Straight to the Hearth

The hearthstone,  one of the few items that will follow you all the way through your adventures in azeroth.    Sometimes the bane of your existence when it's down and you just want to go back home,   take a quick hot bath and pack it up for the night.

Something that people do not realize is that it's a very powerful item.  Especially when you have the timer down to 15 minutes on it though a higher guild level.   It can zip you around the world in a moments notice.

When I started playing warcraft I set my characters hearths at the nearest inn as they were questing.  Made it very easy to zip back to a safe spot and finish up turning in quests.  But once I maxed out my toon,  it just seemed to be a random place to place the hearth at.   I could go anywhere I wanted with the zeppelins,  and the flight paths.

But with the hubs that first were in dalaran,  I realized that it could be a good tool to have.   So I looked at the best places to have my different professions.   As they were leveling I kept my hearth in Dalaran (and then in Orgrimmar with the introduction of cataclysm).   Then I decided where to place permanently them at their best advantage.

Two of my engineers remained in Dalaran.  Having access to the engineer only auction house gave me quick access without any of the lag of the major cities.   It also gave me access to all the profession patterns via a hop/skip and jump over to Orgrimmar (Stormwind would be the same for the alliance).

Placing my leatherworker in the valley of wisdom freed up the ability to grab from the mailbox my money for the day,  and then let me work with the anvil and the smelting area in that same zone.   Auction house access right in front of me sealed the deal to where to place that hearth.
My jewlcrafter ended also in Dalaran.   Picking up the Dalaran jewel crafting daily,   going to the portal  and picking up the cataclysm jewel crafting daily and then going through my normal routine for the day.

I placed one of my bank toons down in Tanaris for quick access to the joint alliance/horde auction house.   I could quickly jump to that toon,  check out any auctions to snipe or switch over,  and i was finished with that gold making chore.

Placement of your hearths might seem to be tedious,  but take a look at the different options and what your crafter needs are.   You might find out that there is a much better spot to be doing your daily routine.

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

5 comments: on "Straight to the Hearth"

  1. Everybody can access the auction house at Dalaran these days.

    Also, at Dalaran you can buy a ring that will take you back there on a 30 minute cooldown, so you can have your hearth somewhere else.

  2. With the 15min delay(assuming your guild is high enough) you may consider forking out some extra cash for a back up self port 'Ring of the Kirin Tor' takes you to Dalaran once per 30min, allowing you additional flex of setting your hearth elsewhere.

  3. the engineer only auction house?

  4. I am often surprised how many people don't know about changes in the game, but the AH in Dalaran in the Engineer's shop is no longer Engineer only and the Alliance and Horde only areas in Dalaran have their own AH and have done since 4.0.3a. They also added AH along with class trainers to Shattrath.

    Read WoWpedia AH page

  5. agreed. there is an all access auction house in dalaran.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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