Grey: The New Purple

Now from the title you might be thinking that blizzard made a game changing announcement,  that all those items you have been vendoring with extreme prejudice have become the most valuable items in the game.

Sorry to bust your bubble but when Mists of Pandaria releases,  the great purple search will begin again.  All of these things we have spent hours collecting will mostly become as valuable as what they can be sold for when replaced.

But I've been a collector at heart since I started.  Whether it was trying to collect the entire [Moldy Leather Armor] (Ultimately I collected it all,  it was only amusing to me when I brought up my stats on the old Wow Armory).  To my current obsession which is hats.   Seems that the stranger the hat,  the better.

But can this obsession make people money?  The view of things  I have is yes.  Some of the coolest looking items are items that have no real game value other than to the collector.  Whether it's hats,  or all of the different old school metals (anyone remember when you had to do a Naxx run just to do some basic smelting?).   The niche market in odd items still exists.

Does this mean you should post all of your grey items in the hopes that you might get a sucker on the hook?  I wouldn't suggest it currently.  Noone is going to want the [Gold-Capped Troll Tusk] from zul farrak.   But take a moment to look at what your vendoring on one of your grinding sessions.  Sometimes posting up an unusual item might grab another bit of gold for your stash.

Anyone got any hats to sell?

Just call me Mommar.  The Mad Hatter

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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