to jump back into the content, thus creating a need for gems, enchants and such before, during and even after the raid.

You definitely do not want to sell during the weekend as this is where you will see the lowest prices during the week. Simply wait out the 1-2 days and sell during the weekdays. You'll get the most bang for your buck this way and not come out short handed.

In the end, sure there are a couple times where you can safely buy and sell materials, but be careful when you see that cheap ore and drop 25,000g on it only to find out that next week the same ore you just bought at 25g per drops down to 15g per. Know your markets before spending a large amount of gold on anything, and always, always , always ask yourself: Why is this happening rather than what is happening. Without the why you could possibly be buying yourself into a market that just died ( TweetyBird said this and I 100% agree ).

Pet Achievements in 4.2 - New Pets

I'm sure most of you have checked the front page of MMO-Champion by now and you've all seen the new pet that you'll be able to receive if you manage to collect a whopping 150 pets. Of course, you also get different pets if you manage to collect 100 & 125 along with other goodies, but what does this mean for us gold makers?

Sell, Sell, Sell.
You better take advantage of this. Start buying some cheap pets, namely the talked about elementium geode which nearly doubled in price on most servers due to the new 4.1 pet achievements. With 4.2 buffing the achievements even further I can definitely see people racking in thousands of gold in several weeks.

One thing that I'd do for sure is try to snag any rare pets such as the rare whelpings or anything that doesn't hit the AH too often ( firefly, black tabby & others come to mind ) and start stocking them up for 4.2. People will want these pets in order to achieve the 150 pet mark and since they're rare you'll want to put a nice shiny price tag on the, most likely people will be desperate and pay upwards to 5-10k for some of the rarer pets.

I would also stock up on any vendor pets, cats, snakes, owls, any and all of them, and make sure to have plenty as they should be flying off the shelves if priced correctly.

Alto from Alto's Goldish Advice recently did a great post on pets. I suggest you guys go check out his post: Alto's Got Himself Crabs?! One Stop Pet Shop for Warcraft Pets!

What do you think about the new pets being added to the achievements? Will we see a big spike in demand for pets? If so, will you be prepared?

Obsidian Shuffle Nerfed Even Further

If you haven't been keeping up with the news lately you'd notice that the obsidian shuffle is going to be nerfed even further when patch 4.2 hits. According to and their new article the new vendor price for uncut green gems has been changed to 50s.

What will happen to the obsidian shuffle? For one, people will learn to adapt, but I can definitely see the casual jewelcrafters panicking and possibly leaving the market alone for quite some time. The ore market will likely crash and I'm sure we can expect to see people swap to gathering herbs instead of gather ore after this patch. This new update brings the new vendor price for obsidian ore at 15g per stack.

I did some articles back in the past, I'm not going to rewrite them, but instead relink them to you. It's the same content, same idea, the obsidian shuffle gets nerfed and I'm sure what the outcome is going to be.

One thing that I do want to toss out there: get rid of any heavenly shards before 4.2. People will most likely catch onto how to craft & obtain some cost effective heavenly shards once 4.2 hits as they'll want to squeeze as much profit as possible from their ore.

What do you think will happen to the obsidian shuffle in 4.2? Will it still be worth doing? Will the enchanting material market crash due to a high supply & low-medium demand?

Gathering Isn't Always The Answer

I was talking to an old buddy of mine that I used to play with, we lost touch and just recently started talking again, he asked me for some gold advice and the first thing I asked him was " what are your professions? ". He answered back with Herbalism, Mining, and Tailoring & Engineering at roughly 450. I then told him a couple tips but this really got me thinking, there are probably thousands of others out there with both gathering professions trying to make gold at the AH, what they don't realize is that when you're playing the AH you do not need these professions at all. While great to have for sometimes " free supplies " ( which they really aren't since you spent time gathering them ), it's not really worth it in the end

Sure it's nice to have a gatherer alt, but gathering isn't always the answer. After you get a nice amount of capital ( 5k  or so ) you can then proceed to drop these professions for better professions that will bring in the gold. If you have an alt or two with a gathering profession go ahead and drop them; especially if you don't find yourself going out and farming at least a couple times a week. Gathering isn't really worth it in my opinion, you're better off utilizing the crafting professions and playing the AH if you're trying to make gold.

You ( and everyone else ) needs to get away from the gathering mindset, sure gathering professions are great for gold but once you have a nice amount of capital you can be making way more per hour playing the auction house instead of farming for x amount of hours. I know it can be a bit weird to finally drop those professions, but trust me once you get a good gold making profession you'll be making so much gold that you'll never have to gather in your life. I do know that some of you do enjoy the gathering aspect of the game and that's perfectly fine.

Need some suggestions on what to switch those gathering professions to? I'll help you out below

  • Jewelcrafting thus far this expansion has been the major cash cow and with epic gems well on their way I suspect that JC will be the best profession to make gold from. I would definitely suggest this profession to someone who doesn't already have one.
  • Tailoring isn't too good at the moment, I expect this to change with 4.2 & the new patterns. You're going to need 150 volatiles per week to do use your weekly dreamcloth CD though, which can get costy especially if you don't have much capital. Leg armors are profitable but not worth it in my opinion. I wouldn't suggest this to many people.
  • Leatherworking is profitable in many ways. Leg armors, Pvp gear, turning in savage leather into pristine hides. Just a great overall profession to make gold from.
  • Inscription is great for starters, but can be very rough and intimidating. The glyph market is often cut throat and over crowed, but the potential for profits are insane. Would suggest it to those with determination to stick it out.
  • Alchemy is great for a starter profession, crafting the daily truegold can be profitable if you become a transmute spec'ed alchemist. You can also craft the Living elements transmutation for profits. Transmuting gems can also be VERY profitable. This is a great profession to pair up with JC purely for gem transmutations. I'd recommend it to anyone with low-mid capital.
  • Enchanting can be very costly to level. The profits at max aren't too good, unless you have gold to craft the very high end weapon and bracer enchants. There are a couple cheap profitable enchants but not too many. Only reason I'd suggest this is so you can have a disenchanter to DE your things from the obsidian shuffle, otherwise I wouldn't suggest it.
That's pretty much all of the crafting profession outlined, if you still need more help be sure to drop me an e-mail at Artsytorres (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll be glad to help you out specifically rather than by posts.

Addicted To Azeroth Wants You!

Our podcast has finally gotten on its feet everyone. We are five episodes in and we are beginning to
hear from a lot of fans! We have recently had one of our hosts leave because she is beginning her
professional career now that she has graduated college. Although we are bummed to see her go we all
wish her the best!

Looking forward we are still down a person and are looking for someone who would be interested in
helping out the podcast! What we are primarily interested in is a person who would do blog posts
for each episode and help to promote the show. You would primarily run the twitter account for
@addictedazeroth and also the e-mail address for the show as well. In addition you would be sharing
the burdon with me, Adam, in getting guests for the show each week.

If you are interested in joining us please feel free to e-mail me and answer these questions.

My e-mail is dollada06(AT)Gmail(DOT)Com

  • Name:
  • Location (Timezone Mostly):
  • Are you impulsive? Meaning—do you start things full of ambition and your drive dies out quickly?
  • We are looking for someone who is going to be around to help us long term.Just let me know if there are any other skills or things like that which you feel could be a benefit to Addicted to Azeroth.
  • Last, this wouldn’t be a lame application if I didn’t ask you why you want to be a part of this. You can be brief, I just really want to know that your reasons are genuine.
***Also we are always looking for people to help get the name of the podcast out there. If you just
want to help out by spreading the word feel free to e-mail me as well!

Don't forget to check out our newest episode number 5 ( I Just Grabbed A Chunk Of Velveeta And Ate It Like An Apple ) over at the podbean page if you haven't done so already! Leave us comments/feedback on what you think about the show!

Truegold isn't all you need to stock up on

Yesterday while checking some of the comments made on the blog someone posted a very interesting comment that really caught my attention:

" Truegold? Ya right, I'm sure it'll be profitable but Pristine Hides will be just as if not more profitable, seeing as how so far Truegold is only getting you i lvl 365 weapons, which isokay, but not necessarily worth it for that many people (easier heroic raid bosses drop 372 weapons).

Meanwhile, Pristine hides will be getting you boots and other things that are ilvl 378.

Take a look: "

- Anonymous

That's an excellent point! I didn't even care to look at the pristine hides and boy oh boy you have no idea how surprised I was then I saw what was behind the link above. According to the link/wowhead, there will be 10 new patterns/recipes and 8/10 of them will require 8 pristine hides, while the remaining two will require 3.

Start stockpiling those pristine hides if you're a leather worker, you're definitely going to need them once 4.2 hits. If you want to take the less riskier route ( and sometimes cheaper ), you can stockpile just raw leather which can be converted into pristine hides.

50 Savage leather converts into 10 heavy savage leathers which then can be turned in for Pristine Hides. You don't even have to be a leatherworker to do this so if you want to get some cheap Pristine hides, check the prices for both Savage leather and heavy savage leather and compare them with the prices of Pristine Hides, generally there is a good profit margin when doing this.

If you haven't checked MMO-Champion lately you'd know that they posted a list ( which might not be complete ) of reputation based items that you will be able to obtain from the Firelands Raid Repuration. No where on the list did it show that the new patterns and recipes will be obtained from here so it's stockpiling Truegold/Pristine hides will definitely be worth.

Risk vs Reward; Stockpiling.

Have you forgotten about this nifty little "pet"? Well I'm here to remind you about him and the great gold making opportunities this nifty item brings along with him. My relationship with the Haunted Memento dates as far back as Wrath, roughly a year or two ago where everyone and their mother had one, now? Not so much. I snagged 5-6 of these at 3-500g per and just let them sit there because I knew that sooner or later the supply was going to slow down thus causing the price of this item to slowly rise ( also note the fact they're no longer obtainable ).

Nearly a year and a half later I value these puppies at 3-5k per. That's a 600% ROI on this item for holding onto it for nearly a year. My suggestion to you is to have this item on your TUJ snatch list ( which you should already ) and just snag it whenever it's cheap then proceed to flip it.

Another item that I've been holding onto for a bit is the infamous Orb of Deception. During Wrath and the cataclysm beta there were numerous reports that this orb would become unobtainable. I panicked and picked up four of these at 1500g per to simply keep & sell at a later date on my never played secondary bank alt. Now adays this item is worth nearly double and sometimes triple of what I paid for it. It's much harder to obtain than it was pre-shattering and pre-cataclysm.

The moral of this post? Stockpiling is almost always worth it. To make good amounts of gold you need to take risks. Taking risks is what is going to make you gold, You need to decide for yourself is the risk greater than the reward. If so, because about investing but if it's not; invest and invest hard. I'll give you an example, one of the most talked about topics in cataclysm thus far: Epic Gems.  

If Epic gems come from pyrite ore, those who heavily invested in Pyrite will be making THOUSANDS of gold literally overnight. It will be Glyphmass 2.0 ( except renamed Gemmass 1.0 ). The ones who didn't invest? They get zero. But what happens if epic gems don't come from pyrite ore? The ones who invested will have a way to make their investment as close to "risk free" as they can, in this case my guess would be they would diversify the ore and try to sell it all off as other goods ( Belt Buckles, Rare Gems, Volatile Earth, Etc )

Sure there are ways you can make sure your investments are "risk free" but there aren't a whole lot of options, and if they are most of the time they're limited and rely on a single item, thus bringing you back to square one; Risk.

I'll give you another example: Dirge's Kicking Chimera Chops. This recipe was said to be become a vendor item for a couple silver during the Cataclysm beta. What ended up happening? The recipe was NOT sold by a vendor and the quest line for this recipe was removed. Those who took the risky route and bought those 3-5k recipe are now selling them for much, much more than they originally paid for them. I've seen a couple go for as much as 150,000g on several servers via The Undermine Journal.

How much is too much? How much is too little?
You'll have to figure that out on your own. I can't help you out here, it really depends on what item you're stockpiling. When stockpiling for something big, you'll typically want a good amount of surplus. Trust me you don't want to have too little when you realize that you're getting a 2000% ROI on your investment. You want to have a "fair" amount when stockpiling anything, you'll want somewhere in the middle where it's not too little, but it's not too much.

On the other hand, don't dump all your gold on a single item. Rule #1 of making gold like a pro: Diversify. What happens if your investment fails? Nothing good I can tell you that much. You're left with too much of a useless item that simply won't sell. Unless you can diversify with said item you're pretty much screwed.

At the end, investing in risky markets is what has made me thousands of gold. Sure I've lost some gold due to some of my deals falling through the floor but the reward almost always comes out on top when it battles risk.

Enchant Gloves: Gatherer & Pattern: Herbalist's Gloves

As some of you know I recently started up a project to see how much gold I could make leveling a toon 1-85. I hit a small bump in the road when I reached level 60 and was prompted to go to Outlands, but my gathering professions weren't up to par, they were in the mid 250's and I needed them around 300 or so. 

I started to think and came up with the idea of going over to the AH and buying an enchant called Enchant Gloves: Gatherer. To my surprise there were none at the AH so I barked in trade and found an enchanter with the enchant and had him make a couple ( 6 to be exact ) for a 50g tip. 

The enchant itself only costs 1 Greater Cosmic Essence to produce, thus costing roughly 10-20g per scroll. This is where the gold comes in, I've already managed to sell two of these enchants at 100g/per. I've made back what I paid for the whole lot of 6 plus the tip by selling two enchants. Check this enchant out and if they are none at the AH, craft some and list them around 100-150g/each and see if they sell, most likely they will if you throw up a bark or two such as:

" Need to level those gathering professions faster? Why not put [Scroll of Enchant Gloves: Gatherer] on a pair of gloves and level much faster! "

I didn't stop there though, I went even a step further and found a good old favorite recipe/item that I used to sell: Herbalist Gloves. These puppies give a +5 bonus to herbalism when worn. How do you get this recipe/item? You need to do a couple quests here and there and you'll be able to obtain it. The best part? The pattern is on a spawn timer of roughly 15-30 mins and it's a very niche market; not a lot of people know about these gloves. 

Follow this small guide to obtain your very own Pattern: Herbalist Gloves:

Now go ahead and camp that spot out for a couple patterns. Do note that the horde do not have access to this pattern so you can easily sell this item cross faction for a couple thousand gold or so. I haven't sold this pattern in a bit, but I can safely tell you that when I did it sold in the 3-400g margin and it sold often. People can't be bothered to go and complete this quest line to obtain this pattern so they're willing to dish out 3-400g per. I've listed two at my auction house at 350g, I'll keep you updated via twitter if and when they sell.

I haven't tried selling the actual pair of gloves as I do not have a leatherworker ( nor a LW friend ) but I can imagine if you slapped gatherer on a pair of gloves you'd be able to easily sell it for 2-300g per pair. Time is precious to others a +10 herbalism boost and +5 mining boost is priceless when you're leveling gathering professions.

That's all folks,be sure to craft that gatherer and list them at the Auction house. Also be sure to snag some herbalist's glove pattern and sell them at the Ah for easy profits!

Stockpiling Volatiles for Upcoming Patch

Now that patch 4.1 has began to sink into us, we're all looking ahead on what we should be doing. I wrote up a post on why you should be stockpiling Truegold for patch 4.2 and now I want to write up a post on why you should be stockpiling Volatiles. Everyone is saying " Stockpile those Volatiles!!!! " but why exactly? Whats their reasoning? What do they know that you don't? Well I'm going to teach you and tell you what they know.

For starters, we already know that tailoring is getting more patterns that will most likely revolve around Dreamcloth. The demand for dreamcloth will definitely be there, and how do you create dreamcloth? Correct, Volatiles, and TONS of volatiles. People will most likely be buying stacks of 30 when buying volatiles so be sure to post them in stacks of 30.

Next we have some newly announced/data mined information from MMO-Champion, a slur of Jewelcrafting items are being released as BOE, necks, rings, etc. Most of them require volatiles, while only a couple or a handful the demand for volatiles will again be there. Trust me people will want this gear as soon as they're released and I'm sure the volatile market will become volatile ( hah! ).

Then we hav- actually I'm going to go ahead and stop myself. Check this post out over at MMO-Champion and also check out this other post at MMO-Champion. Scroll down a bit and you'll see some of the new 4.2 raid recipes that are coming with Firelands. Most of them require a whopping 40 volatiles, while others will need an insane amount of 80 volatiles. The most common on by the looks of it will be Volatile Fire ( it's the firelands raid patch, DUH! ) so if you're looking for the best volatile to stockpile I'd say it'd most likely be Volatile Fire, closely followed by Volatile Water.

Clearly the demand for volatiles in 4.2 will definitely be there, this will probably be the strong point of the patch ( besides epic gems IF they're included ) so you'd be dumb not to stockpile. It's not too late, patch 4.2 is still a bit aways so you still have some time.

The question is, are and will you be ready for those hungry people seeking volatiles? Will you have enough supply?

Need Enchanting Materials?

Crappy PS Skills... I know xP
 While swiftly browsing through the Consortium forums yesterday I managed to find a brand new amazing guide that was simply too good to pass up and link to you guys. The guide goes in dept on how to acquire enchanting materials easily and which items will yield X dust or X essence.

" The Consortium does it again "
Yet another awesome quality guide from the Consortium forums. This enchanting guide is really you're one stop shop for everything regarding enchanting materials. Personally I will never have to wowhead X item to see that it disenchants into; or if I want to mass craft some materials to DE into X essence or dust I can simply go to this thread, find that item I need and see what craftable item will yield me the best result. Thelegend, you are truly amazing!

If you've never checked out the consortium forum, please, please, please do so right now. That forum is simply jam-packed with so much great information that it'll make your head explode!

I've done a couple posts back in the day on the consortium forums, again if you've never checked them out do so right now, and hell even if you do check them once in a while check them right now because it's a forum, it's updated by the hour, new stuff is posted every couple minutes!

Newest Free Tool for Wow Bankers

Were you ever frustrated by having to calculate the total cost of a crafted item based on its individual components?

Were you ever stumped by the question of how many pieces of Frostweave Cloth (as well as other components) are required to craft a Frostweave Bag?

Have you ever needed to calculate the total number of mats required for a recipe/pattern/schematic/etc on paper or in Excel spreadsheets?

Worry no more. Bank Alt handles all these needs and more. Bank Alt is free (but ad supported) and will remain free.

I am Darth Solo, the blogger behind Wow Alone and I created BankAlt as a tool to help World of Warcraft crafters to easily figure out what goes into a recipe and how much it costs. I came upon this concept back when I had to craft various gadgets for my Dwarf Engineer and we all know how complicated those recipes can get. makes it very easy to figure all this out. Here's how.

Component Hierarchy. You can view the entire component hierarchy for each recipe in 3 ways:

  • Quick Tree - shows a quick hierarchy, useful for checking out components at a glance
  • Full Tree w/ Cost - brings up an overlay window with the same component tree, plus the ability to calculate costs
  • Link to this recipe - brings up the recipe's own page with cost calculations, which is useful when you want to bookmark that recipe for quick access

Recipe cost calculations. With BankAlt you can quickly calculate how much a recipe will cost you, by entering costs for individual components.

Cost saving. You can save costs for components for later retrieval. Costs are saved to a cookie in your browser so you don't need to create an account.

All crafting professions in WoW (and all recipes) are represented. Mining is also here because there are various bars you can craft.

Recipes can be located easily by searching or filtering for them. For many of us familiar with Wowhead, the interface is similar.

BankAlt can help with your professions and crafting endeavors by eliminating the guesswork from trying to figure out a bill of materials for complex recipes or even simple ones. It helps you maximize profits by offering cost calculations in real time without having to rely on spreadsheets. Finally, BankAlt makes it easy to re-use the costs that you've already entered for any component by allowing you to recall them at a later date.

I hope that can be useful to all those who dabble in WoW's professions. Suggestions and feedback are welcome, both on my blog and on BankAlt's Contact page. Finally, I'd like to thank Markco for  allowing me to present BankAlt here on J2MC, easily the best WoW gold making site on the web. Thank you Markco!

I made 7,000g 1-56 - Helpful Tips While Leveling

I've recently started up a very small mini side project, my task was to see how quickly and efficiently I could level while making as much gold as possible. I picked a Night Elf Druid to level and by the time I got him to 56 i already had a hefty amount of 6,800g. How did I do it? I'll give you some helpful tips on what you can do to help reduce leveling costs and help you make some gold while leveling.

Never Buy Gear. Ever.
I didn't buy a single piece of gear when I leveled. You should NEVER have to buy gear now adays; You can either acquire it from quests or through the dungeon finder. Spending gold on gear will save you some gold while leveling. Another tip: Never buy leveling blues/epics. They're useless after a couple levels so you're never going to get their full use. Just don't do it.

When Buying Bags Calculate Price/Slot.
When I first bought my bags on this toon I didn't go straight away for the Netherweave bags. I searched the Auction house and then calculated the Price per slot ( Price of Bag / Number of Slots = Price/Slot EX. Netherweave Bag : 14g/16 slots = 87.5 Silver per slot ). I did this to get the best bang for my buck, most of the time the 10 slotters were the cheapest at nearly half the cost of netherweave bags ( 30-35s/slot instead of 70-80s/slot ).

Vendor Recipes Are Your Friends
I hold these guys very close to me. They brought in a hefty chunk of my income while I leveled. I got my first 1,000g purely from selling every single vendor recipe around me from SW & IF. I also snagged whatever I could while doing dungeons/questing for even further profits. Rare recipes are your friend, some can yield as much as 2-5,000g. Always price check recipes if you're unsure if they're rare or not.

Dungeons Are Great For Gold
Why? Because you have the chance at obtaining rare recipes, rare BOE blues and sometimes even epics. I myself obtained a handful of recipes that sold for over 100g at the AH as well a blue or two that also sold for several hundred gold. Not only do you have a greater chance at recipes/blues but you also gain a hefty amount of experience and gear while doing dungeons. Do keep in mind that you're rolling on items against 4 other people, but with some luck you'll come out on top.

Find Niche Markets
Niche markets are great for starting out, I dabbled in a handful of markets, rare enchanting formulas ( Crusader, Icy Chill, Fiery, Etc ), Elixirs of Giant Growth, Elemental Water, Air & Earth. Niche markets are your friends, they have low competition while yielding excellent profits. Learn to love these markets if you expect to make gold while leveling

If you're having trouble finding some niche markets or niche items such as rare recipes, the undermine journal is your friend. Set up notifications and you're good to go.

Need starter cash? Gather.
Gathering was one of my best sources of steady income. Grab mining and herbalism and just gather while you level. You have no idea how much gold you can get for some of the herbs and ores; some can go for as much as 50g per stack! Gathering is an excellent way to net some cash; especially at those early levels where you're flat out broke.

Those are just some basic tips and tricks that I utilized while I leveled my druid. I hope and I plan on having enough gold for sandstone drake before 80. That's right, I'm expecting to make around 35-40,000g by the time I hit 80, and perhaps somewhere near 90-100k once I get close to 85.

Have any comments or suggestions on how to make gold while leveling? Leave us a comment below!

Why They Do What They Do

Hello everyone this is XanderEragon. You may have heard me at the JMTC Friday Night Meeting. I have been blogging for almost 3 months now and I’m also a host on the Addicted 2 Azeroth podcast.

This post has a very broad title, so let’s get a little more specific here.

Why do they buy vendor items off the auction house for 100% more than what it is worth from the vendor? Let’s start off with laziness. It may sound like I’m being mean by calling players lazy, but let’s be honest here, how many times have you bought items off the auction house that you know could have been bought from a vendor and you didn’t want to run all the way there because you were in a hurry? I know I have, it just makes it easier. There are a few other reasons as well. Maybe they didn’t do the extra research you did to figure out where to get x item. Or it could be they are just starting out in the game and they have no clue as to what a general goods vendor is or where to find them. Whatever the reason maybe some say that it’s not right to sell vendor items and that you are taking advantage of them. I say hogwash! All it requires to find out how to do any of this is an internet connection and Google. You can find anything on Google now. It’s that simple, so why not take your piece of the pie, because if you don’t someone else will. If you are interested in selling vendor recipes there is a great addon called RecipeProfit which works with GatherMate 2. This addon adds the recipe vendors to your minimap and world map to locate them easier. Back on topic here, so you basically want to take advantage of these players that are simply being lazy.

This leads me into another point of not flooding the auction. Its supply and demand everyone talks about. If you don’t know what that is check out JMTC’s post about it. Basically you want to make it look like there is low supply thus having the demand go up so you can charge higher prices than if the auction house was flooded. This goes into my next point about posting in stack sizes.

Why do players buy certain stack sizes off the auction house? To be honest most players don’t want to have to click 20 times to get 1 stack. Most of the gold makers out there want to save as much time as possible while trying to rake in the most amount of gold. The best saying in the game and my motto as well “Time is money.” This is a very true statement, like I said above if you can save the player 5 minutes of clicking and they can use those 5 minutes to bring in an extra 200-300g then you are going to make an extra 200-300g just because you saved them 5 minutes in the auction house.

Let’s see an example of stack sizes.

I see in the AH that there are 200 stacks of 1 Inferno Ink, but I need 10 to make a Darkmoon Card, but there is also a stack of 15 Inferno Ink. I would rather buy the stack of 15 and then save the other 5 to make another card. Basically I want to click 1 time then click 10 times to get the amount I need. Now selling in stack sizes is very important to get the faster sales. Now let’s look at how to decide to sell in stack sizes.

So when you are selling mats/trade goods you need to ask yourself a question.

Who needs x item and how many do they need to make what? That is kind of confusing so let me break it down like this. A lot of players are dealing in Darkmoon Faire Cards. Let’s say that you are selling Inferno Inks on the auction house. Now the best way to sell these is to target the players making the cards. If you sell in stacks of 10 to target the players that make the cards, you will make more profit and sales by doing so. Like I stated above most players are lazy and don’t want to click 10 times to get 1 stack. So why not make it easier for them and post in stacks of 10? Again you will be able to get more sales this way.

If you can answer this question and tailor your posting to these players, you will make more sales faster than the person selling 200 stacks of 1 at a time, all because you saved that player an extra minute in the auction house.

This is just a few things to ponder when you are doing you daily routine. This is all basic gold making techniques that will separate you from the rest. Just remember to ask yourself the 5 whys, Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How.

  • Who would buy it?
  • What do they need it for?
  • Where can I farm/craft it?
  • Why would they buy it?
  • When will they need it?
  • How many do they need?

Again this is basic gold making here. This will help you keep your gold making techniques fresh and new when joining a new market. So when the next “Get rich idea” comes and tanks, you can still make gold.

Why You Should Contact Your Competition

Are you being pushed out of a market by a bully? Are you new to the auction house? Is there someone on your server who's literally swimming in gold? Is competition fierce on your server? Why not try talking to that other someone? Try contacting your competition, you literally have nothing to lose; if you're new to the AH game you'll most likely learn a trick or two from them and if you're already a goblin you'll be able to seize up your competition, perhaps even know how much stock they have, or other great information.

I've been there before, there was a big bully on my server who was controlling the glyph market, and when I mean he controlled the glyph market what did I do? I started talking to him, slowly at first you just asking him some questions such as; "Hey, I've just started with the AH do you have any tips? " 70-80% of people will most likely be helpful and the others, they'll probably not respond.

If you're friendly to people they'll most likely be friendly back. I remember when I first asked the competitor I mentioned above how much gold he was making per day, he straight out told me amount and to be quite frank I was shocked. I wouldn't of known how much he was making per day if I didn't try talking to him, after a couple days of just chatting with the guy, he added me to his "whitelist" ( He wouldn't undercut me anymore ). Good stuff isn't it? Comes to show how nice people can be to new and aspiring goblins.

If you're really frustrated with someone that's just bullying or undercutting you like a maniac ( Prncesspwn had this issue with someone.. >.> ) add them to your friends list and try talking with them, get their reasoning, ask them how much stock they have, ask them if they're willing to sell you their stock, ask them anything you want and you'll most likely get an answer back. Remember folks, information is key when you're making gold in World of Warcraft, without it you're a lost fish in a huge ocean.

1000 Posts and 3000000 Unique Visits

Written By Markco, Previous Writer for JMTC

One Thousand Posts and Three Million Unique Views

I did the math on that as well and it's an average of 3,000 unique visits per post at Just My Two Copper. WOW! Not to mention over 5,000,000 page views and that's from when I actually started recording statistics here. This calls for a recollection, a celebration, and last but not least, a stern warning for the gold making community.


When I first started blogging there was one other blog that discussed making gold in game, and it wasn't even the main focus. Some forums and gold guides existed, but they focused mostly on other aspects of the game and no one really had ever gone into the science behind making gold in wow.

Then I showed up and things slowly began to change.

A hundred concepts just like Buy Low Sell Normal, Saronite Saturdays and 22 Steps to Using Auctioneer Correctly redefined what people thought about gold making in world of warcraft. Suddenly there was someone analyzing all aspects of making gold, from cross server to pet sellers to every profession in the game utilized in conjunction for one single goal: dominating making gold on any server. This is the JMTC legacy and it's something that will probably never die, as is evident by the fact that I no longer play and yet this site survives as a resource center and gold making think tank.

What made JMTC a thriving success was the way I approached blogging. I put myself out there on every single media I could find, from forums to podcasts, and I tried my best to spread the information I was deriving from in game mechanics and gold strategies. Part of this process involved creating catalysts for making gold that previously never existed before. These new platforms included the first ever solely focused on making gold forum, two podcasts, an IRC channel, youtube channel, facebook, twitter, a gold guide, coaching program and of course, JMTC itself. In the process of creating these platforms, I developed a relationship with my readers that involved brain dumping everything I knew slowly but surely about making gold and in the process improving their gaming experience significantly. As I write for The Traffic Blogger today, my new goal is to take this mentality but apply it to making real life money instead of in game gold. Believe it or not, the strategy is virtually identical for both.

Also, the Castaclysm Podcast is coming back, this time as a generic gaming medium. We've been testing Starcraft 2 live streams and recording them to youtube. Here's an example of one that Jhaman recently uploaded for Starcraft 2 2v2 play. I'm looking forward to getting back into gaming with Jhaman and Thunderer once again.


To celebrate 1,000 posts I am temporarily dropping the price of the gold guide down to $23 for a single day. Never has the guide been so cheap and never again will it drop below $37. This is your shot at getting it for an absolute steal. The 10% discount will not work for this day, so that's why you won't see the price go below $23 when you enter it. Even though I no longer play wow, the strategies being added to the guide by experts I am working with and the walkthroughs being inherited from what I wrote already are well worth the asking price. Just the other day I entered the JMTC weekly meeting and was naming core strategies for making gold that were helpful to many of the participants. What that should show you is that having a bible-like product such as 20kleveling really does give you a leg up in terms of understanding why things make you lots of gold in world of warcraft.

Celebrating past successes would take a few thousand words, so I'll keep this short. The number of posts, subscribers and unique hits mean nothing in terms of a blog's success. The real measure of success and the real story behind Just My Two Copper is the community that it has inspired. Your forums, blogs, podcasts, emails and everything else you have created around the site here are worth more than... excuse the pun... gold.

The Warning

Now for the fun part of this post. The stern warning that is meant to be a swift kick in your collective rear end. No I don't mean the audience here but rather a small portion of it. The rest of this post is meant for the fifty or so bloggers and content creators who have appeared in the last three years while JMTC has been around.

Just My Two Copper is at the top because you care more about your page views and who's the "best" than you do about the content you're creating. Don't lie to yourself, you know that you're checking your page views at least four times a day as well as your google rankings. I'd like to remind you that the few times where JMTC faltered were because I fell into the trap of caring more about being the best than actually creating the content that made me the best. The day you stop looking at your google analytics and your "expert seo" is the day you will actually start succeeding with flying colors. That's what my latest project, The Why People Course, is really all about. It's a wake up call for bloggers blinded by limited amounts of success and the numbers associated with their blogs.

Some of you are going to think I'm just being Markco again, ranting to the populace and ramming my way of thinking down your throats. Guess what, sometimes it's the only way to wake you up. The drama and pathetic fighting between bloggers that has been going on for years isn't going to end, but if you're part of it then it's going to drag you down and hold you back. Even though I was never afraid to take a swing at those who attacked my person and blog, I wish I could take every single one of those retaliations back. I wish that I could be the guy who rose above it all and never responded to ignorant accusations and false twisting of my intentions. Why? Because you would rather I focused on making gold, not defending myself against those whose only aim is some extra traffic and an unprofessional, cheap laugh.

Bloggers, you need to get back to the basics and start talking about what makes wow gold making work in the first place. Challenge misconceptions and address the concerns of newer gold makers. Don't just focus on the news. Write something thorough that goes above and beyond your typical post (regardless of how thorough you're writing now). Don't try to write every day unless you can actually produce something worth reading that often. If you can't well that's perfectly OK, so try to remember that.

If you guys and girls don't take my advice then the wow community of gold bloggers that has formed around JMTC is going to devolve into petty arguments and pathetic squabbles about NOTHING. This kind of negativity isn't healthy for the wow gold blogging community as a whole. Why don't you try building each other up instead of tearing each other down? Isn't that how JMTC has been run this whole time? It's a place where any blogger can come and have their voice be heard, regardless of how many posts they have written in the past.

That's it for the negatives. Thank you Mageshadow for the past few months as you have done a tremendous job writing for Just My Two Copper and I look forward to seeing you get better and better at what you do on a daily basis. Thank you to the readers here and the content creators who have decided to embrace the challenge of blogging because they were inspired by JMTC.

Best wishes and congratulations to the community here, you're all winners in my eyes.


PS: Vacation was a blast, I was on a cruise ship for a five day sail to Bermuda and have never experienced anything like it before. Even with poor weather and some really bad "turbulence," it was still totally worth it.

JMTC Meeting 5/14/2011

Alright folks, here is the recording of last weeks meeting. Mageshadow was unable to attend this meeting, so XanderEragon and Prncesspwn took care of it this week. Here is the Multiupload link.

Timestamps are credited to Prncesspwn ( as well as the recording of the meeting! ) so really, thank her and Xander for running this weeks meeting.

Note: They might a little off as Teamspeak cuts out large audio gaps where no one is talking which results in the audio & timestamps not being exactly in sync, this is not Prncess's fault! It's Teamspeaks :P

These are the timestamps for the meeting-

9:05- PTR new datamined stuff
9:15- herb prices
9:26- Pets
9:30- Truegold
9:41- Jewelcrafting
9:45- Decline in WOW players
9:51- TSM
9:54- Markco comes in and says hi
9:56- How soon is too early to start stockpiling for patches?
10:00- How much is too much stockpile?
10:04- Inscription
10:08- why do things sell?
10:12- Vendor items
10:15- Goldthorn
10:18- Undermine Journal
10:28- Farming crusader enchant
10:32- Sporagar rep
10:35- rep items
10:38- Find me and I'll give you gold
10:47- Outros

Markco (GASP!)

P.S I currently do not know the media player that Mageshadow usually puts the meeting on, so I will hopefully have a player on this post later this weekend! Here is the Megaupload link as well.

Stockpile Truegold NOW for 4.2

Well folks today is a rather big gold making tip for patch 4.2. Patch 4.2 is bringing a ton of new recipes & I was browsing through some of ptr wowhead stuff and I was looking at Truegold. I found a number of items that will require insane amount of truegold in 4.2. I found a total of 7 Blacksmithing Craftables and 2 Engineering schematics that will need Truegold for 4.2. Below are all the items and their respective PTR Wowhead links.

  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hair Trigger
  • Walnut Stock
  • Chaos Orb (5)
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Unbreakable Guardian
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Lightforged Elementium Hammer
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Masterwork Elementium Deathblade
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Masterwork Elementium Spellblade
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Pyrium Spellward
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
Witch-Hunter's Harvester
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)

Elementium-Edged Scalper
  • Truegold (8)
  • Hardened Elementium Bar (5)
  • Chaos Orb (5)
As you can see above there are multiple Blacksmithing and Engineering items that require EIGHT truegold per craft. Eight. If you're smart you better start stockpiling that truegold RIGHT NOW. Please be warned though, I have no idea where the plans/schematics will come from, they could be from rep or they could be BOE drops from the firelands raid. I don't know and I have no way of finding out, but still stockpiling Truegold now when there is close to NO demand for it would be the smart thing to do. Once 4.2 hits you'll see the demand for Truegold once again sky rocket and it's price will soar through the roof along with it.

Also do note: I didn't even include the Ilvl 346 items which require 5-6 truegold per. They're blues so to be honest people wouldn't pay nearly as much as the epics.. If you still want to see the entire list click on this wowhead PTR link to see what plans/schematics use truegold. Do note that this link also includes the old cataclysm craftables that require truegold but you can tell which ones are coming in 4.2 from their item level and how much truegold each craftables uses ( 4.2 craftables seem to use 5-8+ )

What do you think about this? Blacksmiths & Engineers will certainly be making a KILLING off these new patterns.

JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

Teamspeak Server Information:

Port: 9987

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Unfortunately I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to tonight's meeting. I should be able to but I can guarantee anything.I apologize if I'm not able to.

Patch 4.2 & New Glyphs

I'd like to apologize for the downtime. If you didn't know blogger has been down for the last 15-20 hours and I haven't been able to edit/write anything. As you can also see yesterdays post has been removed this is because had to roll back to yesterday 7:30am. I will have to re-write that post and as soon as I get around to it will be posted. 

Anyways patch 4.2 is well on it's way and if you didn't read the patch notes I'd like to simply point out something:

  • Glyph of Unleashed Lightning (new Prime glyph) allows Lightning Bolt to be cast while moving.
That's a new glyph that every single Shaman will want. If you haven't already try to stock up on those books of glyph mastery and sell them after or even before patch 4.2. If you're able to flip them before patch great, if not you can sell them after the p 

While we don't know where to recipe will be obtained you will most definitely want to have some books of glyph mastery just in case this new glyph does come from here. 

You will want to be one of the first people to have this glyph out on the market as you'll be making a KILLING from this glyph. Honestly, who wouldn't want their main damage ability to be usable while casting? Every single shaman will want this glyph and I'm sure they'll pay top dollar for this glyph.

That's all for today folks! Be sure to check back at 5:00PM for another post! :)

Crafting Dust of Disapperance, Yes, Crafting

You read the title correct you can craft the dust and still make insane amounts of profits. During Cataclysm's launch crafting these would be downright insane and just stupid but now you'd be stupid not to craft these. Since Cataclysm's release this recipe has received multiple buffs to make it more profitable.

First you get three dusts now instead of 1, meaning you normally sell dust well below vendor price and still make profit. If 1 blackfallow is worth 5g you're able to sell the dust as low as 1.33g per and still break completely even.

What I've noticed is that if I list my dust for under vendor price ( 8g or so ) that people won't undercut you. This is because they got their dust by buying it from the vendor and if they sold for below what they paid for the dust they'd be losing gold. This is an excellent way to control the market and a great alternative to get rid of that extra blackfallow if converting them into Inferno Inks isn't very profitable on your server.

If you sell your dust at 8g per you're basically valuing a stack of 10 blackfallow ink at 240g. This is because like I said above you get three dusts out of one blackfallow thus 10 blackfallow would yield 30 dust. If you can sell one Inferno ink for 240g, be my guest but to be quite frank I doubt you'll be able to come anywhere near that unless you make DMF cards with that Inferno ink, at which point it will be "valued" at 180g per inferno ink.

While I DON'T suggest that you convert 5-10 stacks of blackfallow into dust, it's always handy to keep a stack or two laying around. Converting blackfallows into dusts is a great alternative market to get rid of a couple stacks of blackfallow ink per day; as the dust sells, but at a slow pace.

Addicted to Azeroth Podcast Episode 4!

Morning Folks! I'd simply like to to remind you guys to listen to the Addicted to Azeroth Podcast Episode #4 is out and released. The episode was recorded last night so the information is up to date. We have a full 6 man crew which includes myself working on the podcast. We are on itunes if you do not want to listen to it through the browser/podbean. Please be sure to leave reviews & comments on itunes to support us!

I won't hold you guys back anymore, below is the embedded player go ahead give it a listen. If you have any question, concerns and or comments be sure to drop us an e-mail at addictedtoazeroth AT gmail DOT com. Also be sure to follow us on twitter @AddictedAzeroth

Producing Cost Effect Heavenly Shards

AHeavenly Shards have risen in price on my server so I started to think of ways to produce cost effective heavly shards to either sell them raw or use them for enchants and boy what I stumbled upon is a gold mine! There are multiple items that you can craft/buy and then DE for heavenly shards that will yield you profit.

First of all enchanting materials are still in a relatively high demand due to patch 4.1. With patch 4.2 well on it's way you can expect an even higher demand for these shards thus producing cost effective heavenly shards is an extremely well way to make gold.

The item that you'll be crafting if possible will be Stormforged Shoulders. They require 2 folded obsidium and 8 Elementium bars. Ore at the moment is absurdly low ( 20-30g on my server ) thus allowing me to craft these for under 30g per shoulder. It's basically 40-50g profit per heavenly shard produced. To me, this is the best item to use to produce cheap heavenly shards.

That's basically the only item that I managed to find that's cost effective to DE into heavenly shards. You can try to craft some Blue JC rings by crafting the nightstone & hessonite jc rings/necks. While the chance to "proc" a blue ring/neck is relatively low ( about 1 in 20 ) you'll be essentially be crafting a heavenly shard for under 20g.

A valid strategy is to check the AH for blue quality items at the AH that DE into heavenly shards. Check the tailoring pvp gear, I found that most of it sells for way below craft costs with some of them sometimes under 50g. You can also buy the above mentioned blue JC rings/necks. People AH these for 30-50g and there are loads of them posted at the AH at any given time.

That's about it folks! Craft those stormforged shoulders and check the AH for items that are listed for below their DE value, you can make heaps of gold by doing so!

Supplying Profession Levelers

Hey everyone this is XanderEragon from Xander's Goldmine. Feel free to visit my blog. And I just want to say thank you to Mageshadow and to Markco for allowing me this opportunity!

Within this post, I want to talk about supplying players that are leveling their professions. The main professions you want to focus on are crafting professions. Now I’m not saying making leveling kits as they do sell, but you will see a better return from selling it individually then selling them in bulk. There is a great resource that will help you find out what items are needed to level each profession if you haven’t been there before then you should definitely check it out because this is the best profession leveling resource out there. You will want to visit and you will see how to level every profession the fastest way possible. It even tells you how to level the gathering professions.

Now when you go to the website and click on any crafting profession and scroll down, you will see a list of approximate materials you will need to level from 1-525. Now as you scroll through this list take notice of certain items that you can obtain by doing your daily routine whether it is from questing, farming, or farming the auction house. I clicked on Leatherworking and as I’m scrolling down the list I’m taking notice to items like Volatiles, Eternals, and even the Crystallized Waters. Now if you enjoy farming herbs and ore you can make a great deal of profit from selling them. Now think about this for a minute, if you target specific players with what you are selling, then you can make a lot of gold faster than the average player.

What I mean by this is if you are an ore farmer and your main focus is on the big ore like Obsidium and Elementium ore than you have noticed the price change as of 4.1 and you are thinking mining isn’t as profitable as it used to be. Now what I want you to do is go to and have a look at the mining page and see what ore is selling for how much. If you notice, there are some low level ore that sells for up to 5g each; that’s 100g a stack! And it doesn’t take much to get 20 stacks and sell them in the auction house. I’m also noticing by a quick scan over this information, the price of the Obsidium and Elementium bars are at about triple the price of the ore.

If you go and look at the Blacksmithing profession leveling guide you may notice that you need 166 Obsidium Bars and 344 Elementium Bars. Now if you scroll farther down the page you can see what is what. Looking at this you will see what items you should make to level the fastest way possible. You will also notice how many mats are needed for each item. If you think about this for a minute, the first thing that should come to mind is the stack size you are posting. You don’t want to sell 344 Elementium bars in stacks of 1 because you are flooding the auction house and you are killing yourself in sales if someone comes behind you and sells in different stack sizes, you will notice they are getting the sales and you are not. Now why is this? Because most WoW players are lazy and would rather click once then click 20 times to get a stack of ore, since it saves the player time.

So in conclusion, this “market” is nearly untapped for certain items that are hard to obtain because there is not very many players leveling/questing in the lower to mid-level zones. So this opens up a whole new market for you, and with just a little work you can see what is needed on your server to make it easier for those players to level their professions.

Up-and-coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs #3

Hello guys and gals! Welcome to another edition of Up & Coming Cataclysm Gold Blogs! This is something new that I'm starting at JMTC, every month or so I will do a post like this outlining the new gold making blogs that are out there and link you to them. I know most of you enjoy the stuff posted here at JMTC but we aren't the only ones posting quality content, there are TONS of other people who do the same thing I do, and I'm not going to lie; sometimes better. Any who, let's get started shall we? :)

Prncesspwn's AH
You guys know show she is. She's a member of the Addicted to Azeroth Podcast, a gold guru during the JMTC weekly meetings, she's just everywhere! She recently decided to start blogging and she's doing great! I regularly check her site out whenever a new post is released because the content is awesome! I especially liked her post on Supply Vs Demand and how to deal with it. Check her blog out if you haven't already, A+ stuff!

This blog is definetly not new, it dates back nearly a year! Stokpile ( If that is the name that you go by ) just recently hits 2 million gold so you know he/she knows what they're doing! The blog is filled with top of the line information that you should be given double and triple takes because it simply IS that good and informative. The content here is phenomenal to say the least. One of my favorite blogs to read that's for sure. Please for the love of whomever you worship check out this blog.

Ele-Mental Gold
Again another blog that isn't relatively knew, it dates back to October of 2010. Shamaenei just recently came back from a break and has started to go full speed ahead and so far it's awesome.Give this blog a read or two and make sure to check out some of the past content as that's also top notch stuff. Best of luck Shamaenei, hope you decide to stick around!

Gimps Golden Adventure
Last but not least we have Gimp, a brand new blogger that is welcomed with open arms. He attended this following weeks JMTC meeting so you guys kind of sort of met him. While the blog is still sort of new, the few posts that he has up seems spectacular. Check out his post on how to fully take advantage of the Remote Auction House App while it lasts, the info there is incredible for both newbies and gold gurus ( I learned something myself! ). Watch out for Gimp in the future folks! Make sure to check his blog often!

To The Readers:
This is a small sample of the many blog out there, most of them are good and provide great information, if you have the time leave a comment on their blog guys, they'll appreciate it, trust me. I know this because I appreciated it greatly when i was starting out at the Gnomish Coin. Taking 5 seconds of your time to tell someone, hey great job makes their day and it's not very hard.

I wish all of you the best of luck, keep up the good work!

JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting Recording

Well folks yet another meeting in the books! We had another awesome meeting last night and we welcomed a handful of new faces last night, I hope you guys enjoy this recording with the new people!

Timestamps - Once again, Thank Prncesspwn for doing them! Do note they might be slightly off due to the weird things that TS does.

0:00- Intros
0:04- What to do with Hypnotic Dust
0:06- Maelstrom Crystals
0:11- Is the obsidium shuffle still working?
0:18- Blizzard and the economy
0:19- Heavenly shards in 4.2
0:23- PTR recipes
0:24- New profession bags in 4.2 and what to stockpile
0:26- Tailoring & Dreamcloth
0:30- Stockpiles and when to sell/collect
0:38- Darkmoon fair & Trinket price increase
0:44- Decrease in AH activity?
0:46- Winterspring Cubs
0:47- Children's Week
0:50- Patterns in 4.2
0:55- Botters & what they're up to
0:57- ZA/ZG soloing
1:04- Crusader Enchant
1:10- Auctioneer not working, Alternatives?
1:27- Pets in 4.2

Bangkok Bill

Sorry if I forgot anyone!

JMTC Weekly Q&A Meeting

Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

We'll hopefully have a special guest come during the meeting, I'm sure you'll guys like/know him :)

Teamspeak Server Information:

Port: 9987

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!

Enchanting Lanterns - Get Rid Of Maelstorms!

Well.. maelstroms have crashed by the looks of it on almost every server. On my server they're retaining their value at roughly 3-450g per. There is so much gold to be made of maelstroms - weather it's enchants of using them to craft the enchanting lanterns, and the best thing is people don't want to touch these things simply because they're "volatile".

The best thing to use maelstroms for is by turning them into the enchanting lanterns. The lanterns are going for 1-2k on my server and even more once they're transferred cross faction. If you're not making these then you're losing out on thousands of easy gold that requires almost zero time to craft and post. If you're not an enchanter see if you can snag some cheap maelstroms and have either a guildy make you some lanterns or tip someone to craft you a couple.

Next you're going to want to craft some of the high end level enchants - especially the new bracer enchants. These are great to sell at the AH as not many people have the pattern. The weapon enchants are also great to use maelstroms. I simply love the high end weapon enchants as they still sell for a small fortune.

The maelstrom market is better than ever right now! Don't be afraid to buy those maelstroms right now, they're golden bricks!

Making Gold With Alchemy In Cataclysm

I've gotten a ton of e-mails & people asking me how to make gold with alchemy so I'm going to share with you one of my favorite ways to make gold with this profession. It doesn't require you to be level 85. The recipe/item that is crafted can be bought at the AH for a measly 10g and is readily available.

Don't worry, just because the recipe is cheap and is almost listed at the AH doesn't mean this item doesn't bring in profit. The said item is rarely listed at the AH because people are too busy selling the higher level end alchemy stuff and they completely forget about the lower tier stuff or think " oh.. well it's a vanilla recipe so it simply CAN'T make gold ".

Well they're wrong - I've made thousands of gold off this recipe/item. It's a vanity item which people simply love to buy in stacks - hell myself personally I keep 2 stacks around all the time. The cost to craft the said item is very, very cheap and can be reduced further when you're able to snatch some cheap herbs. I tend to sell the said item at 10-15g/per and sometimes even more when no one has it listed at the Auction House. I list in stacks of 1s, 5s, and 10s - with 5s being the best sellers.

Can you guess what the item is? Hint: The recently buffed and now drops very often in a couple specific zones. Still don't know? Click the continue reading button to find out!

Click to Continue Reading...

Urgent Issue with Wow Coaching Program

Update: Scott Smith, one of the coaches, had an issue with his account being rebilled accidentally. Here is our conversation for those interested.

Attention Wow Coaches

There was a very serious issue with the coaching program this past week, maybe even past two months. So serious in fact that I'm putting out a post on it right now.

Apparently, four of the coaches quit the program last month but were billed again this month for it anyway. Being that I've worked with clickbank products for a long time, I thought that I knew how to handle cancelling a subscription product. Unfortunately, I handled it incorrectly and none of the accounts were cancelled. Thus, when the next billing cycle came along, all of these coaches were re-billed even though they were no longer coaches in the program.

The coaching program was meant for more than just the audience here looking for one on one tutoring. It was also meant to inspire bloggers by making them realize that they have something of value on their site and that they can both make money online and help their audience in the process. Many of these coaches went on to write their own guides and have been much better off for going through the program and reading the tutorials I created for them. Some were not so fortunate and obviously they had every right to cancel their subscriptions.

That being said, there are some coaches who have seen quite a bit of success with the coaching program, and although it wasn't nearly as successful as I thought it would be, I'm glad that it worked out for some of them.

For now though, I would like to publicly apologize to anyone who was rebilled when they shouldn't have been. I have tried emailing each of these four coaches to get in touch with them one on one and rectify the situation, although some have not responded to my emails yet. Thank you to @Prncesspwn for informing me of who the coaches were and for discussing the issue with me over skype.

So Now What?

So what does this mean for you, the readers here? Nothing, carry on. This won't count as today's gold tip. News wise, I'd like to mention that I am looking into purchasing a server to host the JMTC weekly meetings, so that's something to look forward to in the near future.

For the bloggers? I am very sorry for the misunderstanding and you have every right to be angry about the situation. Please contact me one on one and I will walk you through the process for cancelling and refunding the coaching purchase.

I'm going to be going on vacation Friday and coming back on the 13th of May, so PLEASE email me asap to get this resolved tomorrow.

Icy Prism Cooldown Removed

It is now confirmed. The old Icy prism from Wrath of the lich king has had it cooldown removed. This is an excellent "stealth buff" for us gold makers. You now have the ability to obtain wrath rare & epic gems and also a chance at dragons eyes all for the low cost of 1 icy prism.

Let's take a look at how much one Icy Prism will cost to craft - I'm using TUJ and I'm picking a random server for every item:

  • Frozen Orb - 9-15g
  • Chalcedony - 2g
  • Shadow Crystal - 2.5g
  • Dark Jade - 2.5g
That brings the total cost of one Icy Prism in the ballpark of 15-25g. What can you obtain from one Icy prism? Whatever you'll obtain it'll be well worth over 25g once it cut and listed at the auction house.

What people don't realize is that Yeah cataclysm gems might be better off for the higher levels, but guess what? Cataclysm gems require an item level of 285+ while the old wrath gems do not! By selling wrath gems you're able to target the people who are under level 80 and are simply leveling through content. I've been selling wrath epic gems for a while at 100-150g per gem and I'm not surprised they're selling, nope not one bit. Gold's inflated so much to the point where 100g is child's play, I mean honestly I know you can go make/earn 100g in under 5 minutes regardless of what you're doing.

People will and ARE buying wrath gems, it's an essential part of human beings to fulfill that missing socket in X gear, thus they run to AH and end up buying these gems. With the cooldown removed from the Icy Prism you now have an easy way to obtain wrath gems, hell you could even buy Saronite Ore and prospect it to obtain wrath rare gems and materials for the icy prisms themselves. This market is golden and those who are in it are raking in thousands of gold per day simply because no one is in it!

What are you waiting for? Start making those Icy prisms and start raking in extra gold per day! Who knows, wrath gems might even sell better than cataclysm gems on your server!

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