Retro Disenchanting, Milling, and Prospecting

Hey guys. This post is going to be a collection of links and helpful information which you can use to make gold with all levels of your disenchanting, milling, and prospecting characters. Yeah, I know Markco the gold guru hasn't posted in a while but like most of what I've written to you over the years, this post is eternal; it's always going to work because this is how WoW works. More specifically, this is how the economies in Azeroth work.

Buying and Timing

Ever see an average price for an item and look at your server only to find that the item is well below that value? Look again at a later point in time. Sites like The Undermine Journal will give you extremely accurate information for the pricing of items on your server. However, you can't just look at the average value (even with Auctioneer's PCT and disenchanting/milling/prospecting scans). What you need to do is look at when players actually buy these items. A desperate player pays far more than the "average price." Ever power level a profession under a time restraint? I'm sure you ended up paying too much for at least some of your profession leveling fodder.v

Let's look at greater planar essences and times you could bid/buy them out (like just before reset). You should also be looking into buying the items which disenchant into greater planar essences as those tend to be a far better deal rather than trying to flip them (see the linked post). These essences always sell well on weekends for people leveling their professions. However, there is lots of competition and the price tends to fall more than it rises. Instead of selling at this time you should be looking to buy (like on saronite saturdays). Later on in the week, as less players are on, supply will decrease and you can look to make some serious gold selling to people trying to power level their enchanting during non-peak times. I've told you how to take advantage of similar items just by bidding and selling normal, but there's nothing wrong with buying during peak times instead of waiting for bids if you have the capital to do so.

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Frostweave Farming in Cataclysm Patch 4.2

Author: Leo.

The Frostweave farming season has started!

Bags always sell well. We all want them, we all need them, and we always want bigger ones. No surprise that frostweave bags are one of the easy to sell items on the auction house. With easy I mean that you won’t be undercut and are stuck with them for a while. Post them, they sell. Not much competition if you just undercut by a few gold only. They sell like hot cakes.

After Cataclysm came out, the drop rate of frostweave cloth was lowered immensely, you know, to the they-just-don't-drop-anymore kind of rate, and the price of this frostweave cloth has sky rocketed.

In my opinion, with vendors, bank access and mailboxes everywhere, no-one really needs the bigger overpriced bags. But paying 100-200g for a 20 slot bag is definitely worth your gold. At the moment they sell for 200g on my server. The thing is that they stay just under the price of 22 slot embersilk bags.

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Cheap Greater Planar Essences

I'll go ahead and get straight to the point, while poking around wowhead trying to find an item that is cheap to craft I found a number of items that can be bought from the AH and disenchanted to sell for a profit.

Any of the below item will disenchant into greater Planar Essences but before you go and craft any of them do a simple search at your auction house and you should find 10-15 of any item listed for cheap. Why? People are levelign their profressions and list the items they use to level for cheap because they're trying to get back any gold they possibly can.

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Dominate Your Market with Barriers to Entry

Author: Laura.

Hi JMTC readers,

If, like me, you hate having to go through the continual cancel repost cycle in order to get decent
sales then hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to you can erase the need to babysit
your auctions but still log on to a mailbox full of gold.

What I am going to be discussing in this post is how you can create barriers to entry in order prevent
potential competitors from entering your market. Barriers to entry are literally as they sound,
obstacles which prevent competitors from entering the market, if competitors are deterred from
entering the market then not only can you leave your auctions be as you rack up the sales, but it’s
likely that the amount of sales you make will rocket as well as your market will have no choice but to
buy your goods!

Barrier to entry = more money + more time away from the AH!

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Finally Defeat Your Wow Competition

What They Don't Know Will Hurt Them...

Hey everyone, it's Markco again. Here today to tell you that what your competition doesn't know will hurt them... and possibly help you. That is, of course, if you have your hands on what I'm about to share with you...

Dominate Your Competition!

A new, informative chapter has been added to the Cataclysm Gold Guide. Chapter 16 is the long awaited strategy walk through for beating your competition. This impressive addition to 20k Leveling looks at using database tools to manage your sales, predict trends, combat opponent auctioneers and much more. You'll know instantly when your competition is posting, has posted and will be posting their auctions.

This kind of edge is worth it's weight in gold.

This addition to 20k Leveling will arm you with the statistical information you need to dominate any would be competitors who might have read gold tips from various websites or forums on the net. When people go running to the auction house with new tips that they blindly follow from these sites, you'll be able to predict trends and take advantage of their aggressiveness. What's more, this guide is BIGGER than any guides published by small time bloggers (it's an impressive 10 pages in word at 11 size font). Think about that... and it's just an update to the massive 325 page guide.

Finally you can buy items and know that their price is going to rise in a few days, regardless of how rare the item is. What's more, you'll be able to predict cross profession prices and really take advantage of the data available around the internet these days. Doesn't matter what server you play on, there are untapped markets waiting to be exploited and they will be easily accessible to you once you read this chapter.

Have Competition? This Makes You Unstoppable.

Featured examples and walkthroughs will help you build up the analytic skills required (don't worry, we're not talking rocket science here) to dominate your competition. With the help of these tutorials, your server's economy will not be able to stop you from earning thousands every day on the auction house.

In addition to publishing this incredible chapter, the Cataclysm Gold Guide is going on sale for the rest of July as a "Christmas in July Special." You'll be able to pick up the entire guide, as well as all future updates for a single payment of $27.

Don't hesitate or else this deal is going to pass you by and your competition is going to continue to dominate you on the auction house.

Enchanted Lantern Gold Tip


Kynalla here, and today I am proud to present you with my new video displaying an enchanting gold tip that I have been using for a little while now. This is the Enchanted Lantern.

The Enchanted Lantern has been in the game since Cataclysm launched, and while many of us primarily use Enchanting to disenchant items as our main means of making gold, this is an excellent addition to our arsenal of techniques. While there are people who create these lanterns, many are not aware of the gold making capability of selling this pet. I personally love making the Enchanted Lantern, as it is very very simple to create, and also profitable.

Enchanted Lantern Materials:

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Bracer Enchant Goldmine

Author: Ashley.

Right now the high end bracer enchants are selling like crazy for massive profit
margins (on my server at least) I put this down to lots of people getting the new BOE
valor point bracers, so I thought I’d share my little tip for all of you out there.

I am going to concentrate on Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect since I managed to
pick it up for 1k early on in Cata. However the same principle will no doubt apply for
the strength and agility ones as well


  • A max level enchanter, alchemist (preferably transmute spec) and jewelcrafter.
  • Preferably the bountiful bags guild perk (for extra enchanting materials).
  • A high level bracer enchant, such as Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect.

My process for the Mighty Intellect Enchant:

  • Shuffle obsidium ore into jewellery for disenchanting. Make sure to make carnelian spikes with those carnelians, you’ll be needing the GCEs.
  • Buy Maelstroms when they’re cheap. Monitor your market. I was able to pick up 30 at 70G each the other day. They are going cheap because lots of people are running ZA/ZG for the valor points.
  • Transmute volatile life into volatile water every day. I also farm volatile water in twilight highlands sometimes and even buy from the AH if it’s cheap enough.
  • Create scrolls and list.

The Math

Considering the following assumptions:
  • Volatile Life: 2G
  • Obsidium Ore: 30G per stack
  • Maelstroms: 100G per one

I used an obsidium shuffle spreadsheet to work out that it takes on average,
approximately 36 obsidium ore to get the required hypnotic dust and GCEs for the
mighty intellect enchant. For arguments sake I’m just going to say lets assume you
need 2 stacks of obsidium to get the materials to make one scroll. Therefore the cost
to make one scroll is: 30*2 + 100*2 + 2*15 = 290G.

This means you can make 1 scroll per day at a cost of 290G. On my server I am
currently selling them for 1350G each! That’s an increase of almost 500% and I am
selling 3 or 4 a day! Now imagine you farm the volatile water, or get the maelstroms
and ore even cheaper. The profit margin is huge.

No brainer to me.
Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live

Obtaining Cheap Infinite Dust

I recently leveled enchanting on an alt character and reached a point where Infinite Dust was simply too expensive to buy from the AH ( especially when you need 30 or so stacks ). I then thought to myself, what are some cheap ways to obtain some cheap infinite dust? My first thought was shuffling eternals, which turned out to be a great way to obtain some very cheap dust & essences, but that was not enough. I need more enchanting materials and there were no more eternals listed at the AH so, I started doing some research on what items you can craft and then disenchant to yield wrath enchanting materials.

Below is a list of the items that are worth crafting to obtain cheap infinite dust, I found one of the second best methods apart from the eternal shuffle is buying borean leather and crafting any of the named items in the Leatherworking section. I found Leather to be as cheap as 15g/stack and it was plentiful, check what your server has for cheap and proceed to craft X item then DE it for the dust.

8 Cobalt Bars, 4-7 Infinite Dust
Horned Cobalt Helm

8 Cobalt Bars, 2 Crystallized Water, 4-7 Infinite Dust
Reinforced Cobalt Shoulders
Reinforced Cobalt Helm
Reinforced Cobalt Legplates
Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece


2 Eternals, 4-7 Infinite Dust
Shadowmight Ring
Stoneguard Band

1 Gem, 2 Crystallized Earth, 2-3 Infinite Dust
Bloodstone Band
Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
Crystal Citrine Necklace
Sun Rock Ring

8 Borean Leather, 2-3 Infinite Dust
Arctic Boots
Frostscale Belt
Iceborne Gloves
Nerubian Legguards

15 Frostweave Cloth, 1 Eternium Thread, 2-3 Infinite Dust
Frostwoven Shoulders
Frostwoven Wristwraps
Frostwoven Gloves
Frostwoven Belt

In the end, this is a great way to make leveling enchanting cheap, or simply make some gold with a little flavor. Don't know what to do with all the Infinite dust and essence you've gotten? Why not craft some Major Agility scrolls and list then at the Auction House?

New Niche Market: BiS Agility Cloak Enchant

I simply love niche markets and this has to be one of the best finds that I've discovered in a long time. Many people are currently busy with cataclysm enchants and don't go back to wrath enchants to see if they're still selling well. I'm always looking for markets that people simply don't know about and I've found a great enchant that is still BiS for 2-3 classes.

Enchant Cloak - Major Agility
Infinite Dust (8)
Greater Cosmic Essence (2)
Dream Shard (2)

The enchant caters to feral druids, rogues, enhancement shammies, and possibly hunters ( I've had a couple buy them ). As of right now this is the highest yielding agility cloak enchant in the game, there are other enchants that fit the roles of these classes such as +50 crit to cloak, but many of them value agility over crit.

As you can see above, the great thing about this enchant is that it utilizes Wrath of the Lich King Materials. Wait, what? How's that a great thing? Infinite dust is hella expensive! By using Wrath materials, the enchant provides you with the niche market that you need! On top of this, not many people care to go back to "old" and "outdated" enchants, even further allowing you to price gouge this item!

If you're having trouble obtaining Wrath of The Lich King enchanting materials check back tomorrow for a post on ways you can obtain Infinite Dust and Greater Cosmic Essence for cheap, which also includes the "Eternal Shuffle"

Monopoly Tactics

Written By: Leo

Hi there,
I enjoy your blog very much, and there is a lot to learn. I started seriously getting interested in gold making, during WTLK, when I was scraping to pay my repair bills and elixirs for raiding. I was actually running dailies for these.

Since then I've gotten:
I keep a minimum of 100.000 gold between my alts (one server), and at the moment I have 128.000 (cash). I don't raid anymore (no time ), so I am not interested in buying the latest piece of gear. Eventually I want to give every one in my guild a chopper so we can do battlegrounds in style.

Most of my gold I made with alchemy and jewelcrafting.

These days I have little time, and prefer to spend a short time every day to make some gold, like 30 minutes, and a bit more time to level a lower level alts. The dungeons queues for my end game DPS-es are just too long, tanking and healing is just not my favorite. Lower level dungeons are fun and short and to the point, even for tanking and healing.

My daily routine?

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Saving Gold In Azeroth Tip #7

Do you really need that?
Always ask yourself this question when buying an item. Do you really need that item? Will that item affect your gameplay in a positive manner so much so that you're willing to spend "time" ( gold ) on said item?

You need to put things into priorities, needs and wants. "Needs" are items that you simply need to enhance your gameplay such as the difference between a 150% flying mount and a 280% mount. You're questing faster, you're gathering faster, you're spending gold to do things faster resulting in a net gain of time which can be converted into endless possibilities.

On the other hand you have things labeled as "wants" such as that shiny new piece of gear that is simply a 6 ilvl upgrade, yet will cost you 5,000g. Or that shiny new enchants that is simply a +15 haste extra but will put a 2,500g dent in your wallet. Things in this category are small improvements, while they will affect how fast you do things, the time gained is minimal and typically not worth it, especially if you're saving gold.

There are of course exceptions to the named set of rules. When you find a bargain on an item, the rules don't apply. Did you find a rare mount listed at 30k when it's real value is at 100k and you've "wanted" it for a while? Buy it! It's a bargain and you will probably never find that mount that cheap ever again! When dealing with absurdly low prices, regardless of what category the item falls into, go ahead and buy it if you have the gold.

Before you go out and buy a big ticket item such as a BOE, an enchant, a mount, ask yourself; Do I really need this? Or can it simply wait? If you wait and decide not to buy X item at this moment you might find it down the road even cheaper. If there is one thing I've learned in playing World of Warcraft for four long years is that patience is virtue.

Molten Front Vendor(s) Unlock Today + Honor Compensation

If you don't know already, today is the first day people will unlock the molten front vendors if they've done their dailies every day since 4.2's release. I'd like to give you a couple tips and tricks that you can utilize to make yourself a nice chunk of change:
  • Truegold should and will skyrocket - it will go even higher as people unlock vendors ( I know for a fact people might of missed a day or two, or picked the wrong faction )
  • The recipes will be craftable right away, they do not require Living Embers, but instead use Chaos Orbs.
  • If possible be the first to sell these items, they will sell BIG - they're ilvl 365 weapons which caters to the casual crowd.
  • Volatiles should see an increase of price along with Truegold
  • If you find yourself stuck with Truegold, try to make the Vial of Sands drake, it requires 12 Truegold and still sells for a nice profit.
  • With the recent 4,000 honor compensation gems & enchants will be selling BIG - people are able to get 2-3 pieces of honor gear and they'll want their gear enchanted ASAP. Gems markets skyrocketed as of yesterday for me, purple, yellows, blue were all selling 100g+, Inferno Rubies were at 200-300g and Meta gems rose from 150-200 to nearly 350g per. Sell, sell, sell folks!
Right now the servers are down - use this to your advantage and "soft reset" the market for Truegold and any other item that you want. No one was prepared for this weird & out of place Wednesday maintenance so use this to your advantage and get ahead of the competition.

If you want to look at the new patterns coming from the 4.2 Molten Front Vendors go ahead and look at this post here at Just My Two Copper.

This will only happen once! Use this gold making opportunity and make as much gold as you possibly can folks! Do you have anything to add? Drop a comment below!

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How to Speed Up Auctioneer Scans

I requested the following information from Cithan, who had commented anonymously about the subject of speeding up auctioneer scans. His email was such a simple and easy to follow walk through that I am posting it here today.
" Hi Markco,
Hopefully I’ve got the right email address!
You asked me to send you details about what I did to setup Auctioneer for fast scans.

This is what I did:
1. Deleted all old Auctioneer data.
2. Installed the latest Auctioneer, which has some performance enhancements I believe.
3. Only activated the following modules from Auctioneer:
* Auc-Auctioneer (core)
* Auc:Filter:Basic
* Auc:ScanData
* Auc:Util:FixAH
I suspect this step is quite important. Before you go deleting any data, have a look at the size of all the data files for the various Auctioneer modules. You’ll see they are quite large. Auctioneer will need to write them out every time you log out. On top of that, I suspect when you do the scan it has to recalculate all of them, slowing down the scan a lot.

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The Cool “HWHIP”

Hello folks! I'm Imperiexo from "News 4 Newbies." Since I began playing WoW while living in the desert sands of Las Vegas, I was left to figure things out for myself. My goal behind starting my blog, News 4 Newbies (#N4N), was to educate newer gamers on how to be Newbies instead of a N00B. In the first month, I wrote several posts about how to get going and how to slowly immerse yourself into the World of Warcraft (without getting burnt out or frustrated). In the future, #N4N plans to delve into the many, many ways to make GOLD in Azeroth. I hope you'll all give us a read! We enjoy helping others and making the WoW community a little more fun and friendly. /salute!

Since the arrival of Patch 4.2 not too long ago, I have been “reconfiguring” my daily routine which I first developed after my main, Imperiexo, reached Level 85.

After first reaching the level cap, I began to level my reputations in order to get all the reputation enchants by reaching Exalted with each faction necessary for DPS. It was back in this day that I began to develop my daily routines which I will discuss in #N4N’s first installment of:

The Cool “HWHIP”—How/What Have I Played—a little tribute to our friend, Stewie Griffin.

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Let's Shuffle Eternals! Yes, Eternals.

I talked about learning a different jewelcrafting market nearly a week ago. Today I'd like to cover a different but similar jewelcrafting market: The Eternal Shuffle. This market is insanely good right now and requires less time than any of the ore shuffle as you're literally skipping an entire step.

I'll explain for those of you who didn't play during Wrath of the Lich King. You're going to be buying Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow whenever it's cheap. What you're going to do with both of these is craft either one of two jewelcrafting rings: Shadowmight Rings & Stoneguard Bands. Once you've done this, disenchant the rings and sell the dust at the auction house. Currently Infinite dust is in high demand but the supply is rather low due to Wrath of The Lich King not being farmed as much.

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Twitter: Educated Trade Chat

How important is social media when you play a social game such as world of warcraft? Say, for instance, twitter and following fellow wow players? I'd say it's about as important as your auctioneer addon.

How to Use Twitter to Make Gold

  • Step 1: Get a Twitter account.
  • Step 2: Use Twitter search to find other gold writers and wow players alike.
  • Step 3: Follow no more than 50 people per day.
  • Step 4: Discuss gold making with the people you have followed.
  • Step 5: Repeat!

That's how simple twitter is. Search, Follow, Discuss.

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Three Legged Stool

Written by: Aleithiawow.

Running an effective and profitable gold business boils down to three essential principles. Without one of these "legs" in the stool, your business won't be as profitable. So what are they? Optimization, Reducing Costs and Diversification.


Ford Motor became a powerhouse in the car industry not because they had the best product, but because they were the most efficient thanks to the assembly line. They were able to crank out the most cars because they optimized their process. Setting up your business requires some optimization. Two quick considerations:
  • Profession Pairings: Jewelcrafting + Alchemy or Enchanting both have some nice synergy. If you make a lot of jewelery to disenchant, save yourself some time and mailing costs by pairing them up. Or maybe you're transmuting Carnelians into Inferno Rubies? JC/Alchemy might be best then.
  • Daily Routine: How many characters do you need to log into each day? Depending on the time of day, load times can eat into your routine. Balancing multiple characters and professions can be difficult. Which ones need to be "craft on demand" because of space or volume limitations? Which professions can you get away with crafting only weekly and storing the goods in the bank or in mail messages?

Reduce Costs

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JMTC Weekly Meeting

Tonight is the night! Just My Two Copper is hosting a Question and Answer Meeting tonight at 9PM eastern time zone. This is your chance to drop by and have professional gold guru's help you with your gold making woes! The meeting will last approximately 2 hours. Anyone is welcome, you don't need a mic to talk, you just simply need to be there and we'll answer your questions, live! As always, a recording of the meeting will be posted tomorrow morning so whoever couldn't make it can at least listen in on what was asked/answered.

Do not be alarmed once you find out that you're muted and unable to speak ( Will happen promptly at 9PM ). This is normal, we will have everyone muted except a couple of the known professional gold making gurus who will be answering your questions. If you have something you'd like to add to the conversation simply say so in chat and we will gladly unmute you.

The meeting is being held on Teamspeak. This isn't something that WoW players use ( at least to my knowledge ) too often. I'd used ventrilo but the capacity that ventrilo servers can hold just isn't enough. You're going to have to download a program named Teamspeak 3. It's 100% safe and free ( feel free to virus scan it if you don't trust me ). Teamspeak 3 can be download here.

To those of you who can't attend, I've made a forum thread which can be found here in which you can leave your questions at and we'll answer them during the meeting. You'll be able to listen to the answer the following day when the recording is posted. 

Teamspeak Server Information:

Port: 9987

Also, anyone is welcome to join the JMTC IRC and ask questions at any time! This is your 24/7 Gold Guru heaven. You've got questions, we've got answers!'

We weren't able to hold a real meeting last week due to low attendance - please show up folks! We can't do the meetings without your questions! This weeks meeting will most likely be 4.2 related, come and drop by to talk to others and see what they're selling, you might learn a new market or two! Hope to see you guys there!

One last thing before I let you go, We might have the Addicted To Azeroth crew joining us tonight, so if you want to sit down and chat with them live tonight's the night! Join us at 9PM EST!

The Power of Profiles

Written By: Aleithiawow.

How do you deal with competition that spends way more time than you online, camping the Auction House? With my limited play time, I'm not able to compete on playing time, so I have to be smarter.

Trade Skill Master Profiles

I discovered profiles in TSM when I started posting auctions from a second character. My Druid eats Severed Sagefish Head. But my banker likes selling it. When I started posting enchants on the Druid, it kept posting my Sagefish as well. Profiles were my solution. In the "Auctioning Groups/Options" section on the right, there's a tab titled "Profiles." I made a new profile for the Druid, eliminated everything except enchants, and away I went. My Sagefish were safe!

Surgical Posting

I got to thinking, why not use profiles to make more surgical strikes on the Auction House? My main profile has categories with individual groups in them based on material costs. For example, all my Demonseye cuts are in the category "Demonseye," with individual groups for each cut I sell. For the most part, all my settings are at the category level, with groups inheriting those settings. In this profile, I'll generally post 2-3 of each cut at a time for 12 hours.

But how do we adapt this to help fend off competition? More profiles! Here's what I did:

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Working Through Wow Professions

Written by: Ashley. If you enjoyed this article then please let Ashley know in the comments.

When making gold with professions the process is generally simple:
  • Acquire materials
  • Craft items people need
  • Sell for profit

There is however a logical path through professions in order to get to end products.

At each step along this path there is gold to be made. The further down the path you go, the more gold can be made.

Let me illustrate my point with an example, I can take Ore, prospect into gems,
craft gems into jewellery, disenchant rings into enchanting materials, use materials to make scrolls and sell on the AH. This path starts with mining, then jewelcrafting and finally ends with enchanting. I have created an arbitrary diagram to show the sequence of events in this process and how gold can be made at each step.

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New Patch 4.2 Inscription Gold Tip

Thanks to Kynalla from LumiyaTheHunter's Youtube Channel for the inscription gold tip. This tip is HOT for patch 4.2 right now so be sure to get your hands on the item and start selling it! I'll leave the revelation in the video for you to watch.

Some Goldish Advice

Ever heard of a guy named Alto? Maybe you have and maybe you haven't, gold guide holders know him as an updater for 20k Leveling. Perhaps you are one of the dozens of people Alto has coached in the past for making gold in wow? That's how he made his initial "splash" in this community; coaching people one on one about addons and other golden opportunities. Eventually he collected his coaching advices into a single guide to help spread his ideas to more people, which was entirely necessary since Alto was getting over two dozen coaching requests on some weeks!

Where Alto has really taken off though is in his writing. He does a fantastic job of crafting catchy headlines and making difficult discussions into easy to follow instructions. Think about it, he surprised me so much that I asked him to write for my gold guide, and he only had 200 subscribers at the time! That's how damned impressive Alto is as a blogger and a person! If you're a reader of his then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not... here's his feed so that you can subscribe.

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5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict

Regardless of how much experience you have playing World of Warcraft, the moment you start exploring the auction house you will begin the following 5 Stages to Becoming a Wow Gold Addict.

Stage 1. Find items and sell them on the auction house for the lowest competitive price. Makes sense at the time but then we begin to realize that it's foolish.

Stage 2. Cancel and repost items to beat the competition. Everyone can do this, most do it too often.

Stage 3. Investigate addons and unique gold making methods. Most players adopt a rudimentary understanding of addons and use them incorrectly.

Stage 4. Understand the concepts behind market cycles and mass buying of materials for crafting purposes. Most players simply buy high and sell low because they don't understand how the market cycles actually work.

Stage 5. Make consistent earnings that eventually lead to becoming a millionaire. If you're at the point where you simply have to be consistent and stick to your daily routine... you should be writing guest posts and commission articles for this blog.

Where most people falter is on stages 3 and 4. They run into proverbial walls when dealing with addons as well as the harder to understand concepts that truly run the auction house and determine prices. No matter how smart you are, it is going to take you a very long time to work through the experiences (successes and failures) that lead to truly understanding the inner workings of stage 3 and 4. That's where Just My Two Copper's 1,000+ blog articles and 59,000+ forum posts have helped you thus far. Why not get into the mind of the man who developed, nurtured and pursued the collection of so many helpful tips aimed at getting you through the two hardest stages on  your road to becoming a millionaire? Why not learn from the one person who seems to understand the entire picture of gold making; the grander concepts that truly make the auction house work?

While you're pondering those two questions, think about the following statement:

"3 Years, Over 6,000 Happy Customers"

If you're serious about conquering the auction house and destroying the competition, there is no substitute to the "grandfather of gold"'s system. The 20k Leveling guide contains my constantly updated ideas (now good for patch 4.2 with new updates planned soon!) about gold making and the core concepts that get back to the basics and teach you how to develop your own systems for making gold. It's updated for every patch and will be updated for every expansion, absolutely free! Alto, the gold guru from Alto's gold guide, has been assisting me with the updates for each patch. Between the two of us we've come up with some kick ass information for every new addition to 20k Leveling.

Speaking of updates, I am looking for pros at using The Undermine Journal for my next gold guide update. If you feel that you are a master with this tool then please email me. I'd like to have this added to the guide within two weeks so please get a hold of me asap if you're interested.

Don't Settle for Amateurs!

Have you seen the gold guides written by "professionals" and individual players? They come in all shapes and sizes, from 8 page advertisements for their blogs (MFC Guides) to 300 pages of fluff and outdated information (Hayden Hawk, Gold Secrets and Wow Schools). What's more, they often charge you for updates and newer versions of their guides. The 20k Leveling Gold Guide is the complete opposite of the experiences you've had in purchasing gold guides so far. You will be relieved and pleased to find everything you need in one convenient and constantly updated location. It doesn't get better than this! That's why we remain the top gold guide, just google "Cataclysm Gold Guide" and see for yourself!

The fundamental difference between 20k Leveling and other gold guides is that I created it with the belief that I'd rather write better content than focus on making money. I started out with terrible looking websites but the best information around. This led to a surprising amount of success and eventually I was able to upgrade to looking the part of a successful gold guide seller. However, the belief that I should continue to write better than everyone else has never gone away.

Proof is in the Numbers

Clickbank sale numbers reflect the gold guide's growing popularity among wow players: we're only half way through the year and already we have grossed more than last year's sales. The exploding affiliate program has seen several big name sites take part in it over the past three months as well. With 6,000+ happy customers and only 128 refunds, that's a pretty good track record for you to hang your hat on! Recently I had the business appraised and it was valued at over $100,000. Woah right!? These are just my words however, and numbers can be spun a hundred different ways. Therefore, read these recent testimonials and then check out 20k Leveling to see if it's right for you.

Recent Testimonials:

Dear Markco,

I have recently bought your guide and I must say, it is truly something!
I had been looking around, and after buying a few guides and being disappointed with them, I found yours and decided to try it out. I was extremely pleased. You covered all the main strategies with using the auction house in great detail, and I loved how you were updating the guide for each patch. ;)


Hey Markco, 
Today I purchased your guide and I have to say it’s probably one of the best I’ve seen. Now I'm going to be honest here I always buy my gold, and now I need help from a master what should I be selling/buying in order for me to get ton’s of gold. Thank you!


I have to say OMFGWTFBBQ, I am loving this guide. 

I started the vendor search for a week and amassed seeding funds to finish off my engineering leveling, made him a skinner as well. So volatile airs abound, and electrified ethers amaze.  But beyond that, I took the tsm addon and used what I gleamed from you and compiled that with ages other gold blogs' info and now have practically automated my bankroll in the glyph, AH posting, and toon mailing departments.  I have never felt a synergy like this among my toons before.  Love that a lot.  As of this writing, I have not only broken through my fear of spending money to make money, but I have broken through my psychological gold limit.  I am now sitting at 9.7k in bank, with 11k in assets on top of that.  At most, I used to do 4 or 5 auctions at a time.  Now I have over 250 going on.  I have been able to focus on finishing up leveling some of my "forgotten" toons, and I am jazzed to get them into my gold making schemes.

Saving Gold In Azeroth Tip #6

Welcome back folks! I'd like to talk to you about something that could ( it might already be! ) saving you insane amounts of gold during your entire wow "career".

Use Reputation Discounts To Your Advantage!
By using reputation discounts ( or even guild perk discounts ) to your advantage you'd be surprised how much gold you'd save during your entire wow career. Sure it might seem like you're saving a couple silver here or there, but it all adds up!

I'll give you a small example, let's say you're a jewecrafter and you're doing the obsidium shuffle. You will need 200 jeweler's settings and you're buying them in Ironforge, a faction you're not quite exalted with, but you are friendly with. You'd end up paying 255g for all 200 settings ( 5% discount from rep, 10% from guild bartering perk ). Now let's say that instead of buying the settings in ironforge you buy them at Stormwind, a faction that you're exalted with. You'd end up paying 210g for all 200 settings ( 20% discount from rep, 10% from guild bartering perk ). You're saving 45g by using reputation discounts to your advantage. Now ask yourself this, how many settings have you bought since Cataclysm's release? 1,000? 2,000? 5,000 or more? If you've bought 5,000 settings and bought them from a vendor that is tied to a reputation that you're exalted with, you saved roughly 2,250g!

The example above can apply to all vendor bought items within the game, pets, recipes, enchanting scrolls, food, etc. One of the major things that I already talked about during Saving Gold in Azeroth #2 would be that you should always aply this discount when buying mount training/mounts! By doing so you're instantly saving several thousands of gold!

It's never too late to start saving folks! When buying vendor items be sure that you're using reputation discounts to your advantage! Think about it this way, find your total gold acquired in the statistics tab, how nice would it be to have 5-20% of that amount back?

Wow Rep Grinds and Gold Guides

This post was written by Dicci as a submission to become a writer here at JMTC. If you liked the article then please leave a comment letting Dicci know!

Hey guys Dicci here, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that making gold is awesome provided you don’t have to do much work. Who wants to be sitting by the AH babysitting your gems when there’s still achievements to get, reputations to grind, heroics to run? Not me, that’s for sure. I like finding simple, lazy ways to make gold while enjoying other aspects of the game and you know what? I found a few ways that work mighty fine for me!

I started with reputation grinding. I worked hard over the course of a few months, and got the “Insane in the Membrane” feat of strength. In this rep grind I found myself running Stratholme, Dire maul, and Scholomance multiple times in order to find all the large brilliant shards, librams, skins of shadow and abomination stitching I needed to get through my Shen’dralar rep. At this time I was able to get almost a stack of shards each scholo run, and therefore ended up with way more mats than I needed (please be aware this was pre-Cataclysm, read on to see new zones for farming these). This got me thinking; why not use my rep grinding to my gold making advantage? Even after Cataclysm hit, there are still some valuable grinds to do. Now, is this the best g/hr? No. However, you can still make gold while playing the game, and I’ve found there are a few different reps that can be highly profitable:

Shattered Sun- Farm Magisters Terrace to gain a mount, a pet, and bucket loads of enchanting mats like arcane dust, and planar essence. Not to mention there’s a chance to find a fun little trinket! With the extra gold you make, you can even buy yourself a lovely new title!

Sha’tari Skyguard- Farm the Skettis Arakkoa mobs in Terokkar forest to get scrolls for your rep, and a chance to get an awesome trinket from Terokk. The mobs sometimes drop greens to DE, but those extra scrolls you get are great to sell for some extra cash, not to mention the boe epics and blues that Terokk so kindly leaves to you on his death.

Cenarion Expedition- Farming the Steamvault gets you rep all the way to exalted, plus there are the usual enchanting mats and some coilfang armaments which can be sold to all those reputation whores who won’t do the hard work themselves! Another easy way for rep with the Cenarion Expedition is the repeatable quest in Borean Tundra from Arch Druid Lathorius (with D.E.H.T.A). Killing these humanoids for the quest nets you a bit of frostweave cloth, and if you’re a tailor you can increase your profits here considerably.

Hydraxian Waterlords- Get into Molten Core and farm up some rep with the Hydraxian Waterlords. With each kill not only will you get your enchanting mats, but you’ll get a few drops that can be used to increase your Thorium Brotherhood reputation! That’s two birds with one stone! Don’t forget to sell your extra fiery cores for easy gold. Also this is a raid so you can only do it once a week!

Cenarion Circle- Get out there to Silithus and farm those Twilight Cultists. The cultists drop Twilight Texts which can be turned in for reputation, and also garments which until 4.1 would allow you to summon bosses. Killing the cultists gives the chance to collect greens for dust and runecloth to sell. The texts and garments can be traded, so selling them for reputation or for RP can prove to be profitable also! There is no news yet as to when or if this windstone boss bug will be fixed.

If you’re looking to sell reputation, then some profitable rep’s include: Aldor/Scryer (Marks and signets from Outlands), Darkmoon Faire (dense grinding stones and any DMF deck), Consortium (ethereum prison keys from Netherstorm), Sporeggar (sanguine hibiscuses from the Underbog), and Ravenholdt (pickpocket mobs in Lower Blackrock Spire).

Finally, my favourite of them all: Argent tournament. This reputation is the BEST for money making. Firstly, you’re getting about 13g a quest turn in, not to mention the extra 10g from the bags in the quest reward. Second, you’re killing mobs that drop frostweave and greens, allowing for great profit on cloth and dusts. Finally, you’re getting seals from completing the dailies; these seals can be turned in for pets and sold on the auction house for around 3-5k each. You should find that prices on these pets won’t drop too much, as they’re always in demand (especially with achievements for pets out there) and dailies aren’t always the most enjoyable thing to do in game so supply rarely ever meets demand. So if you can stomach some dailies, then the return isn’t too bad!

Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

Guild Banks for Beginners

Hey JMTC! Kynalla here, and I'm proud to present to you a gold tip for all of the beginners out there which discusses the necessity for guild banks!

In my years as a dedicated gold-maker, the guild bank is a tool that resembles that of epic flying. In The Burning Crusade, epic flying was considered by some as unnecessary which was mostly due to its price. The guild bank has been voiced by some as unnecessary, but in my experience it is the best investment that I, or any aspiring gold-maker could possibly make. 

The guild bank provides storage for both gold and items that is unmatched by your personal bank. With up to eight tabs up for grabs in total in the guild bank, and 96 item slots at your disposal per tab, the guild bank is a weapon in your gold-making arsenal matched by none. Whether you're storing your items for later use in an upcoming patch, or you need somewhere to store your massive stocks of materials, the guild bank remains the supreme way to store one's items. Isn't it ridiculous that you can't store gold in your personal bank? What kind of a bank is that? This is one reason why guild banks excel when it comes to organization and keeping track of your gold. 

Not only are guild banks brilliant for storage purposes, but they're simple to create. In my video I show each faction's respective guild vendors in the two main cities Stormwind, and Orgrimmar. The next steps consist of finding three people to sign your guild charter, and then buying your tabs at your own pace. 

Thanks a lot for watching my video and reading my post, and I hope that it helps you all. 

Feel free to follow me on Twitter if you would like to discuss gold-making with me, or have any video requests!

P.S. I'm very sorry to all of you experienced gold-makers out there, this tip is not directed towards you, but towards our new aspiring gold-makers who are learning the ropes. 

Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

5 Tips for Wow Gold

This article was written by Preston; if you are interested in reading more articles from Preston then please let us know in the comments on this post!

Tonight I was skimming through the JMTC forums when I came across an interesting post. The post seemed simple, and was, until I really thought about it. The subject line. What items should I buy and sell? The guy had 32g to his name and had just server transferred. So he most likely only has the one character on this server. I read through a few replys and was taken aback when no one really helped the guy. That made me harken back to when I first "REALLY" started making gold. Way back...about a month ago. Ok maybe not so long ago but hey it sure does feel like it now that I'm much better at it. I didn't know where to start. What websites to use. I didn't have any AH add-ons. I was kind of...lost. I knew how to resale items from Wrath and BC but that's pocket change compared to what I make now. So I decided to create a simple 5 step list to making gold in Warcraft.

Like I said earlier. I started about a month ago with about a 1000g and now have about 200k. Even though it was 1000g I could of done it with no gold...without a problem. Right now according to my appraiser in trade skill master I make 11k a day PROFIT with about 2-3 hours work. More time than most others spend but I like my grind and I'm out of school for the summer...but 3.5-5.5k an hour? I'll take it...

This would be my priority list:

1. GET TRADE SKILL MASTER - study it, dissect it, watch guides, gently carress it with tender loving care, buy it dinner, than inseminate it with your man love and create your golden army. One example site to go to for help with this addon is 20k Leveling and watch their tutorials on setting up everything you'll be well on your way.

2. Get Auctioneer / Auctionator - these add-ons are extremely useful. USE THEM!!

3. Watch your servers market - watch the items your gonna get involved with for about 4-7 days and scan your AH using any of the add-ons above to create a market value and min buyout for these items. This will help you know how much people are paying for an item and also how to set your prices to profit. Once you start selling trade skill master will save your purchase price and sell prices than save all this information into appraiser to show you your profits.

4. Level alts - this might be more of a long term addition to your gold making efforts but trust me when I say that this is where you'll start making REAL chunks of gold. Right now I have maxed out: Mining/Blacksmith...JC/Alch...Eng/Ench, and I NEVER farm. Time = Money and I can make more on the AH than I can farming. Basically I buy ore, smelt it, craft stormforged gear with BS, send to ench to DE into Heavenly Shards and that profits anywhere from 20g-100g per piece. Combos like this pay off really well. I can also prospect ore on my JC....craft Jasper/Alicite/Hessonite rings and ammys than DE them on my enchanter and sell the mats or sell high end enchants for even more profit. I mean ALOT of profit. If you can afford it get your level 75+ alts on the same server or just level more. Remember leveling pays REALLY well also. 70-85 is easily 15k in gold just from quests and sold quest items if you actually quest.

5. Buy low...Sell high - use your addons and look through herbs/ore/ench mats at least once a day and buy anything that's priced low than sell it for more when you know the markets right. If you setup your add-ons right you'll be able to quickly see a percentage of market value and buy. I try and aim for around 40% of market value, but only on items I KNOW will sell. Sometimes this takes experimenting with markets but you'll learn what sells and what doesn't within time. If you do this consistently you will effectively create a threshold for that market that you can reset at least once a day and you'll always be getting that item when it's the cheapest. Than that one day when there's none on the AH guess what? You use your stock to set your own prices and make a KILLING. When you're always buying items cheaper than anyone else it's easier to still profit but also underbid when you need to. If you bought it cheaper than the next guy resaling than you can effectively push him out of the market or cause him to lose gold on the transaction. 

Always remember anything worth having is worth working for. If you want quick cash go solo Firelands trash until they fix it and you'll be left with no way to make gold beyond that. You'll truly be the man with the fish instead of the man who knows how to catch the fish. Sooner or later you gotta eat. Than what? Patience equates to buying a certain product when it's cheap and waiting until its stock rises than selling it off. Yeah you can sell it now for a gold profit per item. Or you can wait a day and make 10g profit per item. This is why you need to know your market because sales like that are well worth the wait. The last and most important tip is to have fun. I love working the AH. I still raid and still pvp, but honestly I LOVE earning gold off of smart, savvy, gold making strategy. Knowing I'm competing for someone elses gold makes me love waking up every morning and checking my mail for gold. It's like Christmas every day. GAME ON!
Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

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