They call me the Mad Hatter

During the Burning Crusades expansion,   a guild mate of mine had been running an instance with me.   As we were done and left the instance he had seen that I had a drop that I scavenged of the [Moldy Leather Pants].  This was long before transmog was a gleam in the developers eye.   Plus it's a grey pair of pants.  But I had looked it up and there was an unofficial set.   These were the times when the wow armory was being used extensively,  many times to people being pests about what people wore.   Some of my guild mates did not like this so tended to log off for the night with really garbage gear,   clown shoes,   torn pants,  level 1 weapons. Mostly as an inside joke to poke at the lurkers who judged everyone by what they had showing in the armory.

My guildmate approached me and offered me 100g for the item.   I too was working on the moldy set for my own comic relief.  And where it may not be purple,  it's not an easy drop to get,  especially if you seem to be looking for it.   So I politely refused and said even if I didn't need it I would feel ackward selling a grey item to a guildmate.   But if I found another set of them I would hit him up and send them to him.

Fast forward to a few weeks later to running shadow labyrinth for the umpteenth time,   another pair dropped.  I messaged him and said did he want me to mail them to him.   He said yes,  COD for the 100g.  I again reiterated to him that I didn't charge to guildees for items.   But he basically insisted on paying for them.   Later I found out that he had been planning on leaving the guild.  But that's not that important.  I collected my 100g from the COD and then just continued on my merry playing way.

Now,   if you've made it this far,  here is the reason that I told that story.   Transmog has opened up a huge branch of sales to people who want certain looks.  Tier gear or crafted gear that makes razor spikes,  or shiny chests etc.   But as I was thinking to myself,  self whats something that maybe people missed.   Then I remember the "Stylin'" set of hats that drop out of normal and heroic Terrokar instances as well as Cavern of Times instances.

Stylin' Purple Hat which drops from Blackheart the Inciter in Shadow Labryinth

It's a pimp hat.   What else can you say but it's a pimp hat.    The pattern only drops for leatherworkers
and all 4 of the stylin' set require cobra scales,  I've been generating a nice profit from the crafting and sales of this one.   

Stylin Jungle Hat which drops from Rift Keeper and Rift Lords in the Black Morass instance

Another leather hat that looks pretty good on some sets.   I especially like the Indiana Jones theme with them.

The Stylin' Crimson Hat which the pattern drops from Sekketh Ravenguard in Sekketh Halls (if you ever run instances around there with me,  you will always hear me refer to it as sexy halls.

This hat has been very popular to sell for me.   Mostly because it stands out in a crowd.  With many people choosing to transmog into tier gear,  or starter gear.  This one just screams for attention.    Plus it's another pimp hat,  and noone says anything bad about the pimp hat.

Then there is the Stylin' Adventure Hat,  which the pattern drops from Dunholde Rifleman and Don Carlos from the Escape from Durnholde keep instance found at the Caverns of Time instance hub.

All of these are leather working patterns,  and they do sell.   Especially to Rogues and Druids since this is their armor specialization.   With the introduction of the pandas,  expectations are high for more sales.

The Leather is relatively easy to farm,  some shows up on the AH,   but the farming mostly happens in Negrand.  There are packs and packs of skinnable mobs there for the taking.   The Cobra Scales are a little bit trickier.  If you have a flying mount then go up to where the Twilight Serpents are in Negrand.   They are a low percentage drop,  but the re-spawn rate of the snakes are tolerable.   Plus if you get bored you can jump to the other side of the mountain and smack around some twilight mobs

Depending on your server,   you should sell 1 or 2 a week.  I've been collecting between 1800-1900 per sale,  though as always your server may vary.  Still if you pick up the pattern,  and add a few to your normal sales rotation you should gain excellent profits.   

Good luck and good hunting

Want to get in contact with me? . Email me at Dragonbearjoe @ gmail. dOT com or find me on twitter at  "@Dragonbearjoe" or leave a comment here.   You can find me hanging out on the Shandris Server,  chat me up and I will buy you a glass of juice.

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