Niche Market Vendor and Profitable X-Faction Gold Opportunity

For many players, items like shirts can be a big deal. They can be visually appealing and match a set of gear. Have a cool name that attracts attention during a possible inspection. Or maybe the player is just trying to flaunt the rarity of the shirt and is just trying to show people that he or she has it. Any way you look at this market, there is room for profit.

Every character in World of Warcraft has a slot for a shirt, and many players just like to buy one to have the slot filled if for nothing else. Just the fact that there is such a large consumer base for these items should be enough to convince a person to enter the market. Shirts are a very low investment moderate return market just because many can be purchased from vendors or crafted through the tailoring profession at a low level. There are a few niche markets for these items, but the Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Bold Yellow Shirt,and Stylish Black Shirt are the ones that open up the most room for profit. The pattern for the Rich Purple Silk Shirt is a blue quality item that is an extremely rare world drop off of 33 different mobs ranging from level 33 to 45. I have heard countless tales of people controlling the market for these items on their server for years just due to the rarity of the pattern itself. This is an excellent market to get into if you can find a pattern for the shirt anywhere.

The Bold Yellow and Stylish Black Shirts are also extremely viable niche markets that have so much room for profit. They are only sold by one vendor in-game, Lisbeth Schneider, who for alliance players is conveniently located in the trade district in Stormwind. You would be surprised how few players actually know about this vendor, and the competition on most servers is minimal. The only way a horde player would be able to obtain either of the shirts would be through the Neutral Auction House. This is a dealbreaker in terms of profit potential for the market because it opens up a whole other faction to deal with, and believe me, these shirts are sought after and are often more popular then their less hard to find counterparts.

The Bold Yellow Shirts cost 40 silver each without reputation discounts and the Stylish Black Shirts cost 60 silver. These are miniscule investments and the low vendor prices allow for posting them on the Neutral AH for very small deposit prices, a factor that often deters entrepreneurs from selling items cross faction. The huge consumer base, larger demand, rarity, convenience, and small investment all make this market extremely viable for basically any Alliance player. Horde players can try picking these up on the Neutral AH and selling them in their major city AH, or creating their own Alliance character and trading with themselves.

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  1. Brilliant, especially with some of the hard to find patterns. That purple shirt pattern pretty well is a goldmine if it can be found. I'm hoping with the massive amount of leveling that will happen in MOP that it will pop up on my server.

    With Transmute sets, shirts will become very popular, might be a great time to stock up on the mats to save for MOP as well as making them now.

  2. On the part about making your own alliance toon and trading with yourself, you can not trade with a toon of the opposite faction if it is on the same account. Either get a friend to do it for you or you will have to have a second acount to do that.

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