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400 Wow Gold Tips

These are 400 tips from posts found on this site. I literally searched through all 1300+ articles and picked 400 that I felt you should (eventually) read for advice on making gold in wow. Enjoy your gold tips and be sure to comment on some of your favorites! They are in order from oldest to newest. This was a real treat to do and a wonderful trip down memory lane for me. It's incredible that some of the oldest posts still can make people gold today. I'm sure you'll find something in here that will help you.

If you liked these tips, be sure to try out Wow Gold Guide. New updates are just around the corner!

PS: Please share this information with as many people as possible, whether that's through twitter, forum posts, reedit, or anything else you can think of. Thanks!

1. Making Money at Level 9
2. Saronite Saturdays
3. Crystallized to Eternals
4. Frostweave Cloth Farming
5. Cobalt Gold Farming
6. 1k Gold at Level 16
7. Auction House Pitfalls
8. Buy Low, Sell High = Bad Economics
9. Video: Bid Low, Sell Normal
10. Money and Doctor Teeth
11. Dream Shards Going Up in Value (They finally have, 3 years later lol!)
12. How to Time Your Bids
13. Sell Individual Items instead of Stacks
14. Auctioneer Review: Easy Gold

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With great transmogrifying comes great profit.

Written by:  Dechion of SITV.

Like many of you I have been reading over the announced changes for patch 4.3.
Now, personally I am thinking more about how it’s going to make money for me than
how it’s going to effect my playstyle.

There are two major ways I see that happening.

First up is the one that is seeing the least press. The Looking for Raid feature. Now,
say what you like about whether it’s a good idea or a bad one, it is a money making
opportunity if you look at it.

Granted, my first choice would be to stock an alt like a vending machine full of
raid consumables and then sell them to unprepared players once we are inside.
Unfortunately it looks like right now that the cross server trade of goods and money
(other than conjured items) will still be in place.

There is still money to be made there though, you just have to look a bit deeper.

There will be a lot of folks that have been unable to raid for one reason or
another. Suddenly they will be able to. Prices for cut gems, enchants, and raid
consumables should go up to reflect the increase in demand. Scribes, don’t overlook
the fact that you can compete in that market as well with scrolls that count as an

Simply put, if you stock up on a few of these now when you see them reasonably
priced, bank them until the wave of new raiders hits. There should be a tidy profit to
be made.

The second thing I am going to take a look at is transmogrifying. A touch more risk
here, but the payoff might be huge.

How the heck am I supposed to make money off transmogrifying you ask? Simple.

People are going to want gear that matches and looks good. The are going to want
complete sets to hide whatever mishmash of things they are wearing. Not everyone
mind you, but enough to make more than a few gold off of.

Now, a lot of folks are going to want to go and farm up old tier sets, old dungeon
sets, or other things that make them happy. I am more looking at those that are
wanting to have that “I have a set of gear” look, without spending the time farming it.

How do we help these poor souls?

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Farming Embersilk Cloth [Video]

Guest post by: Resperina.
Step 1. Achieve gold cap....

well, it's not so easy. OH, but it can be.

I have a couple of tips that I have learned in the past throughout wow, and my server.

I have a YouTube channel with this guide, that should give you a basic idea.

Transmute gold, well we've already been through this, People asking WTT Transmute gold mats for Transmute gold, well simple, just trade, then keep making them. If one pops, and you get an extra, well there you have it. Free gold right there.

Embersilk, it will always be the main cloth item in Cataclysm. My video shows the best place to farm this stuff, and you can sell for about 40-50g a stack on my server. Pretty simple.

BoE Pets. If you go into SW and buy cats, put them up on the AH, it's probably the most devias this I've ever done, but it works. You buy them for about 10g, then sell them for 150g a piece. But you're limited to how many you can buy from the vendor. I think it's 1 or 2 if I'm correct. A day that is.

Get a business going with some friends, or other fellow wow players. Have an engineer, and miner, an AH expert. Mine the mats for a Mekigneer Chopper, have the engineer make it, then the AH expert sell it for the right price. Then split the Earnings three way. I did this for a while and man, did I make BANK.

I also have a video on my channel of me farming Firelands trash. It does take a while, but You should at least get 1 - 3 epic BoE's a day. I've made about 150k profit from this. Easy Peasy. Although, Hunter's are the easiest to solo with, i'm not sure which other classes are still about to.

Oh. darn, I forgot to put step 2 and step 3. >:( Angry face.


Step 2. Follow Step one.
Step 3. Bath in gold, then give to orphans in SW. 

Hope my guide helped you all!

Making Gold From Shadowmight Rings

Hey there JMTC,

Kynalla here, and today I'm going to be bringing you a video on making gold from Shadowmight Rings.

Shadowmight Rings are rings made by Jewelcrafters at level 390. In this gold tip, we will be making, and disenchanting these rings in order to sell the raw materials.

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Manipulating the Market – Volatile Air

Guest post by  Brad. Check out his Youtube Channel for more wow gold tips.

Hello everyone! My name is Brad (also known as Sandboxtiger) and I’ve got a market which I’d
recommend you all take a look at. While it may have been said time and time again, the run-of-the-mill trade goods can often result in high net profit if you invest the time into learning the market, knowing when to buy, and knowing when to sell. In this case, the item in question is Volatile Air.

While its results may vary from Server-to-Server and Faction-to-Faction, it is a very simple concept which be applied to several different markets of similar demand.

In this method, the fundamental idea here is to identify a price “price ceiling” for an item. In more
relatable terms, it’s a matter of finding out how much Gold the average buyer is willing to pay. While
fairly reliable data can be pulled from The Undermine Journal, the best way I’ve found to find these
elusive ceiling prices is by having a watchful eye on the market myself, writing down prices, and testing a variety of prices to see what works and what doesn’t.

On my Server / Faction (Stormreaver Horde), Volatile Air can sell for anywhere between 15-19 Gold.
The price fluctuates often – which should be used to one’s advantage – and this allows for strategic
purchases on a fairly regular basis. After several rounds of testing (by listing stacks higher / lower than
my found price ceiling), I’ve found that (again, on my server), people aren’t willing to ever pay more
than 19g per Volatile Air, but are more than willing to pay anywhere between 17g-18g per Volatile. Once you have this information, it’s all a matter of application.

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Prospecting Gold Guide

Hey there JMTC!

Kynalla here, and today I'm bringing you a long time favorite gold tip of mine, prospecting Thorium Ore.

Check the video out :)

As I stated in the video, the reason this gold tip is successful is because the gems obtained from prospecting the Thorium Ore are used by Jewelcrafters who are leveling up. I've power-leveled many professions in my days of gold-making, and one thing that I've learned is that I'm a very impatient person, and I'm definitely not the only power-leveler who feels this way. By selling these gems, (depending on your server) you will thrive from people power-leveling their professions because of the demand for these mats, and the lack of supply.

There are five gems that are obtained from prospecting Thorium Ore:

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New Episode Of Addicted To Azeroth

A new episode of Addicted To Azeroth has been put up!

Good Morning Everyone.  We are happy to announce to you fine folks that a new episode of Addicted To Azeroth is live and ready for your ears to hear.  Lots of great news in this episode from real money transactions and subscribers to gold making and transmogrification.  Hope you enjoy it!

Do you not own an iPhone, iPhone or MP3 player or any sort and still want to listen to Addicted To Azeroth? We are also happy to announce that Addicted To Azeroth is now available on Stitcher Radio so if you own an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Palm phone you can stream us right from your phone with the Free app in the respective marketplace for your devuce.

If you enjoy the podcast throw us a review on iTunes--we always preach on the show that it's the only way we know whether our listeners enjoy what we do or not.

Have questions you would like answered on the show?  Would you like to be ON the show?  E-mail us at or tweet us @addictedazeroth

Adam Doll @dollada (Twitter & Skype)
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**Also check out The Chaos Stream Geek/Games/Tech Podcast with Adam Doll and Rich Fisher

Example Low Level Gold Strategies

Written by: Flea.

Here is a guide to help you make a bit of gold at lower levels. Now remember, items do not always sell instantly. It may take some time, and some bartering, but everything sells, And if you  getting good at what your doing you'll know what the bottom dollar is you can take so that you break even at the VERY LEAST. But with the release of cataclysm have come new potion, armors, weapons, glyphs, guns,(not to mention the new cooldowns of some transmutations) ect ect. And you don't even need to be level 80 for all of them. You can do all sorts of new recipes that were not in WoTLK. But these are considered "minor" recipes. but they can still make you gold. And for the prices of the things you need to make some of the recipes are cheap.


Ok Im an alchemist, so if you like my articles, and continue to read them, Most of my examples will be from alchemy, but can be easily applied to any profession.  Anyway, On my server Iron bars sell for 25-30g a stack. Not to bad right? Now for a lower level, 25-30g seems like its alot and its hard to make. But its not. You can run a few dungeons, sell everything you dont need as quickly as possible, or even get an investor. (Investors are wonderful things. We will go over that shortly) But all you need to do, is get your gold and get a stack of Iron bars. Now if you divide,we will say 27g by 20 iron bars you end up paying 1g 35S 0c per bar. Now is where your money making profession rolls in. In this case, Alchemy. You get a Transmute: Iron to Gold recipe from any alchemy trainer in the game. And on my Server gold is selling for 187g per stack. that 9G 35S now if we round to the nearest Gp we spent 1 Gp on the silver bar, and turned around and made it into 9g per gold bar. Thats 800% PROFIT! that means for every 1 bar of gold you sell you make 8gp from the initial cost of materials for the transmutation. Also remember, You do not want to over flood the market, so watch how much you do it and ALWAYS watch the AH price fluctuation to know when the best time to make and sell is.

So with a cast time of  8 seconds you could make 7.5 bars an hour. that about 75 gold per hour of work. now granted that is not a whole lot for a level 85. but for a level 35? (when you can make and use a Philosopher Stone) and with alchemy lele of 225, thats some pretty good cash. You've more than doubled your original investment of 27 gold. The basis of this example is taking a lesser needed material, and using your profession of choice, to mold it into some of greed. in this case, cruddy old rusty iron, into pure shiny and sleek gold bars.


Investments is another way to make gold in the World of Warcraft. Investing your gold WISELY can make you a millionaire. (over time of course)

But I mentioned earlier that lower level level players may need to get a investor to get things on the ball and rolling for them. A investor is usually a guildy, or a friend that may have brought you into the World of Warcraft. But just like real life they can make you out a loan for you to pay back later. Now the Transmute Iron to gold is the easiest way to get ont he ball. because if you had to borrow 25g, turn around, make it into 74 g you still have 49g that is yours (you always want to pay back your investors AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) and you can buy new materials and do it all over again. And dont ever just pay them back what they gave you. always give them a little bit more so they make some sort of profit. So if they loaned you 30 gold, give them 35 or 40 back. that way they feel like the loan was appreciated it, and that you are a trustworthy person. Merch happy my friends.

- Flea

Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

Saving Gold In Azeroth #8

Today I bring you a simple yet effective way to save gold. Don't always post your auctions at 48 hours!

Don't do it! Trust me you'll be throwing away thousands of gold, especially if you're posting items such as gems which have insanely huge posting fee's. On things with low deposit fee's always post them for 48 hours, that'd include things like glyphs, scrolls, recipes etc.

Other than that if you're listing gear or simply something you know you're going to be undercut in under a couple hours, don't list for 48 hours! List for 12 and save yourself some gold.

There are several advantages and disavantages to using all AH posting times. I'm going to go ahead and outline them below:

12 Hours:
  • Cheap
  • Use if a heavily undercut market
  • Also use if you will cancel within a couple hours to save gold
24 Hours:
  • Semi cheap
  • Use if market has some competition but item being posted won't be undercut for 12+hrs
  • I use it to post on Monday nights for Tuesday morning maintenance, so when servers come up my stuff is still posted; wouldn't have of been if I used 12 hour listing time
48 Hours:
  • Expensive
  • The "post and forget" listing time
  • Use if market has 0 competition and item will sit at AH for a long time
That's all for today folks. Remember to not always post at 48 hours, you'll be amazed at how much gold you'll save over a span of a couple weeks or even months!

Only 2 more post on ways you can save gold in Azeroth, and I'm saving the best for last! Watch out for the next Saving Gold In Azeroth folks!

Patch 4.3 Stockpile Speculation

Guest post by Brad. Check out his Youtube Channel for more gold tips!

Hello everyone! My name is Brad (Also known as Sandboxtiger) and it’s time to start looking towards
the future – more specifically, patch 4.3. Even though 4.2 and the Truegold boom are still fresh in our
memories, now is the time to begin speculation as to how to plan for the release of patch 4.3 (Which is
thought to go live sometime in late 2011).

For starters, a disclaimer: This is a speculative post. It is all based on both assumptions and conclusions drawn from early-release information about Patch 4.3 which is likely to be updated / modified over the next few months. I’m not telling you to do anything drastic, but just to have these ideas on the backburner and to keep an eye on certain items.

Anyways, now to my list of things to keep an eye on (and reasons for them):

1. Pyrite Ore. The main reason to keep an eye on these is because there are people who have
been stockpiling Guild Banks full of Pyrite Ore in the hopes that they yield Epic Gems. From my
perspective, the situation with Pyrite Ore could go one of three ways:

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Basic Wow Gold Tips for New Players

Written By: Patrick.

I'm pretty new to WoW (been playing for a few months), but  I have a few gold tips I'd like to share from other games I've played. For example, Runescape. There the Grand Exchange works just like the AH, so why not transfer tactics as well?

Tip number one

If you have a guild of dedicated gold makers (not likely, but it does happen), why not make it a ”Merchanting Guild”. On Runescape, there would be pretty large clans who decided on a high demand, high supply item, and buy every single one they could find. After a while, prices skyrocket. Then they sell everything off, sometimes making profits in the millions. Why not try the same thing in WoW?

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Team Work in Wow? For Gold!?

Written by: Flea.
Team work:
You might not think it, but teamwork is a good option for making your income in-game. Similar to a business you need to find you a trustworthy friend to make your "business partner" (preferably one known outside of World of Warcraft) so that you can commune easily, and quickly.

Now you do not want to be like "Gromush and Hellscreams. Cloth emporium" bit. Your not trying to get peoples attention on the fact you and your friend ARE working together. You want it to looked like your battling each other for gold.

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What are the Best Armor Sets to Transmogrify?

"Hi Markco,

Here's my tip: 

To transmogrify gear, you need to have the source armor in your bags. What are some of people's favorite sets that can be obtained outside of raiding, and are not BoP?
1. Pieces of the Defias Leather set: Rogues love it!

2. The Black Mageweave set, especially on female toons. I don't care to comment on people's aesthetic sensibilities, there are going to be people who would like their toons to look slutty.

3. The imperial plate set - this model is very close to the stormwind guards armor.

Farm these drops, craft a couple of sets, get mats for a few more. These will make a nice profit in a small niche market once the patch hits.

- Irver 
 This tip is awesome and I would suggest keeping your eye on these items in game. Add them to your snatch list and sell them in both trade chat and the auction house.

Five Diablo 3 Gold Tips Help You in Wow Too!

One MMO Economy to Another

If you haven't seen my new Diablo 3 Gold Tips Site, you better check it out! Why? Because the strategies I'm currently discussing have been influenced by what I've learned in Wow. It stands to reason that these strategies could help you play World of Warcraft's auction house as well as Diablo 3's Gold and Real Money auction houses.

Let's take five examples of articles from this new blog and discuss how they could help you to play better in Wow as well as Diablo 3.

1. Dominate the RMAH

The six strategies discussed in this post directly relate to similar strategies in World of Warcraft. All of them are rooted in core principles that apply to all MMO's, but whose strategies I picked up from manipulating and exploiting the World of Warcraft auction house.

2. Beating Gold Farmers

Just like in Wow, there will be gold farmers in Diablo 3. Only difference being that now they are allowed! How will you defeat them in Diablo 3's real money and gold auction houses? The same way you should be using them in Wow. There's even a video for those who would rather listen and watch than read.

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Spending Real Money on Virtual Goods: Is It Worth It?

Guest Post By: Susan of Discount Sofa from the Eternal-Wow server.

Since its advent a few decades ago, gaming has remained consistently popular. From kids knocking
a pixelated ball across a black screen in the 80s, to the legions of adults playing on the blood-soaked
battlefields of modern First Person Shooters, it’s been quite a journey. Whilst single player gaming has
remained a popular pastime amongst countless people across the world, nothing had quite such a huge
effect on the gaming world than the internet. Since it became a mainstay in homes across the world, the internet has allowed us to battle (or help) each other in thousands of multiplayer games. Perhaps the most popular genre of online gaming is the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), and the heavyweight title in that arena has to be Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Welcome to the world

Built from the ground up to support many thousands of players at any one time, World of Warcraft
provides a completely open-ended world for people to explore. It’s possible to spend limitless hours exploring the many towns, villages, fortresses, and settlements of the region of Azeroth, Players can pick a side then fight either other players or computer-controlled opponents. Thanks to the fully-fledged economy of gold within the game, World of Warcraft has a huge amount of turnover, both in ‘in-game’ currency and in ‘real’ money. And here is where people begin to get concerned: is it acceptable for people to buy and sell virtual items for real money?

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Every Wow Server Varies

Written by: Brandon.

We all know that on EVERY server the price for items varies. One week the items can be so outrageous and then another cheap as dirt. There are lots of ways people take advantage of this, and I would like to share mine.

My strategy is sorta different than most, but I guarantee it to sell stacks of product at a time! It all revolves around the fluctuation of the market. And by my strategy you do all your work at once, and sell it at once instead of stockpiling.

When the market is cheap and prices are low, people say that is when you buy mats....IT IS! But in my eyes, it is also the time to sell. Do not let that sentence fool you as I will further explain later. When prices go down, everyone buys mats and so forth, then wait for prices to go up and sell right? Well, that is a good strat. but it just takes too much work having to undercut so often or using tricky marketing tactics that require a lot of work just to sell a few of that item.

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Alchemist Cooldown Trick for Auctioneers

Here's a tip from Arya that was emailed in to JMTC. Feel free to email us your own tips, suggestions, or questions as well using the contact information found on this site.

"I hope I'm not interrupting when you are busy, I love JMTC, it's helped me break from
the broke-all-the-time habit that has plagued me since day one.
While in my quest to reach gold cap I've discovered a simple trick, not sure if
you already know it but I thought I'd toss it out there anyway.

All you need is one, 525 alchemist with transmute master.
While I'm trying to reach gold cap, I noticed how much I hated having to buy
materials for my true-gold cool-down. And even more so I hate just selling the
cooldown for a mere 50-150g on my server. I noticed people in trade ask
for either a true-gold CD or willing to trade the mats for a true-gold.
I took up their offer, I traded a true-gold for the mats. Since my CD was already
used. The next day, I used those same mats to make another truegold. I
proc'ced 5 with my transmute master.

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Audio Interview with The Gold Queen

 >> Download Interview <<


Markco: Hey Gold Queen this is Markco from  I recently received a copy of your Teen Gold Guide and you know what, I actually really liked it so I thought I'd send you an mp3 with a bunch of questions that you could answer regarding how this guide could benefit my audience.

Question 1.  Most guides focus on push button strategies that usually dont last all that long or are ruined once more than a handful of people use them. How is your guide different from most guides?

TGQ: The first biggest mistake anyone can make about teenagers is that they're not smart.  I have an 11 year old son Brandon and he outsmarts me sometimes.  He doesn't want a list of limited supply items to buy or a map of where to find the best fish, he's quite well aware of how to google that!

His problems on world of warcraft are that he doesn't have the right collection of tools to make his own strategies, he's heard of addons and he's smart enough to install them, but doesn't know how to put them to work together.   

And of course, he doesn't have 6 years experience playing wow that gives you the instincts about which things are a good deal, and he doesn't have a lot of play time in which to learn this.
The other thing he does that I have had to help him with is that he just wants to constantly spend spend spend.  He knows gold won't drop from the sky into his lap and he's not lazy, he'll go out and farm or do some quests to get some, but when I check out his character, he's pimped it to the max with gear that will get replaced next week and he's out of gold again. Argh!! its so frustrating.

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Fail Proof Gold Guide for Making Glyphs

Written By: Nooyul.

Here is a guide to help people out make gold with the scribe profession by making glyphs. Before using this guide I strongly recommend you acquire all the glyph recipes by doing all your minor and Northrend glyph research and also buying all the recipes from Book of Glyph mastery item ( witch you acquire from pretty much anything in Northrend, they tend to be pricy) You will need the Trade Skill Master add on in order to make your glyph selling skills profitable.

Is your server glyph market profitable?

First you need to check if it his profitable to sell glyphs on your server. Keep in mind that it takes 3 blackfallow inks to make one glyph, and that you can get in average from 3 to 5 blackfallow ink from one stack of Cata herb. For example, on my server, stacks of Whiptail and Cinderbloom go for an average of 30g. Buying mats at that price, I can make about 1.5 glyph for 30g or less depending on the market. Then if I look up the minimum buyout price average for all the glyphs from my server, it seems to vary from 10g all the way up to 190g per glyph. And only about 1/5 or less of those glyph are worth below 31g, that means that 4/5 or more of my glyph recipes will be profitable up to 160g profit per glyph. Make a similar comparison on your server before diving head first into selling glyphs.

Trade Skill Master

TSM is an add on that comes in separate module you need to download apart, it his meant so that you use only the module you need and limit ram usage. We are going to need the shopping, auctioning, and auction DB module.

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Wow Anchor Prices

Written by: Nick.

In my last article I talked about the economic technique of decoy pricing. This time I want
to talk about something similar; anchoring. Anchoring is when you suggest a price prior to
someone purchasing an item that sets the bar for their expectations and helps influence their

For instance, if I asked you to write down the last two digits of your phone number and
then use that as a price for a variety of items like a stack of Arcane Dust, Thorium Ore, and
Netherweave Cloth. Then I asked you to write down how much you'd actually pay for each
stack, we'd find that the people who had phone numbers that ranged from 80-99 would be
more likely to pay more for each stack than people who had numbers ending in the range of
01-20. That's how anchoring works. If people aren't looking for an object, it doesn't affect
them and if they are, it sets up expectations and they don't realize it.

How do you anchor in Azeroth?

Some of you are already thinking about a way to do it, but I have two methods I prefer to
use. There are more, but none work quite as effectively as these in my experience.

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Wow Free Trash!

Written by: Nick.

Imagine you are a kid and you are walking down the cereal aisle. You notice that there are
two different things of your favorite cereal, Cookie Crisp. The first is $4.50 for 12 oz of cereal.
The second one is $5.50 for 14 oz of cereal and comes with a FREE Super Secret Decoder
Ring inside. If you are that kid, you want that free toy and would be willing to pay that little
bit more for the little bit of extra cereal to get the free toy (well your parents would). In
economics, we call it the negative cost of zero, but in WoW, it's your best friend.

Using FREE.

You may have noticed that I don't like to compete by undercutting my competition. I think it
leads to an arms race of who can go broke first. I do like to find ways to increase my price
and still make the sell and have people willing to pay me happily to do so. Lately, I've been
selling Greater Planar Essences, but the price has dropped on my server to a low of 9g a pop.
That's brutal on my margins. A Blue Linen Shirt costs me less than 25s on bad days. Combine
the two and you get the following pitch to post in General/Trade chat.

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Investing in Wow Gold Research

Author: Aleithia.

I feel like I know the Jewelcrafting industry inside and out. My first character, started in the middle
of Wrath, was a JC. It feels pretty straight-forward to me, though it does have some hidden gems to
discover as well. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!) I did a lot of research as I was learning, which led to a more profitable business.

Offline Research

Spending some time out of game can help you increase your sales. If you’re reading this article, you
already know the value of reading gold blogs. While the specific tips you learn here will last for a while, it’s the strategies and broad-reaching concepts that will serve you well over time.

The recently redesigned does shows what gems, enchants, gear and glyphs are
popular. Sites like or give gear, gem and enchant suggestions for
players. Raiders and casuals alike use sites like this to maximize their characters. Plug in some people
from your realm to see what they recommend for various classes.

Major forums and guides give similar suggestions. As a Paladin, is
invaluable for me as I look at gems/enchants to use. has gearing/chanting/gemming
guides for all classes. has profession leveling guides. Find the choke points for
various professions and try controlling the market by buying out materials and relisting at a higher rate, or spend some time farming for those hard to find skill-up points.

In-Game Research

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Use Decoy Pricing to Make More Gold

By: The Gnome Investor.

A lot of people use basic economic principles to make gold in WoW, but when you're on a large server and competing against other farmers sometimes you have to apply some more advanced techniques to sway the consumer towards your goods at your price. First though, lets talk real world simple concept and then how we can do it in Azeroth.

The Non-WoW version.

Relative pricing options is when you give someone a choice between two options and introduce a third
(decoy) to encourage the user to choose the option you'd prefer. For instance, the Economist offered a
Print only subscription at $59 and an Online only Subscription for $125 people will choose one or the other and typically the cheaper one. But they were clever and introduced a Print & Online Subscription for $129. People flocked to that option because it seemed like they get a $54 discount on print subscriptions. The company made an extra $70 from the subscriber and really didn't have to do anything extra except unlock content online. They persuaded people to buy higher by introducing a third option and that's exactly what we'll do in WoW. But how?

The WoW Version.

Since there are two main ways to buy goods in WoW (bid or buy), I will deliberately set up pricing schemes to encourage one or the other. If I notice the first page is simply people flooding the market with 1 quantity of an item that stacks I make them the Print only Subscription that I want to turn people away from. I next make 2 auction types. The bid is the Online Subscription and I set it up by making it a quantity of 5 or 20 at a higher price than the 1s but not much, but the buyout is overpriced. This decoy pricing is meant to encourage what I really want people to do which is pay more for my buyout option. By using the same quantity and a slightly higher bid, but a more realistic buyout I can typically get people to spend their gold with me.

Here’s an example with numbers based on what I did last week. I wanted to sell most of my Wool Cloth and I had about 20 stacks in the bank. I decided my target was going to be the power leveler and the convenience of a stack of 20 versus 20 stacks of 1 since I personally used to pay more for the stack (if closely priced) before I got serious about the gold. I used the people already undercutting each other by posting 1 Wool Cloth as the first option I wanted to discourage and used two bank mules to post the following.

--- Assume there are 20+ stacks of 1 Wool Cloth going for BID 45s BUY 50g ---
A. 05 stacks of 20 Wool Cloth with BID 10g BUY 20g (48hr bid).
B. 15 stacks of 20 Wool Cloth with BID 12g BUY 13g.

You'll notice I put a 48hr bid on option A. This was to further discourage people from bidding by making it inconvenient to get the Wool Cloth. My BUY is a full 3g more expensive than buying 1 piece at a time, but I made it so much easier to get and more appetizing by having that decoy price option in there that each of them sold to one individual. I took his name down and then sent him a whisper to ask if he was leveling (he was) and if he had other cloth needs (he did) and we proceeded to negotiate and I raked in the money.

Bonus Mini Tip:
Also if you target power levelers like I do, you may want to throw pieces up on the AH as a decoy price so that you can negotiate higher prices outside the AH since most people use the AH as their measure of something's value.

Side Note:

This method does carry some risk and you can't overprice by too much if you want to make the sale, but you can essentially price a premium for the convenience and ensure they take it with decoy pricing options like this. You can also try the converse by encouraging people to bid by making the buyouts high, but making the bid price and time low.

Give it a try and tell me what you think. It does take a little patience to master, but I find it's completely worth it when I have the money the people trying to flood the first page by posting 1 of an item are going after.

Do you want to write for JMTC? Send in a post to Markco and if it makes it past the initial screening process then I will publish your submission on the blog. JMTC pays 50% commission to writers on the day that their post goes live.

The Undermine Journal Supports EU!

Ever since the dawn on The Undermine Journal one thing has been requested more than anything; EU support. If you folks haven't heard already The Undermine Journal now supports EU! Read the post at the Undermine Journal Devblog. Christmas comes early for you EU folks! :P

Don't know what The Undermine Journal is? Check out this post here at Just My Two Copper.

While there are now several sites that do the same thing the Undermine Journal has been doing for quite some times I think with the recent addition of the EU server - people simply won't be able to compete with the quality of service the site offers.

The other sites similar to TUJ are:

That's all for this post folks, simply wanted to let the EU community know that they now have access to a great gold making resource and they should be using it 100% to their advantage. Enjoy!

Selling Common Items on the Auction House

A beginner’s guide, By Leo.

Is your mailbox full of expired auction items? You can craft gems, enchants or glyphs, but not many people seem to be buying them? How can you post your auctions efficiently, so that you will actually make sales? This isn’t exact science, but I can tell you what I learned.

First of all, always post auctions for the minimum time. That is 12 hours. Wouldn’t this give a shorter time to sell the item? Yes, but I will show you how to undercut, so this will just make it cheaper to cancel auctions, every time you pay the deposit fee.

The only time you should post items for 48 hours, is if the supply is low, or you can’t be bothered to check up on your auctions all the time. This is usually true for most pre-level 85 items, you know, all those greens, whites, meats and cloths you pick up whilst leveling. 

If you sell gems, scrolls, glyphs, ores, bars, enchanting mats, herbs, volatiles or cloths, than you will be competing with farmers and other people that produce these as a routine. These are high supply, but also high demand items. And these are the items I am writing about. I want to show you how to increase your sales on these.

Why do they expire? For a good reason: You are being undercut.

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Easy WoW Gold at Level 5

Author: Yoni.

Hey guys, Yoni here again, bringing you another gold making mini-guide. This is specifically geared towards low level players who don’t have access to maxed out professions. This method is accessible from level 5 and up. To start up, only a few gold are required.

Step one: Create a human character. Level him/her up to 5 and run him into Stormwind. (let some mobs kill you so you spawn at the graveyard, a much shorter walk)

Step two: Sell all your gear and either ask a friend or a guildie for 5 or 10g. (you can start from scratch, but it just takes a lot longer to start up)

Step three: Train Tailoring and Enchanting.

Step four: Level up Tailoring. Level it as far as you can by creating bolts of Linen Cloth.

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Walk for the Cure

3-Day for the Cure.
My aunt has survived breast cancer twice. Her survival can be credited to the research and hard work funded by generous donations all across America these past few decades.

This October Jaimie, a friend of mine, is planning on participating in a very special event called the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. She'll be walking 60 miles over the course of three days with thousands of other women and men. Net proceeds from the 3-Day for the Cure will be invested in community-based breast health programs and breast cancer research. The research funded focuses on decreasing breast cancer incidence and mortality in the next decade. She decided to walk and raise money for this event in honor of her mother-in-law who is a seven year breast cancer survivor and her aunt who was claimed by the disease.

What makes Jaimie's story so special, and heroic, is that she was in a car accident a few weeks ago, which also happens to be just a handful of months before her actual walk is scheduled.  She has since recovered (the bruises and injuries are finally going away) but her personal goal of raising $4,000 for the walk has fallen terribly short. She's going to be lucky if she gets over $1,000 from friends, family, and events she attended prior to getting into the accident. Despite the accident, the past fourteen weeks Jaimie has walked over 220 miles.

Even Jaimie's daughter is helping out!
With all her focus on just trying to get back into shape to walk the necessary number of miles for the event, I decided to step in and offer her some help. More importantly than my own donation, I promised her that I would share her story with the generous community here at JMTC.

To track Jaimie's training and fundraising progress, or even to donate, please visit her personal website. You'll also see her personal blog and the ten reasons she is walking.

Thank you,


Barking In Trade For ATPs

ATP? What in the hell is that? Argent Tournament Pets. A while back - long before Cataclysm, I wrote a post regarding the Argent Tournament pets at my old blog, The Gnomish Coin. You folks ever play this market? I'd simply like to propose a simple gold making strategy that could in fact make you thousands by simply barking in trade while prospecting/disenchanting.

To be fair, this idea came from a post over at the Consortium Forums, so give credits to Abeni. What you'll want to do is create a macro and make it say something like this:

" Want some easy gold? Check your currency tab and see if you have 40 Champions Seal, If so I'll pay you XXgold, all you have to do is go to Icecrown and buy a pet! Takes 5 minutes! "

Change XX with your threshold and voila! Myself personally, I bark at around 500-750g per pet and you won't believe how many people will gladly fly over to Icecrown & buy a pet then sell it for 750g.

These pets are extremely rare now and are currently going anywhere from 2-3,000g per ( varies by server ). With the recent addition of the new pet achievements for obtaining 125, and 150 pets people will be looking to buy the last couple pets that they don't have. You can safely assume that most people are missing a couple of the argent tournament pets due to the pets never hitting the AH.

If you have any of these pets stockpiled from Pre-Cataclysm I'd suggest that you slowly start to liquidate these puppies, just be sure you sell them at a fair price ( I.E. Don't sell too low! You only have so many! ). They're currently going for top dollar.

What have you got to lose? You can bark while disenchanting, while waiting for a queue, while prospecting some obsidium ore, or perhaps while you're simply logging on an alt to relist/cancel some auctions. Try it out, you'll be amazed how many people will gladly fork over a per for 750g.

Potion of Treasure Finding Video Guide

Hey there JMTC!

Today's post and video covers the Potion of Treasure Finding! This is a potion made by Alchemists at level 525 which is an excellent gold maker in two ways! In my video, I will demonstrate both of these ways, and give some tips on how to make best use of this potion!

The magnificent thing about this potion is that it caters to two distinct types of gold makers. Farmers, and Manufacturers. Farmers can make, and use these potions to get some extra volatiles, gold, cloth, and even ore while going on farming sprees. Manufacturers can create, and sell these potions to those farmers, or even people leveling who would like to get some more gold out of their leveling days.

Make sure when you are farming with this potion that you use a solid AoE (Area of Effect) class. I used my Shadow Priest because Mind Sear is excellent right now. There are many other classes including Hunters, Warlocks, and Mages that can put out some awesome numbers. Even tanks can AoE grind these mobs.

Potion of Treasure Finding Materials:

  • Cinderbloom x8
  • Heartblossom x6
  • Stormvine x4
  • Whiptail x4
  • Crystal Vial x1

If you're not an Alchemist, you can either hire one, or buy these potions from the Auction House! Each potion has a 60 minute duration, so if you make use of your time you will certainly make your money back. In about 15 minutes of farming Troggs in Deepholm, I received 6 Tiny Treasure Chests.

I wish you all the best of luck in making gold with these potions! If you would like to see more of my videos, stay tuned to Just My Two Copper as I will be posting every new video here, or subscribe to my YouTube Channel and receive updates on YouTube every time a new video releases! 
If you would like to communicate with me or ask me any questions, here's my Twitter!

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