The 64 bit client blues

Generally this journal is about making gold.   Being a gold goblin and wanting to post up auctions today
early after the server restarts,  I attempted to log on.   The client automatically tried to update.   Not a problem,  happens all the time.

Then I got this error.

Okay,  annoying,  but lets just restart the client again.    Nope.  Same error.

So a quick search of the technical support gave me this

My house was filled with the sounds of "ugh".  Figuring this might end up being a long drawn out process
I clicked the link.   Thankfully not a lot of work was necessary.

1.   Go to your installation folder for warcraft
2.   Delete these 3 files

If you have a mac delete 

      World of

Restart the warcraft loader,   you might end up getting a message of corrupted game files,  don't panic
just let the booter run it's course.

Then keep an eye on the link to the warcraft site at 64 bit client and download it when available.

No harm,  no foul.  Thanks Uncle Blizzard.   Could you warn us next time before I get more grey hair?

Added:  Updated client now available here

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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