Dealing with the mid sales blahs

Every sales goblin has it happen.   The normal routine of posting sales,  crafting items,  raking in gold becomes a low paying second job.    Waking up in the morning,   signing on and going through the routine that has netted you hundreds of thousands of gold.  

Events such as Love is in the air or lunar festival become just another gold grab instead of enjoying the event.   The Swift Lovebird becomes another dollar sign instead of a majestic steed (yes,  I said majestic with a straight face).  

This is the time to adjust your views and renew some of the goals that you set aside for the love of the gold.   Putting aside one of your gold making routines and doing more of the "practical" adventures of wow.   Have you finished your Loremaster title on your toons?   Lead a team into Icecrown to whoop a little lich king butt?

Gold Runs through old content is an awesome way of changing the tempo of your gold making business.    The bonus in letting your toons get titles and enjoy the content from a new perspective.
Did you run Ulduar as a melee DPS?   Try it as a ranged,  or even the dreaded healing class.

Changing your pattern of gold making might not make you a ton of gold,  but it will breath life into your experience when the game starts become stale.

Good luck and good hunting

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