You will farm... and you will like it

Playing WOW long enough and you will hear it referred to as "world of farmcraft".   Between having to farm for gear,  and even at times for materials to sell or craft,  it's an integral part of the game as it's set up.

It also becomes a matter of knowledge and time on how to gain the materials.   Want [Elementium Ore]
to sell or crafting?    Find your favorite spot,  and put on some music and mine your characters heart away.   Need gear for a low geared toon?   Farm heroics and the most recent dungeons for the gear,  and the VP to purchase gear.   It's a part of the game that you cannot get away from.

Personally,  I dislike farming.   I farm the AH for the most part of items and materials i want,  freeing me to either craft items,   to try new strategies or to level toons.     Regardless of what I try,  there are still times that I have to go dig the ore myself,  or skin a mob myself.   It's just the nature of the game as a whole.

It's also the easiest way to make money in Warcraft.    Put on some music,   get into a comfortable position and kill,  mine,  fly to the next area.   Going back over to the AH to put up your loot and then return to the scene of the crime.   It is part of the arsenal of any goblin gold making toolbox.  

Almost every gold making guru has a "farming" toon of their own.  Their main existence is to be the farmer for the entire toon cartel.   Having a combination of two out of the three major gathering professions (herbalism,  skinning,  mining) keeps them busy and active.  Making them fundamental to the overall strategy of gold making goblin.

If you don't have one,  make one.  If you have a low level one,  level them.  If you don't want one,  your putting yourself one step behind the competition.   Which is never a good place to be at.

Good luck and good hunting

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