Gold Making too easy?

Every so often I get emails from fellow players. Requesting specific tips, or strategies for their servers
or to their current professions. Generally I try to provide these to the best of my ability. Hoping to not just open up opportunities for their professions, but to help educate them on advancing beyond what I share with them to be able to find their own market niches.

With each progressive expansion more and more gold is poured into the economy. Also with the plethora (there is your quarter word for the day) of guides, websites and sheets on how to make money in WOW. Has making gold become to easy?

Any player that has a large amount of money in their banks will tell you, it changes how you play the game. You no longer worry about gear repair, or how much that sword of awesomeness is. If you want it, you buy it, if it drops you either decide to equip it for one of your alts, or you sell it. Occasionally even the generosity of people show up with showers of 10k gold to random strangers, or games of hide and seek appears in trade chat.

So what would happen if WOW actually tightened up the gold making process? Currently you are not required to craft or sell a single item to make gold. The opportunity to just do solo and daily questscan make a significant amount of gold. Many quests at 85 being over 50g per to turn in, vendoring greens and even vendoring blue items (please do not do this, every time you vendor a Blue BOE a kitten cries somewhere). What would occur if WOW lowered quest rewards to 5g per turn-in. Dailies just gave reputation/xp? That would make knowledge of making gold separate from questing that much more important.

In all reality, this isn't that far off of an idea. Diablo 3 introduced a Real money auction house (RMAH for short) going hand and hand with a regular game gold auction house (more details and strategies can be found on one of friend sites at Would this type of strategy work with WOW? A complete overhaul of the AH we know now that lowers the gold amount, and evens the playing field?

Gold making at its heart has quickly become a stable part of the warcraft game format. With it's own pitfalls and rewards. But goblins are prepared for anything, even the possibility of something being too easy.

Good luck and good hunting

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2 comments: on "Gold Making too easy?"

  1. Which quests give 75g for completion? I need to be doing these :)

  2. Just remember that crafting, gathering*, and the auction house don't actually make money. They simply shift it around, and actually destroy 5% of the money supply in AH cut.

    Dailies and vendor trash are the only source of money in WoW. If the input from those was reduced, it would create significant deflation. Prices would crash because most players would not be able to afford things.

    It would also create a huge wealth gap. A player who lives day-to-day on quest rewards would suddenly become a lot poorer, relatively speaking, than the player who's sitting on even a modest nest egg.

    * Except in those funny times when it makes sense to vendor saronite bars, or prospect obsidium ore and vendor the uncommon gems.

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