Manufacturing Maelstrom Crystals

I was finally starting to run low on Maelstrom Crystals the other day and started looking around for some cheap ways to obtain them. The Raid Finder has sent prices through the roof, which has been great for the scroll business if you had a stockpile of scrolls and/or mats. I figured there would be a jump of around 50% on the crystals, with a similar drop in Heavenly Shard prices, thanks to the new Maelstrom Shatter spell for enchanters. As it turns out on my realm, prices for the crystals more than doubled while the shards saw a slight bump because of increased demand for enchants.

Sadly, everything that could be crafted was way more expensive than the crystals on the Auction House, so it wasn't looking good. Then, while upgrading another toon, I realized my enchanter (which is also my primary dungeon/raiding toon) could get them with her extra Justice Points.

From the early days of Cataclysm, I've had it in my head that crystals are expensive at 3750 JPs from the trade goods vendor. Which is expensive by the way. But enchanters can actually get them for only 700 by purchasing any of the epic Relics for a mere 700 JPs. Plus, with the guild perk Bountiful Bags, you have a chance you double your value if it procs. Not an enchanter? Get the epic Bind-on-Equip boots for 1650 and have a friend disenchant them for you. 

It's not a long-term solution to keeping stocked on crystals, but it's a decent source in a pinch.

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  1. Another option for those who want their maelstroms at a consistent price is to buy the epic cloak from the firelands vendor just outside firelands. It costs 200g and like you said if you have bountiful bags theres a chance for 2!

  2. If you have absolutely nothing else to do with your JP, and you don't need any more gold - perhaps this is viable in a pinch.

    But I think you'd make way more selling the BOE items you can purchase with JP. The gold per hour for farming crystals this way is nowhere near what you'd make employing other methods. It seems like a smarter idea to farm anything else with a higher gold per hour rate, sell that and use the proceeds to simply buy the overpriced crystals.

  3. Take your enchater into random HoT heroics. My enchanter is a warrior so I can click "need" on virtually any weapon or plate drop.

    Then with the other drops, youll win on average 20% of the DEs.

    I'm not sure if it is against the rules or not though to Need on gear that you dont really need

  4. buy hyjal rep cloaks for 175g each DE them and vuala easy MCs. Made tons of gold from this unlimited source. BB procs made it juicier specially after 4.3

  5. My biggest irritation with the maelstrom crystals being high on multiple servers is that the enchants that use them have not kept up.

    lavawalker and landslide still hover around the 1.7k range, and with maelstrom crystals as well as heavenly shards staying high, it cuts hard into profits for those. Not to even speak of the lower ones that require 1 to 3 maelstroms and barely get over 900 for the enchant.

    really good tip. Especially if the BOE JP items are not selling on a server. Also the cloak from Hyjal is able to be DE'd if someone is an enchanter and being Exalted with them. Though the rumblings are that it might get changed to non DEable with 4.3.2

  6. Why would anyone disenchant the BoE for 1-2 shards when you can sell the gear and then buy 3 times as many with the gold?

  7. Or take 220 justice points and buy the epic wrath gems from Dalaran. They still sell for 150-200g on my server (roughly the same as a maelstrom crystal) and cost less than a third of the justice points of buying and DE'ing the relic...

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