5 things you should be selling... Cooking

If you missed our last episode:  Five things you should be selling: Engineer Edition here is the setup for our plan to make gold.

First the rules of the road.

1.   All recipes have to be obtained by either Training,  purchasing from a vendor or via reputation.
2.   No World drops or items that would require a larger than life grind to obtain (ala Fireland dailies)
3.   Materials can be gathered or crafted,   not requiring BOP dropped items or boss farmed items.
4.   Each item should make a minimum of 30% profit over cost of crafting.

And now on with the show.

Cooking.   From Spice bread (definitely sounded better than it probably tasted) all the way to Seafood Magnifique Feast,  cooking is used for both enjoyable changes in how your toon looks.  To powerful buffs for raiding and questing.   For some it can be a huge money maker,   if you know what recipes to grab and to sell.

1.  [Small Feast] 

Originally this was a mid range raid/instance food for parties to get that quick pick me up between pulls.  Now it's been overshadowed by larger amounts of mana/health replenishment.  But the most enjoyable part of this is that it makes your toon 30% smaller,  and can stack with many of the different foods/potions/items that can change size and shape.   Grab a [Noggenflogger elixir] from the tanaris questing and you can be the smallest pirate.  Or the tiniest Ninja.    Plus with the larger amounts of alts that will be created soon,  this could be a nice money maker for just a few wrath cooking tokens and some basic materials (2x [Glacial Salmon], 2x [Nettlefish],  2x [Rhino Meat] and 1x [Northern Spices]

2.  [Gigantic Feast]

The counterpart to the [Small Feast],   Who doesn't want to look 30% larger.  Does this feast make me look fat?  2x [Chunk o Mammoth]. 2x [Deep Sea Monsterbelly],  2x [Rockfin Grouper],  1x [Northern Spices] should sell well now and in the future for new alts created.    Look for not just the feast itself,  but many of the mats to be in demand as more players enter the warcraft realms with Mist's of Panderia  release.

3.  [Tracker Snacks] 

This has sales that can be up and down depending on what it's used for.  During the Pilgrims Bounty holiday it's in high demand for it's useful during the [The Turkinator] achievement.  It's also valuable for non hunters who are grinding out materials or just farming for skins.    1x [Shoveltusk Flank]  and 1 [Northern Spice] can bring in good gold.

4.  [Chocolate Cookie]

These are continuous sellers   Simply for the idea that it's used for the [[You'll Feel Right as Rain] achievement.  Plus who doesn't want to bring cookies to a raid.   Just do not forget the [Ice Cold Milk].   The [cocoa beans] can be purchased from the Token daily recipes in your faction major city.  The [Fresh Water] and [Simple Flour] from the cooking suppliers in the same general area.    Now someone make a warcraft oatmeal chew and I will be happy.

5.  [Fortune Cookie]

What other food can you get both a very sizable buff (90 stamina + 90 in your core class stat) plus have a chance to win 5000g?   With [Mysterious Fortune Card] on some servers going for 4-6g per,   you cannot lose to buy and craft these.  Costing only a couple of cooking tokens,  if you have maxxed out your cooking profession these will continue to be sales all through the winding down of cataclysm and into the next expansion.   Take 1 [Mysterious Fortune Card]  + 1 [Simple Flour] and craft gold into your bag.

There are other food recipes that can sell well depending on the climate of your server.  [Great Feast] is used for the achievement [Dinner Impossible],   for your pvp achievement lovers.   As well as many of the low level items that are used to keep leveling toons at their peak abilities.

What other recipes are selling on your server?    Or does your cooking skills need more work?

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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  1. A few more cooking recipes to add to your list of incredible edibles are..

    [Blackened Worg Steak] - Track humanoids for 1h.
    [Dragonbreath Chili] - Burp flames in melee for 10mins.
    [Stormchops] - Charges you with energy causing you to zap nearby enemies with lightning for 30m.
    [Captain Rumsey's Lager] - Increases fishing by 10 and makes you slightly tipsy for 3m.

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