The (Guild) Bank Challenge

As it turns out, I'm a bit of a pack rat. I thought Void Storage would be a big help for clearing space in my bank/bags. As I looked for stuff to move to the long-term cold storage facility, I realized most of it isn't actual void storage material. It's junk I collected here and there for use "someday". I've got full banks on at least 4 toons, plus a 6-tab guild bank that's full of stuff.

After reading a post at WoW Insider about Keyboard Shortcuts (Did you know you can shift-click items in your bags while a crafting window is open and it will show you only the recipes that use that item?), I decided it's time to get more organized. There are items sitting in my guild bank from at least three toons that I've leveled in the past 6 months, plus all this random other stuff. Here's my plan:
  • If it's not from this expansion or I don't have an immediate use for it in large quantities, it has to go. Craft and list it or just sell it on the Auction House. This means you, Copper Ore!
  •  All products will be shipped to an unused bank alt. I'm going to start with 1,000 gold to cover auction house fees and purchase any additional supplies to craft the raw materials into something more profitable.
I'm looking to get down to at least 50% available slots across all my toons. That's a large number to free up considering I'm almost full across the board. After I've sold everything off, I'm hoping to end up with 50,000 gold and some potential new niche markets.

So what are your banks and bags looking like? Do you have a guild bank packed to the gills? Are you a pack rat like me? See what you can turn all that junk into. You never know, you might be sitting on a pile of gold. But more importantly, you might discover some hidden revenue streams you never knew existed!

  1. I thought the void storage would be useful for a large bank, til it was listed how much to put each item in
    etc. Then it became a long term storage for items that I just want to know I have (darkmoon faire stein set etc).

    I started picking up guild banks when people would sell them. so I'm sitting with 7 toons that have their own guild banks, mostly holding items to their specific profession, then one build bank that is my general storage. I probably should consolidate or at least rearrange my materials because I have a lot of items packed in different places (volatiles are horrid to keep track of).

    Now that I"m starting to get set up for MOP I'll need some of the space for ore and materials to craft items (I like to keep my mats fluid so I will have stacks of netherweave cloth instead of making them into bolts). Ore is the same way. As well as figuring out items I will want to make and sell (enchanting bars) and having the materials for that.

    Still I agree this is a good time to clean out jumk items, though it's always a good idea to sit back a sec and figure out if they might not be able to be sold in the future. I know a lot of people who junk their grey hats, now they sell pretty well for guild bank toons etc.

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