Should I sell or should I use

Having just started back into running instances and raiding (my original computer could not keep up with the graphics on even the lowest setting.)   I had to make those decisions that everyone from time to time have to make.   Should I roll need or greed.

Myself,  I've always kept a hard true rule.   If I need it then I had better be willing to equip it right then and there.  Many groups,  especially with BOE gear that is available in Raids and instances require that you equip it right there.  Keeping the people who will need on everything, even if they already have a version of it equipped. It work usually, though occasionally people will slip through the ninja cracks.

But as a seller of gold making merchandise,   Is it okay to need on something that you specifically know you will not equip but are going to sell.  I ran into this while running the first of the Dragon soul instances.   [Bindings of the End Times] dropped for our group.   Needing to make a quick decisions I went ahead and pressed greed on the item,  winning the random number generation contest.    A excellent 1k gold in my goblin pockets.  But it did make me wonder whether I had actually won it fairly.  Yes I did the right thing to roll greed knowing I was going to sell it (I run an arms warrior currently) and it was not high on my awesome list of items to get.   Scrolling back through my logs I saw two people who completely passed on the item.    I can only presume that they did not roll simply for either misreading the BOE status of the item,  or that they just assumed I would roll need on it and did not want to waste the time.

As the DS raids and instances continue on,  and the BOE items drop,   presuming that someone will automatically take the item just drains possible money out of your pockets.   Any run,  anything drops,   press greed (or if you legitimately need the item,  press need).   It's either that,  or go ahead and send me all your money now,  cause your just giving it away to someone else.

Good luck and good hunting

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  1. Well. One thing they changed recently, was if an epic drops in a random group, and you NEED on it... it becomes BoP. No 2 hour timer, just straight BoP. Which is more than likely why you didn't have ninja-needers. It's gotten rid of a lot of those. The only way it won't become BoP, is if you are in a full guild/friends group *no pugs* or by hitting Greed. :) Hope this helps

  2. Are you forgetting that rolling need on a BoE now causes the item to be soulbound? If you'd decided to be a ninja and roll need with the sole intent of selling it you'd have been stuck with vendor cost or a DE if you're an enchanter.

  3. "Any run, anything drops, press greed (or if you legitimately need the item, press need)"

    I agree if you are looking to make more money in instances then yes 'greed' everything. It's good to make extra money on the side.

    But please if you can't use the item don't press 'need' just because you know that you can make a lot of money from a rare or epic drop.

    I am forever spending time doing instances waiting for a drop to come from a boss and find someone who just presses 'need' and wins.

    Annoys the hell out of me.

    Nevertheless, good gold making tip.

    There's my two copper's worth ;)

  4. BoE items in random instances will become soulbound if needed.

    If you want to sell, you'll have to win the greed roll.

  5. "But as a seller of gold making merchandise, Is it okay to need on something that you specifically know you will not equip but are going to sell."
    Rolling need on a BoE item will bind it to you; the only selling you will doing is to the vendor. This line is very misleading.

  6. You DO know that pressing need will make the item soulbound should you win it?

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