The Gold Per Hour Myth

A lot of articles I read talk about how much gold/hour you can earn by following a certain technique. If only the process were so simple! The idea is this:

Sale Price - Cost of Creation = Profit / Time to Make = Gold/hour.

It seems simple, but should this be the primary method for determining our gold-making strategies?

The Real Cost of Items
Items don’t just cost gold to procure. There are lots of factors that go into an item’s cost, but not all are as easily defined by their purchase price. While you should definitely be concerned about the purchase price, there are other factors involved :

  • How much bag space does this take up? Every slot you fill with this item is one slot you can’t use for something else. This affects your total gold-making potential as you have limited space to store cheap items for later use. We sometimes label this Opportunity Cost.
  • Where’s the best use for this item? Volatile Earth could be used for making leg armor, belt buckles, dream cloth, or other items. Where is your best bang for the buck? We sometimes call this Return on Investment or ROI.
  • Should this item even be purchased? How much Gold can you make with this item? If you aren’t sure, you’ll have to spend time researching it. You might even have to take a loss on some items before it starts turning a profit.
  • How much processing time is involved? It might be cheaper to buy ore and prospect it for your gem business. But the processing takes time. Is it a better return than buying the raw gems and cutting them for profit? I prospect very little ore myself, instead relying on the purchase of cheap gems off the Auction House. Could I make more by prospecting? Probably, but all my play time would go into the prospecting/gem cutting and I wouldn't be able to profit off Enchanting or Leatherworking as much. I might also only be able to prospect and sell 50 gems, but I can purchase and sell 100 in the same amount of time.
Maximizing Profit
The trick to maximizing your profit is not in running a simple gold/hour formula to find the most profitable item, but the sweet spot between supply (raw mats and processed goods), demand (sales) and time. Hypothetical example:
  • I can procure 300 Volatile Earth/Day for my desired price or lower.
  • I can sell 100 Volatile Earth via Drakehide Leg Armor (5 sales/day).
  • I can sell 40 Volatile Earth via Ebonsteel Belt Buckle (10 sales/day).
  • I can sell 50 Volatile Earth via Enchant Bracer – Major Strength (2 sales/day).

Now, in the above scenario, I have a balance of 110 Volatile Earth that I couldn’t process each day. How do we optimize this? I have a number of options to improve my overall return on investment on Volatile Earth:
  • Buy less for a lower price.
  • Process more finished goods and lower the price to try increasing sales.
  • Sell excess Volatile Earths for a small profit.
  • Expand into more items to produce.
Now, this is a single raw material. Start focusing your efforts on total Gold/Hour or ROI instead of a single item and you'll really start to bring in the gold.
Evaluating Your Business
As you look to optimize your total gold/hour, consider the following:
  • Think in terms of weekly and monthly throughput. My scenario was a single day, which has lots of variation in it. Your weekly or monthly sales will be a more accurate reflection of total output for items.
  • Consider where your time is being spent. Don’t be afraid to drop out of some industries to focus on others. You might be making profit on PvP gear, but maybe the time could be spent better elsewhere. It might be more profitable to mill herbs and produce glyphs than to process ore for gems. Shift processing time to glyphs and buy raw gems to cut for Jewelcrafting instead. Try to find the most efficient use of your time. If you produce more than you can reasonably sell, you're leaving money on the table by not dropping out of that really high gold/hour item that doesn't sell and instead focusing on a lower gold/hour item that does.
  • Look for the sweet spot on raw material inventory. Ideally, you should never run out of raw mats or their finished products, but you also shouldn’t sit on a ton of mats either unless there’s a big pay-off at the end.
Where are you most efficient? Do you have too much raw material usually, or not enough? Are you short on time to process everything?

A New Era

Writer : JH

Taking JMTC In A New Direction

For the past 3 years, JMTC has been one of the leading sites on the art of making gold in the World of Warcraft.This is a testament to our dedicated and skilled team of writers and, of course, the outstanding support from the beloved community.

In order to keep up with the rapidly changing demands and needs of our community-based site, we understand that we can't rest on our laurels and that in order to maintain your trust, we need to evolve. 

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that JMTC will be heading in a fresh new direction this month.Our focus will be on trimming the fat and turning our attention to the one thing that truly matters - the delivery of top-notch content that is current, relevant and of the highest quality.

We reached this decision through extensive deliberations over the past month with Markco, our team of writers and other members of the community and most people we spoke to agree that this is the next logical step for JMTC - and we all look forward to our next steps together in taking this site to even greater heights.

What Will Change On JMTC?

To that end, the first thing we started working on was eliminating the unnecessary advertisements that were compromising site readability and viewer experience.

Long-time supporters might notice that a significant chunk of clutter has been removed and the end result is a cleaner, more focused layout with a laser-sharp focus on the articles. Banners ads have also been taken out in the meantime as the site undergoes a major redesign.

We will continue to offer free daily gold tops written by our dedicated and talented team of writers, so be sure to look forward to that. I will be working closely with them to ensure that only articles of the highest quality are posted and circulated. If you haven't signed up already, now will be the best time to do so.

Also be sure to check in on the coming weeks to see the various changes we are in the midst of implementing, in particular the installation of a spam filter to weed out the fluff and filler. Right now there are a handful of Good Samaritan moderators who are clearing it up everyday - their contributions have not gone unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

We hope you like the current changes to the JMTC and we are working hard to make sure JMTC continues to serve the best interests of our community.

Come join us in our journey in taking JMTC to a whole new era and if you have any feedback or questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment below!

4.3 PTR announced. (First Glance)

Over the next few weeks we will have lots of information as the last reported major patch upgrade
for cataclysm appears on the PTR's.

Information on new patterns and new items were data mined by mmo-champion.   But it is a rough list
of items and models.

With the 4.3 data mining this gives us the first of many chances to start piecing together information
on what it will mean to both the beginning and advanced Power Auctioneers.

Stepping through the professions the biggest thing seen is that there appears to be another crafting
element introduced into the materials needed.

Essence of Destruction seems to be used in all of the new patterns that will be available with the new patch. This probably means that both this items and the patterns will drop either from the bosses or trash runs with the new raids.    As with the previous 4.2 raids,   this item will be very high priced for the first month or so when it's available on the AH.   This also means that living ember,  the 4.2 crafting material,  will probably start to be in higher demand.  Both from the nerfing of 4.2 raids,  plus the
want for added gear to be crafted to raise Item level for the new 4.3 raids.

Here is a list of the new patterns broke down under professions


World Mender Pants 
Bracers of Unconquered Power
Dreamwraps of the Light
Lavaquake Legwraps

All of these seem to be dps patterns,  with no healing patterns seen as of yet.   Where the potential for crafting and flipping both the items or the mats are high.   Healing classes may look at the lower 4.2
crafted items to finish off their Class Gear.   Nothing with the opening salvo of information shows that
the dreamweave timer or BOP status will be lifted.   So Investing in the pattern will end up being a high risk/high reward type of scenario.  As with all of these Epic level crafting recipes.


Bracers of Destructive Strength
Foundations of Courage
Pyrium Legplates of Purified Evil
Soul Redeemer Bracers
Titanguard Wristplates
Unstoppable Destroyer Legplates

As with the 4.2 Raid Patterns.  None of these appear to use truegold for their crafting.   Ghostcrawler announced in his explanation that there would be multiple patterns.  So it's assuming that these non raid level patterns will probably use truegold as their base instead of the Essence of Destruction.   So truegold as of now is still going to be a viable commodity to craft by alchemist or to save when demand is higher. Chaos Orbs will be used as a traditional material for crafting.   It's guessed that at some point one of the incremental patches will remove the BOP status of chaos orbs,  opening up another market for the non raiding crafter.     Mostly dps plate,  with two pieces of Healing plate has been added.    With the high amount of drops in the Fireland raids associated with healing items.   Healing plate crafted items may not be in high demand.


Bladeshadow Leggings
Bladeshadow Wristguard
Bracers of Flowing Serenity
Bracers of the Hunter Killer
Deathscale Leggings of the Storm
Legging's of Nature's Champion
Rended Earth Leggings
Thundering Deathscale Wristguards

Each of these recipes take between 8 Pristine hides.   So look for both Heavy Savage Leather
and Pristine hides to be in high demand as these items begin to get crafted.    Stocking up on
Stacks of Heavy Savage Leather for conversion to pristine hide will set you farther ahead of the
Gold wars to come.


The PTR notes are showing that the epic gems will be based on a 50 point seperation.  So epic gems will have either a full +50 to a stat,  or split between the two stats.   This ends up being good news for the non raiding jewelcrafter.  Most people will not spend a huge amount of money to gear for epic gems
with only +10 to their stats.   They are more apt to fill the gem slots with your Rare +40 stat gems or combinations of stats to reach their raiding mark.   With no information released yet on how to obtain patterns this will allow the non raiding jewelcrafter to feed the demand to gems they already have.   A wise jewelcrafter will look to purchase stock raw gems to either flip for profit.  Or to cut when the demand is high and the supply is low.   Also remember that with the new PVP season there will be a large spike for PVP specific Gems (+ resilience,  + resilience/haste,  residence/strength,  resilience/agi).   Stocking up on your raw gems in these categories may give a decent profit in the long term.

  • Notice with blacksmithing there are no high level weapon crafting patterns.   There may be more introduced later.  But it means there will be a larger demand on crafted or dropped items from Deathwing raids themselves.
  • There are multiple lists of items assumed to drop in the Deathwing lair raids.   Multiple boe items (including weapons and trinkets) where their demand will be high as well.
  •  The Raid patterns are taking a high amount of volatile fire and volatile water for crafting.   With 4.2 and the dailies volatile fires were lowered in value.  This may be a good opportunity to purchase volatile fires for crafting while they are low.   And alchemists switching from transmuting volatile airs to volatile water.   
  • Snowballs will no longer be used for summoning the Tiny Snowman,  Winter Reindeer, Winter's Little Helper

Maelstrom Shatter has been added to Enchanting.  Will split one maelstrom crystal into two heavenly shards.    Should drive down the prices for heavenly shards while raising maelstroms.

For the list of all the items known from the ptr datamining mmo-champion has given a sorted list here   

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   Would love to know how your experience with this tip works out.                    

Making Gold with BC meats

Making Gold with BC meats

Hi guys, Alerick here once again, and today I'm going to be talking to you readers about making efficient gold by way of Burning Crusade cooking materials. The ones we will be concentrating on today are the Serpent Flesh, Buzzard Meat, Chunk o' Basilisk, Clefthoof Meat, Raptor Ribs, Talbuk Venison, and Warped Flesh. Now I came across this gold-making niche market when I began working towards my Chef title. I'm sure a lot of people are interested in getting this title, and there are a few achievements in the meta that require involvement with the old Burning Crusade cooking daily quests. By completing these dailies, you have a choice between a Crate of Meat or a Barrel of Fish. I always chose the Crate of Meat, because it had a slightly higher chance to drop the recipe for Stormchops, which was the last section of the last achievement I needed for my Chef title.

Each crate has a chance to drop between 5 and 16 of the meats listed above. Needless to say, with a sub 2 percent drop chance, I ended up doing quite a few of these dailies, and amounted quite a stash of the meat. I knew that with all of the cooking materials I had, someone would eventually need to use them to level their profession, so I put a few on the AH, careful not to flood the market, and watched them all sell. I found that by only putting a select amount of the meats on the AH, whenever a character leveled their cooking profession through that level range, basically all of my meats would sell out. There's a shortage of these meats on the Auction House simply because a lot of players power level their characters through Burning Crusade dungeons, and either don't bother to even loot the mobs they kill, or consider the meat to be worth next to nothing. That's where us resourceful players make bank ;).

Not only are these meats required for every player leveling their cooking past the Burning Crusade expansion, but they're a component for completing the cooking dailies themselves, and the Achievement "The Outland Gourmet", which requires at least one of every meat list above. This achievement in itself puts the items in a high demand for all of the achievement hunters out there. It's very simple to hop on one of your characters one day, head over to Shattrath City, and finish up one of these dailies. You can get a good amount of BC meat to sell on the AH, as well as complete some components of easy achievements in the process. Good luck putting the tip into action and I hope it makes everyone plenty of gold!

You can get in touch with me through my Twitter: @AlerickF

Daily Routine

Many WoW entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the first things you should do when trying to master the AH is setting up a daily routine for yourself. It is in fact very important. Today I'll give you a few tips on how to do so, and I will show you my routine as an example.

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Speculate No More: Epic Gems Dropping in Raids in 4.3

Well, we finally have our first solid information on Epic Gems in patch 4.3. In an interview with Greg Street, lead systems designer for Blizzard, on a question about the new "Looking for Raid" tier of difficulty:

What achievements will be granted in the new Looking for Raid system and are they similar to existing ones or any new rewards?
Ghostcrawler: We are very concerned about preserving the sense of accomplishment for the Normal and Heroic tier. We don’t want to over reward Looking for Raid. It is really there for people who want to see the content and want to feel like they’re raiding, but we don’t want it to be more attractive than traditional organized raiding.

We will offer some achievements; they’ll be very simple, nothing like you’ll be able to get in a Normal or Heroic. For example, it might just be “Kill the first four bosses” as one achievement and “Kill the second four bosses” as another achievement, something like that. We won’t, for example, put the legendary in the Looking for Raid tier. We are doing epic gems this time around as a drop in the raid and we may not have those drop in the Looking for Raid tier.

How does this impact our gold-making business? Find out after the break.

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Can You Really Make Money Playing Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 is Coming.
Diablo 3 is coming and it's going to change gaming as we know it forever. Gaming industries, especially MMORPG's, look to Blizzard Entertainment for future trends and direction in the business. The introduction of the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House, a place where players can actually exchange real money for virtual goods legally, is going to enable a select few to get paid for playing games. Other sites which are utilizing free to play modes may eventually adapt this new form of revenue through tapping into player transactions.

Before long, every major MMORPG is going to have a real money auction house of sorts where players interact instead of going to third party software and getting banned.

I welcome you to come with me and learn to dominate the Diablo 3 Auction House, one day at a time, from the very beginning. If you've learned to make gold playing World of Warcraft from reading this blog, imagine how great it's going to feel to earn real money playing Diablo 3?

Subscribe, bookmark... do whatever you need to do when you visit my brand new Diablo 3 Gold Tips blog. Do it now and start speculating as well as learning the basics behind the new Real Money Auction House.

There's a Diablo Gold Podcast, Diablo Gold Forum, all my social media sites and much more. Looking forward to dominating the auction houses of Diablo 3 with you! Even if you don't play Diablo 3, you may benefit from the way I go about attacking the issue of earning money from the auction house. I'm already breaking down barriers in the way most players think by addressing the lies of the auction house. And yes, there will be a Diablo 3 Gold Guide as well.

Best Frostweave Cloth Farming Spot

Writer: Alisha.

Frostweave Cloth is an item that is always in demand. Tailors need it for power leveling (and many prefer to buy it rather than farm it). Not only that, but the bags are still extremely popular and sell extremely well around the 175g-275g (more or less) price range. I have even seen on one of my servers the price of these bags being equal to the price of the larger Embersilk bags (because Embersilk is so prevalent in our markets at the moment and easy to farm). Many people believe runs through Utgarde Keep to be the place for farming Frostweave Cloth, but I have discovered another place that not only is easier to farm, but more plentiful with the Frostweave drops. So get your tailor and head on over to Icecrown.

That's right, Icecrown. Specifically the Northwestern field (highlighted with a pretty pink circle around it). The Northeastern field in Icecrown is filled with ghouls that don't drop anything (with the exception of the Foot Soldiers and Stitched Brutes near the gates, but I haven't found farming them to be as profitable). The same goes for the Southeast and Southwest portions. The mobs are few and spread out so farming the Frostweave here is not a good option.

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Whip me spank me, make me be a leatherworker

Leatherworking is one of the fundamental crafting professions in world of warcraft.  With leatherworking,  four classes are covered by what items are manufactured (Druid,  Hunter, Rogue, and Shaman) while 3 other classes use speciality items to augment their leg armor (Warrior, Death Knight,  Paladin)

All of these present multiple money-making opportunities with just a little knowledge and skill in the Auction House.

This is in no way a power leveling guide to bring a leatherworker to maximum.    Crafters Tome is an excellent source on power leveling any profession,  including leatherworking.  What we will be discussing are techniques that will take you from a small gold production  to a master auctioneer.   With the announcement that Epic Gems will be dropping in Raids Only (see Epic Gems in 4.3 for more information);  diversification will be a strong weapon in your arsenal.

After the break we will go into more detail

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Low Level Lucrative Gold Making

Hi guys, Alerick here again, and today I’m going to be interpreting and elaborating on an email we got from a reader here at JMTC. This individual goes by the name, “Danprentice”, and his email was regarding making easy gold at a low level. He plays a level 25 warrior currently and uses the professions mining, blacksmithing, and fishing primarily to make his gold. In the email, he talked about how he used to make gold farming copper ore in Durotar, a perfectly simple profitable to make gold at his level using mining, seeing as copper, specifically in bar form is needed in bulk by people leveling blacksmithing, jewel crafting, and engineering.

This was an old method of his for making gold, however his new one is much more creative, and I’ve been using this one occasionally myself to pick up some gold. He plays a horde character, and this makes the method even more ideal because he was leveling through the zone in the first place. Scattered all over the Barrens, there are pools of the Deviate Delight fish. These pools are extremely common, easy to find, and they re-spawn more quickly than you can fish them. The old method for catching these fish was to go to a body of water in Wailing Caverns, and fish for a slim chance at an occasional Deviate Fish. The good thing about fishing them from pools, rather than a regular body of water is that you have an 100% drop rate of the fish, as well as a chance at other items contained in chests, as well as herbs. Although the rarity of these fish has decreased, I found their actual value, and supply to remain the same, and they are still very uncommon on the auction house. This reader only really wrote about selling them in their raw form, and seeing as the value of the savory deviate delight recipe has plunged due to higher supply and a zone-wide high drop rate, you can find it extremely cheap on the auction house, especially on the Horde side on your server. The reason being that a lot more horde characters level through the Barrens than Alliance.

One of the best parts of the recipe is that it requires minimal effort to produce, seeing as only an 85 skill in cooking is required. People buy these savory deviate delights for leveling their boa decked out characters, appearing awesome in BGs, or if they just want to look like a ninja or pirate. The Deviate Fish found in these pools can also be used by alchemists to craft Elixirs of Massive Growth, which can be amazingly profitable if you just sell them on the AH. People like to buy these because the elixirs make your characters grow larger and seem bigger, as well as giving you a handy 8 Strength. As an added bonus, while fishing in these pools for easy gold, you contribute to the guild achievement for catching 10,000 fish from pools, a vital perk for a raiding guild. That’s all for today guys, thanks to Danprentice for submitting this valuable gold information, and I’ll see you guys next week!

You can get in touch with me through my twitter account: @AlerickF

Gold-Making Opportunities from Firelands Nerf

Unrelated Update: Lead Systems Designer Greg Street says epic gems will be dropping from raids in 4.3.

Blizzard recently announced a significant nerf to the Firelands raid:

With the final showdown against Deathwing approaching, we’ve been keeping a close eye on players' progress through the current Firelands raid content. Before patch 4.3 is released, we want groups who are working on Heroic-difficulty content to be able to get as close to Ragnaros as possible, and we want players who are tackling normal progression to be able to experience as many of the encounters as they can. To achieve these goals, we’ll be toning down the difficulty of both normal and Heroic raids through hotfixes in the coming weeks. In general, we plan to reduce health and damage of all raid bosses in both normal and Heroic Firelands by around the same percentage we brought difficulty down for the original Cataclysm raids when Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2) was released.

We're looking forward to seeing more groups of players face off against the firelord in the weeks ahead. However, before we make these changes, we want to give everyone a final shot at the bosses at their current difficulty level -- so this is a heads up that we’re planning to applying the difficulty hotfixes beginning the week of September 19.

What does this mean for making gold? How do we profit off this and other content changes that might come up in the future? Click through to find out.

Thinking Through Game Updates
Why is Blizzard making this change? What's their purpose? What are they trying to achieve? Understanding Blizzards motives and goals will help us find gold-making opportunities when game changes like this happen. Up until this point, Blizzard has seemed satisfied with the progression rate for raiders in this patch. But I suspect that their internal data is suggesting that the rate of progress has slowed since the patch was released. Normally we don't see nerfs of this level until a new tier of content is made available.

This signals to me that Blizzard is interested in more people experiencing the raid content. Couple this with a recently leaked interview about patch 4.3's raid finder adding a new (lower) level of difficulty for raids and you can start to see one aspect of Blizzard's plan to combat subscriber loss: Get more people participating in end-game content by making it more accessible.

So how do we profit on this?
Raid-related business is going to surge with the nerf. Existing raid groups that are stuck are going to get help progressing. People who haven't been raiding because PUGs (Pick-Up Groups) were hard to come by will start to raid more as the content becomes easier. This will lead to an uptick in consumables (potions, flasks, food) on the front end of raids and item enhancements (gems, enchants) on the back end for all the new loot.

The Firelands Raid has the following gear (complete list) types available:
  • 2 cloaks
  • 6 chests
  • 8 boots
  • 3 rings
  • 7 gloves
  • 7 helms
  • 2 off-hands
  • 5 main-hand weapons
  • 7 one-hand weapons
  • 8 two-hand weapons
  • 4 ranged weapons
  • 1 shield (Tank)
  • 6 legs
  • 5 necks
  • 6 shoulders
  • 9 trinkets
  • 4 belts
  • 10 wrists
That's a total of 100 pieces of gear, most of which can be enhanced in some way (either gems or enchants). Tier pieces (that gear for your class/spec that gives a 2 and 4-piece bonus, consisting of head, shoulder, hands, wrist, legs) are a high priority for people to purchase with valor points, so my guess would be that non-tier slots will need more enchants and gems. If you see popular gems or enchants selling for low right now, you might consider purchasing them and reselling after the nerf.

In addition to the gear, there are also drops like Living Embers and crafting patterns. Expect the prices of embers, the patterns and the gear from the patterns to decrease as the supply increases. Also expect the price of Bind-on-Equip epics to decrease as more are dropping with the higher number of people getting into the raid. If you're sitting on some, try selling them soon before the price drops. You might also want to keep an eye on trade chat and the auction house for those same BoE epics at highly reduced prices. Up until now, experienced raiders and epic trash farmers have been doing the selling. With less experienced raiders, there's a great chance they'll underprice their items.

What other opportunities arise because of this game change? How do you see this effecting markets? Any specific plans to capitalize on this?

I consider myself a somewhat casual auctioneer. I can be found via Twitter @Aleithia3. I also like getting email at Aleithia AT jasonthedce DOT com. Send me your questions and I'll try to write about them on the site.

The Golden Egg

Today's post is about a tip we recently got by e-mail from one of our readers. It's not gonna be your top source of gold, but it is easy, can be done with only low level characters, and it is gold after all.
Everybody who ever leveled a character remembers small eggs. It is a reagent for a few cooking recipes, and it drops from all kinds of animals around the world. One of the reasons why people remember it is that it drops from creatures ranging from level 5 to 38 which is quite wide. Usually the demand for these eggs is very small, but right around christmas, they become very valuable. It's because the egg is a reagent for two seasonal cooking recipes, Egg Nog and Gingerbread Cookie. These things are needed for seasonal (Winter Veil) quests and achievements. After the festivites begin, the egg's price can go up to as high as 10 gold per piece easily.

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What is Gold?

People pursuing personal wealth in WoW are mainly focusing on accumulating gold, as it is the currency of the game. In real life, one would accumulate dollars, or pounds, or other currencies. Today we are going to look at how these currencies came to be, what they really are and what their place is in an economy. It will be less of a tip on how to get filthy rich and more of a guide to understand what gold is about.

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First to Market

1994. That’s the year that Netscape was first founded. Some of you may have no recollection of this once-great internet browser. At the time, they were the first and only real web-browser as we understand them today. As a result of being first to market, they had a huge advantage and all other browsers—including the now ubiquitous Internet Explorer—were struggling to keep up.

Of course, their reign at the top did not last as others caught up and eventually surpassed the internet giant. But what does this have to do with making gold? Well, being first to market can be a significant advantage in your gold-making endeavor, but don’t rely on it as your primary strategy. Find out how to take advantage of being first to market after the jump.

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Patch 4.3 Preparation: Transmogrification, Darkmoon Faire, Chaos Orbs, Epic Gems

Patch 4.3 Video Guide

Patch 4.3 isn't out yet. In fact, it isn't even on the PTR yet.

We're gold makers though, and that doesn't stop us from preparing right now.

We relish in the idea of making 100,000 gold in a single patch and if you're anything like me, that's your minimum goal for any new content update. Patch 4.3, the last patch of Cataclysm, will be no different for us. We make our own goals because the game's goals are too boring. We make millions of gold because we want to, not because it means something to anyone else.

In the spirit of this attitude, a very popular gold making goddess has compiled a comprehensive 20 minute video covering the following patch 4.3 information:

  • Learn how to supply the influx of players excited by the new patch
  • Discover how to deal with an overstocked Pyrite market.
  • See the price curve of Chaos Orbs over the first week in patch 4.3, before it happens
  • Be able to take advantage of their greedy competitors
  • Get ready for 4.3 before the public test realm is even released
  • Prepare to value their BoP Chaos Orbs before they become unbound.

After watching this video, you'll be ready to prepare for patch 4.3 before most people on your server are even thinking about it. 

In this 20 minutes video presentation, the author talks about which items will rise to the sky …. or plummet to zero value with the new changes to Darkmoon Faire. Underneath the Video, I have included a link to the PDF that you can print out and read along with the video. It covers the exciting new opportunity for Transmogrification, with a Secret Method to keep 100% up to date with fashions BEFORE they even happen!

Did you know that transmogrification is ALREADY happening on some servers, under another name?

Discover WHY your snatch list will be working hard in 4.3.

Get ready and prepare for Epic Gems!

I know you are going to love this new module.  This is truly awesome work, because it does not teach a list of What to Do and Where and How, but rather information on what will be happening and how to respond to it, and create your OWN gold.  You'll love it.

Did I mention it's a British Female's voice? Yeah, I think you'll definitely love this video.

The video is speculation and preparation for patch 4.3.  It teaches skills on how to get ready, where to find information, and what to do with it. It'll even help you out if Blizzard throws a curve ball or two.

Download the PDF and watch the 20 Minute Video

As always, updates to 20k Leveling are free for current members. If you aren't a member then you're missing out on these great tips and frequent updates! We will have a follow up video once 4.3 patch notes are finalized, which of course will be free for 20k Leveling members.

Epic Gem Speculation, Not just for Breakfast Anymore

The Free online Dictionary at gives the basic definition of speculation.

Engagement in risky business transactions on the chance of quick or considerable profit.

To the world of warcraft auction power seller.  This is the bread and butter of their fortune.   Some of the biggest sellers have discussed having over 35% of their income created in the first few days of new content patches.  Or major changes in the economy.

In this case we're going to center in on jewelcrafting and epic gems.   Both for the jewelcrafter and the non jewelcrafter.    It's important to understand that speculation is a high risk,  high reward scenario.   You can win big such as for glyphmas,  the introduction of new glyph slots for every character. It's also possible to lose big,  such as those that purchased multiple amounts of scarlet rubies waiting to transmute them to epic gems at the last patch of wrath.  Finding out that the transmute limitations were not removed as previously been speculated.  This is where you take chances and you enjoy why speculating can be very addicting win or lose. 

So let's get to the nuts and bolts of what we are speculating with Patch 4.3.

To understand logical speculation study the past and how patches have changed when it comes to epic gems.  Not just the raw gems themselves,  but also the recipes.  For many,  the recipes will be just as valuable to have as the gems themselves.

With Burning Crusade,   Epic gems were first drops from  raid and Heroic instance  bosses.  More powerful gem patterns were able to be purchased with Reputation rewards from Scale of the Sands Vendors.    Added in a later patch were vendors for the Shattered Sun Offensive.   Both of these required work and running instance or raids multiple times to get them.  (They were never an automatic drop except the last boss of the heroic instance or from a raid boss).

Why is this important to know?   Because it created a  limited amount of Gems on the Auction house.  Raiders purchased these quickly while the regular average player didn't spend the money it cost to buy them.    The Uncommon cuts still dominated sales due to supply and demand.

The warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King created a much different Jewelcrafting atmosphere.  Epic Gems were able to be acquired through multiple abilities. They were able to be mined from Titanium nodes (an ore that was introduced in patch 3.01 but the gems themselves were not available to patch 3.2).    Epic gems were also prospectable  by  jewelcrafters from the same ore.  Gems could later be purchased with Badges of Justice  and Honor Points in future patches.

It's important in this case to see that the creators of the game presented not just the ore to produce the epic gems from the start of the expansion.  But also gave multiple ways to propagate gems to even the average players.   Alchemists created Prisms that would give them the opportunity for epic gems.  They could directly transmute one gem per 20 hour period through a mix of gathered materials.    This caused a larger amount of the blank gems to be available to crafters  

Jewelcrafters were required to spend tokens earned via daily quests.   This gave them access to the patterns to cut the gem blanks and sell on the Auction House.   Also made available was the selling of titanium powder (Prospected from titanium ore) to further obtain tokens.   Purchasing all the epic patterns available a Jewelcrafter had to turn in (47 patterns x 4 tokens = 188 tokens).     PVP Jewel crafting Gem patterns  were also available for purchase from marks of wintergrasp (later to be converted to honor points). The Patterns were Bind on Pickup but the crafted gems were sellable on the Auction House.

In this case it's important to see that these gems had both multiple access points to get raw gems,  but crafted items always circled around the jewelcrafter.    With the introduction of all patterns needing to be purchased via Jewelcrafting tokens,  it created a balanced setting.   Do the dailies or prospect/purchase the titanium dust to get access to the patterns.  To many non raiding crafters it gave the opportunity to even the playing field for money making opportunities.

With the Cataclysm expansion,  the lessons of the past will spur the speculation of the future events.  It's assumed that patch 4.3 will be what introduces Epic Gems into the world. And the speculation has to start from there.  

So let use what we learned from the past from the game developers to come up with some logical conclusions.    Developers of warcraft have stated many times they want to give access to items for everyone.  So to me this would eliminate the idea of just having raw gems being mined or dropped from Raid only bosses/areas.

Developers have yet to ever have raid level gems accessible only through world drops. With the WOTLK expansion they used the Jewelcrafting token system to propagate the patterns to all jewelcrafters.    To me this created the best balance because it again made it accessible to everyone.  Not just Raiders or powersellers who could put multiple amounts of gold to be the first on the server to own a pattern.   Supply and demand will be your direct reasoning on what you should acquire first when they become available.

Developers have before used a current ore and created the ability for prospecting to be done for raw epic gems from the material    In this case the highest ore in the game is  Pyrite Ore,  which is used for multiple patterns in different crafting items.   Alchemists use it for Truegold transmutes.   Blacksmiths use it to craft ebonsteel belt buckles.  My personal belief is that this is the method that the developers will use to propagate raw epic gems into the warcraft marketplace.

It is possible that the developers will use a new type of ore to add raw epic gems into the game play.   This would be something new from their previous game models and would shake up a lot of the market.   It would create a large supply and demand for the new ore and miners would own the market for multiple weeks.

Another possibility is the introduction of a higher version of Jewelcrafting tokens with a larger set of dailies to level the playing field to everyone.   Again this would be a new step
in direction for the developers.   They limited the sales of cut gems with the introduction of armor level limits for socketing.   This prevented lower armor than Cataclysm armor to be socketed with the higher gems.  It is a possibility that they will do the same for 4.3
raid/instance armor and require only epic gems in this armor.   Or only allow epic gems to be put in this higher level armor.  Either way would limit the amount of gem sales and would shake the Auction house speculation to it's core. 

Also possible with the amount of power that is put in armor currently,  epic gems may be complete left out of future patches.    Considering that the developers usually end up creating epic gems one and a quarter more powerful than the uncommon gems.   For instance:  burning crusade gems went from +10 for their epic cuts such as Delicate Crimson Spinel to Delicate Cardinal Ruby during wrath epic gem availability.   This addition more than doubled the stats granted per gem socketing.     The developers may want to limit the power that the gems have and might eliminate the introduction of Epic Gems as a whole    Believing that this would be a very small possibility but still should be considered for your overall strategy.

So with that information I will introduce my overall strategy for both the Jewelcrafter and the non jewelcrafter.    This makes it available to every player instead of just a Maximum skilled Jewelcrafter or miner.

[Addendum:  Epic Gems drop in Raids Only.according to Ghostcrawler in an interview    I will keep the initial strategy up on this entry.    Blizzard has added before that their intentions were to do one major change in the production of content or raw materials.  Where later they offer a different production due to difficulty or user discussion.]

Jewelcrafting Strategy:

First step is to either restart or continue to do your daily token quests.   If inflation  continues like normal it will cost between 5-6 tokens per epic gem pattern.    I'm expecting approximately 200 tokens to be able to acquire every epic pattern for patch 4.3.    Even if these patterns become available from other methods,  there will be chimera eyes available for purchase for crafting as well as PVP patterns that have been introduced in the past patches.  With a low risk for these investments moneywise other than your time spent and the cost of the materials to finish the quests you end up being farther to your monetary goals.    As you continuing to do the Obsidium/Elementium shuffle (discussed in the JMTC forums here) then you should have multiple mats to use on these dailies.      When the information is first data mined and presented (keep an eye on JMTC to be one of the first journals to present breaking information to it's readers).  Plan ahead to make sure that you know exactly what ones you want to purchase first.   I always suggest purchasing the big three single stat gems patterns first (+agi,  +int and +str) then purchase your next stackable tanking gem (+stam).    Future purchases can be done using a supply and demand method depending on your server economy requirements.   Ultimately the strategy would be to have enough gem tokens to purchase most if not all of the patterns.   Preparing you to be able to supply anything on the Marketplace that is required.

My next suggestion is to start purchasing as much pyrite ore as you can at a set price depending on your server market.    My server (Shandris - US) goes for around 9 gold per ore but can consistently be found for 5-6 per ore.   This may seem like a large investment but this is going to be the bulk of your sales possibilities.   Also this will be your safety margin.    Pyrite will end up being in very short availability if epic gems are prospected from the ore.   This will cause not just a rise in the raw materials.  but also will cause the truegold and ebonsteel belt buckle prices to go higher.   Your safety net is that you will have this available to sell to not just Jewelcrafters,  but to blacksmiths,  and alchemists as well.    Your risk/reward is still large if something happens that no epic gems are introduced.  Or some other limitation is placed that limits access to Epic Gems.  But you will still have these items to sell to regain some of the losses.

On a non commodity strategy.  Be prepared to not sleep patch day.  At minimum  be prepared to post as much and as fast as possible.  You will be undercut that day quickly.   and continually.   Jewelcrafting will again be the belle of the ball when it comes to money making.    Patience is also a great weapon to have when it comes to making gold.  Let people burn through their stocks on patch day.  And then save your amount of pyrite for server raid days and weekends.    Time your stocking of raw materials and raw/cut gems for when they are at their highest demand.    Take the opportunity to know who your heavy hitters are on a server,  and add them to your friends list to keep an eye on when they continually add their auctions.   If you are the only one online,  post multiples of those Gems or Stacks of ore  that are selling well.      Assume that your sales will be out of date and undercut 2 hours after you have posted them.    If the item are not sold within that 2 hour period,  then the odds become less and less that it will sell on that posting cycle.   Cancelling and relisting the auction will give you a better sales average than letting the auction run it's normal timed course. 

Be prepared for people to list stacks of ore very low.    Undercutting is an art form to the power auctioneer.   Jumping on a low price will be very necessary if you want to maximize your profit.     Keep a 20% rule in mind.  If a stack of ore can be purchased and flipped for 20% profit.    Invest the money and reap the rewards.    Watch your server trade channel for people wanting to empty their stockpiles quickly.    With a heavily fluctuating market;  resourceful powersellers will be prepared to step back and regroup and let the other less experienced auction sellers eat at their own resources too quickly.    Then as the stocks dwindle control the prices for a larger profit.    You have an extended amount of time to show your profits while others will be faced with a panic of  a "get my money now" philosophy.

Non Jewelcrafter Strategy

The Non Jewelcrafter will have to rely on using stocking principles for Pyrite Ore and prepared to buy Raw Epic Gems to resell.    With limited revenue streams, there is a higher risk than for a Jewelcrafter.  But the same ideals apply when it comes to pyrite being a safe investment.  A smart investor will always have an "out" to limit losses if speculation does not occur exactly as hoped.

Another option would be to hire a jewelcrafter to prospect the ore for you.   Allowing you access to epic gem blanks.   I would suggest to work with a guild member.   They would appreciate the gold for a little work,  and would be less likely to take your materials and run to make a profit for themselves.    One of your chat channels should give you exactly what they "loot" from the prospected ore.  So there is no question of whether an item was obtained from the prospecting.     Offer a tip compensating the amount of work they did,  and then sell the raw epic gems on the auction house or through trade chat.

Continuing speculation will be going on as we march to patch 4.3 and beyond.  Part of the enjoyment is to be able to discuss not just what your planning on doing,  but why you think it will be a winning strategy.   Leave me a message to show just how you did.  Or offer a drink to those that didn't plan ahead and can only wish they were a part of Jewelmas.

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   Would love to know how your experience with this tip works out.

Easy Gold with iPhone or Android

How to make easy gold with your iPhone or Android.

Hi everyone, Alerick here again with another informative gold tip. Today
I’m going to be sharing with you an extremely useful aspect of the WoW Armory
application, available for both iPhone and Droid phones. But more specifically, I’m
going to be covering a certain way of making easy gold by snatching up extremely
cheap items very easily through the auction house on your phone, by way of a
feature that isn’t available in the In-Game auction house.

If you don’t already have a subscription to the Mobile Auction House and
consider yourself a serious gold maker, or just don’t have as much time as you
would like to play like myself. Using the Mobile Auction House is an amazing way
to increase your profit, check for undercuts, monitor your sold auctions and what
needs reposting, and buy up cheap items when you come across them. I have my
Undermine Journal account hooked up to the email attached to my phone which
updates every few minutes, so if a deal comes up, usually a rare pattern or item that
was underpriced, there’s a good chance I can just hop on the armory and be the first
to buy it up. If you don’t already have this feature, I highly recommend you get it. It
costs a measly $2.99 a month to maintain and the features it offers are well worth
what you spend.

Now, on to the tip. When you tap the Armory app, you’ll see a main page and
at the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see the Auction House tab. Tap that and
you’ll see four new tabs. Browse, My Bids, My Auctions, and Create. All of these are
invaluable sources of gold making when you don’t have access to your computer.
The one we’re going to be using today is the browse option on the far left. Tap that
and eight pages or 200 separate auctions will be available for you to browse, bid on,
or purchase. At the top left of the screen you’ll see the word, “Sort:” and then there
are options for how you want to filter the auctions you view, as well as a separate
tab where you can go into more specifics. There are nine options here and the one
that I use all the time is the “Buyout Price Per Item” feature. Tapping this allows you
to see 200 of the very cheapest items on the whole auction house listed by, well, the
cheapest buyout prices PER item, i.e. cheapest items. This feature isn’t implemented
in the In-Game AH, so the mobile armory is the only way to use it.

Once you have all of these auctions in front of you, you can take a look at all of
them, and you’d really be surprised how many insanely underpriced items there
are here. I’ve flipped countless stacks of Leather, Ore, Herbs, Cloth, Enchanting
mats, Rep turn-in items, Raw Cooking Mats, items you can vendor for a profit, and
an assortment of potions, and rare items people are either too lazy to do some
background research and find the value of an item before posting, or don’t know any

better about what the items are worth; Ex. They’re making their first character and
don’t know the real worth of some white quality items.

I’ve bought enchanting mats this way from anywhere between 2 copper and
15 silver each that I can but back on the AH and flip for a good amount of gold in a
few hours. If someone who doesn’t really know how to use the AH and posts either
a valuable rare item, or a commodity like ore or cloth for a ridiculously low price.
This tip will help you be one of the first people to see it and pick it up super low for
pure profit.. Especially with items like Leather, Ore, Herbs, Cloth, and Enchanting
mats that are always in demand. Most people who level professions and have
gold to spend are impatient and don’t like to wait, so if you can buy out all of the
exceptionally cheap items that are usually all around the same price due to the
undercutting game, you can set your own price and anyone who wants to bypass
that level range of the profession, is going to have to buy from you. It’s easy money
any way you look at it. Good luck, I hope you do well with this advice and make as
much gold as I have using it.

You can get in contact with me through my twitter @AlerickF

Going Retro

Most of the times people earn money by trading items of the latest expansion. Right now, the latest expansion is cataclysm, and people are making and selling level 85 goods. They have a stable and big market. It's a safe way to earn a considerable amount of money. What most people don't realise is that items of past expansion did not disappear, or lose all their value. Trading with these items is a bit more risky business, but they can also mean great profit. Let's see how it works.

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Supply & Demand Explained

First of all I'd like to say hello to everyone, I go by the name of Shockkmaister and I'm one of the new writers here, at JMTC. Let's get down to business.

The basics
It is generally well-known that prices of commodities are determined by something called supply and demand. However not everyone knows what it is or exactly how it works. Today we shed some light on this concept.
Supply is the amount of a given commodity people are willing to sell in an economy. Demand is the amount that people want to buy. At a fixed demand the higher the supply is the lower the price is and vice versa. This is because more supply means more product that one needs to match or undercut in price in order to sell. To serve with a simple example let's say there are two traders at the market who are selling apples. Over the years they both settled at the same price. If a third trader is to get in the business of selling apples at the market, he would most likely undercut that price in order to start his business. Then most likely the other traders would match the new price, lower then the original. Also, if no new player shows on the market but one of the original traders would get an extra amount of apples, then he would lower the price because he needs to sell more apples. This means that supply is inversely proportinal to price. On the other hand demand is proportional to it. The less apples people want to buy the lower the prices will be, because sellers want to encourage people to buy more, as they need to sell more. If people suddenly want to buy more apples, then traders would realize they can raise the prices and still sell the same amount, with higher profit.

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Ultimate Cataclysm Gold Making Addon

I've been dreaming of an addon like this for years. I used to have to keep track of dozens of gold strategies in my head while playing and more often than not I'd forget to buy an item on my snatch list or to post a bunch of epic gear in my bank. With this addon, even someone with as little time to play the game as me could keep dozens of gold strategies organized and automated for maximum efficiency. Did I mention that the best cataclysm gold strategies are already implemented into this beauty? Yeah, it's that amazing.

See for yourself:

Tycoon: The Mailbox Bustin' Gold Addon

Tycoon is the dream I've been having for over four years. A gold making addon that is updated for the most recent strategies, organizes them for you and turns your account into a gold making machine on auto-pilot. It's an auctioneer's wetdream.

No more fumbling with auctioneer settings. No more worrying about getting undercut.

Go see what I'm talking about. Check out Tycoon: The Mailbox Bustin' Gold Addon! You may not make 30,000 gold per day like the addon is promising, but I'm sure that you could easily make 5,000-10,000 gold with very little effort.

Transferring to a New Realm

Hey there JMTC,

Kynalla here and today I'm going to be showing you some of my absolute favorite items that I used recently to transfer realms. This is a fairly quick and simple list of ideas, but may have a few here and there that you don't know, so without further adieu here is the video!

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Should I pay or Should I Gold(bank)

Financial investors will always tell you it's better to have your money work for you than to have it sit in the bank. This advice applies even in the Warcraft economy as a whole. One way to do this is by investing your gold wisely and continuously.

An example of having your money work for you is to create your own mini guild of crafters from your contacts. Grab the mats from your bank or your alts then decide what will sell on the Auction House at a decent profit (I always work with a 20% rule above cost of the crafted item).  Send a crafter from your personal network a request  to make the item and then give a tip, selling the item on the AH for a profit.

Most of the large money makers on a server will have their personal list of material farmers; providing supplies to their crafters. A steady supply of ore, leather and herbs will fill their needs many times over.  At certain times you will run into a situation where you don't have a specific pattern.   Such as the enchanting pattern of Blood Draining from Uldaur, that just never dropped for your crafter.

Here is  a breakdown of one such item: (Masterwork Elementium Deathblade)

With an investment of 7400 gold (5 chaos orbs at 300 a piece + 4 hardened elementium at 100 per + 2 ocean sapphire at 5g per + 8 truegold at 650 per = 7110g in materials + 200g tip = 7310g)  for a Masterwork Elementium Deathblade.     Selling for 9500 on most of the warcraft servers.   This is one example of many that this method can be used to increase sales on recipes that you don't have in your personal character crafting list. 

When we talk about networked crafters we are not speaking just about alts, but about friends, guild members,  or random trade chat members selling access to their wares. As the saying goes "any port in a storm". Same thing goes for auction house power-sellers. Take a minute while you are looking for that random trade chat link someone posts up and see what recipes they have that you don't. Send a message requesting to work out a deal.  Then you're bound for the Auction House to rake in the profits from just a little preplanning. 

There are almost always a crafter or two peddling their wares in the Trade channel looking to sell their orbs. A little planning and you end up with a large profit for just a little work.

One final thought.  Be honest with your crafter mini guild members. Most crafters want a piece of the profits for their items. So keep this in mind and do not alienate them by low-balling your "tips" to them.  If they were to see their items at a much higher selling price,  knowing you gave them a small tip.  You may have created your competition for that item next week.   Treat this as your new golden rule.  Tip as you would want to be tipped.  Its always a good idea to keep your crew happy and working for you than against you. That extra 100g tip you offer might keep your competition off the market and allow you to bring in that much more profit.  

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   Would love to know how your experience with this works out. 

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