There is a mote in your eye... and more

Everytime I start a search for motes on the auction house.  I think of a cartoon that was on TBS called Captain Planet.    I won't go into specifics because frankly,  it was a horrid cartoon.    But the main part of the show was a chant that the kids did when they were combining their powers.

"Earth,  wind,  water,  fire,  heart"....   [yes,  I know the rest,  it's embarassing]]

But now,  the alchemist have a chant of their own.   [Primal Earth],  [Primal Air],  [Primal Water],  [Primal Air],  [Primal Mana].   by my transmute powers I declare [Primal Might] = Money

Now that we have taken that break from reality.   How do we make gold on this?

With 4.3 alchemist no longer need primal mights for their specialization.  That was changed to needing 4x truegold.  But the alchemist still needs their primal might for their [Alchemist Stone].   Enchanters also need these for their [Runed Adamantite Rod].   Both necessary for leveling and future crafting.

The primal market is heavily farmed.   But what many do not take advantage is that the motes that can be turned into a primal.  Taking 10x of the appropriate mote (mote of fire... mote of air) and then turning them into the subsequent primal.

With the end of cataclysm coming along as well as people setting up alts for their MOP questing and crafting professions,  this can easily become both a short and long term money makers.

Farming for these motes are all done up in the Negrand,  the water area just outside garadar holding the monsters dropping motes of water,  and up on elemental plateau holding the other motes available.
A quick run through this area can continuously grind some gold for yourself.

With Primals averaging 600g on many servers,  and in constant demand,  the power is yours! *groan*

Now I need a real cartoon to get that thing out of my mind.  Where is bugs bunny when I need him.

Good luck and  good hunting

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2 comments: on "There is a mote in your eye... and more"

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Almost forgot how much gold the primal mights gave me last time. =) Time to create some more!

  2. It's nice for maybe a 30g investment if you catch them at the right time to get 600+ in return (at least on my server).

    seems that motes/primal air are the ones that people keep and are the most expensive. That might drop if people end up running through negrand again.

    Glad the article reminded you to make more gold

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