5 habits of sucessful gold goblins

As a overall strategy is developed in making gold with World of Warcraft. Developing repeatable habits will continually give you the upper hand on your competitors. 

Building your ethereal function isn't a matter of luck.  It's a matter of repeatable skill bases that are developed or learned as you continue.   Building on one block to another as a pyramid of gold is built.

1.  Set goals.

Many beginning gold goblins flounder around trying to "get lucky" with their gold sales.  Basic goals such as "have enough gold to play" doesn't general give the pleasant satisfaction that you get from arriving at 50k gold,  100k gold even a million gold plus.   Setting goals that build on other levels you have arrived at.   Even the seemingly unobtainable goals of giving a tundra mount to all of your fellow guild members.   Each step to the goal gives you the understanding that anything is possible.

2.  Be active

It's a guarantee that you have no chance of obtaining a gold strategy without being active.   This means to know both the mechanics of the auction house and trade channel.  And also logging in,  putting up your crafted items and selling.   Where a vacation is nice from time to time,   as the game winds down waiting for the beta of Mists of Panderia expansion.   the gold goblin remains active in different markets.   Even if it's a matter of storing up for the upcoming sales.

3.  Think outside the box

A simple sale of a crafted item is always nice.  But at times the competition is extremely heavy.  Where if you add an incentive to the sale (pre-socketed items,   pre-enchanted items, ) you can beat your competition to the punch.  The gold going into your coffers and not into your competitors pocket.

Instead of selling individual items,  selling in bulk.   Selling leveling packets for professions.   Selling full sets of PVP gear.  If you can think outside the normal sales flow,   you create your own product lines.  And your own sales.

4.  Prioritize

What is the driving force of your sales cartel?   If you only have time to post up one set of auctions,  which one will you post?   This is where your knowledge becomes important.   Spend an hour on inscription that nets you 1k gold each time,  or your jewelcrafting that nets 5k gold?  Your time is really what you offer to the gods of warcraft gold,  time plus your knowledge is what sets you apart from those floundering in their sales.

5.  Think long term

Making gold in warcraft is not a sprint,  it's a marathon.   There will be good days,  and there will be bad days with little or no sales.   You will sell 50k one day,  an 5g the next day.   It's the goblin that stares at the future and looks for the opportunities as they arrive,   and is prepared when they show up.   Having stored up material for crafting while others are searching the auction house for each scrap.   Knowing farming patterns and timing to be at the peak of efficiency.   Planning ahead is the gift that a gold goblin must develop.

Your habits is what builds your portfolio and even your reputation of having the right materials,  the right gold monies and the right knowledge.   Habits of a gold goblin developed over time.

Good luck and good hunting

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