cleaning out your closets

Being less than 6 months from the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion,   the scramble is on for getting ready as a gold goblin.   Structuring what items to store,  what items to produce to eek out that last amount of gold that's available before people stop buying crafted items.

This is also a good time to restructure your storage system.  Especially if you are holding more than one guild bank in your personal cartel.   Keeping a well organized bank,  including like items or items for specific professions will make things a lot easier time wise.   You will know exactly what toon to swap to, and what tab holds the item you need.

Also with this change in organization you can keep track of supplies.   there are addons such as Ark Inventory that will make the viewing easier.    Setting your cursor on an item in your main inventory,  or even on the Auction house will give you a report on any similar items you carry across your toon storage.   Even covering the usage of guild banks as well as personal banks.   This will also allow you to do directly to your storage center that contains what you need quicker,   and with less hassle.

One other item to look to reorganize in this "down" time between the end of cataclysm and the beginning of Mists is what professions your toons carry.   Mists is identifying to have an extra character slot (at least in the betas) which will allow at least one more game character per account.   This gives you a prime opportunity to add another alchemist or another jewelcrafter to double your potential for profits.   Some players have set up a multiple amount of alchemists to allow multiple transmutes,   and multiple amounts of items on the market.  With jewelcrafting it gives you the option of multiple amounts of jewelcrafting tokens,   getting the prime cuts at a much faster rate.

Also your reorganization should include changes in placement of your toon.   Do you have a game character in Dalaran to pick up items for resell from there?    What about one in Tanaris giving you access to the joint AH to pick up items cross faction?   Do you have a hearth set in Shattrath ready to do a recipe run?   Placement of your toons across the continents can make things easier for not just crafting,  but also for farming and resell.

The last thing to look at in your closet cleaning is your addons and game files.   As the game continues,  we all uninstall addons,  leaving just the base files to sit there.   Or stop using addons and forget they are even there.   cleaning out your game files,   and even to the idea of downloading a fresh copy of the game and reinstalling your addons can increase not only your gaming speed,  but help to eliminate some of the possible errors when it's time to play with panda pride.

Good luck and good hunting

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