Mists of Pandaria Preparation: Form a Strategy

In the World of Warcraft, fortunes are made on patches and new expansions. Each new expansion and patch brings the opportunity for you to get gold-capped. Will you be the next in Mists of Pandaria? Now is the time to prepare! This series is about preparing for the next great gold rush in WoW: Mists of Pandaria!

We're finally at the end of the Mists of Pandaria Prep series. We've covered the value of additional alts in your stable, broke down the professions in two parts (1, 2) and talked about what we might stockpile for the expansion while still keeping a balance of liquid capital. Now it's time to tie it all together and talk about your strategy going into Mists of Pandaria.

What is your goal?
Identifying some goals will help you be successful when Mists of Pandaria launches. I'm not necessarily referring to a gold-making benchmark here, though you might find it helpful to set some. What are you hoping to accomplish in the first week? How about the first month or two? Here are some possibilities:
  • Shooting for server-first in a profession.
  • Maxing one profession in the first week.
  • Maxing three additional professions by week 5.
  • Capture and train 3 wild pets for sale in the first week.
Let your goals guide you through the early stages of the release. If you have to decided between three gold-making opportunities, but only have time for one, choose the one that matches with your goals. If you have limited capital to work with, spend it in pursuit of your goal.

Shaping your strategy
As you form an early strategy, your goals will play a major part in deciding how to use your time. There are some additional factors to consider as you prepare a plan. The timing of the release is going to be a big one. If it releases in the summer, college and High School students will be on vacation potentially large pools of time to play. If you're hoping to compete in a high-camping profession, this could be problematic. It could also drive initial prices for gathered mats down as they spend time earning gold this way.

There are also holidays to consider in the release. If there's a holiday the week after release and it's required for the "What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been" meta achievement, you can bet there's a newly level 90 monk that will need to complete it to start their journey towards the Violet Proto-Drake reward. Serving these completionists can be quite profitable. Things like the Darkmoon Faire will also factor into your profession leveling thanks to the +5 skill points offered once/month. Here's a rough list relevant to Mists Release of what's ahead:
  • Midsummer Fire Festival (June 21 - July 5)
  • Brewfest (September 20 - October 4)
  • Hallow's End (October 18 - November 1)
  • Pilgrim's Bounty (November 20 - 26)
  • Feast of Winter Veil (December 15 - January 2)
Layered on top of this, Darkmoon Faire will happen on the first full Sunday-Satuday of the month, so it will overlap several of the holidays by a few days.

You also should consider what others on your server may be doing. You probably know who your main competitors are in your favorite markets. Try to guess what they'll do. If they're going to focus on Inscription with the new Glyphmas selling to Monks and other leveling Pandas, you might want to go Jewelcrafting. If there's not much competition for enchants on your market, you can target this first and try to get an early lead or possibly even a monopoly in the first week or so.

If you're gathering in the initial days and weeks, try to get a leg up on everyone else that's planning to do it. Get some enchants to increase your mining or herbing, or a weapon such as the Zulian Slasher to increase your skinning skill. Those extra points may be enough to get you to the next level of gathering first and get ahead of the pack. That could lead to higher rates of gathering and more to sell, or reaching server first before your competition.

Read the entire series!

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