Love is in the lunar faire

his week starts the rare triple combo of holidays.  We're in the 2nd week of the lunar festival,
today starts the Love is in the Air holiday,  and this week the Darkmoon Island is open for inspection.

Should be a busy week for everyone.   Not a lot changed with the  Love is in the Air event.   Only major change is that there is a mount available,  the [Swift Lovebird] for 270 [Love Tokens].  This should spur continual sales during the event.

Thankfully for the goblins in all of us,  the [Lovely Charm Bracelet] are again BOE this year so look to sell these either through trade chat or on the AH.  Grab a [Lovely Charm Collector's Kit] on all of your questing and raiding/instance alts.   They do drop in PVP as well,  but you have to get the kill shot to get credit for the charm.

Every year the Blizzard powers that be tend to tweak the drop rates when someone finds a very nice
farming spot.   So keep an eye for good farming spots,  especially if you have finished the opening to
the fireland dailies.   Craft or purchase a [Potion of Treasure Finding] and run do some farming in the cataclysm areas.   My suggestion if your at level 85 is going to be based around Mount Hyjal,   up and down the area close to the Sanctuary of Malorne.    Mobs die quickly and large amount of fire volatiles drops.

Lower levels want to look for large amount of mobs that can be killed quickly.  The wrath expansion areas still have many mobs that are within "level appropriate" to get drops of the charms.  Other professions such as skinning might find the twilight highlands area a good option to skin the dragons for raw materials. Leather is still selling at a premium on many servers.  If you stay withing 2-4 levels of mobs you are killing you should continue to get the drops for the charms you need to make the bracelets.

Here is a link to Wowinsder for their overachievers guide to the entire holiday.  Keep an eye here for any updates we have as all three holidays continue.   Also please post comments on your suggested farming spots.

Don't forget to have your [Darkmoon Adventure's Guide] for dungeon and raid instances for drops of the rare tomes and items to turn in for Darkmoon Faire tokens.

All this going on is going to keep people busy for the week.

Good luck and good hunting

[Addendum 12:07]  Looks like the bracelets aren't able to be placed on the AH.  so trade chat is the only [option]

Read this for blizards refund policy on buying the wrong item.  Short and sweet version.   Make sure of your purchases.  The powers that be won't be refunding tokens if you buy the incorrect item.

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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4 comments: on "Love is in the lunar faire"

  1. JMTC - the website that's still too 'leet for spell check.

  2. Just a quick correction: Like last year, the lovely charm bracelets can't be sold on the AH.

    Also of note: the swift lovebird and the truesilver shafter arrow pet are not BoP. Depending on how easy it is to unload the bracelets on your server, you may be better off farming up for one or both of these and selling them.

  3. Dropped by at random today, long time no see JMTC!

    Anyway, I can't try this myself as I no longer subscribe to WoW Remote. However, last year, for some reason, it was possible to put the Charm Bracelets on the AH using the remote app. I'd assume it was a bug, and may well have been fixed.

    However, if it still works, then it could be very lucrative. Last year I was charging 150g+ each, even when they were going for 50-60g in trade. 90g seems like a fair price to take advantage of the numerous people that are too shy to trade face to face. It also means, if it does work, that you can hoover up all the 60g trade ones and put them up for an appropriate markup.

  4. I added the addendum about not being able to place the charms on the AH
    after I had published the article. But thanks for pointing that out, it did put a hink in a lot of sales when they did it last year.

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