Have you posted epics today?

Yesterday being server reset day,  I was posting up my normal allotment of items.  Epic armor patches,  Spell threads,  everything that a raider with new equipment would ask for.  Including in this is my epic and standard gem package etc.

As we get closer to the release of Mists of Pandaria (the new pet battle system has just been released),  we get closer to the tipping point that players will stop purchasing items of gear for their alt toons.  As with any economic system,  there is a point in the curve that the investment stops being worth the time and the money that is put in.  

Are we there yet?   Probably not,   as long as items still sell then there is profit to be made.  But now is the time to keep track of your investments more closely.  Are you getting the most bang for your gold?  Is your army of Alchemists or Jewelcrafters posting up gems at the right times,  or are the base mats better to be stored for later sales.

Items such as Truegold and epic gems will start to lose their value,  and when MOP is finally released they will end up having even less value.   Players will look to either gem or enchant with cheaper materials,  or ignore altogether looking for the gear at the next level.

A good idea currently is to make absolutely sure how much you have invested in your craftable items,  and balance between what items will be more valid sales when Mists if released.  Discounting sales of items to produce more turnover will allow your profits to remain at the same level,  but not end up getting left with materials that devalue in the long run.

Good Luck and Good Hunting

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